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What are Mailing Services and How Can We Use Them?

Direct mailing services are great solutions for the business owners who are looking to increase the sales and expand loyal customer base for their company. It achieves both the purposes of increasing the sales as well as building physical connection between the customers and the company. It has been seen that marketing emails often land up in the spam folders of your mailbox. But when a mail is sent by post and directly delivered to the customers they feel interested in taking a look through. Another impressive aspect of direct mails is that they address the customers by their name. This offers a feel good factor for the recipients.

Direct mails increase the visibility of the company among the customers and make them aware of the products or services the company has. This is a major reason behind the usage of direct mails in the form of brochure, postcard, etc. Even after the recipient has finished reading through the direct mail they usually keep it in their home or office and are constantly reminded about the need of buying the products or services that a company has to offer. Email marketing does not have the same staying power as direct mails. A key aspect of direct mailing for customers is repeated action. At times the direct mail might reach the customers when they do not need the product or services. But there is no need to give up hope. If you keep sending them direct mails now or later a requirement will arise and they will buy from you. Even if the recipient does not buy the products or services himself/herself there is always a chance that they might refer some friends to your company.

Direct mailing using customized postcards is one of the leading ways for effective direct mailing. There are various online printing services providers offering various sizes of postcards and envelopes. You can get your postcards printed in the way you want to, include your company logo, and other information about the company along with the marketing messages to be delivered. Most of the reputed printing agencies online accept designed artwork defining how the direct mail should look like and what content should be used. So get the promotional messages stuffed into the mails and then upload the completed artwork in the mentioned format at the sites. You will also have to provide a mailing list with address and names of the recipients. If there is any other specifications needed mention the same to your printing services provider.

Getting the postcards printed and then been sent to the list of recipients mentioned by you does not cost a fortune. The prices charged by the printing service providers such as PrintPapa do not include the postage prices for the direct mails. PrintPapa offers UV coated full color postcards that are printed on 14 point Gloss and 110lb Matt Cardstock. Apart from postcards other promotional materials such as Flyers, Labels & Stickers, Rack Cards, Letterheads, Banners, etc. are also available at PrintPapa.

How Online Proofing Can Save You Time?

Let us take a flashback to the times before online printing services came into existence. Printing promotional materials was a quintessential part of marketing even back then. Marketers were more dependent on printing the postcards, business cards, brochures, posters, banners, etc. back then. But the problem was they had to select a printing press in close vicinity and could not make an independent choice based on the quality of work. Proximity of the printing press had to be close to the office or home of the marketers, for they required visiting the printers from time to time to check the progress of their work. They had to check the proof by physically being to the printers. This was taxing, taking into consideration the busy schedule of the businessmen even back then. They had to either cut on their business time or leisure time to pay such visits.


Now come back to the era of the Internet and online printing services people can order for their choice of promotional materials sitting within the comforts of their home. They can select the items just as they would do from the physical printing service providers. With the popularity of the concept for online printing services the reputed stores are coming up with new ways to make the online order placing, proofing and delivery procedure for their customers simple.


Proof checking is an essential part of promotional materials. Promotional materials signify the professionalism and the core values of the company. Often people form a favorable impression about a company based on the quality of prints and the messages they deliver. With such high stakes even a minor mistake can cause significant drop in sales. From the designing to content used in the promotional materials everything should be thoroughly checked to make sure it is picture perfect. With the online printing service providers you can check the proof sitting back at home in time which best suits you.


Online printing service providers have a well designed website that has options of uploading the artwork and selecting the exact sizes for the promotional materials. You can also add some extra specifications to further customize your printed product. There are tools at the websites whereby you can go through the proof and make the desired changes online. Just save the file after making the change. All the changes made during proof checking will be used while providing the end result. Reputed printing agencies such as PrintPapa offer 3 levels of proofing to make sure the customers get the exact design and content they had desired for. There are various types of promotional materials that you can get printed from PrintPapa such as calendars, greeting cards, letterhead, postcards, rack cards, etc.

