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Tips For Successful Flyer Advertisement

There is no advertisement tool which is better and cheaper than the flyer. Although posters and banners also serve the purpose of promotion, there is nothing better than a flyer as it can be more targeted and much cheaper. Here are a few tips to create a successful flyer advertisement:

  • Focus on Theme: It is very important that you focus on the theme which needs to be carried all throughout your advertisement. Branding your business should be your biggest goal while using a flyer for the purpose of advertisement. Your branding should be so powerful that people immediately recognize your brand name and logo even if they just take a glimpse on it. A catchy slogan which promotes the theme of your business also makes the flyer look good.
  • Target Your Audience: It is important for you to identify your target audience and focus on them rather than going for a general campaign. One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when advertising is not getting a ‘handle’ on the market they are targeting. In case you are promoting a sports event or a rock show distributing the flyers among the aged group won’t serve your purpose. You need to focus on the youth for the success of your campaign. Distributing flyers near educational institutions, shopping malls and movie theaters would serve ideal in this regard.
  • To The Point: The best flyers in the world are the ones which are brief and do not try to narrate about the product or service that they are promoting. Avoid writing long sentences as they make the flyer unattractive. You need to highlight on some keywords while designing a flyer. They should attract the eyes of the audience and promote your products and services. Bad pictures and graphics make the flyers look very unprofessional and do not serve your purpose of promotion.

  • Print High Quality: A good flyer only becomes good when it is printed well. Not all printers around can give you high quality prints so search for a printer who has the latest equipment as far as printing technology is concerned and has expertise in the job. Also ensure that the paper quality of the flyer is good. This will ensure that your branding will just be perfect.

Hiring the services of a printer like Print Papa would serve ideal for your purpose. They have years of experience in printing and print promotion. They work on the latest technology in the printing industry and have a team which has built expertise over the years in all forms of printing. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like books, calenders, catalogs and NCR Forms. Print Papa has built a list of happy and successful clients.

Tips To Design A Perfect Vacation Brochure

Vacation brochures have been a hit with travelers around the world. Many tourists visit a destination after coming across an attractive vacation brochure and to promote a good destination a brochure becomes necessary. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing a vacation brochure:

  • Provide A Map: This is one of the most important parts of any vacation brochure. You should provide the map of the destination highlighting the important places such as airports, railway stations etc. It should also mark the famous tourist spots in the destination and also have adjoining areas of tourist interest in it.
  • Places To Stay: Your brochure should include the names and addresses of the famous hotels in the town. The brochures will look good if the hotels are  arrange according to the tariff from budget hotels to the ultra luxury ones. You can also give other options  that may be available in the place.

  • Tourist Destination: This is the most important part of the brochure which people look forward to. Give a brief description of these tourist destinations along with their pictures. It would be wise to include any interesting piece of folktale or history about that place. Also give their distance from the city center and information on the modes of communication.
  • Places To Eat: Food is an integral component of a perfect vacation and thus your brochure needs to have the names of the famous restaurants and food joints in the city. Mention the name of the delicacies that the place is famous for and a must eat menu for a perfect vacation.

  • Shopping Destination: Shopping is an integral pat of any vacation and thus it is important for your travel brochure to have the famous shopping destinations in the place listed. Also give insights to what the place is famous for and what would be the best memorabilia of that place.
  • Near By Destinations: Many vacationers might be interested in visiting nearby destinations and it is good to have these in the brochure. Include the mode of communication and the distance as these informations help the tourists a lot.

A good vacation brochures needs to be printed in very high quality paper with quality ink as it makes the brochure look impressive. You need to also get the brochure printed from a high quality printing service provider like PrintPapa who have high quality printing services and years of experience in the job. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like labels & stickers, NCR forms, presentation folders and newsletters. Print Papa has built a list of happy and successful clients.

Tips To Make An Instructional Booklet

All major products that are purchased these days come with instructional booklet. While brochures and catalogs help in selling a product, instructional booklets helps an user to understand it’s working. Instructional booklets are thus very important part of a product sale. Here are few tips that you should keep in mind while designing an instructional booklet:

  • Logical Flow: A good instructional booklet should have a logical flow. As a designer your focus should be on the composition of the booklet. The flow should be logical where one step leads to the other. The overall outline should also bear the same flow. In an instructional booklet of a electronic equipment the Installation page should be put first followed by Setup and Troubleshooting.
  • Be Precise: You need to be to the point in a perfect instructional booklet. The language has to be simple as in it needs to address the common people. A reader should at one go understand what you meant. Avoid writing long sentences as they confuse a readers instead of offering any assistance.

