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Tips To Give Your Envelope Extra Punch

Envelopes are not just a office stationary anymore. Smarter business organizations have realized this long back and have turned their envelopes in to a marketing tool. This does not involve any extra cost at the same time has a wide reach. To act as a promotional tool the envelope has to be more than the traditional protective cover for letters and documents. Here are a few things that you can do to add punch to your envelope:

  • Do it in Color – Traditionally white has been the favorite when it comes to envelope color. However there are no rules which prohibits from using other colors. You can use some bright shades of color attract the eyes of your recipient. You can also try a few gradients to make it look more attractive.
  • Play with the Flap – Although envelopes have a single flap which opens upwards or on the sides you can try a few creative ideas. You can play with the flaps and divide them into two parts. If you plan to deliver the envelope by hand you can also stick a small creative button on the top of the flap to make it look creative.
  • Add Shine – Once your envelopes have been printed you should ask your printer to add gloss or other shiny elements to it. This will make your envelope standout among a crowd of envelopes. You need to make sure that your envelope is printed on high quality paper for this purpose.
  • Use Texture – One good idea to add punch to your custom envelope would be to have a texture paper. This isn’t used very often other than in the case of greeting cards. This will act as a huge attraction to the recipients and immediately impress them.
  • Images/Graphics is Must – You can ensure that your envelope packs punch by printing images and graphics on the top and the back of the envelope. This is the idea in case you want to promote some of your products through the envelope.

A good envelope will always be the result of good printing. You need to make sure that your envelope is printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. They have expertise in handling such jobs and have delivered high quality printed results to their clients. They are experts in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They offer the best cost to quality ratio and over the years have built a list of happy and satisfied clients.

Awesome Notepad Ideas

Notepads can become more than just boring old writing material. They have come a long way from being plain paper meant to take notes. Corporate stationary items are no longer a stationary item in the office but have become a promotional tool. Company logo, brand name and contact details are finding their place on the notepad which promotes them.

Gone are those days when business houses would purchase notepads in bulk as a stationary. More and more businesses are realizing this fact and taking notepad printing seriously and customizing them to the fullest. This has given rise to the need of creative notepad printing ideas.  Some of the awesome notepad ideas are:

  • Fill Types: These notepads have some printed details in them and a few blank spaces. The writer just has to fill in the details in the blank spaces to complete the message. These types of notepads can be used to keep stocks in departmental stores, educational institutions, financial institutions etc.
  • Magnetic Notepads: These are simple notepads which have a magnet attached at the rear. People stick these notepads on metal surfaces which secures them to the surface. These are very common in factories and workshops where placing a notepad on the ground or over something else is virtually impossible.
  • Checklist Type: In this check boxes are printed for people to fill in their details. You can fill in your own items into the checklist and fill them accordingly. These types of notepads are commonly used in vehicle service centers and other service industry where customer feedback is very important for the betterment of service.
  • Creatively Shaped: Many business houses are playing with the shape of their custom printed notepads. They are shaped semi circular and oval depending on the needs. In case of special business promotion they are heart shaped or shaped to promote a particular product of the business house.
  • Entertainment Type: If you are planning to promote your business in a colorful manner you can use funny graphics in your notepad. You can also use colored pages for your notepad. A watermark is a good idea in such types of notepads.

To get the best quality notepads you need to hire the services of a professional printer. PrintPapa would be a great choice for the experience that they have in handling such creative jobs. They have the latest printing equipments with them. Apart from notepads they also print brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They have earned a good reputation from their clients having delivered high quality work on time. Their biggest testimony is the satisfied clientele that they have developed over the years.

Tips to Make Advertising Poster Better

Advertisement posters are one of the best marketing tools if you can place them well and attract the attention of the people. However a lot depends on the attractiveness of the poster to promote what it is meant to. A good poster is able to arouse interest in the mind of the viewer which can translate into business. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to make your advertisement poster better:

