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Get Your Booklet Designed Online with these 4 Effective Tips

Booklets are a very effective promotional tool for attracting potential customers. It can be a fantastic value-added marketing tool that will help you with a promotion like never before. So, if you are thinking that you need to go for promotion with something more than just a piece of paper with limited information, go for booklets.

At PrintPapa, which is an online printing company in California, I always advise the upcoming brands for a breakthrough in their promotion to go for booklets. Booklet printing is cost effective, very useful and informative way of promotion that can make your customers keep glued to you. Are you wondering how you can get the design right in the first place? Read the following points to know more.

High-Resolution Image

High-resolution images are necessary for getting a stunning booklet printed by a booklet printing services company. 300 dpi is necessary to making the booklet look flawless and appealing enough to attract your customers.

Right Dimension

You need to have the correct dimensions for your booklets. Check this before you place your order with an online printing store. Use the monitor to printer conversion for this calculation.

Avoid Borders

You don’t want your design to look crooked. With automated cutters, you will get few millimeters of deviation. Hence there is no need of getting the design look crooked with borders.

Use Templates

There are numerous online websites from where you can get templates for the printing. It is necessary for you to get them as these templates will make sure that there is no unwanted trimming in the design of the layout you are choosing for your booklets.

So, now as you know about the tips, it will be surely easier to get the designing right for your booklets. Come to us at PrintPapa and we will offer you more specialized assistance. Visit now for placing your order.

3 Tips to Nail the Game of Making Your Flyer Stand Out

Are you planning to invest in print media to add an edge to your promotional endeavors? If yes, then it is definitely a good decision on your part. So, when you are planning to do it, it is necessary that you choose the right channel that will help you to promote what your brands offer. So, what type of printed item will be the most effective promotional tool for you? Well, if you are planning to attract a local audience with something quirky, then invest in flyer printing.

Flyer printing is certainly one of the most effective yet affordable marketing tools that can benefit you on so many levels. In my company, PrintPapa, the online printing shop, we notice every month a substantial number of orders for flyers that we get from many local businesses in the Bay Area. The only trick to make it work is to make it unique. How? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Catchy and Quirky

Make it attractive. There is no alternative to this in the case of flyer printing online. The job of a flyer is to grab attention immediately even from a distance. For that, you have to take care of the design, color, font and finish so that it effectively appeals to the target audience.

Solve Problem

There are hundreds of similar brands who are offering the same products and services just like you. So, what more one can expect from you? It is better to let the potential customers know how you can solve a problem for them. This will immediately appeal to them as they will know how relevant your service can be.

Get to the Point

Don’t clutter the flyer with unnecessary texts and details. Just get to the point immediately. People don’t have much time while on the go to notice your flyer and every detail you put there. So, make it a quick read.

So, now as you know about the tips to make your flyers stand out and already are looking for a company to get them printed, come to us at PrintPapa. With full-color printing, various options of customization and quick turnaround time, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. Visit  to know more.

3 Bootstrapping Tips to Get the Best Business Card Designed

When you are going to make a memorable first impression, you will definitely think of getting business cards printed. When it comes to the business card, the design and every minute detail of it matters a lot. So, when you are choosing a professional printing company for this, you need to know something about the designing principles too.

After leading a business like PrintPapa, which offers online printing services for years, I have come up with some tips that can help anyone to understand the principles of business card design. So, if you are going for business card printing, you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Choose the Information

The first step is to choose the right information that you want to get printed on the business card. Apart from the obvious ones, sort out which other information is important to be shared by the card. You might feel overwhelmed while choosing. But take your time to make the right decision.

Don’t Clutter

When you are placing the order of online business card printing, make sure you are not cluttering the card with too many details. Basic information is okay. But with design details or elaborate font, you can make this small rectangular piece of paper really cluttered. And such a card will completely miss the point as the attention of the consumer will get diverted with too many details. Make it clear and precise.

Be Compelling

The purpose of a business card is to compel the other person get in touch with you. For that every single thing matters. From the paper to the font, from the style to the presentation, you need to take care of all to make it work. So, be compelling in your presentation.

If you are looking for a professional company to get your card printed then come to us at PrintPapa. With quick turnaround time, several options of papers and guaranteed 100% satisfaction, we offer you the best service in the Bay Area. Call us now at 408-567-9553 or visit to place your order.

3 Expert Tips for Successful Local Event Promotion with Vinyl Banner Printing

Are you going to organize an event anytime soon and planning to invite all the local people on the big day? Well, it sounds like a great plan. But when it comes to planning a local event, don’t you think personally inviting each and every person for it will be quite difficult as well as tough to organize? But how you can let people know that you are organizing a happening event soon? Simple. Get some attractive vinyl banner printed for the event and catch the attention of the people you want to drop by.

Are you wondering if the vinyl banner printing will help you or not? Well, being in the industry and running a shop like PrintPapa, I have realized that banners can be a really helpful tool for promotion. So, if you want it for your local event advertising, PrintPapa will have your back. Take a look at the following tips to get it right in the first place.

