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Designing a Corporate Greeting Card

Posted In: Design Tips, Marketing  |  May 14, 2010

Though you may pick up any of the attractive greeting cards available in the market but it does not have the desired effect. A personalized corporate greeting card gives more control on how you want to portray your business image.

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How To Design A Photo Greeting Card?

Posted In: Design Tips, Tips & Tricks  |  May 5, 2010

Many business houses are these days opting for photo greeting card over normal greeting card as they tend to create awareness in a personalized manner. Some of the most common size of greeting cards are the 7×5 Greeting Card, 8.5×6 Greeting Card and 10×7 Greeting Card.

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Advantages of Using Greeting Cards for Marketing Purposes

Posted In: Marketing, Tips & Tricks  |  October 12, 2009

Greeting cards have generally had the reputation of being the bearer of good wishes or greetings (as the name itself implies) for the recipients. This feature, till date been considered a drawback for those interested in using them as marketing collateral, is today considered one of the primary reasons for using them as marketing material.

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