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Tips to Avoid Self Publishing Traps

In the yesteryear self publishing was a critical task, but got no respect. Today the scenario has changed significantly with many self published books becoming famous as bestsellers. Authors are also realizing the  benefits of self publishing their books. By self publishing their books the authors become masters of all they survey, they have authority in all the aspects of their books. While the experienced self publishers find the task very simple, for the novices it is quite a challenge. They are unaware of the dos and don’t s of the industry and stand a chance of losing money. In this respect there are certain guidelines that the novice self publishers have to adhere by. Lets have a look at some of them:

  • Education: Self publishing is a type of business, so approach self publishing in the similar vein. There are informative books and e-books on self publishing. There are also seminars organized where you can learn the tricks of the trade alongside many other professionals. Such knowledge can prove beneficial in the long run while ignorance can lead to loss of thousands of dollars.
  • Competition: It is very important to study the competition. Do not write on something that has already been written about exhaustively. Be sure that the topic you are dealing with has not been written by any other in the present times. To get an idea about this visit to the local library or bookstore is not enough. You should search online and find out the latest releases and the forthcoming ones. Try to make the book funnier, richer in content, shorter and easier to use then your competitors.
  • Read Minds: You have to anticipate what others want to read. If you want to write upon personal likes and dislikes, then there are high chances that your books will not sell. One of the cruel facts is that nobody in the present times cares about your life history or what you feel about a certain subject. Personal journals should be saved for friends and family and not catered to the general public.
  • Marketing: Even before you visit a printing service provider you should have a marketing plan ready. Identify the target audience and know how you can reach out to them. Get ideas such as how to create a catalog to reach out to the people? Which associations will be the best places to preach about your book? Which magazines or newsletters can you advertise in? Should you sell the book to the companies or should you gift it to entice more readers? Think of the best ways to reach out to the target readers.
  • Editing: The proofreading and editing should be done by a professional. It is great to have a third party opinion about how your book fares. Professional editing makes sure that there isn’t a single blotch in the book.
  • Title: Think of an attractive title for the book. Remember a good title can lead to the success of a book while an uninspiring title can lead to the death of a book. Short titles are the best choices, but do not sacrifice clarity. If you are looking to self publish a non-fiction book be sure to include a sub-title just to make the subject of the book evident.

These are some of the top tips that will help you immensely while self publishing a book. You can also consult with a leading printing agency such as PrintPapa who have years of experience in publishing different types of short run books. They also specialize in the printing of various promotional materials such as booklets, brochures, presentation folders, rack cards, business cards, etc.

Things To Know For Self Publishing Authors

So, you are confident about your writing skills and are ready to self publish a book. Self publishing is an attractive proposition for any author in the present times. But there are various things that the new authors are unaware of while looking to self publish their books. Below are some of the questions that you will come across when self publishing a book and the answers will help you immensely in getting success as a self publishing author.

Do you need an ISBN number?

The answer to this question depends on how you are looking to sell books. If you are looking to sell through the retail stores (or online stores such as Amazon) then the answer is always an “YES”. Though the ISBN number may not be required if you want to sell through a small or independent retailer or you have a consignment arrangement. In all the other cases it is important to possess such a number. You have to apply for the ISBN number once the cover design is finalized. An area should be left vacant where the barcode and the number will be inserted in the future.

How can you obtain ISBN number?

You have to send direct request to the ISBN Agency mentioning the details of the book. The prices of the ISBN processing depend on the time. There are different options for the self publishers such as regular Processing, Priority Processing, and Express Processing. ISBNs are generally sold in blocks of 10, 100 and 1000. So it is important to estimate the number of publications you will be having in the next five years. It is always advisable for the authors to apply for the number well in advance as it generally takes some time before the ISBN number is obtained.

Should you get Copyright for your Book?

The published book will be the result of your hard work, so you won’t want anyone else to publish it. Thus, you should always look to protect your book with copyright. Many authors look to get the copyright without the help of any copyright attorney, but speaking frankly the papers are quite tough to handle alone. So help can be taken.

How many books should you print?

If it is your first publication, it is always advisable to print in small quantities. You will be able to sell the smaller quantity quicker. Though the books are proofread by professionals, but often it is seen there are some typos in them. It allows the author to make the necessary corrections and not 1000s of books are sold with the same embarrassing mistakes.

