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Tips for Designing an Effective Sales Poster

A sales poster can be as effective as any other direct marketing campaign – provided it has been planned and executed to perfection. One of the most enigmatic yet result-oriented methods of outdoor marketing campaigns, posters can improve the lead generation of any firm multi-fold. All one needs to do is keep some points in mind while designing, planning and finally putting the posters at public places.


Unlike other forms of marketing, where amateurs can double up as marketing or sales professionals, sales posters should be developed by professionals who have been trained in the art and also have had considerable exposure to the industry.

Here are some quick-fire tips to improve the sales impact of your business posters.

•    Focus – Concentrate on the niche group of consumers. The broader your target consumer base is, the harder it is for sales posters to actually attract business leads, leave alone sales. Make sure that only the niche consumer base is targeted, and posters are deployed at sites frequented by your target consumers or would be easily noticed by them.


•    The Design – Graphic design or visual allure is one of the most important tools to make posters effective from the perspective of sales. Remember, that you have just a handful of seconds to make your impact on potential consumers. Keep the design neat and clean, and make sure that the text (punch-line or the call to action) is clear and large enough to attract the attention of potential clients.


•    Follow-up – Use posters as initiators and not as the fag-end of your marketing campaign. Most posters only introduce the consumer to the brand or company. Therefore, make sure you have subsequent outdoor marketing campaigns such as brochures, fliers and other follow-through procedures lined up. Also, keep the contact information or retail store locations prominent on your posters, in order to guide those who are interested to make an inquiry.


•    Print Quality – Posters printed on cheap paper-rolls or flimsy paperbacks fail to attract attention. Moreover, home-made, amateur or self-made posters can often lack the quality and glamor a professional sales poster possesses. Collaror schemes, text and even the outlines should be crisply printed on fine paper to improve the visual magnetism of the posters. Here at PrintPapa we print all our 11×17 posters on high quality glossy paper and large format (18×24 and bigger) on photo quality paper for the best look.


•    Authenticity – The last tip is perhaps the most important – and the most ignored one too! Make sure that the claims you make in your poster are genuine. Nothing irks people more than false or disguised claims, especially, if it’s through an outdoor marketing medium.


With these tips in mind, go ahead and have your posters designed, developed and marketed with a suave business approach. Professional posters with intelligent inputs from your end can reap rich dividends for your business enterprise.


Cost-effective and productive – outdoor marketing cannot get better than sales posters. And with a little help from our end (the tips!) you are ready to take on the world!

Need some ideas or let us do the design then check out our stock graphic design templates for posters.

Importance of Letterheads in Building Your Brand

Letterheads can make or break the credibility and brand image of a company. A letterhead, though often ignored as a marketing tool, can lend considerable edge to a company’s direct or indirect marketing campaigns and brand building initiatives. Because of its power as a representative icon of the company, especially on official documents and paperwork, a professionally designed and printed letterhead can help improve your chances at converting sales leads into actual clients.


Read on for more detailed comprehension of why letterheads can be your big marketing idea to forge great consumer relations:

•    A Formal Appearance – What is the basic difference between a letter from your high school sweetheart and from the HR-Head of your firm? The formal approach, obviously! Without the letterhead, the formal appearance of any document may vanish without a trace. A well-executed and fine-printed letterhead not only gives the insignia of authority on the documents, but also represents the company, even in the minutest form possible.


•    Credibility – Letterheads always grant credibility to the paperwork. A company without a professional letterhead on its documents is often considered fraudulent or untrustworthy by consumers. A professional letterhead is the mark of authenticity, especially of the services, products or the agreements and announcements listed in the paperwork.

•    Distinction – A professionally developed letterhead helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. In the cut-throat world of direct marketing, you need to make yourself special to get noted. Why not use your letterheads to turn heads your way? With a professional but visually appealing letterhead, not only can you increase your sales leads, you can also turn to official papers to market your firm! Cost-effective, what say?


