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Personalized Photo Products: Great Gifting Ideas

There are so many occasions when you buy gifts for your near and dear ones but have you ever asked yourself: Is the gift item too impersonal? When you gift to someone you want to make it the most precious thing in their life. Thus it is not a good idea to select from the abundant list of items present at the stores near you. In the past regular greetings cards were seen as a good gift item but just think there are thousands of greeting cards of the same design out there in the market. So is there anything special about your gift? Why not make the gift personalized to reflect the true personality of the recipient and what you feel about him or her.

Nowadays there are plenty of customization options in lieu of the development in printing technology. Photo products with custom messages are available with the printing agencies. You can gift a self designed photo product to someone you hold very special. There are great photo product gifting ideas available so just take a look at some of them:

  • Photobooks: If you are invited to a wedding or even a birthday then photobooks are great gift options. These can be held as the modern day form of the photo albums where you have a chance to design and customize the item according to your liking. You may use the pictures of the newlyweds or the birthday boy or girl on the cover of the photobook (or anything more creative). All the pictures taken on the special day may later be put into the photobook and gifted later.
  • Photo Calendars: Everyone needs calendars at home. Won’t it be a good idea if you could see various expressions and special moments in the well-designed pages of the photo calendars? So select some of the best moments in the life of the recipient and create a soothing design for each page. This gift will surely bring a smile on the face of the recipient.
  • Photo Greetings Cards: You may have bought the designed greeting cards from many stores but those were the gifting items of the bygone years. Today you can get greetings cards with the picture of the recipient and some messages that come straight from your heart. If you are creative you may also include some poetic lines dedicated to that person. There are many templates which you may use to design the photo greetings cards but you may also design it yourself using the colors and patterns that the recipient likes.
  • Personalized Posters and Banners: There are many people who like to decorate their walls with various types of posters. You may use the personalized posters or banners carrying some beautiful photographs of the individual and gift it. There is also scope to add innovative messages in this product.

As you can see all these ideas depend heavily on the quality of prints. With high quality printing you can draw applause. So the selection of a renowned printing service provider is vital. Print Papa is one of the most reputed printing agencies around and they offer a large variety of printing services for their customers.

Photo Albums are Now PhotoBooks. What do you have on your Shelve?

If you are one of those people who wants to enjoy the pictures of the happy yester years and relish the several memories attached with each of them then you might be using either a photo album or a photobook. There are many people who are still unaware of the benefits of a photobook and they prefer photo albums instead. Photo albums are books which give you the choice of arranging the photos in the order you want to. But this privilege and many others can be enjoyed by using a well designed do it yourself photobook. For those in dilemma let’s have a look at the benefits of the Photobooks over their senior partners i.e. the photo albums:

  • Personalizing: This is one of the biggest benefits of buying a photobook. In case of the photo albums they are sold in bulk and that is why there are general designs from where you have to make a choice. But in case of a photobook you can personally design it. You may select the sizes of the pictures, their arrangement on the pages of the photobook and the general styles and colors. It is your choice whether you want to use a bigger photo taking the whole page of the book or hundred smaller photos in the same page.
  • High Quality Printing: In the photo albums the photos have to be stuck on the pages and there are often instances of finger smudges in the photos of your choice. In case of the photobooks the photos are personally designed and then they are printed on the pages. This is why you do not require buying acid proof papers and do not have to worry about the pictures fading.
  • Light on Weight: As there are many pictures stuck on a photo album thus they become heavy and bulky but on the photobooks the pictures are printed so they are slim and light weighted. When a heavy album falls it generally tears the binding while the lightweight of the photobooks ensure that they last for a lifetime.

  • Merge Images: You have the options in a photobook of cut or paste, straight or angles, overlaying of photos, black and white or sepia however you want to display the pictures. Such combination are not possible in a photo album. Thus the memories are preserved in the best possible way. There is also option to write texts beside or above the photos. You can write some quotes or any messages beside all of the pictures that will help you in identifying them later.
  • Cost Effective: In order to buy a unique, well designed photo album you have to spend a hefty sum of money when you compare the price with photobooks they are much less priced. You also have the fun of designing your memories without actually destroying them. The software used in designing photobook is very user friendly and anyone can try their hands at it.

There are many reputed printing agencies offering photobooks at cost effective rates. PrintPapa is one such printing service provider. They also have other photo products such as Calenders, Greeting Cards, Banners and Posters.

Personalized Photo Greeting Card vs Regular Greetings Cards

With the valentine day coming soon, everyone is looking for perfect items to gift to their loved ones. In this respect the greeting cards are one of the most common choices. In many households, greeting cards have become synonymous to Christmas and New Year. Greeting cards have been in vogue for many decades now, but with the advancement of printing technology there have been new additions to it. One such advancement is the personalized photo greetings cards. These have been selling like hot cakes over the last few years; causing decrease in the sales of the regular greeting cards that people were so familiar with ever since their childhood days.

People welcome everything new with open arms if it is worthwhile. But let us scrutinize the various benefits of personalized photo greeting cards over their regular varieties.