  • Keep It Simple – The best of the posters are the simple ones. You need to make sure that your poster is not over crowded with text and images. Such posters do not promote but rather confuse the viewer. A poster is on an average viewed for 5 to 10 seconds and it is important that you can convey your simple message within this time.
  • Write An Impressive Slogan – Nothing sells better in an advertising poster than an impressive slogan. Try to grab attention of the reader at one go with your slogan. You can also use some famous quote if it helps to market your product or service. The slogan should be printed in bold to fall in the eyes of the viewer immediately.
  • Add Gloss And Shine – A glossy poster always attracts attention. Ask your printer to add a glossy coating to the poster after printing, this will make it shine. A gloss coating will also prevent the poster from accumulating dirt and losing its color easily.
  • Add Gradient – Adding a gradient to the background fills it. Also adding a gradient instead of a single color makes the poster design a little bit more interesting and professional. A gradient also adds texture to the background and makes it look much better than a single color or white background.
  • Use High Resolution Images – The images in your poster should be in high resolution. Pixelated images bring in a very unprofessional look to your posters and you should avoid them. If you are using multiple images for your poster make sure they blend well with each other in terms of color and brightness.

A good advertising poster will need to be printed well and you will need to hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa for this job. They are equipped with the latest printing equipments and have a well trained staff with them. They have expertise in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They have earned a good reputation from their clients having delivered high quality work on time.

Common Business Card Mistakes

If you are a small business owner, than a business card is one of your best marketing tools. When you give your business card to a person you are inviting him or her to become your future client. It gives you the option to market your products and services in a very cost effective manner. There are many people who spoil a business card in a bid to make it better. Here are some of the common business card mistakes that people commit:

  • Being Too Unique – There are certain card standards which are accepted in the market. Being over creative with your business card might work for certain businesses but definitely not for all. Many people play with the shapes of the business cards. Some even don’t take such business cards seriously. Look for the business cards that you admire and you will come to the conclusion that most of them are simple.
  • Overemphasized Logo – Although logo is the most important thing when it comes to brand promotion an overemphasized logo spoils the business card. The logo should not be too large and should be aptly sized based to correspond with the font size of your business card. Placing the logo on the corner of the business card is a good idea instead of a large one in the center.
  • Soaked in Color – It is true that color attracts human eye but overdoing it might cost your clients. Colors make the business cards look flashy which is like screaming into the years of your potential client instead of speaking to him/her softly. The background color and text color should have contrast for easier reading.
  • Paper/Ink Quality – A poorly printed business card (usually onces which are offered for FREE) is as good as negative publicity for any business. In a bid to cut costs many people compromise on the quality of paper and ink used in a business card. You need to make sure that you go with a reputable printer that emphasizes the quality of their materials.
  • Incomplete Contact Details – A fixed address, contact number often symbolize the authenticity of a business. In a bit to overdo the business card many people miss out on proper contact details in their business card. Ask yourself, will you do business with an individual whose business card doesn’t have proper contact details and address? It is important to make sure that the business cards have complete contact details.

A good business cards needs to be printed from a good printing service provider. You can hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for the job that have expertise in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They are known for delivering high quality work on time

Questions To Ask Before Self Publishing

Self publishing has off late become very popular with authors. Many first time authors are opting for self publishing instead of knocking the doors of publishers. It gives them complete creative freedom of their book, guarantees them a bigger chunk of the profit and reserves republishing rights with them. If you are planning to self publish your book there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How to find the printer? In self publishing printing service provider plays a very important role. It is important for you to ensure that you find the best printer for self publishing. You are a novice in most of the things related to printing and will need strong support from your printer. You can use the Internet to find the best printer who offers you the best cost to quality ratio.
  • Who will edit? You might have written a masterpiece but it still needs to be edited. You need to hire the services of a professional editor for this. Editor will refine your book and make it into a finer product. Many self publishing printers can provide you with editing services at additional cost.

  • How To format and design? You will most likely have your book in manuscripts or a word processor document. This has to be formatted and you will need the services of a person who does so. You will also need someone to design the cover of your book and work on the graphics and other images that the book might have.
  • How much to print? If you are a first time author it might be difficult for you to assess the market. Although printing in bulk will bring down the production cost of each book it might also mean severe losses if the books don’t sell. It is advisable to seek advice from the printer or a self publishing author to decide on this.
  • How to price it? This is perhaps the most difficult question for a self publishing author. Your price should be decided on a lot of factors which should include production cost, purchasing power of your target audience, promotional cost, margin of your distributors and retailers. If it is priced too high it won’t sell and if it is priced too low it will not earn you any profit.

