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Different Types of Envelopes

Envelopes are one of the most popular things used in the business world. They serve both as a packaging as well as a promotional tool for the corporate. Over the years envelopes have evolved to become one of the most important corporate documents which carry the letterheads, brochures, catalogs etc. Here are few examples of different types of envelopes used in today’s world:

  • Window Envelope: This type of envelope is used for official purpose. There is a rectangular window on the front of the envelope which is usually covered with a transparent film to protect what’s inside. The address of the recipient can be seen through this window. These are usually used to send official letters and documents.
  • Direct Mail Envelope: These envelopes are often used by commercial industries and government agencies to get fast reply from clients and customers. They contain a reply envelope which can be used by the recipient to reply back to the source of the letter. They are usually used for courtesy reply mail, metered reply mail, and free post reply mail.
  • Corporate Envelopes: They are used to reflect the image and brand of the company. They come in customized specifications which contains the brand name and logo of the organization. In most cases the address of the organization is also mentioned in the envelope. Corporate envelopes are usually printed on high quality paper to make a brand statement.
  • Baronial Envelopes: These are usually used for greeting cards and letter stationeries. They have a diagonal seams with a “V” type flap with which the tip is almost located at the center. These are made of high quality paper and are usually colorful in nature. Many people print these envelopes on textured paper.
  • Invitation Envelopes: These are generally used to invite people for celebrations such as marriage, birthdays or corporate anniversaries. They are custom designed and contain a lot of art and artifacts on them. They are often decorated with foil and lining. They can be printed on different kinds of paper with colorful inks.

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Tips To Give Your Envelope Extra Punch

Envelopes are not just a office stationary anymore. Smarter business organizations have realized this long back and have turned their envelopes in to a marketing tool. This does not involve any extra cost at the same time has a wide reach. To act as a promotional tool the envelope has to be more than the traditional protective cover for letters and documents. Here are a few things that you can do to add punch to your envelope:

  • Do it in Color – Traditionally white has been the favorite when it comes to envelope color. However there are no rules which prohibits from using other colors. You can use some bright shades of color attract the eyes of your recipient. You can also try a few gradients to make it look more attractive.
  • Play with the Flap – Although envelopes have a single flap which opens upwards or on the sides you can try a few creative ideas. You can play with the flaps and divide them into two parts. If you plan to deliver the envelope by hand you can also stick a small creative button on the top of the flap to make it look creative.
  • Add Shine – Once your envelopes have been printed you should ask your printer to add gloss or other shiny elements to it. This will make your envelope standout among a crowd of envelopes. You need to make sure that your envelope is printed on high quality paper for this purpose.
  • Use Texture – One good idea to add punch to your custom envelope would be to have a texture paper. This isn’t used very often other than in the case of greeting cards. This will act as a huge attraction to the recipients and immediately impress them.
  • Images/Graphics is Must – You can ensure that your envelope packs punch by printing images and graphics on the top and the back of the envelope. This is the idea in case you want to promote some of your products through the envelope.

A good envelope will always be the result of good printing. You need to make sure that your envelope is printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. They have expertise in handling such jobs and have delivered high quality printed results to their clients. They are experts in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They offer the best cost to quality ratio and over the years have built a list of happy and satisfied clients.

Envelopes That Excite Your Readers

Imagine what would it be like if you could get your readers excited through your envelopes. This is exactly possible if you get creative with your envelopes. Envelopes are no longer just meant to conceal letters but serves as a marketing tool. These days envelopes are turning out to be one of the best and the cheapest marketing tools for most of the corporates. Here are a few tricks which you can use to excite your readers with your envelopes:

  • Use Quotes: Most envelopes are plain and mundane. You can print some famous quotes or even your quote in the front or back of your envelope. This is something quite uncommon and people are sure to take notice of your envelopes.
  • Play With Color: Although most of the envelopes are generally light in color, you can become different using a bright or dark color which stands out. If your brand has some color associated with its name and logo you can use it to promote your envelope.

