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Things To Know For Self Publishing Authors

So, you are confident about your writing skills and are ready to self publish a book. Self publishing is an attractive proposition for any author in the present times. But there are various things that the new authors are unaware of while looking to self publish their books. Below are some of the questions that you will come across when self publishing a book and the answers will help you immensely in getting success as a self publishing author.

Do you need an ISBN number?

The answer to this question depends on how you are looking to sell books. If you are looking to sell through the retail stores (or online stores such as Amazon) then the answer is always an “YES”. Though the ISBN number may not be required if you want to sell through a small or independent retailer or you have a consignment arrangement. In all the other cases it is important to possess such a number. You have to apply for the ISBN number once the cover design is finalized. An area should be left vacant where the barcode and the number will be inserted in the future.

How can you obtain ISBN number?

You have to send direct request to the ISBN Agency mentioning the details of the book. The prices of the ISBN processing depend on the time. There are different options for the self publishers such as regular Processing, Priority Processing, and Express Processing. ISBNs are generally sold in blocks of 10, 100 and 1000. So it is important to estimate the number of publications you will be having in the next five years. It is always advisable for the authors to apply for the number well in advance as it generally takes some time before the ISBN number is obtained.

Should you get Copyright for your Book?

The published book will be the result of your hard work, so you won’t want anyone else to publish it. Thus, you should always look to protect your book with copyright. Many authors look to get the copyright without the help of any copyright attorney, but speaking frankly the papers are quite tough to handle alone. So help can be taken.

How many books should you print?

If it is your first publication, it is always advisable to print in small quantities. You will be able to sell the smaller quantity quicker. Though the books are proofread by professionals, but often it is seen there are some typos in them. It allows the author to make the necessary corrections and not 1000s of books are sold with the same embarrassing mistakes.

How important is book cover design?

It is of prime essence. Even the best literary agents will tell you, it is difficult to market a phenomenal book with poor cover design. So the cover should be sharp and commercially apt. While designing the cover of the short run book make sure that the target audience is kept into consideration. The cover should showcase what they want to see.

After you have read through the above given answers it is important to contact a reputed printing service provider in locality such as PrintPapa. The printing agency should have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with various types of promotional materials printing projects too. PrintPapa not only prints short run books they also specialize in the printing of business cards, booklets, calendars, NCR Forms, Rack Cards, etc.

How to Buy Your Own ISBN Number And Becoming A Publishing House?

In the publishing industry only one thing that separates between a publisher and a non-publisher is the ISBN number. The International Standard Book Number or ISBN number as it is simply known is the key value that identifies the publisher of a book in all of the online databases and inventory systems used worldwide. ISBN number is very important as without it you won’t be able to sell your book through online platforms such as Amazon.

This unique 10-digit number identifies books and book-like products published internationally right up to an individual publishing house. An ISBN number has four parts: the country identifier, the publisher identifier, the title identifier and the check digit.

If you take your book to a publishing house they get an ISBN number on your behalf but in case you are into self publishing you will need to get this done by yourself. This service is free of cost in some countries while charged in others. There are more than160 ISBN Agencies worldwide and each of these agencies is exclusively appointed for a geographical area and a country in most cases. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while applying for an ISBN number:

  • Fill up an application form with your designated ISBN agency and pay the processing fees in case it is applicable in your case.

  • Give complete details of publishing firm name, complete address and contact numbers and details of a particular original publication. This is a must for ISBN numbers as incomplete forms are usually rejected.
  • If you want to turn a full time publisher it is better that you apply for multiple ISBN numbers to assign to your future books. Most publishers do the same and get ISBN numbers in bulk. This process is also cost effective.
  • The process takes about 15 business days in most countries. In case you want it earlier you can opt for services like Express ISBN Number. This will however come at a price but will guarantee you an ISBN number in two business days.

Once you get your ISBN number you need to get your book printed through a professional printer and print the ISBN number at the back of your book. This is where a printing agency like PrintPapa can come in handy as they have delivered quality printed materials on time to their clients over the years. They use the latest technology in printing and have expertise in printing brochures, catalogs, letterhead, business cards, posters, banners and all other types of printed materials.

How To Use Amazon To Sell Your Book?

Amazon.com is one of the best platforms to sell a book. You get access to the biggest possible audience cutting across geographical boundaries. No other platform will let you reach out to such a wide spectrum of audience at one go. There are also very few entry barriers which makes it easier for first time authors to sell their books on Amazon. This is a perfect platform for writers who write niche books which may not have great demand within a defined geography. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while selling your books in Amazon:

  • First and foremost you need to get an ISBN number for your book. This is a must to sell books on Amazon and is pretty easy to get. You need to print the ISBN number on the back and inside of your book.
  • Register an account in Amazon and you will have to pay a small fee to put up your book for sale on the website. You can make this payment using your credit card. You will get a confirmation mail as soon as your payment is processed.
  • Submit an application for designating the title and description of your book. Try to be catchy with the description as it plays an important role in arousing interest in the minds of the readers. Also upload reviews and the image of the book cover for the showcase.

  • Amazon determines, at its sole discretion, the price at which it sells your Titles to customers, which may differ from the suggested retail price you choose when registering the Title.
  • Send minimum two copies of your book to Amazon for it’s inventory. You will be notified for more when the stocks fall below the minimum inventory mark. In case your book fails to attract buyers Amazon will remove it from the showcase and return the books at your own cost.

  • Try promoting your Amazon link in social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. You can also promote your book in your blogs.

Before you plan to list your books for sale on Amazon it is important that you get it printed in high quality. Make sure that your book is printed on high quality paper and with quality ink. Hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa which uses the latest technology in printing. They have expertise in printing catalogs, brochures, letterhead, business cards, postcards, posters etc. PrintPapa has regularly satisfied all it clients by delivering high quality work and maintaining strict deadlines.