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Great Printing Tips For Brochures

Brochures are one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Along with catalogs they go a long way in promoting your business. A few things need to be kept in mind while designing a brochure for printing:

  • Be Creative – The genesis of a well printed brochure lies in it’s designing. Be creative and original with your design. Use color prominently in your promotional brochure as it makes them look attractive. Be generous with the use of pictures and graphics
  • Know your Size – Optimum size is required for optimum printing. Most often people make the mistake of designing a brochure without planning about the printing part. There are 8.5×11 brochure or the letter brochure, 8.5×14 brochure or the legal brochure, 11×17 brochure or the tabloid brochure. Making error in this step may lead to poor printing of your brochure.
  • Use Bleeds – Using bleeds allows your brochure to have a better look. Brochures are usually printed in large sheets and cut into pieces. Bleed leaves behind a solid ink cover over the edges and  allows you to have a filling look on the edges once the brochures have been cut into individual pieces.
  • Use High Quality Paper – A brochure should brand your business in front of your clients. Using high quality paper thus becomes a must for a good brochure. Opt for a heavier paper as it always results in better quality printing and longer shelf life for your brochure. Try adding a varnish as they will have an appealing effect by bringing in the shine. In case you have a lot of pictures and graphics in your brochures you can avoid the varnish as they themselves will create the gloss.
  • Print in High Resolution – Keep in mind the resolution while designing your brochure. A high resolution printing won’t yield results in case you have designed the brochure in low resolution. Experts suggest 300dpi resolution to be optimum for brochure printing. Remember you bring down the resolution if you want later but the vice versa isn’t possible.
  • High Print Quality – Lay out and designing can fail miserably in case your printing isn’t of the highest quality. You should not compromise upon the quality of your printing under any circumstance. Get in touch with a high quality printer who has expertise in printing brochures.

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The Essentials Of Banner Marketing

Banners serve as one of the best marketing tools as they cater to a large audience. Along with posters they are the perfect marketing vehicles for advertising your product or service during sporting events, conference and in places like educational institutions and city streets. A well designed banner can be one of the most cost effective ways to market your product or service.

Banners are of two types Economy Banners and Premium Banner. Economy banners are used for short term outdoor marketing like in a sporting event or a trade show where as Premium Banners are those which are for long term outdoor promotion like those found in educational institutions, hospitals etc. A few things should be kept in mind for effective banner marketing.

  • Know your Target Audience – It is very important to know who your target audience is before hanging your banner. It may sound ideal to have a banner in busy areas but large audience tend to have diverse interests which may not be beneficial for marketing. If you plan to target the youth then placing banners at educational institutions and sporting venues will be ideal.
  • Catch the Eye – It is very important to design a banner that is eye catchy. It should be able to grab a person’s attention from a distance. Play with bright colors while designing your banner as they look attractive. Also use catchy one-liners which register in a person’s mind immediately as they can go a long way in the promotion of your products or services.
  • Placement is Key – Placement of a banner plays a key role in making it effective. A banner should be placed such that it can be viewed from a distance. Avoid placing the banner in corners as your target audience might fail to notice it.  Also do not place the banner too high as it becomes uncomfortable for viewing.
  • Use Multiple Banners – Placing a single banner during a large events like a trade fair may not prove to be beneficial. Try placing multiple banners during such events for maximum publicity. Also try having variation in your banner during such events.
  • Print it Perfectly – It is very important to print a banner well after designing it. Look for a professional printing agency which has expertise in banner printing. Do not compromise on the quality of the banner under any circumstance.

PrintPapa is a company that has satisfied it’s customers with its printing and design services. It caters to kinds of printing needs and has expertise over printing and designing books, business cards, doorhangers, catalogs and notepads among others.

Design An Attractive CD Booklet

A book whose cover isn’t attractive may not move off the shelve and similar is the case with a CD which isn’t accompanied by an attractive CD cover and a CD booklet. A software, music or video CD is usually accompanied a CD booklet which carries with it the information on the content carried in the CD. In case of an software CD it might be installation instructions where as for a music and video CD it is usually the name of the artists and lyrics or synopsis of the video.