Why Should I Buy My Printing Locally?

As printing services have become essential marketing aids for the businesses, thus they are found in every locality. But there is a general misconception among the business owners that only the big names can yield them good results while the local printing services are made for frauds. This is not the truth. There might be some printing agencies in your locality which might deliver the same results as big named companies. When you measure the pros and cons of getting printing locally, the pros definitely outnumber the cons. There are two choices while making a selection of local printers. You can either opt for the physical printing services or search through the Internet to find best online printing services in your locality. Physical printers may be an attractive proposition for some as you will not have to wait on the printers schedule but it is a bit high costing if the number of documents to be printed is not low. Online printing services on the otherhand can provide full color prints of large volumes at cost effective rates. There are various paper size options available with the online printing service providers. Moreover, the online printers are specialized in printing of various types of promotional materials such as letterheads, brochures, posters, business cards, etc.

One of the basic issues surrounding the choice of local printers is that customers often feel they can get better deals online. Thus they look to reduce the printing costs by visiting a reputed online store offering a fair deal. But the reduced cost for online printers depends on the company you choose. If hard to believe prices are offered by a store, then you may be losing out on quality of the end product. As the local printers are based in your locality they will not provide you inferior quality prints. If you are not satisfied with their services you will not recommend them to anyone else and this might hamper their business growth. So the local printers are more careful about the services they offer to their customers. There are many other advantages of using the services of the local printers such as:


  • When the printers are placed in locality, you can visit the print press anytime you want to and check the proof and adjust the colors for your promotional materials. This saves you from the hassles of traveling or having to wait for extended periods to check your proof.
  • You can sit with the professionals employed at the local printers and plan the layout and design face to face.
  • You can check the quality of paper and make sure that it meets your expectations. Paper is an important aspect in getting flawless prints.

Though many online printing service providers will provide you significant discounts, but those will affect the quality of the prints. Though you might have to spend some extra bucks for getting local printing services but that will help your printing promotions significantly, as a print promotion solely depends on the quality of the paper and prints. You will not have to wait for the prints to arrive. When you take up the services of big named printing service provider there are chances that your work will be in the queue and thus will take some time to be delivered. In terms of the local printers you can expect personalized handling of your orders. If you are looking for a local printer in Santa Clara, California then PrintPapa is the best option you can opt for. They have wide experience in printing promotional materials such as envelopes, doorhanger, poster, rackcards, greeting cards, etc.

What is Online Printing Anyway?

In the fast world of the times everyone wants solutions to their problems without leaving their homes. If you have started a business you would require printing service providers to get the key promotional materials such as Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, etc. printed. You can get the best printing services for such promotional materials without having to move an inch from your home or office. There are many reputed printing agencies offering online printing. Online printing is affordable and convenient and the printers mete out best quality and timely delivery. You should check with the printing service provider whether they meet the above mentioned criteria. In the traditional printing services the customers had to visit the press again and again to monitor the quality and progress of work. The busy professionals had to cut down upon their relaxation time to pay such visits to the printing press. It is very difficult for the new business owners to dedicate such time as they have to look into various key business aspects such as legal matters, recruitment, decoration/renovation of the office, etc. So with the help of the online printing services you can now have some time to relax.

If you have certain designs and content that would be implemented in the promotional materials, then there are special arrangements at such sites. The online printing service providers have special sections where you can not only order for the items but also upload your artwork based on the specifications mentioned at the website. The payment gateway used by the leading printing service providers such as PrintPapa is totally safe. Once ordered for the items get delivered in quick time. All the promotional materials are created strictly based on your preferences. So there is no place to complain. But it is important to learn about the file format for the files that need to be uploaded by the clients.

There is no need to worry about the date of delivery. It generally does not take more than few business day to deliver the order.

Vast options are available for online printing with PrintPapa whether it is business card, rack cards, poster, banner, or any other type of promotional materials you want to get printed you will get plenty of options.

