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What are Mailing Services and How Can We Use Them?

Direct mailing services are great solutions for the business owners who are looking to increase the sales and expand loyal customer base for their company. It achieves both the purposes of increasing the sales as well as building physical connection between the customers and the company. It has been seen that marketing emails often land up in the spam folders of your mailbox. But when a mail is sent by post and directly delivered to the customers they feel interested in taking a look through. Another impressive aspect of direct mails is that they address the customers by their name. This offers a feel good factor for the recipients.

Direct mails increase the visibility of the company among the customers and make them aware of the products or services the company has. This is a major reason behind the usage of direct mails in the form of brochure, postcard, etc. Even after the recipient has finished reading through the direct mail they usually keep it in their home or office and are constantly reminded about the need of buying the products or services that a company has to offer. Email marketing does not have the same staying power as direct mails. A key aspect of direct mailing for customers is repeated action. At times the direct mail might reach the customers when they do not need the product or services. But there is no need to give up hope. If you keep sending them direct mails now or later a requirement will arise and they will buy from you. Even if the recipient does not buy the products or services himself/herself there is always a chance that they might refer some friends to your company.

Direct mailing using customized postcards is one of the leading ways for effective direct mailing. There are various online printing services providers offering various sizes of postcards and envelopes. You can get your postcards printed in the way you want to, include your company logo, and other information about the company along with the marketing messages to be delivered. Most of the reputed printing agencies online accept designed artwork defining how the direct mail should look like and what content should be used. So get the promotional messages stuffed into the mails and then upload the completed artwork in the mentioned format at the sites. You will also have to provide a mailing list with address and names of the recipients. If there is any other specifications needed mention the same to your printing services provider.

Getting the postcards printed and then been sent to the list of recipients mentioned by you does not cost a fortune. The prices charged by the printing service providers such as PrintPapa do not include the postage prices for the direct mails. PrintPapa offers UV coated full color postcards that are printed on 14 point Gloss and 110lb Matt Cardstock. Apart from postcards other promotional materials such as Flyers, Labels & Stickers, Rack Cards, Letterheads, Banners, etc. are also available at PrintPapa.

Design Posters to Promote Energy Conservation

In the last 100 years man has become energy hungry. From the cars we dive to the light bulb in our home, everything runs on energy. Most of the energy we use comes from non-renewable sources of energy which will have limited supply in the future. Awareness is a must on these issues and posters are an ideal way to do it.

You can put up your poster in educational institutions; workplaces, public places, place of religious interest. These go a long way in creating awareness about the energy conservation. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing posters to promote energy conservation:

  • Highlight The Cause: There are people who aren’t aware of the seriousness of energy crisis. Your posters need to make them aware of the facts. You can point how many years of petroleum supplies are we left with or how the coal reserves are getting over slowly. Facts and figures on these will have a greater impact on the audience. You can also add sources to the poster to make it look attractive.
  • Educate on Wastage: Throughout the world a lot of energy is wasted daily. Use pictures and graphics to highlight the issue of wastage of energy. Ask people to stop wasting electricity; avoid card and other vehicles for distances which can be covered on foot or on a cycle. Make them understand that saving something is as good as producing it. Show them the incentives of saving energy.
  • Use Catchy Slogans: Printing catchy slogans on your posters are a great way of taking the cause to the people. Try to hit people emotionally saying energy conservation is not just for them but for their children and grandchildren. Highlight what are the areas where they are going wrong with their energy usage.
  • Give Alternatives: Most people keep consuming non-renewable energy sources as they do not know suitable alternatives. A good energy conservation poster should encourage people to use energy efficient equipments like solar water heater, solar light etc. Highlight the cost saving that they would have using these renewable sources of energy.

Print the energy conservation poster in full color to create maximum impact among the target audience. Hiring the services of a professional printing services provider like PrintPapa is a must for you. PrintPapa is equipped with all the latest equipments in terms of printing technology. It has expertise in printing greeting cards, letterheads, business cards, notepads, rack cards, NCR forms, doorhangers etc. They have earned the respect of their clients by delivering high quality work on time.

Tips To Make Real Estate Flyers

If you are a real estate agent one of the best ways for you to promote your business is through the use of flyers. They are of the cheapest printed material and allow you the liberty to go for bulk promotion. These can be easily inserted in the local newspapers and distributed to a wide range of audience without much effort.