Designing an attractive CD booklet thus becomes necessary to add to their sales. Most often CDs are accompanied by an 8 page booklet but in special cases CDs are also packed with 24 page booklets. A few things need to be kept in mind while designing an attractive CD Booklet.

  • Stress on the Cover – An attractive cover is a must for any booklet as it will often decide if a customer goes on to the next page. Convey the contents in your booklet through the cover. It should carry a very eye catchy image or graphics conveying the theme.
  • Make it Colorful – Colorful CD booklets tend to attract eyeballs. Play with color on the front and the back page of the booklet. Try using contrasting colors for the font to ensure that it grabs attention at first look.
  • Make Content Attractive – Be it a music, video or software CD booklet it will carry a lot of information in the form or content. This can however be made attractive by including pictures and graphical designs. Lyrics accompanied by pictures and small graphics tend to hold the eyes. In case of softwares a graphical flowchart can prove to be handy.
  • Use Brand Name and Logos – The music company or the software company’s logo should find prominence in the CD booklet. The company’s name and the name of the album or the software should also be  highlighted in the cover page of the booklet.
  • Use Copyright Statement – Print the copyright statement, ISBN Number, location and other legal details on the last page of the booklet.
  • Be Careful with the Size – A CD booklet must not be bigger that 120×120 mm in dimension. It should fit in any standard CD jewel case.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and notepads.

How To Design A Perfect Newsletter?

A newsletter is the most important corporate document. Like business cards, presentation folders and  company letterheads, newsletters are becoming primary advertising and marketing tool. Traditionally newsletters were used to give informal or confidential news of interest to a special group but off late newsletters are being used by many business firms to promote their brand among people.

As like books which doesn’t have an attractive cover, face a hard time selling, newsletters also need attractive cover design to grab people’s attention. A newsletter is an informative corporate document which carries lot of test and figures inside and thus the cover is an ideal place to show creativity. Newsletters primarily comes in three sizes which are the 8.5×11 Newsletter, 8.5×7 Newsletter and 8.5×5.5 Newsletter. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while designing a perfect newsletter:

  • Design a Killing Cover – An attractive cover design ensures that people turn the pages of the newsletter upon seeing it. Make sure that your newsletter is bright in color as it immediately grabs attention. Highlight your brand name and the logo on the cover.
  • Use Images and Graphs – Using images and graphs gives the newsletter a warmer and attractive look. Too much of text tends to take away the attention of a reader from the newsletter. Pictures which correspond to the content should be used in the newsletter.
  • Theme your Newsletter Well – Your newsletter should be able to convey the message you intend at one go. Not all newsletters for different organizations are similar. It is important to theme your newsletter around the message it carries. In case the newsletter carries company’s financial performance it needs to be formal but a newsletter on employees can be more playful.
  • Stress on Content – Content is the soul of any newsletter so write content that is interesting and informative. Include case studies, testimonials and accreditation which will establish the name of your brand and carry the message to the intended audience.
  • Print it in Style – After all the hard work ordinary printing will spoil your newsletter. Hire a professional printer who will use the latest printing technology and use high quality paper for the job. Newsletter if not printed well can hurt your brand image instead of powering it.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and notepads.

Design Tips For Labels And Stickers

Though small in size labels and stickers are very important and go a long way in promoting your business. Stickers have become simple and effective marketing and advertisement tools. They are placed in cars, helmets and computers or are distributed through company mails. Labels on the other hand come in handy for most organizations especially those involved in product manufacturing.

Removable bumper stickers are the most popular ones and serve best for short term promotion. Full color stickers grab immediate attention of an individual. When it comes to labels square cut labels and round corner rectangle labels are popular with the product manufacturing industry. There is also a huge demand for mailing labels in this industry.