  • Index The Book: If your instructional booklet has many sections and sub-sections it should have an index. Make sure all the sections and sub sections are listed under the index which will make it easier for the users to find the solution they are looking for from the book.
  • Sections Are The Key: The booklet should be divided well into sections as it makes reading easy. Avoid jumbling up different sections in the single page. Do not cut any section just to avoid going to the next page.

  • Use Illustrations: They are the most important part of any booklet. A single illustration is worth many lines of text and thus it relieves you from the pain of narrating every step textually. In most cases, people understand things better when they see how it works rather than if they read about it. In steps which are difficult use, you should use multiple illustration to make it easier.
  • Troubleshooting: Your instructional booklet should have a page on troubleshooting if the product is electronic in nature. Many people take time to adjust to a new equipment and troubleshooting page helps them in solving their problems.

A well designed instructional booklet should only be printed by a professional printer like PrintPapa.  They have an excellent infrastructure with the latest machinery available in the printing industry. They have expertise in printing books, calenders, posters, catalogs and rack cards.

Design A Perfect Corporate Greeting Card

Greeting cards are not just meant for personal use but are used extensively to start and keep up good relationships. Unlike letter heads and business cards, greeting cards have an informal flavor in them. They are an excellent way to wish your clients, affiliates, colleagues and other season’s greetings, or congratulations. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while designing a perfect greeting card:

  • Be Informal: This is one mistake that many make and their greeting card looks like an official company letter. Keep the tone of your card very informal as it will appeals to the readers more. Avoid highlighting your company’s performance in the card as your readers won’t find it interesting. Use a catchy slogan instead in the body or front of the card.
  • Logo and Brand Name: Since your corporate greeting card needs to advertise your brand, it is important that you put the company name, logo and address in the greeting card. These are the only things that you need to promote your business through a card. The back page is ideal as they don’t spoil the card and also serve the purpose of your greeting card.

  • Images And Graphics: Printing the images of your product or office may seem ideal way of promotion but it should be avoided. It is better to use a scenery for the greeting card If you want to be playful with your card you can use caricatures and cartoon images in the card. This way your greeting card will both promote your business at the same time make the card look informal.
  • Keep Changing: Many corporate houses do the mistake of printing greeting cards in bulk and using the same card again again. The same card sent to clients doesn’t earn you a great reputation. Thus it is advisable for you to make sure that your corporate greeting card keeps on changing. You can regularly alter the size of the card, it’s shape and the messages written inside.

It is important to ensure that greeting cards are printed on high quality paper and by professional printers. A printing agency like PrintPapa is the place that you should be looking for a perfect greeting card printing. They have an excellent track record of delivering high end printed material on time. They use the latest technology available in the markets in terms of printing and have a team of highly experienced staff. They have expertise in printing bookmarks, calenders, posters, newsletters and rack cards.

Other uses of Business Cards!

Business cards are one of the best tools when it comes to promoting a product or a service. Although booklets, brochures and posters have been used for many years business cards fit into the bill more than any of them. The fact that a business card looks more official than posters and brochures it appeals more to the receiver. There are many benefits of choosing business cards and some of them are as follows:

  • Small And Handy: A businesses card is very small compared and this acts as an advantage as the receiver can keep them in his or her wallet without any problem. There are many people who have binders or containers for keeping them. This way your brand is promoted not only to the person you give the card but others around him or her.
  • Specific Targeting: Business cards are one of the best methods to target your audience. Unlike posters which are put on the wall and brochures which are distributed, business cards are only handed over to the target audience. This makes them much more effective than other mediums of promotion.
  • Cost Effective: Being cheap business cards fit the bill for every organization be it big or small. The modern printing techniques allow these cards to be printed in short run thus giving you more flexibility while printing. This  allows you to print as much as you need and reduces the chances of wastage.
  • Branding: There is perhaps no better tool for you to brand your business than a business card. You should highlight the name and logo of your organization in the business card. This will register them in a receiver’s mind. It is a common fact that greater the brand awareness about your products and services, more are the chances of doing well in the market.
  • Retention: Posters and catalogs are printed for a specific product or service and has a very short life span. Business cards are forever unless you change your brand name, contact details or address. They will promote your business far more than you can ever imagine.

A good business card needs to be printed with a good printer and this is where a professional printer like Print Papa comes in handy. They are experts is printing of domestics as well as corporate documents such as books, calenders, labels & stickers, newsletters and rack cards. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have built a huge list of satisfied customers due to their quality deliver on time.

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Customized Posters?

