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How To Create a Good Travel Brochure?

It is a tough call for the small travel agencies to compete with the larger companies prevailing in the travel and tourism industry. To pound on the problems, the sudden dip in economy has meant that people are cutting down on their expenses while traveling. This is the reason why it has become very important for all the small travel agencies to promote their companies effectively with the use of the various promotional materials. Brochures are widely used by the small businesses as they are the most effective promotional tool that too within a small budget. But in order to make the most of your marketing campaign through brochures you have to make them eye catching and draw crowds of  target audience. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while designing a travel brochure, let’s have a look at them:

The colors and the themes used while designing a brochure should be in line with your business motif. Base your designs on the company’s logo, name or upon the interior designs of your travel agency office. This will help the recipients distinguish your brochure from a host lot of others. Your designs will bring back recollections of your office. Colors should be used judiciously because too much color can effect the focus of the travel brochure.

Draw the attention of the recipients with an irresistible package and highlight it with bold fonts in the brochure. In the present times people are always looking to save some money and packaged vacation offer is something that the readers will not be able to resist. Just as an example you can offer a vacation deal to Puerto Rico with reduced airfares, hotel rates, etc.

Include some locations that you might not come across in the brochures of other companies. There are some beautiful locations in the world that are not high on tourism yet they have a huge potential. As a travel agent it is your duty to find some of these places then enlist them in your travel brochure. When the people see such unheard of places and enjoy their tour they will only sing praises about your company.

Images are of utmost importance for any travel brochure. Use high resolution pictures in your travel brochure to advertise all the destinations. Hire professional photographers to take clear pictures and then include them before printing the travel brochure.

There are various printing agencies who offer good travel brochure printing services. One such company is Print Papa who have huge expertise in creating promotional materials for the travel industry. You can also order for other printing items such as booklets, notepads, flyers, banners, posters, etc.

Creating a Brand Image With Printed Marketing Materials

Are you having problems with deciding how to go about your printed marketing campaign? You might have already decided upon the company messages, the fonts, the colors, the emotions, the logo as well as the target audience. But are you finding it difficult to choose methods to make your print marketing campaign a grand success? Then the below given list of ideas will be of help to you and and your business prospects:


  • Corporate Identity Packages – This is one of the first choices that is suggested as a starter for any marketing campaign. These may not have as much glamor as the other marketing materials but with massive repetitions they can lead to success. A corporate identity package makes use of tools such as letterhead, envelopes, business card, brochures and presentation folders. All the materials that are part of this package, bear the company’s name and logo, so that the recipient has a high recall value.
  • Direct Mail – From simple postcards, flyers to 80 page catalogs anything can be included in the direct mailing elements list. With the direct mails you can get the promotional messages right in the hands of your prospective clients.  There are many people that will not respond to your first mails but it does not mean that they will not do so in future. So keep repeating the act frequently.


  • Press Release – These are generally printed on the company’s letterhead and given out to the media. They are very powerful tools of creating a good brand image. Published press releases can give you an unbiased third party promotion.
  • Point of Sale Displays – There are various types of POS displays that are widely used by the businessman such as brochure, coupon book or a menu. Some marketeers also sponsor charity events which makes the company’s name stand out.
  • StickersStickers can be used and added to anything. The stickers can be affixed to anything from floors, walls, notebooks, mirrors to many other things. The better you design the stickers the more are the chances of it gaining in popularity. Companies are many times seen handing out stickers to children in parades.


  • Calendars – This promotional material will be in front of the recipients eyes every day of the year thus they have a great recall value.
  • Banners – Sponsorship in a big occasion such as sporting events, rock shows, festivals are a great way to attract attention. For this you will need a well designed banner which will portray your corporate image in front of thousands of spectators.

When you are looking for a print marketing campaign then it is imperative that you pay extra attention to the materials used by the printer. Only with good quality materials and ink, the promotional materials get their desired worth. PrintPapa is one such company that specializes in the making of high quality marketing materials.

