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Actually…Bigger is Better

It’s a fact that for printing, large format is the only way to go. Well, not the only way. Let’s be honest. However, if you want to make a major statement in a major way, then it is indeed the only way to go. We aren’t talking about 3ft by 10ft banners here (nothing against those). Nay, we are talking about a 6ft by 20ft monster that can be seen from a mile or so away…THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is large format and the power of a huge message. The ability to market your prices or specials or grand opening in a bigger and better way than your competition and match that with a high quality product or service is paramount in business. Not to mention the other multitudes of uses for “Big Printing” like Posters, Static Cling window displays, Backlit transparent images and more. All big, all beautiful. Now for the shameless plug 🙂 Printpapa.com has recently added Large Format Printing services to their wide assortment of quality services. If you own a business and have window graphics, an A-Frame (sandwich board) or a banner, go outside and look at it, keeping in mind that the quality and condition of your marketing materials almost always dictates the quality of your services or products to the consumer. Chances are (if you haven’t replaced them in awhile) you need a new one. Not saying you absolutely have to go through PrintPapa to get it done (even though you should), but it’s good for business and that’s all Papa want’s to do is help you help yourself.

Other Large Format Uses include:

  • Sporting Event banners
  • Concert Posters
  • Club Event Promoter Banners
  • Fine Art Reproduction
  • Trade Show Banners
  • Large Wall Graphics
  • Musician Promotional banners
  • Point Of Purchase (POP) graphics
  • Retail Services
  • and more!!



Creating a Brand Image With Printed Marketing Materials

Are you having problems with deciding how to go about your printed marketing campaign? You might have already decided upon the company messages, the fonts, the colors, the emotions, the logo as well as the target audience. But are you finding it difficult to choose methods to make your print marketing campaign a grand success? Then the below given list of ideas will be of help to you and and your business prospects:


  • Corporate Identity Packages – This is one of the first choices that is suggested as a starter for any marketing campaign. These may not have as much glamor as the other marketing materials but with massive repetitions they can lead to success. A corporate identity package makes use of tools such as letterhead, envelopes, business card, brochures and presentation folders. All the materials that are part of this package, bear the company’s name and logo, so that the recipient has a high recall value.
  • Direct Mail – From simple postcards, flyers to 80 page catalogs anything can be included in the direct mailing elements list. With the direct mails you can get the promotional messages right in the hands of your prospective clients.  There are many people that will not respond to your first mails but it does not mean that they will not do so in future. So keep repeating the act frequently.


  • Press Release – These are generally printed on the company’s letterhead and given out to the media. They are very powerful tools of creating a good brand image. Published press releases can give you an unbiased third party promotion.
  • Point of Sale Displays – There are various types of POS displays that are widely used by the businessman such as brochure, coupon book or a menu. Some marketeers also sponsor charity events which makes the company’s name stand out.
  • StickersStickers can be used and added to anything. The stickers can be affixed to anything from floors, walls, notebooks, mirrors to many other things. The better you design the stickers the more are the chances of it gaining in popularity. Companies are many times seen handing out stickers to children in parades.


  • Calendars – This promotional material will be in front of the recipients eyes every day of the year thus they have a great recall value.
  • Banners – Sponsorship in a big occasion such as sporting events, rock shows, festivals are a great way to attract attention. For this you will need a well designed banner which will portray your corporate image in front of thousands of spectators.

When you are looking for a print marketing campaign then it is imperative that you pay extra attention to the materials used by the printer. Only with good quality materials and ink, the promotional materials get their desired worth. PrintPapa is one such company that specializes in the making of high quality marketing materials.