•    Brand Value – The image that you exhibit to the world and more importantly, the consumers, is perhaps most effectively showcased through your letterheads. One look at the kind and quality of letterhead your proposal document carries and the potential client or business associate can make out the quality of work you shall offer. Therefore, take pains to develop a strategically powerful and well-designed letterhead, as it may help project a larger-than-life brand image for your firm.


•    Consumer Retention – Letterheads, while being important marketing tools, can also compliment consumer retention. Documents, letters, proposals, queries, etc. carrying your logo will build brand loyalty among recipients. And as a proven fact, intensive brand loyalty results in improved consumer retention. And all of this results in embellished sales and profit statistics – the ultimate goal of any enterprise, irrespective of size, budget or significance.


Now you realize what had been missing from your paperwork and why the recipients in your list had not been as responsive as you had expected them to be? Letterheads can work miracles for your firm’s marketing campaign.


What’s more, the costs incurred for such great benefits will also be well within your budget. Implement these tips and guarantee yourself a great improvement in lead generation and sales statistics within a short span of time!

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Reach a Broader Consumer Base Through Translation Services

So you had been wondering how to get those Chinese folks read your new recipe cook-book without forcing them to learn English first? Or had you been trying since ages to promote your solar-fueled motor to the German auto-owners?


Translation services are the best solutions to promote your business in uncharted territories, especially, if the barriers are linguistic. If language is a problem, translation is a solution! Not only do these services help make your company pitch their products or services to consumer bases who have not been approached as yet, but also helps improve sales multi-fold.

Why? There are plenty of reasons that help highlight translation services as a great way to develop the potential of your businesses or service.


  • The consumer base increases naturally, which results in a greater potential for lead generation and sales.
  • In this time of the economic downturn, turning to nations that are not yet afflicted by the downturn (Japan for instance) can greatly help your faltering business.
  • Translation services are only required when you need to market your services to a consumer base hitherto left unexplored. Unlike memos and notices, which can be translated by anyone who knows the concerned language, marketing material should always be handled by a professional translation agency. Literal translation of your original sales copy or fliers can be devastating to a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.


  • Translation services also help fare better in face of competition from other international companies dealing with the same services or products.
  • Translation also endears and familiarizes the consumer with the service or product better, providing a better chance for actual sales pitch to be delivered with a positive output.

Printpapa.com offers translation services that can have your marketing brochures, documents, and other necessities translated into a host of languages. This includes translation services offered in Korean, Chinese and even Japanese.


With such lucrative advantages waiting for your enterprise at the other end of translation, do not delay further. Invest in translation services for your marketing campaign and reap rich dividends, even in this era of economic slowdown!

Better Business Cards = Improved Sales

Business cards might be tiny pieces of paper at a  first glance, but they  certainly hold the key to a large business empire and a truckload of contacts for the enterprise – if executed well, that is. Business cards are often ignored by many in comparison to the larger marketing campaigns that enterprises follow to establish a brand image in the market. But a professional and appealing business card with the relevant design and content structure can perform miracles for the host company – winning both clients as well as crucial business associates.


Here are some tips to follow before you decide to send those business cards for printing:

  • Hire a Professional – Don’t try and design your business cards at home. Apart from chances of the whole effort being branded unprofessional, the time required to set the business card right can be more cumbersome than simply hiring a professional agency to do the job.


  • Reflect your corporate image – Create your company logo, try to enlarge and embellish your company name and have well-defined contact details. These will help reflect your corporate image – not only on the clients but also on professional associates. A good business card should always be an ideal representation of the company.
  • Design it well – The design of a business card is always of utmost importance, if you want it to actually compliment your marketing campaign. Background color should include the colors that define your brand. Company colors are always the best option to choose from. Use faded effects and swiping lines that cover up at least 1/4th of your business card. Make sure that the font used is in contrast to the background color, because the details are what help your business card make a sale.


  • Don’t be too stingy with investments – Be generous while investing in a business card. Remember that a business card can get you millions only if you are generous enough in hiring the best for the job. Regularly update your business card to avoid being branded as outdated.
  • Use both sides – Make good use of both sides of your business card. While the front/upward side has all the major details and USP of the company, the back can have tips, charts, graphs, images or even funny trivia to rivet the attention of the potential client or professional business partner.