It is advisable for you to hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for this job. They have expertise in taking up and delivering self publishing jobs to the satisfaction of the authors. They deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, and calendars.

Important Parts of a Booklet

Booklet is one of the best promotional tools for a product or services company. They are being used widely by companies all across the globe. Large booklets with 32 pages to ones with 8 pages are being widely used in today’s world. Designing a brochure is a challenging task as a lot of important parts need to be designed. Let us look at some of the important parts of a booklet in detail:

  • Cover – This has to be the most impressive part of a booklet. This often decides the interest that your booklet will arouse on the recipient. You should always print the booklet in full color to make it look attractive. The cover should give people a brief on what to expect inside the brochure.
  • Introductory Content – This is usually the first page of the booklet. It usually includes any forwarding dedications, disclaimers and reminders that is important in reading the color booklet.
  • Index – If your booklet has many pages it is good to create an index for it. This is common in booklets that accompany electronic items. List all the contents in the booklet chronologically in the index along with page numbers which make it easy for the readers to go through the booklet.
  • Content – Content is the thing that the booklet is printed for. It should be organized logically in the booklet. It is ideal to write the content of the booklet in simple language as this makes it easier for people who read it.
  • Credits/Contact – You should include credits and full contact address in the back cover of the booklet. This is important as many of the recipients might want to get in touch with the company distributing the booklet. In case of booklets on a subject due credit should be given to the contributors in the back page.

Always design your booklets after a lot of thought. Make sure that it is printed on quality paper as it will leave a good impression on the minds of your clients. Hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa for the job that has expertise in the job. PrintPapa has been catering to the needs of big and small clients over the years and has been famous for high quality jobs delivered on time. Apart from booklets they are experts in printing labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars.

Tips For A Real Estate Brochure

There are thousands of real estate brokers and agents in the market. It is important for you to stand out among the crowd. A professionally designed brochure can go a long way in promoting your real estate business. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to design a good real estate brochure:

  • Use Pictures – Nothing sells more than pictures when it comes to a real estate brochure so it is important that you print pictures of the properties in your brochure. This will bring in an authentic look to your brochure. In case you want to market an upcoming structure using an artist impression will be a great idea. Try including some images of the exterior and the landscape also.
  • Give Details – You need to make sure that all your property listings are accompanied by the basic details. You need to include the physical address of the property, the kind of holding, the basic dimensions of the property and distance from major landmarks and other important commercial and public places in the city.
  • Full Contact Information – You need to make sure that you print your contact details in the brochure. An authentic brochure needs to have an address printed on it. Having an office of your own will go a long way in promoting you as a trust worthy real estate agent. Use your website URL and email address in the brochure.
  • List USP – One major way of promoting any property is to highlight the USP of the property in the brochure. You can stress on things like swimming pool, gymnasium, and health clubs etc that come in with the property.
  • Call To Action – After having convinced the potential buyers, landlords or tenants you need to include a call to action that encourages its readers to call your office for a consultation. This is the only stage where as a real estate agent you can make a sale and earn profit.

A good real estate brochure should always be printed on high quality paper. You also need to hire the services of a good printing service provider. PrintPapa is one of the ideal choices for you as they have been in the profession for long and are armed with the latest printing equipments, They have expertise in printing booklets, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars. They are your one stop solution and can meet all your demands. PrintPapa has built a list of satisfied clients by impressing them with its high quality job meeting deadlines.

Why Use Presentation Folders?

Presentation folders are one of the most commonly found documents in any office environment and educational institutes. Not only are they a useful document in the office but they also serve as a great promotional tool for any business organization. Along with letterheads and business cards, presentation folders go a long way in establishing your brand. In educational institutes they bring in uniformity to various activities. Here are a few reasons why you should print presentation folder to promote your business:

  • Presentation folders bring in a professional feel in meetings, seminars and other corporate gatherings.
  • Presentation folders are useful to the recipients unlike other corporate documents so they have a longer shelf life and more promotion.
  • These give you a chance to promote the products and services of your company in a detailed manner.
  • You can send all your business proposals to your clients in presentation folders. This will serve as a good impression to your clients especially the new ones.
  • Presentation folders are designed to hold a number of notes and pages and will be designed in such a manner as to contain all the papers in one binder.
  • This is one of the cheapest marketing tools available in the market which can be used to promote a business.
  • You can use your brand name and logo in the presentation folder. This will give you a great opportunity to brand your business which is a great advantage.
  • Presentation folders can be used as targeted way of marketing unlike other mediums such as banners and posters which have a lower target rate.
  • In educational institutions they serve as a great way for seminars and presentations. This professionalism can earn you a few extra points in your grades.
  • If you are a recruitment firm you can distribute your presentation folders to students in educational institutions. This will serve as a great way to promote your brand.
  • Full color presentation folders are a great way for companies to promote their products to their prospective clients.

