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Hefty Discounts with Coupon Codes at Print Papa for the Month of August

To get attention of prospective buyers and earn profits you need to promote and market your products well. But as marketers you might not have enough marketing budget for big or mega events, print ads and TV commercials. If you are stuck in such a situation then promotional printing at Print Papa is your answer to all advertising needs.


Post Card Printing and Mailing Service

At PrintPapa we can Design, Print and Mail your postcards! There are various uses of the postcards whether they are used as RSVP Cards, Announcements, Direct Mailing or Handouts provided at Trade Shows. As these are important products for promotional campaigns we offer fast turn around and best quality. You can save your time and money even further by letting us Print, Design and Mail the postcards on your part.

Core Features of Mailing Service

•    Send the mailing list in the proper format by downloading the format and template available at the website.
•    Name the file mailing.xls and save the file in Excel or csv file format.
•    Upload the address details file and the artwork after you have placed the order.
•    As per the USPS guidelines the address block in your postcard should be white.
•    Order at least 50 cards more than your address count; this will save you from running short of stocks.
•    2 extra production days will be added to the turn around time chosen by you.
•    Postage costs are not included in our service. Thus you will have to pay extra for that.
•    The unused postcards will be shipped to your location after the mailing process is completed.
•    If you want to recycle the remaining postcards, just let us know we will do it for free.


Latest Postcard Printing Offers

In the month of August we have brought new options and lower prices for Postcard Printing. Some of the latest offers for Postcard printing at PrintPapa include:

•    Low minimum order limit has been cut down to 50 postcards. This will allow our customers to order postcards exactly per their needs.
•    Corner Rounding Option has also been included for postcard printing and designing. This is one of the latest trends in postcard marketing and we will let our customers get the best benefits with corner rounding postcards.
•    With our discount offer all through the month of August all the customers can save on their print marketing budgets.
•    We have brought more choices in terms of size, design and dimensions of postcards.
•    Same and next day delivery is available for low as well we high amount of postcard printing orders.


To help marketers make the most of print promotions we at Print Papa are offering attractive deals all through the month. For the benefit of their customers Print Papa has introduced Coupon Codes that will earn you significant discounts for the ordered items. To avail these offers you have to simply enter the coupon code provided with the ordered variety of printed promotional product. The coupon names and their respective coupon codes are mentioned below:


Coupon Name Coupon Code
15% OFF Greeting Cards (max $100) 




15% Off Banners (max $100) 




15% Off Rackcards (max $100) 


15% Off (max $100) on Short Run Folder 





10% Off (max $150) on Short Run Book Printing 




10% Off Envelopes (max $100) 




10% Off Letterheads (max $100) 10pofflthd 


10% Off 8.5×11 Booklets upto 40Pg (max $50) 




10% Off (max $50) on Short Run Folder 




5% OFF CD/DVD Duplication & Packaging (max $50) 




10% Off Greeting C ards (max $50) 




This lucrative discount offer is available for the month of August only. So register with Print Papa today!

Envelope Tips That Force Recipients to Open and Read Contents

Direct mailing or mail marketing is one of the best and low cost ways to promote a business. People put a lot of thought on the content and design and forget in a hurry that the recipient has to open the letter to read through the messages sent by you. Most of the mails are opened near a trash box and once anything unwanted is spotted the letter gets its place in the basket. So you would have half a second to convince the recipient that the mail is something he/she needs to have a look at. This is the reason why right from the envelopes to the stamps and other minute details should be given utmost attention.


There are many things that make a busy recipient read through your marketing letter. Following is a set of tricks that will ensure that the marketing letter sent by you is opened and read through.

  • Planning – To execute a successful direct mailing campaign you should always have an idea of what the campaign can do and cannot do. Also be sure about the messages that you want to give to your prospective clients. With a good marketing content you are sure to get food follow-ups.
  • Recipients – Make sure that the letters are sent to the right audience. To have the desired effect on your campaign a target list should be prepared well in advance. This should be done with a lot of research and analysis.
  • Simplicity – After the list is finalized start the content development and designing plans. Make sure that the designs are not flashy and the content is not rich in jargon.


  • Hand Addressed and Stamped Mails – Using the number 10 envelope that is readily available with the printers is a good option. The mails should contain a metered postage and a typed address which will impress the recipient. Many color schemes on the envelope may also be used to attract attention. This may be suggested to you by the printers or you might choose it yourself. Remember to have a return address on the mail.
  • Tracking the mails – Differentiate the mailing list with a number of colors and try to find out the positives and negatives in the campaign which will help you at a later date.


  • Create Enticements – Make the recipient eager by giving some lucrative information on the envelope itself. Inside the letter you should always have the most important information in the first paragraph. A P.S. Summarizing the offer should also be included in the mail.
  • Personalize – Address each and every recipient by the recipient’s name. This makes the recipient feel unique and gives your marketing campaign an edge over others.
  • Scannable Text – The content for the letter should use bullets so that all the information can be easily noticed. Content should be easily understandable and all the offerings should be mentioned using bold or larger typefaces.
  • Easy to respond – Not only should you include an address but also you may give a reply card or a postage paid envelope.
  • Frequency – Send regular follow up mails to the target list. Mails should be sent atleast six weeks apart.

While planning for your marketing moves do consult the printing agency for the availability of the envelopes and the time of delivery. There are so many printing service providers but PrintPapa has many types of printing services that will meet your requirement.