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Tips To Give Your Envelope Extra Punch

Envelopes are not just a office stationary anymore. Smarter business organizations have realized this long back and have turned their envelopes in to a marketing tool. This does not involve any extra cost at the same time has a wide reach. To act as a promotional tool the envelope has to be more than the traditional protective cover for letters and documents. Here are a few things that you can do to add punch to your envelope:

  • Do it in Color – Traditionally white has been the favorite when it comes to envelope color. However there are no rules which prohibits from using other colors. You can use some bright shades of color attract the eyes of your recipient. You can also try a few gradients to make it look more attractive.
  • Play with the Flap – Although envelopes have a single flap which opens upwards or on the sides you can try a few creative ideas. You can play with the flaps and divide them into two parts. If you plan to deliver the envelope by hand you can also stick a small creative button on the top of the flap to make it look creative.
  • Add Shine – Once your envelopes have been printed you should ask your printer to add gloss or other shiny elements to it. This will make your envelope standout among a crowd of envelopes. You need to make sure that your envelope is printed on high quality paper for this purpose.
  • Use Texture – One good idea to add punch to your custom envelope would be to have a texture paper. This isn’t used very often other than in the case of greeting cards. This will act as a huge attraction to the recipients and immediately impress them.
  • Images/Graphics is Must – You can ensure that your envelope packs punch by printing images and graphics on the top and the back of the envelope. This is the idea in case you want to promote some of your products through the envelope.

A good envelope will always be the result of good printing. You need to make sure that your envelope is printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. They have expertise in handling such jobs and have delivered high quality printed results to their clients. They are experts in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They offer the best cost to quality ratio and over the years have built a list of happy and satisfied clients.

Awesome Notepad Ideas

Notepads can become more than just boring old writing material. They have come a long way from being plain paper meant to take notes. Corporate stationary items are no longer a stationary item in the office but have become a promotional tool. Company logo, brand name and contact details are finding their place on the notepad which promotes them.

Gone are those days when business houses would purchase notepads in bulk as a stationary. More and more businesses are realizing this fact and taking notepad printing seriously and customizing them to the fullest. This has given rise to the need of creative notepad printing ideas.  Some of the awesome notepad ideas are:

  • Fill Types: These notepads have some printed details in them and a few blank spaces. The writer just has to fill in the details in the blank spaces to complete the message. These types of notepads can be used to keep stocks in departmental stores, educational institutions, financial institutions etc.
  • Magnetic Notepads: These are simple notepads which have a magnet attached at the rear. People stick these notepads on metal surfaces which secures them to the surface. These are very common in factories and workshops where placing a notepad on the ground or over something else is virtually impossible.
  • Checklist Type: In this check boxes are printed for people to fill in their details. You can fill in your own items into the checklist and fill them accordingly. These types of notepads are commonly used in vehicle service centers and other service industry where customer feedback is very important for the betterment of service.
  • Creatively Shaped: Many business houses are playing with the shape of their custom printed notepads. They are shaped semi circular and oval depending on the needs. In case of special business promotion they are heart shaped or shaped to promote a particular product of the business house.
  • Entertainment Type: If you are planning to promote your business in a colorful manner you can use funny graphics in your notepad. You can also use colored pages for your notepad. A watermark is a good idea in such types of notepads.

To get the best quality notepads you need to hire the services of a professional printer. PrintPapa would be a great choice for the experience that they have in handling such creative jobs. They have the latest printing equipments with them. Apart from notepads they also print brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They have earned a good reputation from their clients having delivered high quality work on time. Their biggest testimony is the satisfied clientele that they have developed over the years.

Why Use Presentation Folders?

Presentation folders are one of the most commonly found documents in any office environment and educational institutes. Not only are they a useful document in the office but they also serve as a great promotional tool for any business organization. Along with letterheads and business cards, presentation folders go a long way in establishing your brand. In educational institutes they bring in uniformity to various activities. Here are a few reasons why you should print presentation folder to promote your business:

  • Presentation folders bring in a professional feel in meetings, seminars and other corporate gatherings.
  • Presentation folders are useful to the recipients unlike other corporate documents so they have a longer shelf life and more promotion.
  • These give you a chance to promote the products and services of your company in a detailed manner.
  • You can send all your business proposals to your clients in presentation folders. This will serve as a good impression to your clients especially the new ones.
  • Presentation folders are designed to hold a number of notes and pages and will be designed in such a manner as to contain all the papers in one binder.
  • This is one of the cheapest marketing tools available in the market which can be used to promote a business.
  • You can use your brand name and logo in the presentation folder. This will give you a great opportunity to brand your business which is a great advantage.
  • Presentation folders can be used as targeted way of marketing unlike other mediums such as banners and posters which have a lower target rate.
  • In educational institutions they serve as a great way for seminars and presentations. This professionalism can earn you a few extra points in your grades.
  • If you are a recruitment firm you can distribute your presentation folders to students in educational institutions. This will serve as a great way to promote your brand.
  • Full color presentation folders are a great way for companies to promote their products to their prospective clients.

