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Different Types of Envelopes

Envelopes are one of the most popular things used in the business world. They serve both as a packaging as well as a promotional tool for the corporate. Over the years envelopes have evolved to become one of the most important corporate documents which carry the letterheads, brochures, catalogs etc. Here are few examples of different types of envelopes used in today’s world:

  • Window Envelope: This type of envelope is used for official purpose. There is a rectangular window on the front of the envelope which is usually covered with a transparent film to protect what’s inside. The address of the recipient can be seen through this window. These are usually used to send official letters and documents.
  • Direct Mail Envelope: These envelopes are often used by commercial industries and government agencies to get fast reply from clients and customers. They contain a reply envelope which can be used by the recipient to reply back to the source of the letter. They are usually used for courtesy reply mail, metered reply mail, and free post reply mail.
  • Corporate Envelopes: They are used to reflect the image and brand of the company. They come in customized specifications which contains the brand name and logo of the organization. In most cases the address of the organization is also mentioned in the envelope. Corporate envelopes are usually printed on high quality paper to make a brand statement.
  • Baronial Envelopes: These are usually used for greeting cards and letter stationeries. They have a diagonal seams with a “V” type flap with which the tip is almost located at the center. These are made of high quality paper and are usually colorful in nature. Many people print these envelopes on textured paper.
  • Invitation Envelopes: These are generally used to invite people for celebrations such as marriage, birthdays or corporate anniversaries. They are custom designed and contain a lot of art and artifacts on them. They are often decorated with foil and lining. They can be printed on different kinds of paper with colorful inks.

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Photo Styles for Custom Made Calendar

Calendars are one of the most useful things in your homes and offices. Many people are opting for custom made calendars these days instead of the ones available in bulk. It gives people a chance to express themselves and celebrate joyous occasions of life through their calendars. Here are a few photo styles for your custom made calendar:

  • Family Photos: You can create a custom calendar with your family photographs. All you need to do is use collect 12 family photographs and assemble them for the 12 months of the year. These can simply be the portraits of your family member or special photographs clicked on special occasions.
  • Holiday Photos: This is one of the favorites for people who make custom calendars. You might have clicked some awesome pictures during your last holiday. A calendar out of these images is a great idea to showcase your photography talent to others. You can also select the best images from all your holidays in the past few years and make them into a calendar.
  • Idol Images: Another idea to create a custom calendar is to use the pictures of your idol in life. It can be a celebrity, sportsperson, cartoon character or a movie character. You can easily find these images on the Internet and combine them into a calendar. The calendar can also celebrate a great movie or sporting victory.

  • Pet Pictures: If you are a pet lover than this is the best calendar for you. Take image of your pet or pets and convert them into a calendar. You can also use the images of your pet from its birth to its adulthood. This will also let you express your love for your pet.
  • Food Images: For a foodie there is no better idea of a custom made calendar. Collect images of your favorite dishes and convert them into a calendar. You can also include the recipes of those dishes on your calendar.

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How to Increase Profit without Raising Price in Self Publishing?

One of the major crossroads that self publishing authors reach is when it is time to price the book. A high priced book may get you more profit but there are equal chances that it won’t sell many copies. On the other hand a low priced book will earn you lesser profit per book and you won’t make money until you are able to sell a sizable number of books. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind which will increase your profit without raising the price:

  • The greatest rule of business remains constant. Increase sales and it will increase your profit. Per copy profit might be low but if you market your book well and sell more copies you will make profit.
  • Reduce the production cost of the book but searching for a printer who does it at a competitive price. You can also reduce the cost by doing the layout and cover design yourself. There are many computer aided applications which will let you do these easily.
  • Create a buzz before the launch of your book through social networking sites and other gatherings which will promote your book for free and increase actual sales.

  • Print cheap posters to promote your book and put them up at the nearest bookstores and other places where your target audience is most likely to spot it.
  • Try looking for small advertisement in your book which will bring in some revenue during the production phase itself. If your book is localized many local business houses might be interested to put their ads on your book.

In the end all profits cannot be calculated monetarily. The publicity that your first self published book will give you will surely help you with your subsequent books. Even if the monetary compensation with your first book is low it is bound to increase with your second book if the first one impresses the readers.

