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Bookmark Printing: An Effective Marketing Tool

Bookmarks are the quite essential things that no bookworm can do without. They are used as papers that remember the page you last read these are used by most professionals. Most of the big guns of the corporate houses like to read either some stuff related to their niche or other books of interest so if you can get an effectively designed bookmark into their hands then you will certainly get noticed. Bookmarks are pieces of paper or cards that are most often used in rectangular shape. Bookmarks can be of different colors and designs. They should carry the essential marketing messages in a nutshell.


Bookmarks are used by people of all age groups, from college and school students to the elderly people, from casual readers to library goers. And all these people would just love to have a good looking bookmark when they end their day’s reading. This is the reason why more and more businesses want to provide their prospective clients with a neat piece of bookmark. But all said and done, bookmarks can also be used to get business.

One way to attract prospective clients is to use high quality designs while printing a bookmark. The designs should give a soothing feel to the recipients. If the designs of the bookmarks go well with the recipients then your brand image and business identity of your organization will not be forgotten. As in designing for any promotional item, while designing a bookmark too factors such as design, color, size and concept should be kept in mind.


But if getting a lot of business is what you want then the services of a printer should be taken. You can go for full color bookmarks when the printing service provider is an efficient one. There are many technologies that can be used to create a good promotional bookmark. Full color CMYK printing process is one of the technolo0gies that is used to get stunning color resolutions.


As the bookmarks come into contact with the users regularly, customized bookmarks can be great to give your business a boost!

Advantages of Using Greeting Cards for Marketing Purposes

Greeting cards have more than what meets the eye! Why? Well, you never would have guessed they could be used as a direct marketing collateral would you? But the truth is, in the age of innovation and ingenious marketing strategies, greeting cards too can be used as invaluable marketing weapons to edge out rivals in the industry.


Greeting cards have generally had the reputation of being the bearer of good wishes or greetings (as the name itself implies) for the recipients.  This feature, till date, has been considered a drawback for those interested in using them as a marketing collateral. Today, it is considered one of the primary reasons for using them as marketing material. Greeting cards, being personal and having a greater potential of establishing contact with the target consumer base, have emerged as the choice of marketing weaponry in the contemporary scenario.

Greeting cards can also be used for retaining customer loyalty and interest in the brand. So, what are the other advantages of using greeting cards for marketing purposes? Read on to know more.

  • Affordable – Greeting cards are much more easier to develop and print than other business marketing collateral such as newsletters and press releases. With simple, suave yet appealing designs, one can easily mold the greeting cards into concrete marketing tools without having to invest a fortune.


  • Loyalty – Build customer loyalty and trust in the brand through a constant correspondence via greeting cards. Since they can be sent any time of the year and without any specific occasion, they are a great way to reach out to consumers and hold on to them. Greeting cards not only build a better brand image but also help improve consumer retention statistics for the company.


  • Personal Touch – Greeting cards can be a great way to personalize your marketing message for each individual customer. This may be done in spite of using a huge mailing list with generic messages such as Christmas greetings or the Halloween extravaganza. Personalized marketing messages tend to get more results than conventional marketing tools.


  • Referral – Publishing the name of past clients or references on the back of a greeting card is a great marketing strategy. This helps to build trust in the service provider or the enterprise, and also helps to present your portfolio to attract potential customers.


  • As a Mode to Showcase Gratitude – Your greeting card marketing campaign is good to go with many offers and discount options that will tie in potential customers. But it need not have an offer all the same. A small gesture of ‘thank you’ or ‘welcome to the team’ can boost the morale of the client as well as help improve the chances of a long-standing professional relationship with them.


Greeting cards can be a joy to behold forever – both for the recipient as well as the enterprise that uses it in its marketing campaign! The latter, more so, because of the great financial and publicity advantages it provides to the marketer.

5 Tips to Use Label Marketing Effectively

Labels, however small or insignificant looking, are a great tool to market your enterprise or products and their features to the target consumer base. An effective label marketing campaign, supported by efficient and quality printing agencies can work wonders for the sales and consumer retention of the products sold by your firm.


A label marketing campaign has to be designed and developed with utmost care and confidence. Poor taste will drive away potential clients from your products. Since labels are so small in size, you should have a clear strategy to make them noticeable for those who matter. This may include entrepreneurs, business associates and consumers.

Here are a few sure-fire tips to start earning a brand name as well as improve on your consumer loyalty figures and sales statistics:

1. Folder Labels: Folder Labels can be a great way to save money and promote your business. Use them on folder covers, as meeting documentation covers and in allied tasks. This will not only save extra costs on buying folder covers, but will also help would-be-clients to concentrate better on your enterprise or featured product.


2. Envelope Seals: Envelope seals are a great way to let your clients or consumers get a feel of your brand image without aggressively marketing it to them. An envelope seal can carry your company logo or even an image of the featured product, readying the client towards possible conversion even before he/she has opened the letter. Your corporate stationery can also have such labels, allowing better brand management.


