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Tips To Make Real Estate Flyers

If you are a real estate agent one of the best ways for you to promote your business is through the use of flyers. They are of the cheapest printed material and allow you the liberty to go for bulk promotion. These can be easily inserted in the local newspapers and distributed to a wide range of audience without much effort.

There are many websites that give you custom made template to create your own flyer. These are a good way of printing a flyer. In case you are creative enough to create your own design in image processing softwares such as Photoshop, it will give your flyer a unique look. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing your real estate flyer:

  • Use a simple layout where the name of your real estate firm is highlighted at the top. It should have the complete list of services you provide and the areas you serve.
  • Ensure that the flyer has your full contact details. An address makes you look authentic and thus an address is a must for your flyer.
  • Color attracts the human eye, so your flyer should be printed in full color and preferably in brighter shades.
  • Images make a real estate flyer look authentic. Print full color images of properties that you are dealing in. For under construction properties artist’s impression would serve good.
  • Give detailed description of each property and try emphasizing on the benefits of each property. This arouses interest in the minds of your potential clients and makes them contact you.
  • List the advantages of each property like proximity to airport, commercial establishment etc. These are the things people look for before buying a property or taking it on rent.
  • Give a detailed map of the property in your flyer. This is a very important component of any flyer.
  • If you are having multiple properties in the same flyer, it is important that you create separate headline for each of them. This will make your flyer look attractive.
  • Adding a layer of gloss will make your real estate flyer sparkle and stand out among the crowd.

A well designed real estate flyer needs to be complemented by high quality printing. Make sure that you hire the services of a high quality printing services provider like PrintPapa for the job. They have expertise in printing books, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, labels, notepads, catalogs, NCR forms and business cards among others. Over the years they have exceeded the expectations of the clients by delivering high quality printing services on time.

How To Print Cheap NCR Forms?

NCR forms are used in so many important places nowadays that they have become an important item in every printer’s list. In the past there used to carbon papers, but they made the copies messy, at times wasteful and time consuming too. But with the development of carbonless NCR forms there are so many easy options at your fingertips today. Making multiple copies is now just matter of a few seconds.

Actually the NCR forms are chemically treated paper which can transfer the writings or typed impressions from the page on top to the consequent pages without any hassles at all. Such multiple copy forms are used for many purposes such as statements, invoices, contracts, purchase orders, receipts and other business uses. Here are some NCR forms printing options that you may use for the benefit of your business.

  • Number of Parts: Printers usually perform NCR form printing from 2 to 6 parts. But the most popular NCR forms are found in 2 to 4 parts. The number of parts is basically determined by your business requirements. You have to decide on the number of copies that will best suit your operations. Whether you require copies for the accounting team, sales team and one for the customers or there are other copies required. But in most cases the 3 part NCR form does the job.
  • Ink Types: The single color ink printing jobs cost little as compared to the use of many colors. There are so many companies that want to make the top copy (that is given away to the customers) impressive with the use multiple colors. Most of the companies use multiple colors on the top most page along with some designs while the rest which are more of business department copies are kept in their simplest forms. You could also go for double sided printing with these forms, where on the back side there will be instructions for the customers.
  • Binding: You can either opt for loose NCR forms or may order them to be bound together. NCR forms can be bound on the edges as this keeps the forms together and yet they can be dispensed off one at a time easily. There is also the booklet styled option available. Booklet NCR forms have their own benefits. They allow you to keep the numbered copies together as they have a cover wrap that can be inserted between the forms. Booklet forms are great for use in case of invoices, receipts, sales orders, etc.
  • Numbering on the Forms: Numbers are a very important aspect of NCR form printing. The numbers should be in sequence so that they can be used for verification later.

These steps will surely help you while deciding to print NCR forms. It is important that you choose a printing service provider that can offer you not only high quality prints but also deliver you the ordered items in quick time. Print Papa is one such company that has delivered satisfactory results to all their clients. They offer printing services for various types of promotional material such as booklets, bookmarks, banners, notepads, etc.

