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Tips To Create a Poster Using Adobe InDesign

As far as desktop publishing software program goes, Adobe InDesign is one of the most popular. Though there are many similar programs such as Quark Express, but InDesign is used widely as it can be integrated with the other software programs of Adobe such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver with ease. Designers using the InDesign can complete small projects (such as brochure and flyer’s designs) and large projects (like poster and book designing) in quick time and with relative ease.

Poster designing is one of the specialized area of work and in the present times designers are using the Adobe InDesign to make a short work of designing high quality posters for printing. If you want to learn the best uses of Adobe InDesign for poster printing then take a look at the below mentioned tips:

  • Click on the Adobe InDesign icon placed on your desktop.
  • When the software opens create a new document in InDesign by pressing “Ctrl” + “N”. Or open a new file by taking your cursor to “File” option on the top menu and then selecting “New” from a drop-down list that will appear.
  • Enter the key information related to the desired dimensions of the promotional poster when the “New Document” opens. After the page opens enter the height and width of the poster as per your needs. Enter the information in the “Height” and “Width” boxes. Also mention the proximity of the posters by deciding how close the borders will be to the edge of the poster. If you want no borders around the poster then enter the value “0” in the fields appearing at the bottom of the screen and the others will be reset automatically. In such cases you will get a full bleed poster off the page.
  • Select the color you want to add as a background for the poster. If you want to keep it white then skip this step. To opt for desired color, click on a rectangular selection tool that will appear on the left of your screen. Click and place the tool over the part of the poster where you want to insert the background color. Click on the Colors palette and select the exact color you need. You may also adjust the opacity by sliding across the bars in the left panel. This will make the background lighter as well as semi transparent.
  • To insert an image into the poster select “Ctrl” + “D”. When the image appears select the white arrow in the toolbox. Drag the image to reduce its size by clicking on one of its corners.
  • Use the “Text” tool in the tool box to insert any text (the tool looks like the alphabet “T”). Place the cursor to the area of the page where you want to insert some text. Then type in the words you want.
  • Next, click on the black arrow at the top of the tool box and move the positions of the different elements on the page. By using this process you can make each and every aspect of the poster meet your exact designing needs. After you have made sure all the elements are in accordance select “Ctrl” + “S”  and save the document. Now your promotional poster is ready to be sent to the printer!

Poster being one of the best promotional products has high demand among the business owners. Posters are popular among the youngsters as well as the aged. They are used widely, thus marketing through the posters is sure to make your marketing campaign a success. It is essential in this respect that the best choice of printing service provider is made. You might have all the skills with the Adobe InDesign software but it is only with the help of a professional printing agency such as PrintPapa can you achieve the desired printing results.

How To Promote Events Through Posters?

An event cannot be a success unless it is promoted well. Posters are one of the best and the cheapest ways to promote an event. The biggest advantage of promoting events through posters and banners lies in the fact that they speak to the audience on the move. All other forms of media such as brochures and flyers appeal to the stationary audience. 11X17 Poster is the most widely used promotional poster but these days many people use Hi Gloss Posters for short run printing. Some things should be kept in mind while promoting an event through posters:

  • Know your Audience – Most of the events are aimed at targeting a certain group of audience. It is very important to know whom the poster intends to target. This knowledge will help in poster design as it will be designed according to the audience. In case you are targeting the old age group you must have a formal looking poster where as in case of youngsters it can be more playful.
  • Target your Audience – A poster’s aim is to create awareness about the event among the target audience. Maximum eyeballs don’t always mean maximum promotion especially when you are promoting a niche event. In case you want to target the youth placing the posters in educational institutions, coffee shops, beauty parlors and gymnasiums is a good idea.
  • Do it in Style – A well designed poster is a must to promote any event. Posters are usually viewed from a distance and thus it is important to grab the attention of the audience instantly. A poster should have a lot of bright colors as they grab attention faster when compared to the darker shades. They should be printed in full color from a professional printing agency.
  • Place Perfectly – Placement of a poster should be perfect. The whole idea of promotion is lost if a poster fails to grab attention. A poster should not be placed too high unlike a banner and should fall in the eye line. Avoid placing a posters in a poorly lit area.
  • Multiplicity is Best – The best way to promote an event is to have multiple posters with variations in color design and tag lines. This tends to create more hype around the event than having the same monotonous poster all over the town.

PrintPapa is a one stop solution for all the printing and design needs. It has a large list of satisfied clientèle for printing and designing books, business cards, letterheads,  brochures, catalogs among others.

Tips for Promotional Poster Printing

It is a much argued question that whether:

Is it good to print quantity posters of lower quality to reach wider section of people? OR
To print good quality posters and reaching only limited target audience?

 The solution to this is not so simple, as while printing a poster there are a lot of factors to determine. This includes the purpose of printing, the goal you want to achieve and finally your budget. Here, we highlight some important guiding principles for you to keep in mind while going for promotional poster printing:


The very first advantage of high quality poster is that, in good quality posters, the designs are generally very good, paper is very good, full color inks are used and the poster is given a finished look that amazes the on-lookers. All of this adds to the quality of the poster content. This is why nowadays only high quality poster are preferred to promote a movie or a play. As majority of people still judge a poster not only by its content but also by the paper quality, color and the effects used.


Poster printing is generally not cheap, instead you will find that printing high quality posters with colored inks and good quality paper is generally a costly issue. This suggests that if you have a tight budget you will be able to print only few posters which is not the same with cheaper poster printing. Secondly, printing many posters at a time means, you should have the ability to cover a wide area and have as many posters to reach every public place falling under your target.

However, this idea has certain drawbacks also. By printing cheap posters, there comes a risk factor for the company itself, looking cheap in the eyes of public. Business reputations can also be hampered if the poster becomes unable in casting a good impression upon the viewers.


Therefore, to acquire that fruitful end results you should be very clear about your objectives and the goal you wish to achieve and finally the quality of printing service you avail.

At Printpapa.com we offer various options for poster printing:

1. Full Color Hi-Gloss Photo Posters: Printed on a 6 color Inkjet press with UV inks and on Hi-Quality Photo Paper. You can order 1 or upto 50 at a time. Very high quality printing, as good as your Photo Labs

2. Mini Posters (11×17): Get 50 or upto 10000 posters printed on various kinds of paper. These are much cheaper than the above, but the quality is awesome. These are printed on offset or digital presses

3. Mounted Posters: These are full color glossy posters or high durable matt vinyl posters mounted on 3/16″ Gator Board. Great quality. Order as low as 1 poster.