  • Uniqueness: Regular greeting cards are printed in bulk and there are many prints of the same design available in the market. In case of the personalized variety this is not the instance. Everyone loves to receive a gift that is second to none. They want to flaunt the gift in front of others and tell how special it is. If you flaunt a regular greeting card in front of your friends then who knows there might be another person carrying a card of the same design. This is the advantage that personalized product has. It is unique and makes the receiver proud.
  • Variety: Though there are regular greeting cards for every occasion but remember those are made keeping in mind the taste of the mass and not someone specific. In case of the personalized photo greeting card, you can select the color of the recipient’s choice, a picture either of the recipient’s or any other photo that best describes the occasion and finally write a message that will touch the soul of the receiver. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

  • Cost Effective: Though the personalized photo greeting cards are great gift items but it is hard to say that they are more cost effective then the regular varieties of greeting cards. Though there are many companies offering cost effective deals on personalized greeting cards yet if you want to get the best output then you might have to spend a fair deal of money. There are special techniques used in printing and designing personalized photo greeting cards which lead to their elevated prices.

In order to get the personalized photo greeting card of your choice, which will bring a smile on the face of your loving one; you need to find a reputed printing agency first. PrintPapa is one of the top printing service providers in the market and they offer cost effective personalized photo greeting cards. There are other photo products available with them too such as Photobook, Banners, Calendar and Posters.

The Importance of Custom Letterhead In Business

For any business small or big one of the most important things is to establish itself among its clients and potential ones. One of the best ways of promoting a business is through the use of custom letterheads. If you have created an impressive newsletter you can create a good first impression in the minds of your prospective clients. Here are a few things that you can achieve with a custom letterhead:

  • Letterheads are a sign of authenticity in your business as they will have your contact details and address printed. An attractive letterhead will not just authenticate you but also create a buzz around you.
  • It is a great marketing tool that you have in your hand. It will let you promote your business to your clients and prospective ones. This form of marketing usually involves very little cost and is very well targeted.
  • In many businesses you may never see the face of your clients but have regular correspondence with them. An attractive letterhead will do the trick for you by singing your praises.
  • A good letterhead which includes the name and the company logo is one of the best ways to brand your business. It is easy to build a business and make profits; the challenge however lies in building a brand.
  • Well designed custom letterhead will put you ahead of most of your competitors. You will definitely have more bargaining power than your competitors.
  • You can advertise your products and services in some portion of your letterhead. This should not be too big or else your letterhead might look like a flyer.
  • Letterheads created out of readily available templates on the web make your company look ordinary and not exclusive. Make sure you have a custom letterhead for your business.

A well printed four color letterhead is not just a luxury in today’s business world but an absolute necessity. To get the best quality letterhead you need to hire the services of a professional printer. PrintPapa would be a great choice for the experience that they have in handling such creative jobs. They have the latest printing equipments with them.

Apart from letterheads they also print brochures, labels, rack cards, notepads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They have earned a good reputation from their clients having delivered high quality work on time. Their biggest testimony is the satisfied clientele that they have developed over the years.

PrintPapa Launches new product line called Photo Products

PrintPapa, one of the most reputed printing service providers in California has launched their latest range of photo products. With these photo products the customers can now gift personalized photo products bearing the photos of the recipients to their near and dear ones.

 The photo products available at PrintPapa are Photo Books, Photo Calendar, Photo Greetings Cards, Banners and Posters. The customers can add their unused photos and write personal messages on these photo products. These are great gift items in this festive occasion. There are various size and variety options with the photo products.


 In the hardcover Photo books the customers have two size options such as 11X8.5 and 8X8. Both these varieties of photo books usually have 20 well designed pages but they may be customized and increased up to 100 pages. In the photo calendars there are two options as well. The prices of the photo products are affordable. PrintPapa offers Photo books starting from $25 for a 20 page 8×8 with a custom hard cover wrap. The prices of the photo products are affordable. PrintPapa offers Photo books starting from $25 for a 20 page 8×8 with a custom hard cover wrap.




 The customers can choose among 8.5X11 Spiral Bound or 11X17 Top Spiral Bound varieties of calendars. The calendars have 26 card stock pages; these calendars are further coil binded and have a hole for easy hanging.



 In terms of the photo greeting cards there are many options to choose from such as Greeting card (large) of 5X7, Greeting card (small) of 4.25X5.5, large postcard of 5X7 and small postcard of 4X6. There are many size varieties available for the posters and banners too. Prices range are from $10- $20 depending upon the choice. Though extra pages and other customization might cost extra yet it would be a cost effective purchase for the customers.

To get started, download our FREE Photo Publisher software and follow the simple steps. Go Now!!

Design Posters to Promote Energy Conservation

In the last 100 years man has become energy hungry. From the cars we dive to the light bulb in our home, everything runs on energy. Most of the energy we use comes from non-renewable sources of energy which will have limited supply in the future. Awareness is a must on these issues and posters are an ideal way to do it.