Posters are the best tools when it comes to promotion at a mass level. Along with banners and flyers they are often used to promote events in public places which sees large footfalls. It is however important to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of your customized posters for it to achieve better results. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to increase the effectiveness of customized posters:

  • Arouse Emotions: The most important function of a banner would be to arouse emotions. Images are the best way to do so as they target the emotions of the onlookers or readers. However keep in mind that the images however need to relate to the theme of your promotion. You need to also complement the images with a set of catchy slogans which immediately grabs the eyes of the readers. This is the most tried and the tested formula and  holds good to the modern day.
  • Puzzle The  Audience: Uncertainty is a great marketing tool and marketers over the years have used this form of promotional purpose. A well designed poster should not be over revealing about the event or product it promotes. This element of uncertainty will create interest in the minds of the audience for the product or the event that you promote.
  • Place It Well: The effectiveness of a poster is often determined by it’s placement. While placing a poster in a public area position it in such a way that it attracts maximum eyeballs. Avoid placing the poster in corners and too high on the walls as they will not be visible to the maximum number of people. Keep eye line in mind while putting a poster in a public place.
  • Use Colors: There is nothing more attractive to the human eye than colors and thus it is important for you to print the posters in full color. Use bright colors as they tend to attract the eyes more than the darker ones. Also when put up in a dark or shady area bright posters tend to be more visible than the darker ones. Use contrasting colors to grab maximum attention.

It is important to print the poster in a high quality printing press and a printer like PrintPapa should serve ideal for  you. They have the latest printing technology in terms of printers and other equipments and have a highly trained staff. Over the years they have built expertise in printing books, calenders, banners, catalogs and rack cards. The biggest testimonial to PrintPapa’s business is the number of permanent clients that it has built over the years.

Tips To Print A Creative Color Brochure

A brochure is one of the best marketing tools you can have in your hand while promoting a product or a service. Most of the business houses use brochures along with booklets and posters to promote their business. A creative color brochure is second to none as it looks attractive and appeals to the audience. It is no wonder that from product manufacturers to service providers, brochures are being widely used for promotional purposes. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while printing a color brochure:

  • Make It Bright: Make sure the brochure has a bright and colorful background. This will catch attention of the audience immediately as such normal brochures do not have a very colorful background. If your company has a theme color it would be advisable to have the background of the brochure in the same color.
  • Contrast It: A high contrasted brochure looks attractive. The color of the text should be black as it looks best. However if you have used dark colors in the background, you can print the text in white. These color contrast makes a huge difference when it comes to a brochure as many people make the mistake of using colors where the text and the background merge easily.
  • Images Are Important: Brochures are incomplete without images. However since the brochures are being printed in full color it is important that you create boxes for the images. This gives them a better look than appearing merged with a colored background. However do not flood the whole brochure with images as it looks very unprofessional.
  • Paper Quality: A well designed designed brochure can go wasted if it is not printed on good quality paper. High quality paper absorbs ink better than ordinary paper. The paper should be thick enough to stand on it’s own horizontally when held with one hand.
  • Gloss It: Giving the brochure a gloss finish after printing makes it look better and all the attractive brochures have it. The shine that the gloss brings to the brochure enhances the color. The same color looks more bright and brilliant after it has been treated with gloss.

It is important to print the brochure in a high quality printing press using the latest technology to give it a perfect look. This is where a printing agencies like PrintPapa comes in handy. They are experts is printing of domestic items as well as corporate documents such as books, calenders, catalogs and rack cards. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have built a huge list of satisfied customers due to their quality deliver on time.

Promote Your Restaurant Through Bookmarks

Restaurants can be promoted through many means including posters, banners and flyers but all these have a limited shelf life where as bookmarks ensure promotion over a considerable period of time. Rack cards and menu cards are commonly used inside the restaurant but bookmarks are the best tool to bring people inside the restaurant. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while promoting your restaurant through bookmarks:

  • Catch The Eye: Your bookmark needs to grab the attention of the readers as soon as their eyes fall on it. Try printing it in a brighter shade as brighter colors attract human eyes faster. Write a catchy slogan and have some food images on the bookmark which also makes it look attractive. It can also be in the shape of a spoon which will attract the eyes at the same time do half the publicity with it’s shape.
  • Choose Books Well: All restaurants have a certain target group be it teenagers, middle aged people or the older generations. So while promoting your restaurant keep in mind the kind of books these particular age groups prefer and put your bookmarks inside those books which would be read by these age groups.
  • List Specialties: Printing the name and address of your restaurant may not attract people. List out the specialties of your restaurant on the bookmark as this will act as a hook and ensure people are attracted towards your restaurant. Avoid placing a long list of specialties in the bookmark as it will make it look unprofessional. Printing the images of these specialties is also a good idea.
  • Proximity: Try targeting those bookstores which are very near to your restaurant preferably within a block or two. This will lead to larger footfalls in your restaurant than distributing the bookmarks in a very far away store in the town. Draw a map and give directions from major landmarks around your restaurant. This will ensure that people are able to locate your restaurant easily much to their convenience.