What are the Brochure Design Elements?

Originally brochure was a marketing material solely associated with the educational institutes, but nowadays it is used by all sizes of business – whether small, medium or big. Brochure is often the first impression that a potential customer makes about a company. If they are well crafted and designed then they will create a positive impression in the minds of the potential customers. With the proper utilization of a brochure you can convert many potential customers into your customers. But in order to get success with the promotional brochure the designing is very important. Whether you want to perform the designing tasks yourself or hire a graphic designer with a lot of expertize, you should know the basic brochure design elements. By having such a knowledge you will ensure that your brochure designing budget does not go a waste. You can also hire the services of the best designer if you are able to ask him/her pertinent questions learned about the brochure design elements. If the designer is not able to answer some of the pertinent questions then it is time to move on. Below are some of the important elements of brochure design.

  • Uniqueness: Any brochure should tell the readers something unique which differentiates your company from the rest of the crowd. Uniqueness starts right from the way your brochure is designed. Ask the designer from where he/she gets the design inspiration. If the designer says from businesses in the same sector as yours then it could be a red flag. You will not like to get a copy of your competitors brochure design.
  • Simplicity: Cluttering the brochure with heaps of graphics and texts because you have space does not make sense. A brochure should contain only the most relevant information such as the testimonials and benefits. The information, however, will vary according to the function and the audience of the brochure. Ask the designer which design elements can lead to a good brochure design. Remember, lots of images and big texts in various colors can make the brochure hard to read. So if the designer recommends these usages then it is better to move.
  • Resolution of Images: Question the designer on what types of images he/she is planning to use. If the designer is planning to use stock photos make sure that these have high resolution. If low resolution images are used in the brochures they will look blurred and unprofessional. Even if the rest of the brochure looks great, the blurred images will diminish its appeal significantly.
  • Choice of Colors: Use of colors can evoke the right mood that you want the customers to have when they see the brochure. The brochure color should compliment the logo and the colors used in the company name. Ask the designer on the color he/she intends to use. If the designer intends to use the color that corresponds with the logo or the photos used then you are hiring the right professional for the job.

You should also make a careful choice of printing service provider. Only the most experienced printing agencies such as PrintPapa will be able to provide the highest quality of brochure printing. PrintPapa has wide experience in printing different types of promotional materials such as booklets, posters, banners, postcards, letterhead, flyers, NCR Forms, etc.

Tips To Format Book For Self Publishing Author

There are many authors over the world who find it hard to decide on the right format for manuscripts to send to their respective publishers. When you are looking to be the boss of your own work by becoming a self publisher it is important to have an idea about the proper format for the publishers. Some of the printing service providers have guidelines which should be followed meticulously if you want the best output for your book. The printing agencies work in different ways and use different software, thus the format for the manuscripts should meet their needs. If the manuscripts are not sent to the publishers then your work gets delayed and the costs pile up. While some of the reputed printing service providers such as PrintPapa have clear instructions for short run books, some of the other new printing agencies might have incomplete or no guidelines at all. In such situations it is important to follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Format the document to Font Size 12 and font type Times New Roman or Courier. There should be one inch margins on either side of the document.
  • Mention your contact details in the top left corner of the front page. The details should include either your real name or pen name, address, phone number, website or e-mail address. In the top right corner of the document mention the title of the book and approximate word count for the book (should be rounded to the nearest thousand).
  • Now move the cursor to the middle of the first page and write the first chapter heading in the center. Pres “Enter” a couple of times and type in “by [Your Name Here]”. Mention either your original name or any pen name whichever you want to appear in the book. Select the text to double spaced lines and press Enter. Now you can begin typing the manuscript.
  • Each of the paragraphs should have an indent of one-half inch which is the default setting for word processors. While typing the text, the paragraphs should not be separated by space. You don’t have to worry about the lines which are a part of the paragraphs before or after them (these lines dangle at the top or bottom part of the page automatically).
  • Use the tools to insert automatic page numbering at the top left of every page. In Microsoft Word this can be done by going to the menu bar and selecting the option “Header” or in the latest Word versions “Page Number”.
  • When you are done, watch out for the command which will make the page number for the front page different. The page number for this page should be at the bottom and centered.
  • Start each chapter of your book in separate pages. The chapter name should be quarter of the way down in the page. Insert an extra space between the title of the chapter and its text.