Things to Say

While ordering banner printing online, you might feel overwhelmed enough to include a lot of information in the banner. But you must refrain or it will make the whole thing look cluttered for you. Instead of going overboard with the information, stick to date, time, venue, RSVP, a website where they will get the details and entry fee if any.


The next thing that you need to pay attention is the highlight of the event. Any special guest is coming? Or a local celebrity will be performing? In any case, highlight it cleverly in the banner. Use different font, color and make it stand out.


While you are getting banners printed you need to consider the fact that for how long it will be exposed outside, even in extreme weather conditions like rain, scorching sun or snow. In such cases, vinyl banners work like wonder. They offer maximum durability and last for a long time.  Also, before hanging it, consider the places where it will get more noticed.

So, now as you know about how vinyl banners can perfectly promote your local event, then don’t waste time. Start looking for banner printing services or come to PrintPapa without hesitation. We are a BBB accredited company, offering the most affordable reputed online printing service. Call at 408-567-955 or visit our website at for more details.

3 Booklet Marketing Tips Just for You

Are you planning to take the marketing of your brand to the next level? If yes, then it is surely a good step as it will help you achieve what you have desired since all these while. If you are in the market already, then you know how difficult it can be to create an impact when there are similar brands competing with you already. That is why it is necessary that you think of some technique that will hold enormous promises for marketing.

So, for you, from my experience in online printing California, I am going to give you an idea. Hopefully, this will work for you and bring you the desired success too. Now, what is that? Well, go for booklet printing to market your brand. Why? This is undoubtedly one of the cost-effective yet highly successful ways to tell people about your brand. Take a look at the following points to get some ideas for how it can work.

Add Value

Add some value to your marketing endeavor. While running my own company PrintPapa, I have realized customers love it when you are adding some value to your marketing. That is why you must think of doing it in a way so that the booklet gets some value. Think of providing some relevant information or direction that they can use.

High-Quality Content

High-quality content can be extremely helpful in this whole plan. If you are providing any textual information, hire a professional writer and come up with high-quality content that can impress the customers for you.

Perfect Image

Instruct the booklet printing service you are hiring to provide you with the best quality images in the booklet so that it becomes visually appealing. And as well as know, visual appeal can take the marketing a long way.

So, now as you know about the ways the booklet printing and marketing can work, what are you waiting for? Come to us at PrintPapa now and to place the order visit or call at 408-567-9553.

3 Sure Shot Ways to Track the ROI of Flyer Printing Investment

The marketing world is a tricky place where finding out whether your endeavor is working or not is quite difficult but necessary too. After all, you are not only putting your money and effort in it but also you are brainstorming too for some unique ideas. When it comes to digital marketing, there are thousands of way to track the ROI and effectiveness of the marketing. But when it comes to print media, it is quite difficult and mostly dependent on assumptions. Now, if you are thinking about how you would know whether your assumptions are correct or not, then you are absolutely in the right place.

Being in the industry of online printing for so many years, I have come up with some ideas that can help you in tracking your success of flyer printing. Yes, there are some sure shot ways that can offer you accurate knowledge of the fact whether your flyer printing endeavor is working in your favor or not. Read on to know more.

Tracking by Number of Phone Calls

Are you already giving out flyers? If yes, then surely you are using your phone number as contact information in those flyers. So, track the success of your flyer printing online by tracking the number of phone calls. The more audience the flyer will reach, the more you will get leads over the phone.

Tearaway tags

Put tear away tags on the flyers. Ask the online printing services you are hiring to attach the tear away tags on the flyers so that you can get the exact number of people who were interested and tore the tags with your contact information in them.

In store sale

This is the most confirmed way to know whether the whole marketing endeavor was successful or not. Just take a note of the number of sales you got after the flyer campaign and compare this with the previous figures. You will know the difference.

So, now as you know about how to track the ROI, don’t waste your time. Rush to a reliable store or come to us. Yes, we, PrintPapa are one of the most reputed online printing companys in the Bay Area and also provide service all over the world. Call us at 408-567-9553 or visit now.

3 Reasons to Print Business Cards on Linen Paper from PrintPapa

Are you planning to impress your potential clients and business associated in the first place? Are you aiming to make them understand how serious and professional you are about your work? If yes, then you are surely considering your business card to get printed soon. But have you decided the material of it? Don’t worry. PrintPapa is here to sort your issues.

Maybe you don’t know, but my experience in this industry of online printing services has taught me that customers notice every minute detail in your way of marketing. Yes, from how you are giving your card to the material you used to print it, they take note of everything. So, I would suggest, choose linen paper while going for business card printing. Why? Take a look at the following points to know more.


It is not just the color, print and font that appeal to us. When you are handing the card, it should appeal to the other person just by touching it. Linen paper is very smooth or beautifully textured. Hence, the moment someone touches it, it feels appealing. They will understand your preference of good quality product and that will help you stand out.


The paper is thick and perfect to make a statement on your behalf. Once someone gets the card from you, they will be aware and impressed by your authority and this will help you gain trust from your associates.


Linen paper is eco-friendly. Manufacturing and after-use don’t create much of biodegradable waste. This is a good thing in so many ways. On one hand, it is a socially responsible step. On the other, it will impress the potential consumers for your choice.