  • Make It Informative: Make your envelope informative by printing some key information like currencies of different countries or major business centers of the world or some unknown but interesting facts. This will make your readers keep your envelope which will serve the purpose of your promotion.
  • Use Images: You can use some attractive image on the front of the envelope. By printing a very powerful and intense image on your cover, people will have a healthy respect for your efforts. Images communicate faster than words it will be easy to tell your readers what your mail is all about as well as its authority by the use of images and logos.
  • Shape It: Although most of the envelopes are rectangular in shape or square occasionally, there is no golden rule which says you can’t change it. Try designing an envelope in the shape of an egg or a triangle. These envelopes can go very well with greeting cards that you might be sending to your clients.

Make sure that your envelopes are printed in high quality paper and from a good printing service provider. PrintPapa is just the right name for you. They are a modern printing agency having latest printers. They have expertise in printing books, rack cards, letterheads, business cards, brochures, catalogs etc. One of their USP is that they have regularly delivered high quality work to clients on time.

How To Print A Cheap Presentation Folder?

Presentation folders are regularly being used these days in the corporate world. Along with letterheads, business cards and envelopes they are perhaps the most recognizable corporate document.  Presentation folders are included in many activities include a meeting, conference, business report, sales report, seminar, presentation and many others of this nature. People these days are looking to reduce the cost of presentation folders to cut down on the overall cost. Here are a few simple ways in which you can bring down the cost of a presentation folder:

  • Presentation folders are used mainly for one off purpose so you can justify selecting a paper which is not very expensive. For that reason our 12pt C2S is a winner. For the low price, it does not sacrifice the quality.
  • Many presentation folders have a number of pockets and flaps around them. These increase the cost of the presentation folders. Cutting down on the number of pockets and flaps is an ideal way to reduce costs. In our short run folder you can choose to have one or 2 pockets, thus reducing the cost.

  • Opt for a full color printing for your presentation folder instead of custom PMS colors. This can bring down the printing cost by many folds. Nowdays it is cheaper to print in full color then to print in 1 or 2 colors.
  • Print exactly the number of copies that you need. Most of the time you will lose more money in case of extra prints than to anything else. A little bit of planning can ensure that you know the exact number you need for your event or seminar. In our Short Run Folder there are various quantity breaks, thus keeping the wastage to minimum.
  • Some printers do not charge you on the shipping cost and if the printing rates are cheaper, you can get it printed from a far away location if it gives you huge discounts. We offer $25 credit on UPS ground if your order is $150.00 and above. So that is also a great savings.

Hiring the services of a printer like PrintPapa which regularly offers discounts to its customers can help you further. They have been in the print business for long and have years of experience in printing and print promotions. Equipped with the latest technology as far as printing is concerned makes them the ideal choice in the market. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like brochures, calenders, banners, doorhangers and rack cards. Over the years they have built a list of successful clients.

How To Make Your Letterhead Sparkle?

A letterhead is the most important corporate document. It is the first impression that many clients  get about your organization. Letterheads along with business cards, envelopes and notepads should be carefully designed and printed to create a brand image for the organization. Your aim should be to make your letterhead sparkle in front of your clients. Here are a few tips to make a letterhead sparkle:

  • Header Is Key: The header is the most important component of a letterhead and it should stand out. The name of your organization should be mentioned clearly and in legible font. Try using the same font that you use in the hoardings and sign boards. It is wise to theme the header on brand name and color of your company.
  • Highlight The Logo: Your company’s logo should be highlighted in the letterhead. Try making it a little brighter than the rest of the header which will make it stand out. The logo can be placed in the right or the left side of the header. You can also make the logo large so that it overlaps the header.
  • Use Watermark: Using a watermark adds class to your letterhead. You can add the watermark of your logo to the body of your letterhead. This will add some X factor to your letterhead and put it in a league of it’s own.
  • Side Bar: Although not commonly used adding a side bar is a great way to make your letterhead unique. You can print the web address of your company sideways or even a catchy slogan that defines your business.
  • Print It Glossy: You can literally add shine to your letterhead by printing it on high quality paper and with glossy metallic inks. These inks have a property of leaving behind some shine once they have completely dried up. High quality paper is also important when it comes to printing letterhead as this creates a good impression in front of your clients.
  • Use A Footer: A footer can carry the contact details of your organization. It can also have a small note on the achievement of your organization. This will make it look unique and also promote your business.

