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Tips to Choose the Right Paper for Catalog

Posted In: Tips & Tricks  |  June 8, 2011

Catalogs are versatile promotional materials that can be used for any industry. They can add significant numbers to companies’ customer base. Though there are many types of promotional materials used by the companies, but the catalogs have proven their worth for many reputed companies.

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A Guide to Catalog Printing from Businessman’s Point of View

Posted In: Marketing  |  June 6, 2011

In today’s age of cut-throat competition only business owners having well planned business promotion campaign can survive and flourish. There are various types of promotional materials used by the companies, one such is catalog.

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What Are The Different Kinds of Book Binding Available For Self Publishing?

Posted In: Print News  |  August 3, 2010

Self publishing has become very common in the industry these days. Many authors do not depend on publishers and head straight to the printing agencies for their printing jobs. This however puts the author into a decision making chair where he or she has to decide on each and every technical details from paper quality to book binding.

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How to Buy Your Own ISBN Number And Becoming A Publishing House?

Posted In: Tips & Tricks  |  August 2, 2010

In the publishing industry only one thing that separates between a publisher and a non-publisher is the ISBN number. The International Standard Book Number or ISBN number as it is simply known is the key value that identifies the publisher of a book in all of the online databases and inventory systems used worldwide.

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