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How to Create A Vinyl Photo Banner?

Marketing needs innovative ways to get prominence. Banners are a marketing tool that never goes unnoticed. Most of the big businesses have already reaped rich rewards with the use of various dimensions of banners. In terms of the banner printing vinyl photo banners are most popular among the marketers. When the banners are printed using the vinyl material it assures both durability and flexibility. Vinyl banner does not rust, tear or chip even in the extreme climatic conditions. The texture that is provided is easy to print on and the transportation can be done worry free. Nowadays, photo banners have become a good tool for the marketers. With the effective use of photos and designs the companies can give their marketing campaigns a new dimension.

Now you would be thinking that you will require knowledge about Photoshop and the other photo editing software! No, you don’t require to have any knowledge. With renowned printers all the designing can be done with ease. PrintPapa which is one of the most renowned printing service providers has come up with a new software PrintPapa Photo Publisher using which clients can design vinyl photo banners with a few mouse clicks. The printing agency understands that not everyone is a techno-geek so they have kept the operations for this software very simple. Let’s go through the step by step process to create your choice of photo banners:

Step 1:

Open the software present on your desktop and you will be lead to the Home page. There are various tabs in this page. You can read about the Pricing, FAQ, etc. and learn whatever you need to know before starting off with the project. Notice tabs on the extreme left panel. Click on the ‘Posters’ option.

Step 2:

Out of the options available click on Create New. A new window will open up and you can insert the size of the poster that fits your bill among the various standard sizes available for posters and banners. Once this is done next you will have to choose an image for your photo poster.  Bear it in mind that the picture you choose should appear clear and have the desired pixels. This is very important to impress the onlookers.

Step 3:

Once the picture is selected click on ‘Next’ button and you will be led to a page where you can personalize the photo poster to best suit your campaign. You will be able to insert clipart to your poster on various themes such as Flowers, Holidays, Kids, Letters, Travel & Vacation, Ornaments, etc. There are other personalization options such as rotate the image, add captions, and resize the image. You may also make the image sharp with adjustments in the skin tone and color.

Step 4:

And you are done! Just send the photo poster design to PrintPapa. Tick on the terms and conditions that appear. Next click on ‘Continue’. Select the number of copies and fill in the payment and shipment details.

It was quite easy wasn’t it? PrintPapa offers various types of photo products such as photo greetings, photobooks, photo calendars, etc.

Envelopes That Excite Your Readers

Imagine what would it be like if you could get your readers excited through your envelopes. This is exactly possible if you get creative with your envelopes. Envelopes are no longer just meant to conceal letters but serves as a marketing tool. These days envelopes are turning out to be one of the best and the cheapest marketing tools for most of the corporates. Here are a few tricks which you can use to excite your readers with your envelopes:

  • Use Quotes: Most envelopes are plain and mundane. You can print some famous quotes or even your quote in the front or back of your envelope. This is something quite uncommon and people are sure to take notice of your envelopes.
  • Play With Color: Although most of the envelopes are generally light in color, you can become different using a bright or dark color which stands out. If your brand has some color associated with its name and logo you can use it to promote your envelope.

  • Make It Informative: Make your envelope informative by printing some key information like currencies of different countries or major business centers of the world or some unknown but interesting facts. This will make your readers keep your envelope which will serve the purpose of your promotion.
  • Use Images: You can use some attractive image on the front of the envelope. By printing a very powerful and intense image on your cover, people will have a healthy respect for your efforts. Images communicate faster than words it will be easy to tell your readers what your mail is all about as well as its authority by the use of images and logos.
  • Shape It: Although most of the envelopes are rectangular in shape or square occasionally, there is no golden rule which says you can’t change it. Try designing an envelope in the shape of an egg or a triangle. These envelopes can go very well with greeting cards that you might be sending to your clients.

Make sure that your envelopes are printed in high quality paper and from a good printing service provider. PrintPapa is just the right name for you. They are a modern printing agency having latest printers. They have expertise in printing books, rack cards, letterheads, business cards, brochures, catalogs etc. One of their USP is that they have regularly delivered high quality work to clients on time.

Creative Booklet Printing Tips

Booklets are one of the best ways to promote your products and services. They have been extensively used as a marketing tool along with brochures to sell products and services. This has also made the traditional booklet a little boring. Most of the booklets have the same rectangular shape and are printed four color on high quality paper.

Today’s competitive business environment requires more creative booklets which can catch the eyes of the target audience. Booklets arouse interest in minds of the people to purchase a product or a service and thus it is important to make your booklet attractive and make it stand out. The challenge is to look different at the same time meet the purpose. Here are a few tips for creative booklet printing:

  • Alter Booklet Cover – Traditional booklet covers have been printed on slightly thicker paper than the rest of the booklet. Try using textured paper, corrugated paper, plastics, cardboards and other interesting materials to make the color booklet look different.
  • Use Metallic Ink – Although there is nothing wrong with the four color printing that you are used to seeing, using metallic ink will make your booklet stand out. Also metallic ink has an external shine which makes it look great.

  • Change The BindingPerfect binding has been used so far when it has come to binding of booklets but you can experiment with other types of binding. Spiral binding or even special string or twine binding  would make your booklet look very attractive when compared to other types of booklet.
  • Play With Shape – You can shun the traditional rectangular booklets and opt for some other shapes like square, triangle or even a circle. This will give your booklet an edge over it’s competitors and make a statement of your creativity.
  • Add Accessories – This is another way of making your booklet look attractive. You can add things such as a ribbon or metallic studs, plastic shapes and even embossed elements. This will be very impressive.

