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How To Design Holiday Postcards?

Sending greetings to your friends and relatives is a must every holiday season. You can add a little flavor to it by designing your own holiday postcard. The obvious idea would be to design your postcard for all  seasons and occasions. Most people use seasonal flowers, monuments or their business to design their postcards. But why do the obvious when you can make something unique with your holiday postcard. Here are a few ways in which you can design a unique holiday postcard:

  • For use within the family theme your postcard on the life of someone old. It will be great way to show that you care. For business postcards you can create a montage of your employees which will give your employers a far idea about your organization.
  • You can use your own painting or one by your relatives or friends. This will also serve as a good platform to promote your painting skills or that of your near and dear ones.
  • Theme your postcard around a charity organization and try to raise funds by asking people to donate for the cause. For business organization this can also add to your corporate social responsibility and showcase your concern for the society.

  • Make a green postcard by raising awareness about global warming, desertification, wastage of power, extinction of animals or depleting water resources. These sort of ideas are become popular with the people these days as they address serious concerns.
  • You can pen the entire greetings with your own hand and scan it before printing instead of typing it using some software application. This will add to the uniqueness of your postcard and also bring in a very personal touch to it.
  • If you are designing a postcard purely for business purpose you can theme it around something revolutionary that has happened in your industry.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not compromise on the quality of the postcard under any circumstance. You should get it printed with a professional printer like PrintPapa who have high level of expertise in the job. They are one of the best printing service providers for banners, business cards, envelopes, letterheads, rack cards, booklets etc. They have a very well trained staff and are equipped with the latest technology in the market. Over the years they have developed a long list of successful clients delivering high quality work.

Advantages of using Postcards for Advertising

Marketing is one of the age old techniques to entice the people to buy a product. But nowadays there are so many tools at disposal of the marketeers that it often becomes difficult to choose the best. With the evolution of the Internet there are more and more online marketing tools available. But ask the enterprise owners and they will tell you that mailing is one of the essential components of any marketing campaign. People still like to receive advertising postcards then a direct mail from a company. Postcards have been popular marketing tool ever since the fall of the last century only the content and designing of the cards have changed.


The postcards can either be sent in the form of greeting cards or in order to inform or keep in touch with the clients. But all the content in these cards are advertising based and are accompanied with other marketing tools such as letters, flyers, catalogs and brochures. The heavy marketing content in the postcards differentiates them from other types of normal greeting cards and thus they are called advertising postcards.


These postcards are either sent to the existing client base or they are sent randomly to everyone. But it is always desirable to sent the postcards to the clients that belong to your niche business. The content of such postcards is primarily based on promoting or introducing a new product or service or to update the customers about some new event in the company. Most importantly there is enough of information about the company and its various other products or services present in the postcard. Like direct mails there are no issues of privacy or security. You can expect that the person receiving the mail will cast a glance through your promotional material.


Results for the postcard promotional campaign will only bear fruit if you get the postcards designed from a professional printing agency and one such agency of repute is PrintPapa. The advertising postcard should be catchy and handy as is the case with brochures. Only thing here is that all the information has to be given in compressed form. The card quality has to be good to catch the eyes of the customers and the design has to be unique from the rest of the crowd.

So if you have not used the advertising postcards then it is high time you go to a printing service provider and order for some!

How Can Postcard Marketing Help Enterprises this Recession

Postcard marketing is one of the most efficient yet cost-effective methods of projecting the brand image of your enterprise or pursue direct mail marketing for clients spread all over the globe. However, despite being in the back-burner of online marketing campaigns since long, it has emerged as one of the most effective and result-oriented marketing strategies post-recession.


The fact that postcard marketing is cheaper than several other methods of marketing  indicate its usability in the recession-hit economies, especially, by enterprises that are yet to score big in the industry. Here are some more reasons, including cost-effectiveness, that highlight postcard marketing as an effective option while marketing your products or building your brand image!


  • Inexpensive – Postcard marketing is inexpensive. Period. This is why most enterprises and companies have started using it on a greater scale to improve their ROI – especially, in these recession-hit times. The fact that postcards, especially, when printed in bulk, cost lesser than most other marketing efforts, is a huge incentive for small-scale and start-up firms. Moreover, printing costs of postcards are less too – allowing companies to save truckloads and invest the same in other brand-building activities.


  • Mass Marketing – Having postcards mailed through mass mailing lists helps improve your chances of nailing potential customers at a greater pace and more effectively. Mass mailing lists also help to reach out directly to a larger audience, without spending a fortune. This helps broaden the target consumer base and also helps to convert uncharted consumer segments.


  • Better Conversion Potential – When you are using postcards for your marketing campaign, a well-planned and accurately executed strategy can help you gain a better conversion rate than before. Since postcards had always been used as a medium of personal communication, they offer a better bet to convey your brand image or marketing message across to potential consumers.


  • Improved Contact with Target Customers – Postcards, if designed and printed with efficiency and quality, can ensure a complete read by the target recipient. This is because unlike television, radio or print advertisements that can be avoided or ignored by the target audience, postcards tend to be read by the recipients, solely because they are sent physically and personally to them. An added bonus is the fact that postcards cost a lot less than conventional media advertisements – improving the ROI and investment results on lead generation.


However, these and similar innumerable advantages of postcard marketing will only fall flat on their faces if you do not hire the services of a professional designing and printing agency. Amateurish prints in a postcard marketing campaign put off potential customers .


Therefore, even before you have set your eyes on postcard marketing as a viable option, research and locate an efficient printing agency beforehand to finish the job with considerable suavity! To market your products/ services effectively a postcard should not only look good, but ‘feel’ good (print material) too!

At PrintPapa – we offer various sizes of postcards to design, print and mail. You can choose from our pre-designed templates, or design from scratch.

Your Postcards Will Cost 25% Less in July!!

Are you considering postcards as a part of your marketing strategy? Why not! Printed postcards are great for every industry to promote their products, services, or events, or just to keep in touch with their dearest customers. Let’s take an example. If you are a restauranter, then imagine the bright faces of your food loving customers when they receive a visually enticing postcard of yummy delicacies with the latest entrants in the menu. I’m sure tables won’t go empty at your shop! Postcards can be really great as a marketing tool.

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Postcards for direct mail and marketing

Postcards for direct mail and marketing