You can put up your poster in educational institutions; workplaces, public places, place of religious interest. These go a long way in creating awareness about the energy conservation. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing posters to promote energy conservation:

  • Highlight The Cause: There are people who aren’t aware of the seriousness of energy crisis. Your posters need to make them aware of the facts. You can point how many years of petroleum supplies are we left with or how the coal reserves are getting over slowly. Facts and figures on these will have a greater impact on the audience. You can also add sources to the poster to make it look attractive.
  • Educate on Wastage: Throughout the world a lot of energy is wasted daily. Use pictures and graphics to highlight the issue of wastage of energy. Ask people to stop wasting electricity; avoid card and other vehicles for distances which can be covered on foot or on a cycle. Make them understand that saving something is as good as producing it. Show them the incentives of saving energy.
  • Use Catchy Slogans: Printing catchy slogans on your posters are a great way of taking the cause to the people. Try to hit people emotionally saying energy conservation is not just for them but for their children and grandchildren. Highlight what are the areas where they are going wrong with their energy usage.
  • Give Alternatives: Most people keep consuming non-renewable energy sources as they do not know suitable alternatives. A good energy conservation poster should encourage people to use energy efficient equipments like solar water heater, solar light etc. Highlight the cost saving that they would have using these renewable sources of energy.

Print the energy conservation poster in full color to create maximum impact among the target audience. Hiring the services of a professional printing services provider like PrintPapa is a must for you. PrintPapa is equipped with all the latest equipments in terms of printing technology. It has expertise in printing greeting cards, letterheads, business cards, notepads, rack cards, NCR forms, doorhangers etc. They have earned the respect of their clients by delivering high quality work on time.

Tips to Design Fund Raising Calendar

If you are planning to raise funds for a charity one of the best ways for you to promote the cause would be with the use of calendar. People around the world have used this medium to create awareness and generate funds. Calendar is one of the cost effective mediums of promotion and has a longer shelf life ideally of 12 months. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind for designing a fund raising calendar:

  • Define Your Cause: You should define your cause well while printing a charity calendar. Elaborate the cause for which you seek funds and let people know how you plan to go about achieving your targets. Give people complete information on the background of your organization while seeking funds through a charity calendar.
  • Print Facts And Figures: One way to appeal well through your fund raising calendar is by publishing facts and figures. These give your potential donors a fair idea of what you are talking about and what you plan to do or how much have you done so far as a part of your campaign.
  • Use Images: Images are one of the best ways to narrate your cause to people. If you are planning to raise money for the protection of animals, publishing the pictures of these animals will be a good way.
  • Try Black and White: If you are planning a story of distress to the potential donors the best way to publish your calendar would be in black and white. This color combination helps in highlighting the seriousness of the issue.
  • Don’t Publish Gruesome Images: Your cause might be very serious but you should not publish gruesome images in your calendar. Such calendars won’t be used by people and will never lead to promotion of your cause.
  • Use Contact Details: Your calendar should have your contact address. This is for people who might actually want to donate something for charity and want to get in touch with you. Make sure you have a proper contact address or people might see you as a fraud.

The charity calendar should be printed by a professional printer to make it look attractive. You can hire the services of PrintPapa who are a very experienced printing service provider. They are equipped with the latest in the printing technology. PrintPapa has its expertise in printing books, booklets, greeting cards, letterheads, business cards, notepads, rack cards etc. Their biggest testimonial lies with the hundreds of customers who have been satisfied receiving their services.

Tips To Choose a Printer for Self Publishing

If you are planning to self publish your book choosing a printer is the most important decision that you will make. The printer will often decide the success or failure of your book. Publishing house take care of a lot of things which will be your headache in this case and a printer will have to guide you through the printing process. Choosing a bad printing service would result in a poorly designed and printed book which would mean loss of business.

These days the craze for self publishing has increased with the advent of the computer technology and concepts like print on demand which empowers the author to do the job. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while choosing a printer for your self published book:

  • Research on the Internet and find out printers who regularly undertake self publishing work. These printers will be able to give you technical advice on the book which you as a first time author will definitely require.
  • Take solicit quotes from several printers within your proximity. You will need to tell the printer about the number of pages in the book, number of copies you want to print and the choice of materials. This will give you a fair idea about the cost you will need to bear.
  • If you just have the manuscripts ready you might need other services such as editing, proof reading, cover design, book layout. Choose a printer who can provide you with all these services as it will reduce your headache.
  • Ask for a sample of self published book from the printer. This will give you a fair idea of about the quality the printer is capable of. In case you are not satisfied with the quality you should knock some other door.
  • Browse through the website of the printer you are planning to hire and read the customer testimonial. A website which has genuine looking testimonials vouches for the quality of the printer.
  • Some printers are able to do basic marketing for your book and display them in local bookstores etc. Try hiring services of such printers who can help you with such needs.

For your self publishing needs PrintPapa will be the best printing service provider. They have all the modern printing equipment and have years of experience in handling printing jobs. They have expertise in printing greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs and NCR forms among others. Over the year PrintPapa has helped many self publishing authors in publishing their books and establishing themselves.