Now you have formatted the perfect manuscript which will help the printing service provider offer quick turnaround. If you visit a printing service provider like PrintPapa who has experience in not only publishing books but also other promotional materials, then you are assured to get high quality prints in quick time. The company deals with various types of printing such as Brochures, Booklets, Rack cards, Presentation Folders, Greeting Cards, etc. So you can be sure to get the best quality and nothing else from PrintPapa!

How to Determine the Right Size for Your Book?

When you are looking to self publish your book there are various things that you should consider. One of these is the size of the book. The size of the book plays an important part in the overall designing. When you visit any bookstore you will come across books of various shapes and sizes. If you notice closely the designs of the books vary according to the sizes significantly. So, which is the right size of book for your short run book? Well, there are some variables that will determine your choice. So look through these variables before making the final choice:

  • Genre: The size of the book varies according to the genre. There are some books which are associated with having a specific size, such as the mass market paperbacks are of small size (less than 5 inches in width and 8 inches in length). While the books on computer and technical information are larger in size of 7.25X9.25 or approximately that dimension. If you are looking to have good sales with your book then it is not wise to deviate from the general norms of size. Remember you will be selling the books through the retail stores where there are display racks of particular size to accommodate each genre of books.
  • Printer: Most of the book printers offer standard sized prints. Before getting the quotes you have to get an idea about the standard sizes of the printers and make your book layout likewise. It is difficult to visually make out the difference between 7”X10” and 6”X9”, so visit the nearest retail store and measure the books displayed there. If you are looking to print self published book using both offset technology and print on demand you should format the book so that they can be printed either way. Usually printers have fewer size variations when it comes to hardback or color books, so this factor should also be kept in mind.
  • Content: If the physical size of the book is small, then there will be more pages in the book. If you are looking to self publish a book with 50,000 words it will have 200 pages in the 6”X9” format, while in the 7”X10” format it will have 170 pages. When you are using the print on demand technology the pricing depends on the per page charge and base unit cost. The unit costs will vary according to the page sizes. Renowned printing service providers offer two categories such as large and small paperbacks. The unit of large paperbacks is definitely more then the smaller ones. If you can not decide on which option to go for then it is wise to get the calculators out and opt for the one costing you less on the printing charges.
  • Layout: If you intend to include pictures and diagrams in your book, then you will have to select a larger size to fit these ideally. Book’s readability is one of the most important considerations, so when you are preparing the layout for the book make sure it can be easily read. There should white spaces and margins left in the book to ease the reading experience.
  • Audience: If you are writing a book for the older audiences then the font for the book should be large. This will automatically make the book larger.

Renowned printing agencies such as PrintPapa have all the options available for the self publishers. PrintPapa not only offers extensive list of options for self publishing of short run books but they also offer printing services for various promotional materials such as NCR Forms, Labels & Stickers, Rack Cards, Flyers, Banners, Booklets, Presentation Folders, etc.

Tips to Create a Photobook with our P3 Publisher (Free Software)

Are you thinking of gifting something unique this holiday season, then photobooks are a great gift idea. Usually you must have thousands of nice photographs stacked in your computer but these go unused. If you want to create a photobook then you can use these photos and make a memorable gift item. Some people scare away from getting the photos printed as the costs incurred to buy a photo printer or to get the photos printed from a printing service provider are high. So why not use one among the hundreds of free software available with the printing agencies? PrintPapa has recently come up with one such software, the PrintPapa Photo Publisher, using which the clients can create a well-designed photobook including some of their unused snaps. There are various designing and personalizing options available in the software so that you can make the gift item meet your exact specifications.

