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Tips & Tricks To Print Notepads Cheaply but not making it cheap?

Notepad is one of the most commonly used items in office. Unlike business cards and letterheads which need to be printed on high quality paper, notepads can be printed on ordinary paper to reduce the costs. The idea is to reduce the cost and not the quality and thus you should not just be concerned about cutting the cost. Here are a few tips that will surely help you in getting notepads printed cheap:

  • Paper Quality: This often determines the cost of a notepad. So if you want to cut the costs of your notepad you can choose less expensive paper stock. The paper should be good enough for people to effectively write on the paper without any trouble. It should not start to blot once a gel or an ink based pen is used. At the same time the paper quality need not be that of your organization’s letterhead.
  • Consider The Size: The size of the paper often determines the cost of printing your notepad.  These are cut and printed on large sheets of paper and choosing an odd size can lead to huge wastage of paper. Choose a notepad size that leads to the minimum wastage of paper as this can bring down the cost of the notepad considerably. This can be easily done in consultation with your printer prior to designing the notepad.
  • Outer Cover: The outer cover of a notepad is usually printed separately and accounts for a good percentage of the total cost. Avoid going for a very high quality full color cover for your notepad as doing this will help reduce the cost by a huge margin. Also choosing lighter paper for your notepad will help your cause to a great extent.
  • Avoid Spiral Binding: It is quite common to see company notepads having spiral binding. However if you are planning to reduce costs  with your notepad avoid spiral binding as this leads to additional expenditure. You can opt for perfect binding as they are cost effective.

The final link in printing a notepad cheaply lies with the printing agency. Search for a printer who offers you good rates without compromising on the quality. Here is where the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa will come in handy for you. They have expertise in all kinds of printing including cost effective printing. They take on all kinds of printing jobs including books, brochures, catalogs, posters etc. They are equipped with the latest technology in the printing industry and have regularly satisfied their clientèle with their work.

How To Print Cheap NCR Forms?

NCR forms are used in so many important places nowadays that they have become an important item in every printer’s list. In the past there used to carbon papers, but they made the copies messy, at times wasteful and time consuming too. But with the development of carbonless NCR forms there are so many easy options at your fingertips today. Making multiple copies is now just matter of a few seconds.

Actually the NCR forms are chemically treated paper which can transfer the writings or typed impressions from the page on top to the consequent pages without any hassles at all. Such multiple copy forms are used for many purposes such as statements, invoices, contracts, purchase orders, receipts and other business uses. Here are some NCR forms printing options that you may use for the benefit of your business.

  • Number of Parts: Printers usually perform NCR form printing from 2 to 6 parts. But the most popular NCR forms are found in 2 to 4 parts. The number of parts is basically determined by your business requirements. You have to decide on the number of copies that will best suit your operations. Whether you require copies for the accounting team, sales team and one for the customers or there are other copies required. But in most cases the 3 part NCR form does the job.
  • Ink Types: The single color ink printing jobs cost little as compared to the use of many colors. There are so many companies that want to make the top copy (that is given away to the customers) impressive with the use multiple colors. Most of the companies use multiple colors on the top most page along with some designs while the rest which are more of business department copies are kept in their simplest forms. You could also go for double sided printing with these forms, where on the back side there will be instructions for the customers.
  • Binding: You can either opt for loose NCR forms or may order them to be bound together. NCR forms can be bound on the edges as this keeps the forms together and yet they can be dispensed off one at a time easily. There is also the booklet styled option available. Booklet NCR forms have their own benefits. They allow you to keep the numbered copies together as they have a cover wrap that can be inserted between the forms. Booklet forms are great for use in case of invoices, receipts, sales orders, etc.
  • Numbering on the Forms: Numbers are a very important aspect of NCR form printing. The numbers should be in sequence so that they can be used for verification later.

These steps will surely help you while deciding to print NCR forms. It is important that you choose a printing service provider that can offer you not only high quality prints but also deliver you the ordered items in quick time. Print Papa is one such company that has delivered satisfactory results to all their clients. They offer printing services for various types of promotional material such as booklets, bookmarks, banners, notepads, etc.

How To Make A Unique Notepad?

A notepad is one of the most useful things in life and it also serves as an ideal tool for promotion. Many  business firms have found notepad as one of the best ways of promoting their brand. Compared to a brochure or a catalog a notepad is sure not to land up in trash. They also have a longer shelf life as compared to brochures and catalogs.

Notepads can be of different sizes but three of the most common sizes are 4.25×5.5 Notepad or pocket size, 5.5×8 Notepad or half page size and 11×8 Notepad or the letter size. Some of the tips that can go a long way in making a notepad unique and marketing your brand are:

  • Design an Attractive Header or Footer – It is very important to design an attractive header or footer as it immediately grabs attention. Make use of colors for the cover and try to theme it around the color of your brand. Give the logo and brand name a prominent place in the header. The footer of the notepad can have the contact details  of your firm along with other necessary information.
  • Do not Clutter – Many people make the mistake of cluttering the notepad pages with too much design. This leaves little empty space for writing killing the whole purpose of a notepad. A notepad is primarily for the purpose of writing rather than being ornamental.