How To Design A Photo Greeting Card?

Greeting cards are one of the best ways to promote your business as they carry your message forward in an informal manner. Many business houses are these days opting for photo greeting card over normal greeting card as they tend to create awareness in a personalized manner. Some of the most common size of greeting cards are the 7×5 Greeting Card, 8.5×6 Greeting Card and 10×7 Greeting Card. You must keep the following things in mind while designing a photo greeting card:

  • Choose Image Carefully – You need to be very careful while choosing the image for your photo greeting card.  Also check for the resolution and clarity of the image. Remember about the orientation as most photographs are clicked in landscape while greeting cards are usually in portrait.  Also look for a bright picture instead of a dull one for your photo greeting card.
  • Theme Your Brand – Choose an image which is themed around something relating to your brand. A good image won’t necessarily carry your message unless it relates to you. The image in the card can be that of your product or even your office.
  • Use Image Processors – Image processing softwares such as MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw can be used for laying out a photo greeting card and adding text and other graphics too. MS Publisher has lots of pre-designed templates for a photo greeting card.
  • Use Brand Name and Logo Gracefully – The image of your greeting card will carry the message so your logo and brand name need to only complement it. A common mistake many people make is overshadowing the picture with the logo and the brand name. This mistake should be avoided.
  • Insert The Message – The inside panel of a photo greeting card has the most important part of the card i.e. message. Do not clutter the card with a long message as they tend to take away the attention. Rather be short and sweet with your message. Grab the reader’s attention at one go.
  • Use Back Panel – Most greeting cards have a blank back panel. You could instead use this page and give the contact details of your organization on the back panel. It can also carry a small brief about your organization for the benefit of your clients.

PrintPapa is one stop solution for all the printing services. It caters to all kinds of printing needs and has expertise over printing and designing books, business cards, catalogs and notepads among others.

Tips for Good Booklet Printing

Booklets and brochures are a great way to promote business and drive sales. A good booklet is a great way to inform your customers about your products and services and can give you an edge over your competitors. From hotels to travel agents and banks to electronic goods manufacturers, everyone has found booklets to be one of the most effective tools for promotion. Some things must be kept in mind while designing a good booklet.


  • Use Templates: Using templates can be one of the most efficient ways of designing a booklet. A template comes with proper formatting and styles which are customisable according to your needs. Using a template can save time of designing a booklet from the scratch. This time can be used more efficiently on the content which is the most important aspect of a template design.
  • Be Brief and to the Point: A booklet is not a book and so you need to focus only on the core issues and convey your message in brief. You can be creative with your style of writing of the promotional messages but avoid lengthening the booklet. Highlight your strengths and the advantages that your product or service can provide to your customers. Use simple fonts and style as unlike common belief use of complex fonts and different styles affects the readability of the booklet.


  • Use Pictures and Graphics: A booklet full of text can be boring so use of graphics and pictures is a must. Seeing is believing they say and when your customer sees the product in the booklet it immediately draws his attention towards it. You can also use graphs to prove the advantage of using your product or service. Comparing your products with that of your competitors can give you a competitive edge in the market as this convinces the customer about your product or service.
  • High Quality Printing: High quality printing services is a must for a good booklet and so you should not compromise with the printing quality of the booklet. A poorly printed booklet can create a bad impression in the minds of your customers. So you should always get your booklet printed by a professional printing agency on high quality paper.
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PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and have expertise in printing of booklets, brochures and other corporate documents. We provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of our customers. We offer 2 different sizes of Booklets:

  • 8.5×11 – (11×17 Sheets, folded in half and then stapeled) 8 to 60 Pages
  • 8.5×5.5 -(8.5×11 Sheets, folded in half and then stapeled) 8 to 60 pages

You can order as low as 25 Booklets to upto 5000 at a time. We offer various types of paper, colors, turnarounds. All our Booklet Orders come with a Free Hard Copy Proof, so you will get a good idea of how the final product will look like.