A well designed label or a sticker can promote any business in the same manner as a business card or an impressive letterhead would do. Some things that should be kept in mind while designing labels and stickers are:

  • Design to create Impact – The designing part of the labels and stickers should be such that they create an impact. Stickers should be designed creatively as they are aimed at marketing the brand. Labels on the other hand have a much stricter design guideline as they are usually pasted on the body of the product.
  • Brand Your Organization – One primary objective of labels and stickers is to create awareness about the brand  in front of the target audience. The logo and the brand name should find prominent position in both the sticker and the label. Once the name of the brand is established in the minds of the target audience labels and stickers have achieved their goal.
  • Make Full use of the Space – Labels and stickers are small in size and thus you need to make optimum use of the space. Do not leave empty spaces in the sticker or label.
  • Play with Color – Color tends to create an emotion in human mind and bright colors tend to attract us all.  Design your labels and stickers in full color which will create a buzz around the industry. However in cases where color detracts from your message, it can be avoided.
  • Don’t Compromise with the Printing – A well designed label or a sticker needs to be complemented with quality printing on high quality paper. Hire a professional printer who has expertise in such printing both short run and long run.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and notepads.

Design Tips For Presentation Folder

Modern business is all about creating instant impact. A presentation folder is one of the best ways of establishing your brand in front of your clients. Along with other printed documents like the business cards, letterheads and catalogs, presentation folder lets you create a buzz. A well designed presentation folder immediately draws attention and can add a lot of value to your brand. Most Business firms prefer the 9×12 Standard Folder but those who require lesser quantity often opt for short run digital folder. A few things should be kept in mind while designing a presentation folder.

  • Make it Bright – A presentation folder which is bright will immediately catch a person’s attention. Full color presentation folders are thus the most popular of the lot. This however is not a sacred rule and if a bright folder doesn’t sync with your firm’s mission, you can choose darker shades.
  • Work on Logo and Brand Name – Your logo and brand name are the two most important things in your presentation folder as they establish your brand. Try and highlight the logo of your firm in the presentation folder. Your brand name should hold a prominent place in the presentation folder preferably under the logo.
  • Use Attractive Fonts – It is important for any presentation folder to have attractive fonts which grab attention.  Try  font styles which appeal to your specific audience.
  • Know your Audience – There is no universal presentation folder for any organization. Different occasions demand different presentation folders and thus you should find out who your target audience is. If you already know this then  you should be able to pick the right presentation folder themes for them.
  • Make it Sturdy – Your presentation folder should be sturdy enough to hold everything that you plan it to do. You should focus on pockets created to specifically hold business cards, brochures and writing aids such as pen, pencil etc.
  • Be Choosy with the Material – The material of the presentation folder is important. A presentation folder made out of poor quality can defame your brand. A smooth jacket made out of linen can make your presentation folder look attractive.
  • Print High Quality – It is important to print the presentation folder from a professional printer.  All the designing works can become a complete waste if the printing quality is poor.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and notepads.

Good cover design for Booklet Printing

A booklet or a catalog is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the hand of a marketeer. A cover often tells the story on what is inside the booklet. Designing an attractive cover for a booklet is important to attract eyeballs towards the booklet. No two booklets are the same and each type of booklet comes with its own unique layout, text, graphics, and other design techniques. 


But there is one thing common among all these booklets and i.e. an attractive cover, which often decides whether or not a consumer will open it to read the information inside. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while designing the cover of a booklet: 

Grab immediate attention – Put an engaging image on the front cover of your booklet which portrays the content of the booklet. If you are able to grab this much attention, you have done enough to make a go through your booklet. Also never leave the back page empty as many readers flip the back of a booklet before opening the pages. It is a great idea to fill the back of a booklet with an image and some contact information. 


Use test and logo properly – The purpose of a good booklet cover is not just to encourage a person to open it but also to establish the brand of the company. It is very important to give the logo and the name of the company a prominent place on the cover where from they can establish the brand. Place the text on the cover judiciously so that they stand out from the background. 

Hire a professional – Working with a professional booklet printing company will help you in increasing the  attractiveness of your booklet. A professional printer who has expertise in printing can produce vivid color printing and smooth images that are more eye-catching than if the booklet is printed on an office printer. He will also take care of the binding that your multi-page booklet will require after it has been printed. 


PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing product booklets. Over the years we have also developed expertise in printing books, posters, catalogs and brochures.

The need for Printed Product Catalogs

The road to achieving success in your business is no longer just about having an impressive product line but also about how you market them. A product catalog can be an ideal way to promote your product to your potential customer. Most business firms which have a huge product line are relying on a product catalog to give their products a competitive edge over those of their rivals. It allows the business firm to stand out amongst it’s competitors and get noticed.