3. Package Shipping Labels: So how do you reward your clients who have ordered a shipment from you? Send them the product in a package labeled with your company information or images. This way you brandish and enhance your brand image even without having to be physically present in the place or using the regional media!

4. Gift Package Labels: Gift packages are a part and parcel of any corporate organization’s marketing strategy. From gifting tangible items to providing discounts on your prices, loyal clients can enjoy great privileges in gifts. But why don’t you use the gifts as a marketing option yourself? Using label marketing on gift packages can be a great way to ensure consumer retention as well as  company’s monetary benefits.


5. Label Giveaways: At seminars, business conferences or meetings, you can hand out free labels to your prospective clients, partners or associates. This will not only help build your brand image in the industry but will also help to spread goodwill. And because the giveaways can only be provided personally, you can select high potential customers for the purpose.


With these simple yet efficient tips in mind, try and prune your label marketing campaign in the desired direction. As labels are a cost-effective way to market yourself, by adhering to these tips you not only save a lot but also make your marketing effort financially worthwhile.

At PrintPapa we offer various sizes and types of labels. Few of them are:

  1. Mailing Labels – Sheets of 8.5×11 with multiple labels on the sheet
  2. Full Color Crack & Peel Labels : Order any size. These are printed in full color, with an adhesive backing which can be cracked and peeled off easily. This is what we use when we ship out packages.
  3. Labels in Rolls : Various sizes and shape are available.

For more information visit our label section in the Product List.

7 Ingenuous Professional Business Card Designs at PrintPapa

Business cards have always been the epitome of professionalism and brand image for many enterprises – big and small. The fact that a well-designed, suave business card can work wonders for your business – both from the perspective of consumers as well as business associates speaks volumes about the necessity and importance of business cards in general.


However, sticking to only the conventional designs of business cards is not really a wise idea. In a continually evolving and changing world, innovative designs and shapes are what attract the limelight as far as business cards are concerned. But again, experimenting without knowing the intricate details of business card designs is like attempting hara-kiri. Only a professional printing agency can decide which design will work best for you and which will actually drive away potential clients.

PrintPapa, one of the premier printing agencies, have come up with an innovative collection of new-age business card designs that are sure to turn heads your way! Sleek, stylish and neat, these business card designs will surely help your enterprise stand out distinctly from the horde of other similar business cards used by the industry people.

All these cards can be ordered

  • as low as 50 cards to 10000 cards
  • Choice of 2 Paper – 12 Pt with UV Gloss and 110lb Matt Cover
  • With or Without Corner Rounding
  • Graphics Design Services
  • Choice of 3 Turnaround.

Here’s a quick low-down on the 7 new business card types available at PrintPapa:

1. Full Color Business Cards (Standard 3.5×2) – These full color business cards are the standard size cards, designed keeping in mind the visual appeal and marketing impact that a colorful and compact business card can have on potential clients. Couple that with low costs and fast turnaround times and you have a winning formula at hand!


2. Slick Business Card (3.5×1.5) – These 3.5×1.5 cards have been designed to catch attention immediately with their slick design and neat presentation style that is bound to hook target customers.

3. Tiny Business Card (3.5×1) – If you had been looking for business cards that you could carry in bulk without having to strain your pockets, the tiny business cards from PrintPapa are here. Only about 3.5×1 in size, you can use them effectively, especially, at personal meetings and lunches. The tiny business cards do not interrupt or invade the privacy or calm of the clients’ mind, and are effective in complementing your marketing campaign.


4. Square Business Card (Small 2×2/Medium 2.5×2.5) – Square business cards are the ideal designs (small being 2×2 in size while the medium is of a 2.5×2.5 in size) for a business card. They present a completely corporate image while still standing out of the ordinary due to their distinct design and neat print.


5. Square Business Card (Large 3×3) – The large square business cards (3×3) present the same benefits that the other modes of business cards do, but in a bigger and better way!

6. Fold Over (or Tent) Business Cards – (3.5×4=>3.5×2) Fold over business cards are a great way to market yourself without actually giving away your card. You can use it on the lunch table, in a meeting or in a conference as a label marque and have your potential clients interested, before finally letting them in on your actual business details! The 4 sides on the business card also act as extra information loaders – a sure-fire advantage over conventional business cards.

7. Fancy Business Cards – (5×2 => 3.5×2) A novel innovation by PrintPapa, this 5×2 card is  something that you had always hoped for to represent your business in meetings and seminars. Using card stock with a flap on the outer side, you can have both information as well as the logo/picture of your enterprise – helping you to market yourself better.


With these ingenious business card designs, you can now look forward to improved conversions (both financially as well as strategically) from your target customers and business associates.