Your well designed letterhead needs to be complemented with quality printing and thus you need to hire the services of a quality printer like PrintPapa. They are equipped with all the latest in terms of the printing technology.  They have built expertise in printing and designing services and undertake all kinds of printing jobs including catalogs, banners, posters, books, rack cards and all other types of domestic and corporate printed items.

Design your Business Card such that It Sells You!!

Business cards are one of the most important corporate documents. Along with letterheads, envelopes and notepads they form a complete corporate printing material. The purpose of a business card is not just to provide contact details and address but to promote the business organization. It is thus important to create an attractive and interactive business card which  promotes the business. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing an interactive business card:

  • Play With Color: Color attracts human eye and thus printing a card in full color will make it interactive. Try to print the card in some bright shades which will ensure that it stands out among a bunch of cards.
  • Write A Slogan: Try printing a slogan on the back of the card that defines your business well or  writing one yourself will serve the purpose even better. This will create an impression in the minds of the people who see the card.
  • Shape It: There is no rule which says business cards need to be rectangular so you can be creative with the card shape as well. In case you are into car rentals you can shape your business card in the shape of a car. This will immediately attract a person who sees it and thus promote your business.
  • Use Your Photograph: If you are an agent dealing with real estate, insurance etc. it is advisable to print your photograph on the business card. This will make sure that people will recognize your face easily which is really beneficial for your business.
  • Make It Two Fold: This is a uniquely new concept where a business card is two fold and the size of a standard business card. This is ideal in cases where your business card needs to carry a lot of information about your business. The front and the back remains as usual while the inner folds carry the detailed information about your products and services.
  • Print A Calendar: You can print a calendar on one side of your business card. This will make your business card useful for the persons who receives it and ensure that you get more publicity from your business card.

An interactive business card won’t materialize unless you get it printed from a professional printer on high end printing machines. This is where the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa can help you. They have been in the print and designing business for long and are equipped with the latest printing technology. They have built expertise in printing catalogs, door hangers, brochures, books and other printed materials.

The Advantage of Colored Envelopes

Color attracts human eye and arouses a sensation in our brains. Time and again throughout human history color has been used as a mode of expression. In today’s business world color is being widely used to create brand images. Many business organizations are identified by their colored logos. From business cards, letterheads to brochures and calenders color is being widely used in corporate printing. Colored envelopes are these days gaining popularity in the corporate world. Following are some advantages of using colored envelopes:

  • Stands Out: A colored envelope stands out in the crowd of a mail box and can easily grab the attention of an individual. Grabbing this attention can serve as a huge advantage in today’s competitive business environment where most of the letters and envelopes usually make it to the trash bin.
  • Stamp Your Brand: Most of the business houses have a certain color which is used in their logo or their brand name. The same color can be used in the company’s envelope. This will make it easily identifiable amongst the crowd and can go a long way in promoting the brand. However this isn’t a rule and colors different from the identity of the brand can be used for making envelopes.
  • Promote Your Event: Event promotion usually calls for immediate attention among the intended target group. So sending your invitation card inside a bright colored envelope will help in grabbing the attention of the audience immediately and can translate into more footfalls for your event. Colored envelopes can also be used to communicate about the event like a pink colored envelope can be used to promote a teen girl’s festival.
  • Code Your Envelopes: Mails sent from the corporate houses have different levels of priority and may be addressed towards different groups of people starting from powerful clients to customers. Color coded envelopes serve as an easy way to sort these mails. Color coded envelopes can also be used for documenting storage and is a very popular method used to file important records.
  • Use Colored Pictures: A colored envelope is a great marketing tool and it can also be used to promote your products and services. You can include the picture of your products or your company logo on your envelope. This will serve as a great branding opportunity for your business.