  • Use a Watermark – Using a watermark efficiently and creatively adds to the uniqueness of the notepad. The logo of the company or that of a product can be used for the watermark. A watermark in the center of the page gives a filling effect to the otherwise blank page and establishes your brand in every page of the notepad.

  • Round Corner it – Although it is not common you can create a eye-catchy notepad by simply make the edges rounder to make it stand out.

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5 Tips for Creating Promotional Notepads

Promotional notepads are an important medium to make a work go smooth, these notepads are useful both at home and in office. When a notepad is printed for business reasons, the printing design varies, keeping the purpose intact. Designing business notepads are a little difficult than the usual ones. Therefore when a notepad is printed for business purposes there are five important designing elements followed to print the notepad. After you have decided to use the promotional notepads for your business, the next important thing to keep in mind is, choosing the exact size and design that can well carry your brand logo or a brief introduction about your brand, and most importantly the contact details. After mentioning all the details do keep in mind to leave enough space to write on. Make sure that your notepads are useful and can be used time and again.


Here are the five important printing elements that needs to be kept in mind while designing a promotional notepad:

  • The Header: The first important part of a notepad is the header. In fact the header is the portion where substantial attention is given while designing. This is mainly because in a custom notepad, a writer first reads the header before proceeding to anything else. Hence in a notepad the header is the most attractive design element to cast a negative or positive impact on a reader.
  • The Watermark: Watermark is the other important feature of a notepad and is considered one important marketing element to add business related messages and pictures. Apart from this, watermarks also break the background monotony of a notepad. Best designed watermarks can keep a notepad’s competitiveness.


  • Size and Shape: The size and shape of a notepad is the another important feature to maintain the competitiveness. As most people judge the quality of a notepad by its size, shape and design. Large size notepads are most preferred because of its functionality and practicality. However for promotional notepads the size and shape should be determined depending on the usability. Basically the oddly shaped small notepads are preferred most.
  • Durability: Lastly the durability factor is very important to wrap things up. A notepad can never be competitive if it is not durable. Hence to make your notepads reach to a wide section of people, it must be made with tough material. The more durable your notepad is, the more is the competitive factor.
  • Functional Features: The functional features are also very important. It is always suggested to add few extra functional features in your notepad if possible.


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How Notepads Can Be Used As a Promotional Tool

Notepads are perhaps the most innocuous and the most powerful business marketing stationery in the corporate world. Sleek yet subtle, these imbibe and reflect the very essence of marketing collateral – to promote without being overtly aggressive.


Notepads, if developed, designed and printed with care, can be one of the best lead generating ways within the firm’s repertoire. This is more important in the contemporary market situation, where the recession has not yet released its strong clutch on the finances of most of the companies, irrespective of size, budget or employee strength. Notepads, being easy on the budget to print and market and provide a good yield of sales leads and business associates, can be a great investment strategy for marketers who wish to play it safe.

So, what are the things to keep in mind to help make your notepad shine as a promotional tool for your firm? Here are a few tips:


  • Stand Out – Your notepad is your own, and it is simply not just another notepad that you use to jot things down. To make the desired impact on potential consumers, your name needs to be highlighted on the notepad. Have your company name or professional nuances written in bold and conventional fonts. It should be written such that the user can easily read the name as well as comprehend the marketing message you wish to convey.


  • Logo – The logo is one of the most important elements to have in the notepad. They not only add credibility to the notepad, but also help to make it visually appealing, re-iterating your company name and brand image wherever possible.
  • The Notepad a.k.a. Resume – Have your credentials, highlights of the company history, etc. printed on your notepad in brief. This will help you to serve as the resume or the prima facie introduction of the company to new clients. You can also have client testimonials, images of achievements, etc. printed on the back of the notepad to help improve consumer retention.


So, what kind of notepads can you put to use while using them as a complimentary hand in a business marketing campaign? A notepad can differ not only in its design and print quality but also in shape. One should be aware of the different sizes of notepads used for specific purposes, hence, while targeting the niche consumer base, use the shape that best fits the bill. Some examples may include spiral pads, cube notes (stick-ons), work desk notepads, telephone diaries, customized notepads, etc.


Apart from these, notepads can also be used as a covert marketing assignment in seminars, trade fairs and similar events – where the potential consumer or business associate may need to jot down points in the melee of information. With a stylized and well-designed notepad, your marketing war may already be half won , with you on the better side!


However, for a notepad marketing campaign to succeed and achieve what it had set out for, only a professional printing agency should be hired to do the job. While many may mistake it as a burden of an investment, flawed printing of notepads not only fail to make the mark but also leave your company and brand image looking famished and amateur. Therefore, hire a professional printing agency as a little extra invested in quality will reveal large business profits later for the firm itself!