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Tips to Create Better Brochure Images

Brochures are widely used for marketing purposes these days. Images play a vital role in making a brochure look appealing and arousing interest in the minds of the recipients about a product, service or issue. It is very important to ensure that the images printed on the brochure look attractive. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to make images in your brochure better:

  • Use High Resolution Images: Make sure you use high resolution images in your brochure as they will look better. Low resolution images often get pixelated and bring in unprofessional look to the brochure. While designing a brochure in a image processing software use the high resolution images from the source.
  • Brightness and Contrast: Open the images in an image processing software like Adobe PhotoShop or Corel PhotoPaint and enhance the brightness and contrast of the image. This will make the image look sharper and improve its clarity. However do not increase the contrast too much as it will make the image look darker.

  • Use Color Correction: It is important to use automatic color correction to your images while editing them on the image processing software. This will create a balance between the colors in the image and bring in a better look. Most softwares will have a noise correction filter and this should be applied on the image too.
  • Add A Drop Shadow: You can try adding a drop shadow to the image. This will add depth and a three dimensional feel to it. A completely flattened imaged merged with the background brings in a very unprofessional look to the brochure. The direction of the shadow and the distance can be manipulated to bring in the amount of depth.
  • Use Contrasting Background: The color of the background and that of the image should be contrasting. This will prevent the image from merging with the background. You can also use a darker box as a background in case you are printing a bright image over a bright background.
  • Frame The Image: This is one of the oldest techniques used for brochure images. Create a frame around the image. You can play with the kind of border and its color while adding the frame to the image.

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Tips for Best Presentation Folder Design

The corporate world has become more competitive than ever in today’s world. Business houses are trying to have competitive edge over their rivals in everything that relates to business be it business cards, letterheads or presentation folders. Most of the organizations are trying to outdo each other when it comes to printing these promotional materials. Here are a few design tips which will help you in creating the best presentation folders:

  • Play with Shapes: Traditionally presentation folders have been rectangular in shape but it is no rule. You can also be a little creative with the shape of the presentation folder. You can make it semi circular on the top as this will make it look attractive. You can also add a few flaps to a traditional folder and make it look different.
  • Use Different Materials: You can try out different materials for your presentation folder other than the ones used normally. You can use recycled paper, textured paper, embossed lettering or even plastic while making your presentation folder. This will bring in a unique look to your presentation folder and make it stand out among the crowd.

  • Create Pockets: One good idea to make your presentation folder look attractive is to create a few pockets inside them. This can be used to carry small pieces of paper and notes in them. These are very useful when the folders are used in meetings. Do not create too many pockets as this will make the folder look unprofessional.
  • Bathe in Color: To grab attention nothing works better than color. Make sure your presentation folder is printed in full color. Try using bright color as they are more attractive to the human eyes than others. In case your organization has a theme color for its brand, you can use this color for your folder.
  • Add Clips and Pen Holders: Make your presentation folders more attractive by adding clips and pen holders to the folder. This will serve as a very useful feature on your presentation folder especially when it is being used to carry important papers and other objects.

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Tips to Create Environment Friendly Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are one of the best gestures to express your thoughts and feelings. They are also a great way to keep in touch with your clients and many business houses send greeting cards be it seasonal or otherwise to their clients. It is a good idea to send environment friendly greeting card on such occasions. Here are a few tips by which you can create environment friendly greeting cards and show that you care for the environment.

  • Use Recycled Paper – Paper is made from tree pulp and using recycled paper is one of the best ways to save trees. Recycled paper is easily available in the market these days. You can ask your printer to use only recycled paper for your greeting cards. One ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees from being felled.
  • Eco-Friendly Ink – Printing involves the use of ink which is made of harmful chemicals. There are however eco-friendly inks that are available in the market these days. Insist your printing service provider to use these kinds of ink for your greeting card.
  • Spread Awareness – You can also spread awareness about paper recycling through your greeting card. Request the recipients to send the greeting cards and all type of paper they use for recycling. This will help in reducing the felling of trees by a small but significant number. You can also use a graphic on the card to spread the awareness.
  • Hand Made Paper – You can also opt for handmade paper for your greeting cards instead of the factory produced ones. These papers are prepared in a eco-friendly manner although they are a shade expensive than the machine made ones. They do not use harmful dyes and chemicals like used in a factory.
  • Keep It Small – One of the best ways to create an environment friendly greeting card is to reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Keep the card as small as possible as in bulk printing it will save a lot of paper. Using less paper and reducing paper wastage is as good printing a eco-friendly card.

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