It is important for you to make sure that your envelopes are made of high quality paper and printed by a quality printer like Print Papa who have years of expertise in the business. Apart from printing envelopes the company specializes in printing of catalogs, door hangers, rack cards, book and other corporate and domestic printing materials. To view all the envelopes we offer click here.

Promoting Your Business Through Envelopes

Envelopes are one of the most common office stationary but many people fail to realize it’s power as a promotional tool. Along with letterheads and business cards, they play a vital role in branding any business firm. They also have an inherent advantage as they don’t look like a direct promotional tool and don’t end up in trash bins like many other promotional items.

Business houses which send letters in bulk everyday are using envelopes as a promotional tool. Promotional envelopes should however be designed with care as poorly designed and printed envelope can hurt your brand image in the market. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while promoting your business through envelopes:

  • Study Your Audience: It is very important to study the target audience well in advance. Envelopes are not like flyers which can be distributed in bulk. They can’t be sent empty without a purpose so specific targeting of a niche group serves ideal in promoting a business through an envelope.
  • Be Eye Catchy: What catches the eye always has more chances of promoting your business and thus focus on the design of your envelope. Put your logo and your brand name prominently in the envelope. Although the color of the business envelopes is usually white, you can select any other lighter shade but try avoiding darker colors. You can also use your slogan or a tag line to promote your business.
  • Customize Stamp: This is also becoming a common practice in many parts of the world where business houses are being allowed to create customized stamp by the postal departments. This means that you can promote your business even with the top right section of an envelope.
  • Stuff It:  Everyone likes freebies and a stuffed envelope will generate curiosity. You can stuff the envelope with inexpensive things such as pocket calendars or pencils. Such items may seem small but are high on the promotional value as people will recall your brand whenever they use them
  • Address Is Key: Your envelope should have a return address printed usually at the back. This will make it for the interested parties to get in touch with you. A potential customer may lose interest in contacting you if he doesn’t find your contact address immediately.

It is also important that you use high quality paper in making your envelope and get it printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. All your efforts can get wasted if the printing quality is poor. PrintPapa has over the years developed expertise in printing and design services. They have built expertise in printing booklets, notepads, presentation folders and various other kids of domestic and corporate print materials.

The Advantages of Short Run Printing

Short run printing is the biggest buzz in the printing industry. But one thing should be clarified in this respect that short run digital printing is never going to replace offset printing. Though the short run is a more updated option but offset printing is always the favorite for people looking to place bulk printing orders to their printing agencies. Short run printing is a great option to compliment with offset printing since it can cover all the options that you might not find in offset printing. With the need of businesses to print more and more varieties of promotional materials such as business cards, bookmarks, banners, flyers, etc. Now let us take a detailed look at various advantages of short run printing:

  • Cost Effective: This is a direct printing method so there is no need to go through the tedious processes such as creating plates, film stripping, color separation, etc. The files will just pass through the computer and transfers the data into the printing machine directly. Thus you never have to pay the cost of the materials associated with offset printing.
  • Number of Copies can be Low: In terms of bulk orders short run printing allows you to place order for the exact number of copies you require. Before short run printing came into vogue people had no option but to order for larger orders as they had to bear the cost of producing and dyes too. In the short run printing process the printer can enter the exact number of copies required and thus there is no excess and extra charges that have to be paid.

  • Time Saving: As short run printing does not involve lengthy process and you just have to insert the data in the computer and get prints from the machine it will save a lot of time. Another fact is that in Short Run Printing the colors are sprayed directly on top of the paper and then the paper is coated with aqueous finish. In this process the ink dries instantly. In case of offset printing to get the desired color effect the papers are run through 4 rollers for 5 or 6 times. This process requires more time for the colors to dry.
  • Helps in Direct Mail: Short run printing is a great boon for direct mailing campaigns as this process allows you to be more specific about the target audience as you can specify the number of prints to be produced for a given marketing area.

It may be for these reasons that short run printing is widely used by marketeers. All types promotional materials envelopes, calenders, doorhangers, greeting cards, letterhead, newsletter, postcards, rack cards, etc. are nowadays printed using this process. Print Papa is a printing service provider that can give good short run printing services.