A good presentation folder can only come from good quality printing and you will need the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for this. They have expertise in handling all kinds of printing jobs both domestic and commercial. They are experts in printing booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars. They have built a list of satisfied clients having delivered high quality printing jobs on time. They are one stop solution for all printing needs.

Benefits of Using NCR Forms

Carbon copy has been one of the oldest and most popular methods of making multiple copies of the same written or typed document. Various industries use NCR forms for invoices, inventory sheets, accounting, billing, records, purchasing orders, delivery slips etc. These days however NCR Forms have taken their place. NCR or No Carbon Required forms have become the mainstay of the industry due to their benefits over the traditional carbon paper.

Each sheet is treated with a pressure-sensitive chemical which can leave impressions by handwriting with a ball point pen or by a dot matrix printer. Back of the topmost sheet is coated micro-encapsulated dye and the top of the lower sheets is coated with clay on the top. This same combination of chemicals on the top and bottom of a page is repeated for as many required numbers. Here are a few benefits of NCR forms:

  • NCR forms do not use dry ink like the traditional carbon paper and hence does not leave behind stains on the duplicate copy of the document.
  • NCR forms can be used to make more copies than normal carbon paper which tend to create lighter impression if the number of copies is too high.
  • Unlike in carbon copies there is no requirement to attach a separate between papers while using NCR forms. They are ready to use right from the time they come printed.
  • NCR forms are more environment friendly when compared to carbon paper which results in lot of wastes.
  • NCR forms printed with professional printer are arranged well and do not lead to overlapping while writing which is common with carbon copies.
  • They are a cost effective way of making duplicates and triplicates compared to carbon paper in the long run.
  • NCR forms create a very accurate and pinpoint writing in all the pages as the micro-capsules which spill to break and spill the dye are very small.

Not all printers can print proper NCR forms and assemble them and you should only consult a professional printing services provider for your purpose. PrintPapa will be the right choice for you as they have been printing NCR forms regularly for clients. Besides NCR forms they also have their expertise in printing CD/DVD covers, booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, and calendars. They have always supplied high quality job regularly to clients on time which has resulted in satisfied clients.

Tips To Design A Babysitter Business Card

If you are a babysitter and want to promote yourself, a business card is the best way to do so. Not only is it one of the cheapest medium to promote yourself but it will also set you apart from competition. This will make you a professional babysitter rather than those teens who do it to earn a few extra bucks. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing your babysitter business card:

  • Write your name in bold as that should be the highlight of your business card. Make sure you use your full name in it.
  • Use a nice quote on kids in your card. This will surely go a long way to impress your clients.
  • Your card needs to be welcoming so make sure it has graphics of kids along with a few toys in it. This will bring in a very professional look to your job.
  • List any special qualifications or certifications you might have which might relate to the babysitting job. It could be a first aid certification program that you might have done in the past.

  • Experience is the key in babysitting job and you should highlight the experience that you might have in the field. Most parents look for experienced babysitters instead of novices.
  • You need to give your complete address along with your contact numbers at the back of the card. This will make your card look authentic.
  • References are one of the best things that you can have in your business card. So if you can get something from your neighborhood or your ex-employer to recommend you, this will make your card look authentic.
  • Print your business card in full color. It will be a good idea to print the card in bright color as it looks welcoming.
  • Print your cards out on business stock paper, which is sturdier than regular printing paper.

A good babysitting business card will remain a dream without high quality printing. You will need the services of a professional printing service provider. PrintPapa will be the right choice for your printing needs. They have expertise in handling all types of printing jobs and have been regularly catering to their customers needs by printing CD/DVD covers, booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, and calendars. If you are looking for high quality printed job at competitive price PrintPapa is the perfect destination for you.