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The need for Printed Product Catalogs

The road to achieving success in your business is no longer just about having an impressive product line but also about how you market them. A product catalog can be an ideal way to promote your product to your potential customer. Most business firms which have a huge product line are relying on a product catalog to give their products a competitive edge over those of their rivals. It allows the business firm to stand out amongst it’s competitors and get noticed.

You might wonder what is the use of a catalog in today’s business. Well an impressive product catalog is the most important promotional tool that a business firm has. If an individual is impressed with your product catalog he can be turned into a potential customer. In this era of cut throat competition a well made catalog can often turn out to be the difference between good business and failure.

A good catalog is not just about putting some information and graphics together but is a highly creative job as it can make or spoil the brand name for a company. A well made catalog has to be informative as that is the whole idea behind creating one. It should also carry graphics, pictures and testimonials which highlight the advantages that the brand has over it’s competitors.

A product catalog is usually the last marketing tool available for marketeer. Television or the newspaper where due to constrain of time and space cannot carry full specifications of any product. A product catalog perfectly fits the bill in giving a detailed description of the products. A potential customer who is impressed with a product catalog usually ends up contacting the retailer for the product.

Business firms which have a huge product line based on hierarchy find a product catalog the the most convenient way to market their products. They usually list their products from the low performance to the high performance ones. This often makes a customer stretch his budget and go for a product higher than what he had initially intended to purchase. This translates into more profits for the manufacturer and the retailer.

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Should Printers Reduce Printing Costs?

There is a famous saying “Quality never comes cheap” and it holds true for the printing industry. There was a time not too long ago when many printers reduced prices to hold onto a client. They could do this on the belief of making profit by overpricing another client. But the competitive business environment in the printing industry has meant that there can be no overpricing with clients anymore.

As a printer you might have come across situations where you might have tempted to reduce costs to have a competitive advantage. So, should you consider reducing the cost for printing a catalog, brochure or any other printed material? The answer is a big NO. Professional printers know that reducing costs is not the right way to do business and thus refrain from doing so. Reducing price is not always competitive and can imply lack of confidence in your printing service.

As a professional printer your sole goal should be to deliver high quality work on time. The USP of your business should be the quality of your work and not just your price. Some printers compromise on the quality of material to reduce costs and impress their clients. This model can prove to be detrimental for the business and draw negative publicity from clients in the long run.

If any client insists on price reduction consider the following things:

  • Has the the price of paper and ink come down?
  • Has there been a reduction on power/paper tariffs?
  • Has the rent come down?
  • Has the labor costs come down?

These questions will always have a common answer NO. Thus reducing the printing charges is not logical business strategy. A good client will always choose quality over cost and thus holding onto such clients by meeting their demands is more important than reducing the costs for an odd client. Avoid compromising on your printing quality even if the client insists as it will hurt your brand image in the market.

Does that mean there is no way of reducing costs in printing service? A smart publisher knows his maths well and can provide discount to the clients from his profit margin. It is thus important for you to know your costs well to offer discounts to your customers but do not choose price over quality.

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How to Create an Effective Product Catalog?

Business firms which have a huge product line often rely on a catalog or booklet to make people aware of their products. A product catalog usually is a vital tool to promote products to the customers. A person who is impressed with your catalog can be turned into a potential customer easily. In this era of cut throat competition, it is very important to stand out among your competitors and be noticed. A well made product catalog can give you a competitive edge. A few things should however be kept in mind while designing an effective product catalog:


  • Work on the Layout: Following a layout can be a good idea while designing product catalog. Text and pictures being placed in separate columns has been traditionally used. This type of designing still looks good and attractive. However experimenting with the positioning of the pictures and text is not a bad thing to do as it allows you the opportunity to make a bold statement.


  • Be Informative: Your should be very informative with your product catalog. The idea is to register your brand and your product in the minds of the customers. Include product specifications and their comparison in case you have a hierarchy of products. You might have a wide range of products but your customer might just choose one so try addressing every customer at a personal level. Also use, easy to read fonts instead of complex ones.
  • Use Pictures: Picture can always be more convincing than text so use images to complement your text. No catalog would be complete without nice pictures of the products being sold. Use high resolution pictures and try enhancing them as they are the most attractive elements of any product catalog and the customer gets a feel of the actual product.


  • Use Testimonials: If you have any testimonials from satisfied customers it is a great idea to include it in your product catalog. This not only convinces your potential customer about your product but also adds to your brand value.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years . They have expertise in designing and printing of catalogs, booklets and other corporate documents. We provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of our customers.