The PrintPapa Photo Publisher is user friendly and you can create the photo book using some very simple steps. First of all download the software onto your desktop or laptop and then follow the below given steps:

Step 1

Start by clicking on the downloaded PrintPapa Photo Publisher software. When the software opens there is a page displaying a few options. You can read about various key facets such as the FAQs and Pricing models. If you have already gone through these then get started with the project.

On the left panel of the page there are various photo products mentioned. As we are looking to create a photobook so we will click on “Photo Books”.

Step 2

When the next page opens up click on the option “Create New”. You will immediately be taken to a page “Select Book”. Here you have to choose the size for photobook. There are two options available such as Hardcover Photobook 11X8.5 and 8X8. You can also select the categories for the product such as all categories (which will let the software choose) or Landscape and Square, whichever option you feel comfortable with. Here I have selected the option “Landscape” and will settle for the size “Hardcover Photobook – 11X8.5”.

Step 3

Once you have made your selections click on “Easy Photo Book Wizard”. Select a Theme for your Photo Book next. The themes will depend on the occasion. There are various themes such as Birthday, Holidays, Sports, Travel, etc. Here I will go for the “Holidays” theme. Once completed I will click on “Next” to go through to the next stage.

Step 4

Now go on and select the photos that you want to include in your photobook. It is a good idea to pre-select the photos and keep them in a separate folder. You can select any number of pictures from 21 to 398. Click on “Select Pictures” option. On the left hand panel of the page there are browsing options. Search for the folder where you have kept the photos. Once the pictures in the folder get recognized by the software they will be displayed to you. Click on the photos you want to include by ticking beside them. I will be using 24 pictures for my project. Once the selection is done click on “OK”.

In the next stage you can choose the Cover Picture for your Photobook. The software takes the first picture in the selected list to be the cover photo, so you can alter that by clicking on “Preview Pictures” and dragging the suitable cover photo to the top of the list. You can rearrange other photos in your preferable order too simply by dragging them. Once done click “OK”.

Step 5

In the next stage you have to give a caption for the photobook that should not exceed 30 characters as also select the caption location (i.e. whether on Front Cover or First page). Once you are through click on “Next”.

Step 6

The PrintPapa Photo Publisher will give you a summary of the preferences you have selected for your photobook creation. Go through it and then click on “Finish” to proceed further.

Now you can design the background of for photos, add frame, add Sepia and black & white touch to them, etc. You may choose the Page Backgrounds, Page Layouts, Page Borders, Picture Shapes, Clipart, etc. The top half of the page shows the arrangement of the photos page wise. So take a minute look.

Step 7

After taking a minute look if you are satisfied with the design and the page arrangement then click on “Send to PrintPapa Press” on top of the page. You will be shown the resolutions of each and every photo, click “Proceed” to get to the next stage. The software will take some time to process your project.

Accept the terms and conditions of the company and then click “Continue”. Wait for some time as all the details will be transferred to PrintPapa for order processing.

Now you have to mention the number of copies you want for the photobook and fill in the expected turnaround time. The calculator will calculate the total cost so that you can instantly know how much you have incurred.

Now just sit back and wait for the photobook to arrive to your doorsteps. It is very easy to create that perfect gift item using the PrintPapa Photo Publisher. There are other photo products also offered by this renowned printing agency such as photo greetings cards, photo posters and banners and photo calendars.

Photo Greeting Cards: Something New To Gift

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words and this is where photos hold their dominance over text mediums. While gifting, everyone is accustomed to getting a greetings card along with the main gift item. Greetings cards have been the most popular gifting item for such a long time now, isn’t it good to be a little creative? Printing technologies have evolved enormously over the last decade and now you do not have to buy the designed and printed greetings cards from the stores near you. You can be creative and make a special greeting card from one of the custom printing service providers. Photo greetings cards offer you the option to select a photo of the recipient, write custom messages within the card and then design the greetings card as per your liking.