Pro-Environment Calendar Printing Tips

If you have an environmental organization then you will surely need all the promotion you can have to gain support from a large section of the populace. This is the reason why calendars are considered apt marketing tools for environmental organizations. Calendar is a thing that every household requires and they remain in front of the eyes all throughout the day and night. So is there any better way to make people remember your organization and the cause for which you are fighting. Though the printing agencies will give you various ideas to make the calendars more effective but below are some of the tried and tested tips:


  • Special Events and Dates should be highlighted – Highlight the special dates of the organization and those that are valid for your organization. This will serve as a constant reminder for all viewers of the calendar what your organization is about and what you strive to attain through it. Many interested people might also take a notice of those special days and participate in the event organized by your organization. By doing this, you will make people aware of the various events that are held by the organization such as concerts, exhibitions, anniversary celebrations, etc. More people participating in these events leads to more success for your organization.


  • Foreign Translations should be included – There are many people around the world who do not understand English. So, it is a great idea to have native language translations for month, date and other messages included in your calendar. This will help you to reach out to a larger population of the audience.


  • Include Paintings, Poetry and Quotes by Other Members – Get the people in your organization involved in it. Make the campaign more absorbing by including quotes, poetry, nature photos and paintings by the other employees of the organization. These will not only give the members a boost but will also add content to the design of your calendar.

Whatever you do, bear one thing in mind that take up the best printing services available. These tips will work effectively only if the printing agency chosen by you is effective. An effective calendar campaign will ensure that your environmental organization grows by leaps and bounds!

Reasons to use Green Printing!

With widespread concerns about pollution in various quarters of life isn’t it wise to do whatever one can to save this beautiful planet? Green printing is the latest trend in the industry. This type of printing service not only reflects the caring attitude for the planet but is affordable too. Though green printing is not as cheap as some of the other conventional types of printing services, it has many other advantages that are making people go green. Below are some of the advantages:


  • Cost Effective – Though the costing for green printing might seem high initially but in the long run they prove to be an economic option. On top of this, there are many green printing agencies that offer very competitive prices for such services.
  • End Results – The recycled papers used in this process are of the highest quality and give great prints while the vegetable or soy inks are made to produce vibrant colors. Such prints also last for a longer time than the prints made from conventional printers.
  • Quick Shift – It is easy to make a switch from conventional printing to green printing. Just place your order and watch the results. These printers follow the same process as conventional printers.


  • Eco friendly – The sole purpose of using such printing service is to make others feel that you care for the planet. The earth has given so much to us. This is just a small gesture on your part.
  • Appreciated by Customers – Using green printing service is a feather in your cap. Your customers will appreciate the caring heart you have for nature. It will convey your obligations to the society and the environment at the same time.
  • Printing is Essential – Printing is needed by all organizations big and small for various purposes. So, if you are going to use the printing services why not use green printing and show your responsibility towards the planet.


  • Spreading the Thought – It might so happen that your green prints might inspire many other companies to take up this form of eco-friendly printing service.

When there is a way to thank the planet for all it has given why not use the green alternative! There are so many printing agencies (one of them is PrintPapa) that provides green printing services. So, use it and feel good!

At PrintPapa below are the list of things we do which classifies us as a Green Printer

  • Chemistry Free Plate Making Process: We use Presstek Computer To Plate Making machine to make the printing plates, which can just be rinsed with plain water. No need for developer or fixer, or polyester films, masking sheets and tapes.
  • Waterless Offset DI Presses: Our presses are waterless press and here is a link to read more about how environmental friendly is a DI Press.
  • We recycle all paper waste.
  • We recycle all metal plates
  • We turn off all lights, AC, fans before we go home.
  • We use electronic Job Tickets to save on paper and also allows us to be more efficient.
  • Plus many more small things we do everyday.