Ensure that your well designed bookmarks promoting your restaurant are printed well and this is where a printer like PrintPapa will come in handy. They have over the years built expertise in all kinds of printing and designing services. They use the latest technology available in the printing industry to deliver high end results to the clients and exceed expectations. They undertake all kinds of domestic and corporate printing jobs including books, notepads, business cards, letterheads and other printed materials.

Tips & Tricks To Print Notepads Cheaply but not making it cheap?

Notepad is one of the most commonly used items in office. Unlike business cards and letterheads which need to be printed on high quality paper, notepads can be printed on ordinary paper to reduce the costs. The idea is to reduce the cost and not the quality and thus you should not just be concerned about cutting the cost. Here are a few tips that will surely help you in getting notepads printed cheap:

  • Paper Quality: This often determines the cost of a notepad. So if you want to cut the costs of your notepad you can choose less expensive paper stock. The paper should be good enough for people to effectively write on the paper without any trouble. It should not start to blot once a gel or an ink based pen is used. At the same time the paper quality need not be that of your organization’s letterhead.
  • Consider The Size: The size of the paper often determines the cost of printing your notepad.  These are cut and printed on large sheets of paper and choosing an odd size can lead to huge wastage of paper. Choose a notepad size that leads to the minimum wastage of paper as this can bring down the cost of the notepad considerably. This can be easily done in consultation with your printer prior to designing the notepad.
  • Outer Cover: The outer cover of a notepad is usually printed separately and accounts for a good percentage of the total cost. Avoid going for a very high quality full color cover for your notepad as doing this will help reduce the cost by a huge margin. Also choosing lighter paper for your notepad will help your cause to a great extent.
  • Avoid Spiral Binding: It is quite common to see company notepads having spiral binding. However if you are planning to reduce costs  with your notepad avoid spiral binding as this leads to additional expenditure. You can opt for perfect binding as they are cost effective.

The final link in printing a notepad cheaply lies with the printing agency. Search for a printer who offers you good rates without compromising on the quality. Here is where the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa will come in handy for you. They have expertise in all kinds of printing including cost effective printing. They take on all kinds of printing jobs including books, brochures, catalogs, posters etc. They are equipped with the latest technology in the printing industry and have regularly satisfied their clientèle with their work.

Do you Sell Something? Promote it with a Calendar!

Calendar is one of the best tools when it comes to promoting a product. Along with posters and banners they are widely used for product promotion but unlike these two, calendars have a longer shelf life thus it serves as one of the best promotional tools for a product. Calendars find use at home unlike many other promotional materials and thus are great for promotion. Here are a few tips which can help you promote your product through a calendar:

  • Use Pictures: This is perhaps the oldest way of promoting a product through calendar. Use the picture of your products in each page of your calendar and write some USP of the product. This will arouse interest in the minds of your potential customers. Use colored images in the calendar as they tend to attract eye balls more and will serve better for promotion.
  • Calendar Format: Single page calendar aren’t the ideal tool if you have a large product line. Try printing a calendar with 12 pages as this will give you extra pages to promote your product. Ensure that the pictures of the products are placed prominently and become the center of attraction in your calendar. Do not however compromise with the date card in the calender as it might spoil the whole idea of designing one.

  • Shape It: Another way to design a calendar to promote your product is to play with the shape of your calendar. For instance if you are selling cellular phones you could shape your calendar in the form of a phone which will look unique and attract the eyes of the audience immediately.
  • Use Back Page: If you are printing a table tent calender it is advisable to use the back page also for your product promotion. You can print the detailed features of your product on the back page. Many people fail to realize that even the back of a table calender can also be effectively used for product promotion.
  • Distribute It: It is one thing to print a calender and another to make sure that the right target group gets it. Study your target audience and ensure that you distribute it in the right place. This will ensure that your product gets the maximum promotion.

    A well designed calender will become a great tool for promotion only when it is printed in high quality. This is where the services of a professional printing service provider like PrintPapa is required. They are experts is printing of domestics as well as corporate documents such as books, brochures, catalogs and rack cards. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and deliver more than expected results. To order calendars from PrintPapa click here.