So, now as you know why linen paper is the right option, place your order for online business card printing with us. Visit us at today or give us a call at 408-567-9553.

3 Tips to Use the Banners from PrintPapa for Campaign Train

Just like any other marketing or publicity endeavor, when it comes to the election, there is no alternative of banners as the campaign tool for any party. Easily legible, cost-effective and visually appealing, banners can be the best way to appeal to the voters of all section. Keeping this in mind, PrintPapa, one of the most popular online printing stores in the Bay Area and California has brought you their amazing facility of printing banners.

Years of experience in online printing has taught us that there is no limitation of printing on the banner and also there is no dearth of possibilities when it comes to the use of it. A significant logo, the right use of color, a simple text and your job for your vote campaign with your banner is done. We specialize in Mesh, fabric, canvas, block out, and vinyl banner printing for you. Our option of easy customization makes us a popular name for banner printing in the aforementioned areas. Let’s take a look at how you can use our banners on the campaign trail.

Supporter’s Yard

This is the best place for sporting the banner in support of the candidate. It is your personal space so no one can disturb you for this either. And you can clearly state whom you prefer too. Design a mesh or fabric banner with the candidate’s name and symbol and sport it in the yard of a supporter.

Along the Roadways

This can be a bit costly as you have to opt for bulk banner printing online. However, this is undoubtedly effective. Design vinyl banners to withstand extreme weather condition and make them visible along the roadways. Surely it will be eye-catching.


Are there many tall buildings in your area? If yes, then propose them to rent the side of the building. If luckily the owner is a supporter, you might get the space for free. Hung your banner and let everyone see.

So, now as you know about the usage, don’t waste your time. Visit us at and place your order for the banner printing services. You can even give us a call at 408-567-9553 for further queries. Our attractive customizable option, reasonable pricing and quick turnaround time will surely impress you.

6 Super Easy Tricks to Get the Most out of Your Catalogs!

Want to make the most out of your catalog campaign? Then, fortunately you are on the right blog. Here, we are going to jot down a few tricks for you all so that you can get the maximum results from every penny that you have invested in designing and printing the catalogs.

So, no more blabbering and let’s dig deeper into this format of online printing California!

Buying guides

The first suggestion would be to add buying guides for the customers and add honest product feedbacks so that your customers can make good purchase decisions. They would be able to trust you, and that would be your first step to success.

Product comparison charts

If you have three major products from the same group, align them side by side and mention their features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages, etc. Show them the best deal based on their budget bracket, etc.

Related products

When it comes to booklet printing, make sure to shower your customers with a lot of knowledge. Let them know about the related products, accessories, etc so that they can rely on you and buy a product. If they do and are satisfied, then mark my words – they would come back again.

Testimonials and case studies

If you want to drive the sales to a good extent, then include real customer testimonials along with case studies, so that when they read them, they can relate with the prior customers and understand your brand better and what you have to offer.

Limited-time offer

And yes, do not forget to include a limited-time offer to encourage your potential customers to place their orders NOW!

Stage the products

It is all about presentation in booklet printing services so showcase them in large image spreads. It can help your customers visualize the product and they are bound to make the purchase sooner!

For this, you can order 5.5*8.5 portrait booklets, 8.5*11 booklets, and if you want to go for something out-of-the-box then the comic size or square booklets should be your choice.

The European A4 size is also very common and liked by several entrepreneurs. So, now that you have the required knowledge, start prepping up for the upcoming campaign now! Visit our website at or quickly give us a call at 408-567-9553 now.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Clients Notice Your Flyers!

So, have you thought of an interesting and offbeat flyer printing design? Well then, what are you waiting for? Just get it printed from a reliable print shop that offer full color print flyers and a glossy and eye-catching finish!

What? Are you delaying on this online printing campaign just because you think the regular ideas are way too old for getting the flyers noticed by the targeted audience? Do not worry, as here we are going to unlock a few secrets to you. These are some easy ways to get your flyer printing online noticed by your prospective customers.

In packaging

Do you regularly ship packages to customers, may be catalogs, brochures, etc? Then, do not miss an opportunity to introduce a new product or enlighten them about some discount through a flyer. Do insert one in the package. And in case you do not send out packages, then it would be a great idea to collaborate with a company that does and shares the same audience and insert your flyers in their packages.


Secondly, you can also place the flyers under windshield wipers in parking lots, which has high traffic. Malls, events, tradeshows, etc generally have busy parking lots so you can appoint people to do this for you. Trust me, this would help you gain the attention of thousands of people without a major investment.

Extra Tip: Ensure to check with the local ordinances and get permission from property owners before you move on with this flyer printing strategy.

Pizza boxes

If you have a small scale business and you are targeting just the local audience, then how about tying up with a popular pizzeria and ask them to give your flyers along with the boxes when they deliver.

So, these were a few tricks to make your audience notice your flyers and since these are tried and tested so we are quite sure that they will work. Just hold some patience and continue it for some time to see the results. Visit our website at or quickly give us a call at 408-567-9553 now.