Importance of Letterheads in Building Your Brand

Letterheads can make or break the credibility and brand image of a company. A letterhead, though often ignored as a marketing tool, can lend considerable edge to a company’s direct or indirect marketing campaigns and brand building initiatives. Because of its power as a representative icon of the company, especially on official documents and paperwork, a professionally designed and printed letterhead can help improve your chances at converting sales leads into actual clients.


Read on for more detailed comprehension of why letterheads can be your big marketing idea to forge great consumer relations:

•    A Formal Appearance – What is the basic difference between a letter from your high school sweetheart and from the HR-Head of your firm? The formal approach, obviously! Without the letterhead, the formal appearance of any document may vanish without a trace. A well-executed and fine-printed letterhead not only gives the insignia of authority on the documents, but also represents the company, even in the minutest form possible.


•    Credibility – Letterheads always grant credibility to the paperwork. A company without a professional letterhead on its documents is often considered fraudulent or untrustworthy by consumers. A professional letterhead is the mark of authenticity, especially of the services, products or the agreements and announcements listed in the paperwork.

•    Distinction – A professionally developed letterhead helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. In the cut-throat world of direct marketing, you need to make yourself special to get noted. Why not use your letterheads to turn heads your way? With a professional but visually appealing letterhead, not only can you increase your sales leads, you can also turn to official papers to market your firm! Cost-effective, what say?


•    Brand Value – The image that you exhibit to the world and more importantly, the consumers, is perhaps most effectively showcased through your letterheads. One look at the kind and quality of letterhead your proposal document carries and the potential client or business associate can make out the quality of work you shall offer. Therefore, take pains to develop a strategically powerful and well-designed letterhead, as it may help project a larger-than-life brand image for your firm.


•    Consumer Retention – Letterheads, while being important marketing tools, can also compliment consumer retention. Documents, letters, proposals, queries, etc. carrying your logo will build brand loyalty among recipients. And as a proven fact, intensive brand loyalty results in improved consumer retention. And all of this results in embellished sales and profit statistics – the ultimate goal of any enterprise, irrespective of size, budget or significance.


Now you realize what had been missing from your paperwork and why the recipients in your list had not been as responsive as you had expected them to be? Letterheads can work miracles for your firm’s marketing campaign.


What’s more, the costs incurred for such great benefits will also be well within your budget. Implement these tips and guarantee yourself a great improvement in lead generation and sales statistics within a short span of time!

We at PrintPapa make Letterhead printing very easy. We offer 2 kinds of paper to choose from (keep it simple), and based on your artwork we can print up your letterhead in 1, 2 or Full Color. You can also order matching envelopes to go with it. Check it out!!

Better Business Cards = Improved Sales

Business cards might be tiny pieces of paper at a  first glance, but they  certainly hold the key to a large business empire and a truckload of contacts for the enterprise – if executed well, that is. Business cards are often ignored by many in comparison to the larger marketing campaigns that enterprises follow to establish a brand image in the market. But a professional and appealing business card with the relevant design and content structure can perform miracles for the host company – winning both clients as well as crucial business associates.


Here are some tips to follow before you decide to send those business cards for printing:

  • Hire a Professional – Don’t try and design your business cards at home. Apart from chances of the whole effort being branded unprofessional, the time required to set the business card right can be more cumbersome than simply hiring a professional agency to do the job.


  • Reflect your corporate image – Create your company logo, try to enlarge and embellish your company name and have well-defined contact details. These will help reflect your corporate image – not only on the clients but also on professional associates. A good business card should always be an ideal representation of the company.
  • Design it well – The design of a business card is always of utmost importance, if you want it to actually compliment your marketing campaign. Background color should include the colors that define your brand. Company colors are always the best option to choose from. Use faded effects and swiping lines that cover up at least 1/4th of your business card. Make sure that the font used is in contrast to the background color, because the details are what help your business card make a sale.


  • Don’t be too stingy with investments – Be generous while investing in a business card. Remember that a business card can get you millions only if you are generous enough in hiring the best for the job. Regularly update your business card to avoid being branded as outdated.
  • Use both sides – Make good use of both sides of your business card. While the front/upward side has all the major details and USP of the company, the back can have tips, charts, graphs, images or even funny trivia to rivet the attention of the potential client or professional business partner.


  • Make it interesting – Don’t bore your potential clients with your business cards. Try not to  list your products and services blandly in your business card – your website or brochure can do the same. Use your business card to build a relationship with the client or associate, enticing him/ her to invest in your enterprise.
  • DO NOT Clutter up the card – Many companies make the mistake of trying to stuff too much into the small space of a business card. You need to understand that you can only add a specified amount of details in the card. If you overdo it, the business card will look cluttered and disorganized – a sure-fire way to shoot yourself in the foot. A clean, crisp card depicting the exact details, features and contact lists of the company is all you need to have. Everything else will be considered junk!


With these tips in mind, try and make a better impression (a lasting one at that!) with your business card. For this is what personally introduces you to the potential client or a business associate – the marketing strategies can come later on!