  • Make it interesting – Don’t bore your potential clients with your business cards. Try not to  list your products and services blandly in your business card – your website or brochure can do the same. Use your business card to build a relationship with the client or associate, enticing him/ her to invest in your enterprise.
  • DO NOT Clutter up the card – Many companies make the mistake of trying to stuff too much into the small space of a business card. You need to understand that you can only add a specified amount of details in the card. If you overdo it, the business card will look cluttered and disorganized – a sure-fire way to shoot yourself in the foot. A clean, crisp card depicting the exact details, features and contact lists of the company is all you need to have. Everything else will be considered junk!


With these tips in mind, try and make a better impression (a lasting one at that!) with your business card. For this is what personally introduces you to the potential client or a business associate – the marketing strategies can come later on!

Purchase Decision Steps Followed by Companies and How to Influence Them

If you are new to the world of business and wondering what a company goes through before reaching any purchase decision, then read on because here I’ll discuss about the purchase decision steps followed by most companies. Understanding these steps would be crucial for you to influence their buying process.

Recognizing the Need: Any decision to make a purchase is absolutely need based for a company, unlike individual buyers who may purchase products or services just for their happiness. No emotions are involved when a company decides to purchase anything. It’ll buy only what it needs. If you can fulfill their needs, then bingo!!

The source of these needs can be traced back to anywhere in the organization. In the buying center concept, “initiators” are those members of the organization who recognize any need for the first time. In fact, these initiators also buy or use the products or services in question. It’s important for you to know who they are and what makes them tick.

The ‘need’ for new solutions is usually identified by users, while buyers identify any requirement for re-purchasing any products. A new trend has emerged among companies to make automated re-purchase decisions by removing any human involvement. So, how can you barge into the process to promote your products or services?

As a marketer it’s very important for you to understand this aspect well, as it would be a great challenge to replace the products that are currently being purchased by the company. Straight re-purchase situations are even more difficult to handle as companies often reach the purchase decision immediately after recognizing a need.

Companies usually generate a specifications sheet documenting the requirement for any particular product or service that needs to be purchased. Several members of the buying center may be involved in creating the specifications document.

So, if you want to sell your products or services to a company, try to develop close contact with those who play a lead role in creating the purchase specifications documents. This will definitely improve your chances of being considered while a company is buying any products or services that you supply.

Even though it may sound very simple, the actual process of reaching a purchase decision in a company is quite complicated as various factors are taken into account.

Buying Needs Assessment

Search for a Better Deal: Now this is one point that is different between individuals as customers and companies as customers. You’ll hardly find a person who’ll want to save 2 cents on a gallon of gas. But a company that has a large fleet of trucks and cars, saving even a cent would be a great amount. That’s the reason they’ll always search for suppliers that offer them a better deal. When companies decide to change a vendor, most of them are looking to reduce their costs. Are you ready to fit the bill?

The ‘search’ step for companies in their buying process involve identifying a number of suppliers who meet product specifications set by them. Members of the buying center then screen the suppliers to select the vendor that offers them the best deal. What you should do at this point is thoroughly analyze the business in question and make an offer that is customized to their needs.

But there are some industries where buyers are given other options for selecting suppliers other than through supplier presentations. These industries include chemicals, auction sites and online marketplaces. If you are one of them, then keep your eyes and ears open! Something off the beaten track may work out well for you!

As a supplier, try to become one of the options that a company would consider while making any purchase. In some cases, you may have to become a part of an approved supplier’s lists, thus, ensuring that members of the buying center will not overlook your offer when they fix any deal. Suppliers in auction sites or online marketplaces should try to be included in those websites that are relevant to their business.

Great Deals

So, now that you know how companies make their purchase decisions, I hope you’ll be able to develop the right strategy to be at the right place at the right time and with the right offer! It’s time to beat the recession, so all the best!