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Postcards

Postcards are one of the best tools to enhance the popularity of your business along with building good customer relationships. Though this tool of marketing has often been overlooked, postcards have become an easy, fast and reliable way to increase the sale of your products and services without having to spend a fortune. The unique designs and content of this tool make it much more efficient than other methods of marketing. But it is necessary to take wise decisions to maximize the gains from postcards. There are thousands and thousands of printers providing postcards in today’s date, therefore, it is essential to be aware of some of the common mistakes that are committed while choosing a printer. Printers play an important role in transforming a mind-blowing concept for a business card into reality. Good postcards will be kept by the clients and not thrown away. So, here are some of the things that should be done while choosing a printer:


  • Don’t look for cheap services – As it is always said, cheaper does not mean the better. You can get a postcard for free or for a nominal cost from some printing services. In fact, there are so many free postcard templates available on the Internet that it would be difficult for you to find an original idea. Using these types of free templates and cheap printing services can send a wrong message across to your target audience. Unique designs and content, and customized templates can definitely work as distinctions between serious service providers and those that are run-of-the-mill type.


  • Avoid Flashy Designs – Using blazing colors and designs does not help in business marketing. All the important information should be written in easy to read fonts, carrying a slogan of your company and of course its logo. Such type of design features help to create a great impression on your clients.
  • Adjust the Font Size – The font size should be such that it can be read easily by readers belonging to any age group.
  • Highlight the Important Information – Business postcards should be used as a call to action, therefore, the important information should be made distinct using bold and large fonts.


  • Never Use Postcards Carrying Outdated Information – Outdated information, when read by would-be clients, send a wrong message to them. You definitely have the option to strike out the wrong printed information with a pen and write down the correct information. But think of the impression you’ll make in this process. So, why not take the help of printing agencies to print postcards carrying the latest information to boost your image in front of your clients.

When you have an idea about the do’s and dont’s of postcard printing and designing, then choosing the right printing agency becomes a walk in the park.

At PrintPapa we can offer 7 different sizes of postcards. Our Postcards are printed on heavy 14 pt. Card Stock with UV for extra protection. Provide us with the design and the mailing list and we take care of the rest. That is Printing and Mailing.

What Affects the Variation in Printing Costs?

There are two ways to consider the term ‘Printing costs’. Firstly, it can mean the price that you have to pay to the printing service provider at the end of the project. Secondly, it might also mean the estimate held by a company or enterprise for any printing project. In this case, companies can plan their work according to the estimate. But whatever be the meaning, it is desirable that you know about the factors that affect the value of your printing project so that you are not up for a shock. Following are the points that will help you to judge a printing service from the point of view of costs incurred:


  • Having Designs Ready: Before going to a printer make sure that all the designs are foolproof and final. If you have to chop and change things in the middle of the project, then it will call for professional help from the in house team of experts, costing you additional fees and computer charges.
  • Save Time: Printing cost is not just limited to the money. Make sure that the printing project suffers no delay and you get all the work on time. As a client you are paying for timely delivery.


  • Keep Track of the Project: Knowing every detail of what is going on in your project is a good way to control the costs. Do not let the printing agencies include unnecessary details that will increase the final cost of your project. One thing that you should never do while your printing project is in the offing is to take unplanned decisions.
  • Decide upon the Real Value: Printing projects are undertaken to make profits. They are not a run-of-the-mill type of job. So, always think about the quality, quantity and services of the printers.


  • Double Check for Hidden Costs: Many printing agencies do not include the shipping costs, sales taxes and other charges in their brochures. So, you have to inquire whether the price is the final price or there are some add-ons to it.
  • Standard Sizes: Printing costs may also vary if the prints asked by you are not of the standard sizes or weight.

These facets will help you to keep a track of the prices that can be incurred for your printing project. You may also use these as guidelines to set a plan for printing.