For your creative booklet printing you will need the services of a good print service provider. This is where a printer like PrintPapa comes in handy. They have expertise in all kinds of printing and designing services. They use the state of art printing technology for printing posters, banners, business cards, letterheads, rack cards etc. They have built a list of successful clientèle over the years due to their high quality service.

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Customized Posters?

Posters are the best tools when it comes to promotion at a mass level. Along with banners and flyers they are often used to promote events in public places which sees large footfalls. It is however important to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of your customized posters for it to achieve better results. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to increase the effectiveness of customized posters:

  • Arouse Emotions: The most important function of a banner would be to arouse emotions. Images are the best way to do so as they target the emotions of the onlookers or readers. However keep in mind that the images however need to relate to the theme of your promotion. You need to also complement the images with a set of catchy slogans which immediately grabs the eyes of the readers. This is the most tried and the tested formula and  holds good to the modern day.
  • Puzzle The  Audience: Uncertainty is a great marketing tool and marketers over the years have used this form of promotional purpose. A well designed poster should not be over revealing about the event or product it promotes. This element of uncertainty will create interest in the minds of the audience for the product or the event that you promote.
  • Place It Well: The effectiveness of a poster is often determined by it’s placement. While placing a poster in a public area position it in such a way that it attracts maximum eyeballs. Avoid placing the poster in corners and too high on the walls as they will not be visible to the maximum number of people. Keep eye line in mind while putting a poster in a public place.
  • Use Colors: There is nothing more attractive to the human eye than colors and thus it is important for you to print the posters in full color. Use bright colors as they tend to attract the eyes more than the darker ones. Also when put up in a dark or shady area bright posters tend to be more visible than the darker ones. Use contrasting colors to grab maximum attention.

It is important to print the poster in a high quality printing press and a printer like PrintPapa should serve ideal for  you. They have the latest printing technology in terms of printers and other equipments and have a highly trained staff. Over the years they have built expertise in printing books, calenders, banners, catalogs and rack cards. The biggest testimonial to PrintPapa’s business is the number of permanent clients that it has built over the years.

The Advantage of Colored Envelopes

Color attracts human eye and arouses a sensation in our brains. Time and again throughout human history color has been used as a mode of expression. In today’s business world color is being widely used to create brand images. Many business organizations are identified by their colored logos. From business cards, letterheads to brochures and calenders color is being widely used in corporate printing. Colored envelopes are these days gaining popularity in the corporate world. Following are some advantages of using colored envelopes:

  • Stands Out: A colored envelope stands out in the crowd of a mail box and can easily grab the attention of an individual. Grabbing this attention can serve as a huge advantage in today’s competitive business environment where most of the letters and envelopes usually make it to the trash bin.
  • Stamp Your Brand: Most of the business houses have a certain color which is used in their logo or their brand name. The same color can be used in the company’s envelope. This will make it easily identifiable amongst the crowd and can go a long way in promoting the brand. However this isn’t a rule and colors different from the identity of the brand can be used for making envelopes.
  • Promote Your Event: Event promotion usually calls for immediate attention among the intended target group. So sending your invitation card inside a bright colored envelope will help in grabbing the attention of the audience immediately and can translate into more footfalls for your event. Colored envelopes can also be used to communicate about the event like a pink colored envelope can be used to promote a teen girl’s festival.
  • Code Your Envelopes: Mails sent from the corporate houses have different levels of priority and may be addressed towards different groups of people starting from powerful clients to customers. Color coded envelopes serve as an easy way to sort these mails. Color coded envelopes can also be used for documenting storage and is a very popular method used to file important records.
  • Use Colored Pictures: A colored envelope is a great marketing tool and it can also be used to promote your products and services. You can include the picture of your products or your company logo on your envelope. This will serve as a great branding opportunity for your business.

It is important for you to make sure that your envelopes are made of high quality paper and printed by a quality printer like Print Papa who have years of expertise in the business. Apart from printing envelopes the company specializes in printing of catalogs, door hangers, rack cards, book and other corporate and domestic printing materials. To view all the envelopes we offer click here.

Tips to Create Brochures for Special Events

There are so many people that think that brochures are just for general advertising and can be used as a public relations tool too. But the true fact is that using brochures for special events is the best utilization of this marketing tool. So, below are a few tips that will help you get the best results out of your brochure marketing for events such as presentations, holidays and conventions.


  • Conventions: This is a great event to promote your business image and promoting your services to the clients. Attractive colored brochures are highly popular for such conventions. These brochures should carry all the required information about your business. The content for the brochures to be distributed in a convention should be both general advertising and public relations based. There should be equal amount of information given about the company as well as some of its best products. The brochures should be given to the business partners and some of the targeted customers.


  • Presentations: You can also get a 4 page colored brochure printed for presenting a report or for your project proposal. The brochures act as a complimentary reading material that will clarify the points discussed in the presentation. These are more public relations oriented as they are used to impress people and get them glued to the report that you are presenting.


  • Information Campaigns: If you are running an awareness campaign of any sort then the tri-fold brochures can be used effectively for this purpose too. These materials are generally advertising based and use cheap paper that is loaded with information of all sorts about the campaign and vital information about the company. But using the right printing services is anyways important as the texts should be distinct.
  • Employment: Brochures can also be used to find new employees for a company. The content for such brochures revolve around how good a company is and what are the benefits of working in the said company. These brochures are printed using the best printing services as they have a lot of public relations messages and are made with an intention to get the best human resources for a company. The brochures also include application forms for the desired candidates.

As you can see that brochures can be used in many ways than one beyond advertising purposes, it is important to use the best printing agencies. PrintPapa is a renowned printing agency that uses the best technologies in the industry to get the desired print quality.