Tips for Postcard Marketing

Marketing the products and services through postcards is a widely used tool in today’s business world. There are so many things that you can put into a printed postcard. But only the worth while information will lead to the success of your marketing campaign. This makes it important for you to choose the right approach and design before you go to a printer. Though there are many tricks of this marketing trade but these are the five main aspects:


  • Lifestyle – Marketing a lifestyle related to the product is the best way to go about your postcard marketing campaign. Using a lifestyle image at the top of a postcard is the best way to catch the attention of your clients. You can select a picture portraying a carefree attitude towards life, or a model with gorgeous dress or even a dude with some of the latest gadgets. If the postcards are printed in the proper manner then the visual appeal of these images makes the readers want to purchase the products instantly, and thus, gives your company a good launchpad.
  • Informative – Today’s age is an age of information. There are so many businesses around the globe that are marketing their products effectively by giving some vital information and statistics. Find out the relevant information about the benefits and dangers of the products and print them on your postcards. People take quite a notice to such type of postcards as they can learn a lot from them and use them in their personal or professional life. If the approach to the postcard is right then they can also make people buy your products. Though the approach is very simple it proves to be very effective.


  • Art – Art is one of the popular themes for marketing a product. Everyone likes a beautiful postcard and then there are some that collect such postcards. Beautiful designs and images along with a provocative marketing message and the logo of the company goes well for most marketing campaigns. But in such marketing techniques the skills of the printing agency play an important role.
  • Forms – Sending forms along with postcards is a great way to get instant clients. Sending the form will make the customers directly order for the products after reading through your benefits and exclusive offers.
  • Souvenir – Souvenir advertising containing facts and images of some important places in the city or some other facts along with your company’s message go well with the clients. This is very useful for people, and thus, they are referred to regularly.


Getting clients to read postcards would mark the success of your postcard marketing campaign. With the choice of the right printing agency like PrintPapa, you can maximize the potential of your marketing campaign.

How To Sharpen The Impact of Your Presentation Folders

It is said that the first impression is very important for any marketing campaign. If your product or service creates a positive first impression on the minds of your target audience, then only they will become interested in them. The first impression helps to turn a prospective client into a customer and forms a solid bond between the two parties. Though there are many marketing tools used nowadays, presentation folders are seen as a great way to create a telling first impression. They are the first things that your would-be clients will see even before they open and read through the other marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers or booklets.


The presentation folders printed by printing agencies have become one of the widely used marketing techniques that give support to the other marketing tools. Presentation folders carry the logo and name of the company along with other important information that the clients will want to know. A well-designed presentation folder helps to create an image of professionalism, portraying that you are well organized and qualified in offering quality service. Such folders have the effect which a well dressed company staff has on the clients. Often the external appearance of the folders make prospects open and read through the promotional materials given inside.


Though they are just a marketing collateral of your promotional campaign they are a great addition nevertheless. With the popularity of the presentation folders most of the business houses are using them abundantly. So, in order to stay ahead of the rest you have to think of something that is unique and catch the client’s attention. So, here are a few points:

  • Large Formats – Besides making the folders appear big, this will definitely give you an edge over the competitors who are using normal sized presentation folders. Make the folders appear larger than life (the principle followed with some of large format marketing posters) and get this result you require the help of the printers. As the size is large, the graphics and designs should be modified accordingly.


  • Business Cards –  The presentation folders should always consist of pre-cut slots where you can insert business cards that serve as constant reminders about your business and service to your prospective clients. You can make unique designs in the pre-cut slots by discussing beforehand with your printer.

Offering a presentation folder with a difference might just earn you the next big deal. But remember to use the services of a reputed printing agency while planning for a presentation folder. Though there are many printing agencies, PrintPapa is a reputed name having many satisfied customers to their credit.

PrintPapa Offers a Short Run Presentation Folder if you only need few Folders. These are exactly the same as the regular folders, but the great thing is you can order as low as 5 folder only.