At PrintPapa we have prices for most of the common products online. Just use the quick Instant Quote Calculator and configure it per your needs and you will get the price instant, and then place the order, and upload the files. For custom products which we do not have on our website – request for a custom quote, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

How Do Bleeds Add Appeal to Artwork

If you are a novice and haven’t used any printing services to get your promotional material printed then it should always be remembered that bleeds are an important facet of printing. When taking up the printing services it is always important that you know the way a printer works. Suppose you require 4000, 320 GSM (or 14pt.) 4×6″ flyers, these are generally not printed on 4×6″ sized pages as is the common conception of most designers. They are in fact printed 8 UP on SRA3 (12.6×17.71″) cards that are bigger than the 4×6 size papers and then they are neatly trimmed into size to make them appear like 4×6 size.

What are printers bleeds?


Suppose you are ordering for an 8.5×11 flyer, it is not possible for the printer to print to the edges of the paper. So, the printers take a larger sized paper and trim it to the size ordered for. In order to produce a bleed effect for the images, fills and photos, the printing service providers extend the artwork to 3mm beyond the cutline. Many believe that for producing bleed on a 8.5×11 artwork, the length of the artwork should be 8.5″ x 11″ (i.e., same as the paper length). This is a very wrong notion because you will always need to extend the artwork by 3mm to get good bleeds.

What happens if a bleed is not added?


When an artwork is trimmed for printing it is shortened by 1 or 2mm. Though the movement looks negligible but it can cause some problems with the print output. If you do not add bleeds to an artwork then there is a 2mm white border on the sides of the print. Though it’s small it will be noticeable. One thing that should be remembered while printing promotional materials is that the texts should not be close to the trim cut line. If so happens then there is a chance that they might be cut off. You should always ensure that the text or logo is at least 5mm (in normal course) or 8mm (in case of bleeds) in from the trim/cut line.


Any promotional material that you create should be clean and clear to bear its fruits. So, sending the files in proper print ready format is always the least you can do.

Tips for Choosing the Right Printing Company

Before starting a printing project you must have chalked out every detail like the color of your booklets, the type of paper to be used, pictures to be used, etc. But all this planning can go in vain if you have not chosen the right printing service for your project. There are thousands of printing service providers available online and all of them claim that they can help you to attain your goals. It can, thus, become very confusing as how to choose the right printing service provider. The following tips might be of help in your quest to find the right printer:


  • Quantity: You should know the amount of prints that are required for your project. This is a very important task before you begin your search for a printer. Inquire time and again, whether the company you are looking to take up the services can handle the bulk orders or not. You should also try and know whether the company will be doing the work themselves or send it to any third party. Outsourcing of work may cause unexpected delays as well as higher costs. Though most of the printing companies deliver the orders prior to the deadline, it is better to be safe.
  • Quality: Take a close look at the past projects and judge the quality of the output. From materials to color to equipment, everything should be taken a close look at to make an informed judgment on quality.


  • Customer Services: Choose those companies that do not make you wait in the counters consuming your precious time. Such companies also ensure speed and ease in the completion of your printing tasks. If you choose such a company, then you are sure to get efficient, effective and smooth services.
  • Color Capabilities: Color is an essential ingredient of printing. So, the quality of color used for printing is very important for the clients. Choose a company using the latest equipment that will deliver only satisfactory results.
  • Ask for Previews: Ask the printing company to give you a visual demonstration of how your prints will look. Seeing the preview before the printing is done will give you a lot of mental satisfaction.


  • Order Tracking Facility: Select the printing company with order tracking facility. Thereby, you can judge the status of your delivery at every step.

These tips will make the task of choosing the right printing company easier. It will also ensure that nothing goes wrong with your printing project.

At PrintPapa we do all of the above:

  • We offer short run printing from 50 sheets to long run or bulk printing upto 10000 sheets.
  • Our quality is the best and we can boast about it. All the jobs are printed on state of the art printing presses, which are calibrated daily and can keep up with the growing demands. These presses are highly automated which allows us to produce high quality output at the correct cost.
  • We excel in customer service. Check out our testimonials on our site and also on Yahoo local.