You might wonder what is the use of a catalog in today’s business. Well an impressive product catalog is the most important promotional tool that a business firm has. If an individual is impressed with your product catalog he can be turned into a potential customer. In this era of cut throat competition a well made catalog can often turn out to be the difference between good business and failure.

A good catalog is not just about putting some information and graphics together but is a highly creative job as it can make or spoil the brand name for a company. A well made catalog has to be informative as that is the whole idea behind creating one. It should also carry graphics, pictures and testimonials which highlight the advantages that the brand has over it’s competitors.

A product catalog is usually the last marketing tool available for marketeer. Television or the newspaper where due to constrain of time and space cannot carry full specifications of any product. A product catalog perfectly fits the bill in giving a detailed description of the products. A potential customer who is impressed with a product catalog usually ends up contacting the retailer for the product.

Business firms which have a huge product line based on hierarchy find a product catalog the the most convenient way to market their products. They usually list their products from the low performance to the high performance ones. This often makes a customer stretch his budget and go for a product higher than what he had initially intended to purchase. This translates into more profits for the manufacturer and the retailer.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing product catalogs. Over the years we have also developed expertise in printing books, posters, booklets and brochures.

Should Printers Reduce Printing Costs?

There is a famous saying “Quality never comes cheap” and it holds true for the printing industry. There was a time not too long ago when many printers reduced prices to hold onto a client. They could do this on the belief of making profit by overpricing another client. But the competitive business environment in the printing industry has meant that there can be no overpricing with clients anymore.

As a printer you might have come across situations where you might have tempted to reduce costs to have a competitive advantage. So, should you consider reducing the cost for printing a catalog, brochure or any other printed material? The answer is a big NO. Professional printers know that reducing costs is not the right way to do business and thus refrain from doing so. Reducing price is not always competitive and can imply lack of confidence in your printing service.

As a professional printer your sole goal should be to deliver high quality work on time. The USP of your business should be the quality of your work and not just your price. Some printers compromise on the quality of material to reduce costs and impress their clients. This model can prove to be detrimental for the business and draw negative publicity from clients in the long run.

If any client insists on price reduction consider the following things:

  • Has the the price of paper and ink come down?
  • Has there been a reduction on power/paper tariffs?
  • Has the rent come down?
  • Has the labor costs come down?

These questions will always have a common answer NO. Thus reducing the printing charges is not logical business strategy. A good client will always choose quality over cost and thus holding onto such clients by meeting their demands is more important than reducing the costs for an odd client. Avoid compromising on your printing quality even if the client insists as it will hurt your brand image in the market.

Does that mean there is no way of reducing costs in printing service? A smart publisher knows his maths well and can provide discount to the clients from his profit margin. It is thus important for you to know your costs well to offer discounts to your customers but do not choose price over quality.

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Marketing your Book to Make Money

Most of the authors who write book have a commercial interest in it. You would always want your book to sell more which brings you money and fame at the same time. If you are not a well known name it isn’t very easy for you to market your book as the market is flooded with authors writing on all possible genres. However acting a little smartly may go a long way in book marketing.

Knowing your target audience is very important for a book promotion. Once you know who your target audience is running a few promotional campaigns among that group is a good option. Such a campaign will hit where it matters the most. Even if such a promotional campaign doesn’t add to sale of the books, it will surely make you more famous as an author among a niche crowd.

Internet is one of the most powerful ways to promote your book and make money. There are thousands of sites which give you a platform to market your book online. The best part about online book marketing is the vast audience it addresses to. Also the fact that online marketing is not bound by geographical boundaries makes it possible for you to market your book to the global audience. The biggest of all pluses that Internet provides is the fact that its promotion comes cost free.

If you are a first time author you might not have the money to spend on a promotional campaign so spreading the news with the word of mouth is the best option. Marketing your book this way might be a time consuming process but it is the most comprehensive as it is usually your readers who promote your book. The authenticity in this kind of marketing is higher than any other.

Timing it to perfection is a very important while marketing your book. Many a times people miss vital opportunities to market a book. Carnivals, festivals and other social gatherings can be good time to promote your books to a larger audience. Marketing your book is all in your own hands so it is only you who can market your book to make money.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and brochures.  We undertake all kinds of custom and corporate printing jobs.