The popularity of the photo greetings cards have made them apt gifting items on all the occasions or such is the claim made by the printing agencies. Let’s take a look at how worthy gifting items these are in terms of the special days in your life:

  • Christmas: This one of the occasions that has become synonymous with the greetings cards. There is a lot of enthusiasm over the exchange of greetings cards. Just think how unique it would be if you gift a photo greeting card to some of your family members containing the merriment that they undertook in last year’s Christmas. You may also design the card with the bells and reindeer.
  • Anniversaries: Wedding anniversary is a very touchy day for all married couples. You would definitely want to make your spouse feel special, so why not gift a personalized photo greetings card carrying a sweet picture of your wedding day! You may gift this alongside chocolates, diamond rings, etc. You may also include a handwritten romantic message specially dedicated to your beloved.
  • Birthdays: Birthdays celebrate the life of the person. So gift them a photo greetings card containing a memorable picture of the person. You may also write some beautiful lines to add cherry to the cake. Some people also design the card with images of candles and cakes.
  • Father’s or Mother’s Day: Parents make us what we are thus it is very important to make them happy. You can make these dates special by gifting a photo greetings card having your picture in your father’s or mother’s lap when you were a baby. It will flood their hearts with a lot of pleasant memories and make them feel you hold them as precious as you did when you were a child.
  • Thank You Card: You may send the thank you cards thanking people for attending your wedding, anniversary or any other occasion. You may use a picture of the guests and you as the cover of the photo greetings cards. This will make the guests feel special as also remember the occasion for a long time.

To get the desired result with the photo greetings cards you will require the services of a high quality printing agency. Print Papa is one of the know names in terms of offering high quality printed products of various sorts. They offer an assortment of photo products such as calendars, photobooks, banners and posters.

Personalized Photo Products: Great Gifting Ideas

There are so many occasions when you buy gifts for your near and dear ones but have you ever asked yourself: Is the gift item too impersonal? When you gift to someone you want to make it the most precious thing in their life. Thus it is not a good idea to select from the abundant list of items present at the stores near you. In the past regular greetings cards were seen as a good gift item but just think there are thousands of greeting cards of the same design out there in the market. So is there anything special about your gift? Why not make the gift personalized to reflect the true personality of the recipient and what you feel about him or her.

Nowadays there are plenty of customization options in lieu of the development in printing technology. Photo products with custom messages are available with the printing agencies. You can gift a self designed photo product to someone you hold very special. There are great photo product gifting ideas available so just take a look at some of them:

  • Photobooks: If you are invited to a wedding or even a birthday then photobooks are great gift options. These can be held as the modern day form of the photo albums where you have a chance to design and customize the item according to your liking. You may use the pictures of the newlyweds or the birthday boy or girl on the cover of the photobook (or anything more creative). All the pictures taken on the special day may later be put into the photobook and gifted later.
  • Photo Calendars: Everyone needs calendars at home. Won’t it be a good idea if you could see various expressions and special moments in the well-designed pages of the photo calendars? So select some of the best moments in the life of the recipient and create a soothing design for each page. This gift will surely bring a smile on the face of the recipient.
  • Photo Greetings Cards: You may have bought the designed greeting cards from many stores but those were the gifting items of the bygone years. Today you can get greetings cards with the picture of the recipient and some messages that come straight from your heart. If you are creative you may also include some poetic lines dedicated to that person. There are many templates which you may use to design the photo greetings cards but you may also design it yourself using the colors and patterns that the recipient likes.
  • Personalized Posters and Banners: There are many people who like to decorate their walls with various types of posters. You may use the personalized posters or banners carrying some beautiful photographs of the individual and gift it. There is also scope to add innovative messages in this product.

As you can see all these ideas depend heavily on the quality of prints. With high quality printing you can draw applause. So the selection of a renowned printing service provider is vital. Print Papa is one of the most reputed printing agencies around and they offer a large variety of printing services for their customers.