A good presentation folder can only come from good quality printing and you will need the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for this. They have expertise in handling all kinds of printing jobs both domestic and commercial. They are experts in printing booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars. They have built a list of satisfied clients having delivered high quality printing jobs on time. They are one stop solution for all printing needs.

Tips for a Good Flyer Printing

Flyers have become a preferred way of promoting a business these days. Many small and big companies are opting for this promotional tool as it is cheap and effective at the same time. It also serves as a tool for bulk promotion and has become the preferred choice for many. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while promoting your flyer:

  • Use Optimum Content – A flyer gives you ample writing space so make use of it judiciously. Do not overstuff it with content as your recipients won’t be interested in going through the entire thing. Try writing a few good quotes or slogans which should be able to grab the attention of the readers at one go.
  • Image Is Key – Picture speaks a thousand words and it is important that you use pictures in your flyer. Be very choosy about the images you use in your flyer as most of the people will make a meaning out of your flyer by just looking at the images. You can also use attractive graphics and sketches in your flyer to make it look attractive.
  • Name and Logo – Your brand name and logo should find a prominent place in your flyer. The ultimate idea of your flyer is not just to run a temporary campaign but to establish your brand in front of the masses.
  • Use Templates – One of the best ways to design a good flyer is to use a template. These templates are easily available on the Internet and can be downloaded quickly. They are preset with all the margins and borders. All that you need to do is to fill in the content and insert the images.
  • Print Full Color – Make sure that your flyer is printed in full color to attract readers. This will make sure that your flyer will become an attraction and drag the recipient towards it.
  • Print High Quality – It is very important that you get your flyer printed from a high quality printer in full color and on good quality paper. All your hard work can go wasted if your flyer is printed on poor quality paper and from an ordinary printing service provider.

You must make sure that you go to a high end printing agency to get a good flyer printed. You can hire the services of a printer like PrintPapa for this. They have expertise in printing all kinds of domestic and corporate items like booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, door hangers etc. They have built a list of satisfied clients by providing high quality work on time.

Promoting Your Business Through Envelopes

Envelopes are one of the most common office stationary but many people fail to realize it’s power as a promotional tool. Along with letterheads and business cards, they play a vital role in branding any business firm. They also have an inherent advantage as they don’t look like a direct promotional tool and don’t end up in trash bins like many other promotional items.

Business houses which send letters in bulk everyday are using envelopes as a promotional tool. Promotional envelopes should however be designed with care as poorly designed and printed envelope can hurt your brand image in the market. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while promoting your business through envelopes:

  • Study Your Audience: It is very important to study the target audience well in advance. Envelopes are not like flyers which can be distributed in bulk. They can’t be sent empty without a purpose so specific targeting of a niche group serves ideal in promoting a business through an envelope.
  • Be Eye Catchy: What catches the eye always has more chances of promoting your business and thus focus on the design of your envelope. Put your logo and your brand name prominently in the envelope. Although the color of the business envelopes is usually white, you can select any other lighter shade but try avoiding darker colors. You can also use your slogan or a tag line to promote your business.
  • Customize Stamp: This is also becoming a common practice in many parts of the world where business houses are being allowed to create customized stamp by the postal departments. This means that you can promote your business even with the top right section of an envelope.
  • Stuff It:  Everyone likes freebies and a stuffed envelope will generate curiosity. You can stuff the envelope with inexpensive things such as pocket calendars or pencils. Such items may seem small but are high on the promotional value as people will recall your brand whenever they use them
  • Address Is Key: Your envelope should have a return address printed usually at the back. This will make it for the interested parties to get in touch with you. A potential customer may lose interest in contacting you if he doesn’t find your contact address immediately.

It is also important that you use high quality paper in making your envelope and get it printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. All your efforts can get wasted if the printing quality is poor. PrintPapa has over the years developed expertise in printing and design services. They have built expertise in printing booklets, notepads, presentation folders and various other kids of domestic and corporate print materials.