Why Settle for Regular Business Cards? Get Odd Shaped Business Cards!!

By: david  |  Posted In: Design Tips, Marketing  |  July 14, 2010

The business world is getting ever so competitive and there are more and more players that are emerging to give you a tough challenge. This makes the business owners strive that bit more harder to make their presence felt and draw new customers. Though there are many forms of promotional activities used by the companies nowadays such as printing newsletters, brochures, banners, posters, etc. But one of the most effective personal ways to promote your company is through business cards. These are distributed by you as a business owner or by the employees in your organization.
The business cards have the logo, name of the company, name of the employee and a short writing about the company and its services within a few lines. As the potential of the business cards is huge to draw the customers thus business card printing is used widely today.
It is well and fine to learn that business cards are great promotional tools for business promotion but at the end of the day you have to plan and execute the business cards printing well. If some of the common factors are not considered then the business card printing campaign goes in vain. Some of the factors that make a business card a league different from the others are its size, shape, orientation and color. When all these elements are blended together it gives unique color business cards.
Let us now concentrate on the ways in which you can make your business card unique by shaping it differently. There are different shapes that are available for selection with the business card printers. Lets have a closer look at each shape:   

3.5x2 Standard Business Card

  Rectangular: This one of the oldest shapes that have been exhaustively used over the years by all the business owners. Some people use this shape because they feel the business card printing is equivalent to the rectangular shape. But there usage over the years has made them cliché and there is nothing new to be experimented with this shape.   

Square Busines Card 2.5x2.5

 Square: As the shape of these business cards will be different thus anyone who gets them in hand will take a look. One of the major benefits of the square business cards printing is that it provides extra space for content to be filled in. And more content means that you have a better opportunity to convince your recipients. You can make your square business card even more appealing by adding 12 point Glossy Cardstock having Hi-Gloss UV Coating or you may use 110 lb Bright White Matte Finish Cover that will provide a classy look to your color business cards.         

Fold Over Business Cards 3.5x4 -> 3.5x2

 Fold Over: Fold over business card printing is also a great idea. These are new things in the printing industry. They are like mini brochures and are usually larger than the standard business cards. They have a fold in the middle that makes them look different from the other business cards around. The fold over type of business cards has 4 sides and thus there is more scope to provide valuable information about the company. After the business cards printing is finished the cards are delivered flat with a score in the middle.     

Fancy Business Card 5x2->3.5x2

 Fancy : These are business cards that are of the size 5”X2”. These are more like a small but fancy brochures. You can not only put extra content in this business card printing but also put some pictures that will attract the recipients.   

 These are the business card printing varieties in terms of the shapes available. They are creating ripples in business world and can get you more customers just through their look. So try them out!   

Summary: There are various unique shapes of business card printing options available. Some of them include square, rectangular, fold over, fancy, etc. These will attract the attention of recipients for sure.