There are many websites that give you custom made template to create your own flyer. These are a good way of printing a flyer. In case you are creative enough to create your own design in image processing softwares such as Photoshop, it will give your flyer a unique look. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing your real estate flyer:

  • Use a simple layout where the name of your real estate firm is highlighted at the top. It should have the complete list of services you provide and the areas you serve.
  • Ensure that the flyer has your full contact details. An address makes you look authentic and thus an address is a must for your flyer.
  • Color attracts the human eye, so your flyer should be printed in full color and preferably in brighter shades.
  • Images make a real estate flyer look authentic. Print full color images of properties that you are dealing in. For under construction properties artist’s impression would serve good.
  • Give detailed description of each property and try emphasizing on the benefits of each property. This arouses interest in the minds of your potential clients and makes them contact you.
  • List the advantages of each property like proximity to airport, commercial establishment etc. These are the things people look for before buying a property or taking it on rent.
  • Give a detailed map of the property in your flyer. This is a very important component of any flyer.
  • If you are having multiple properties in the same flyer, it is important that you create separate headline for each of them. This will make your flyer look attractive.
  • Adding a layer of gloss will make your real estate flyer sparkle and stand out among the crowd.

A well designed real estate flyer needs to be complemented by high quality printing. Make sure that you hire the services of a high quality printing services provider like PrintPapa for the job. They have expertise in printing books, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, labels, notepads, catalogs, NCR forms and business cards among others. Over the years they have exceeded the expectations of the clients by delivering high quality printing services on time.

Effective Missing Pet Poster Design

Losing your pet can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. The grief and the pain however should not override your duty to search for your pet. The most effective way to look for your pet is through missing pet poster. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing an effective pet poster:

  • Picture Is Key: An image of your pet is the most important thing in your pet poster. Most people passing by won’t have the time to read the text in poster. Make sure the picture is medium shot of your pet as it is easiest to identify pets in such pictures. Long shots and close ups wont help you with your purpose. The image should be high resolution and in full focus.
  • Print Large Text: Print the name of your pet in large font size. Mention the words ‘missing’ or ‘lost’ at the top of the poster as it will communicate message immediately. It should have a short description of any particular identification of your pet such as white Labrador, blue colored etc. Mention the name of your pet on the poster as pets generally respond well to their names when called.
  • Contact Address: It is important for you to mention your contact address in the poster. Mention your complete address with landmark. Include your email address and contact number in the poster. In case someone finds your pet he/she should immediately be able to contact you. In case you want to be contacted at some particular time mention that too.
  • Promise A Reward: There won’t be a happier occasion in life if someone brings back your pet to you. Promise a handsome award to the person who brings back your pet to you. It can be in the form of cash or a gift item. The word REWARD should be highlighted in the poster.
  • Do It In Color: The poster should immediately attract attention of the people seeing it. Make sure that the poster is printed in full color and has good contrast between the background and the text for more visibility.

Your missing pet poster has top be printed well and you will need the services of a good printing services provider for this. PrintPapa will be a good choice for you as they are a well established printer with modern printing equipment. They have expertise in printing greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs and NCR forms among others. PrintPapa has regularly satisfied its clients delivering high quality work on time.

Benefits of Using NCR Forms

Carbon copy has been one of the oldest and most popular methods of making multiple copies of the same written or typed document. Various industries use NCR forms for invoices, inventory sheets, accounting, billing, records, purchasing orders, delivery slips etc. These days however NCR Forms have taken their place. NCR or No Carbon Required forms have become the mainstay of the industry due to their benefits over the traditional carbon paper.

Each sheet is treated with a pressure-sensitive chemical which can leave impressions by handwriting with a ball point pen or by a dot matrix printer. Back of the topmost sheet is coated micro-encapsulated dye and the top of the lower sheets is coated with clay on the top. This same combination of chemicals on the top and bottom of a page is repeated for as many required numbers. Here are a few benefits of NCR forms:

  • NCR forms do not use dry ink like the traditional carbon paper and hence does not leave behind stains on the duplicate copy of the document.
  • NCR forms can be used to make more copies than normal carbon paper which tend to create lighter impression if the number of copies is too high.
  • Unlike in carbon copies there is no requirement to attach a separate between papers while using NCR forms. They are ready to use right from the time they come printed.
  • NCR forms are more environment friendly when compared to carbon paper which results in lot of wastes.
  • NCR forms printed with professional printer are arranged well and do not lead to overlapping while writing which is common with carbon copies.
  • They are a cost effective way of making duplicates and triplicates compared to carbon paper in the long run.
  • NCR forms create a very accurate and pinpoint writing in all the pages as the micro-capsules which spill to break and spill the dye are very small.

Not all printers can print proper NCR forms and assemble them and you should only consult a professional printing services provider for your purpose. PrintPapa will be the right choice for you as they have been printing NCR forms regularly for clients. Besides NCR forms they also have their expertise in printing CD/DVD covers, booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, and calendars. They have always supplied high quality job regularly to clients on time which has resulted in satisfied clients.