How important is book cover design?

It is of prime essence. Even the best literary agents will tell you, it is difficult to market a phenomenal book with poor cover design. So the cover should be sharp and commercially apt. While designing the cover of the short run book make sure that the target audience is kept into consideration. The cover should showcase what they want to see.

After you have read through the above given answers it is important to contact a reputed printing service provider in locality such as PrintPapa. The printing agency should have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with various types of promotional materials printing projects too. PrintPapa not only prints short run books they also specialize in the printing of business cards, booklets, calendars, NCR Forms, Rack Cards, etc.

How to Increase Profit without Raising Price in Self Publishing?

One of the major crossroads that self publishing authors reach is when it is time to price the book. A high priced book may get you more profit but there are equal chances that it won’t sell many copies. On the other hand a low priced book will earn you lesser profit per book and you won’t make money until you are able to sell a sizable number of books. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind which will increase your profit without raising the price:

  • The greatest rule of business remains constant. Increase sales and it will increase your profit. Per copy profit might be low but if you market your book well and sell more copies you will make profit.
  • Reduce the production cost of the book but searching for a printer who does it at a competitive price. You can also reduce the cost by doing the layout and cover design yourself. There are many computer aided applications which will let you do these easily.
  • Create a buzz before the launch of your book through social networking sites and other gatherings which will promote your book for free and increase actual sales.

  • Print cheap posters to promote your book and put them up at the nearest bookstores and other places where your target audience is most likely to spot it.
  • Try looking for small advertisement in your book which will bring in some revenue during the production phase itself. If your book is localized many local business houses might be interested to put their ads on your book.

In the end all profits cannot be calculated monetarily. The publicity that your first self published book will give you will surely help you with your subsequent books. Even if the monetary compensation with your first book is low it is bound to increase with your second book if the first one impresses the readers.

In self publishing the printer plays a very important role as they can guide you through the entire book publication process. Do not compromise on the printing service providers or the quality of printing materials used.  A printer like PrintPapa will serve as the ideal choice for you. They are a professional printing house who is well equipped with all the latest equipments. They have expertise in printing books, greeting cards, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc. Over the years they have built a huge list of satisfied clients.

Questions To Ask Before Self Publishing

Self publishing has off late become very popular with authors. Many first time authors are opting for self publishing instead of knocking the doors of publishers. It gives them complete creative freedom of their book, guarantees them a bigger chunk of the profit and reserves republishing rights with them. If you are planning to self publish your book there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How to find the printer? In self publishing printing service provider plays a very important role. It is important for you to ensure that you find the best printer for self publishing. You are a novice in most of the things related to printing and will need strong support from your printer. You can use the Internet to find the best printer who offers you the best cost to quality ratio.
  • Who will edit? You might have written a masterpiece but it still needs to be edited. You need to hire the services of a professional editor for this. Editor will refine your book and make it into a finer product. Many self publishing printers can provide you with editing services at additional cost.

  • How To format and design? You will most likely have your book in manuscripts or a word processor document. This has to be formatted and you will need the services of a person who does so. You will also need someone to design the cover of your book and work on the graphics and other images that the book might have.
  • How much to print? If you are a first time author it might be difficult for you to assess the market. Although printing in bulk will bring down the production cost of each book it might also mean severe losses if the books don’t sell. It is advisable to seek advice from the printer or a self publishing author to decide on this.
  • How to price it? This is perhaps the most difficult question for a self publishing author. Your price should be decided on a lot of factors which should include production cost, purchasing power of your target audience, promotional cost, margin of your distributors and retailers. If it is priced too high it won’t sell and if it is priced too low it will not earn you any profit.

It is advisable for you to hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for this job. They have expertise in taking up and delivering self publishing jobs to the satisfaction of the authors. They deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, and calendars.

What Will Self Publishing Cost You?

Many authors are choosing to self publish these days. It not only gives you the entire profit but also lets you have the full creative control of your book. The myth that self publishing is a very expensive process has been broken.  The cost of self publishing however still remains a concern to many. Let us see what are the factors which affect self publishing:

  • Editing: You might have written your book with utmost care but it is advisable to get it edited from a professional. This will filter the content of your book and make it better. Professional editors can charge you on per word basis or a lump sum for the entire book. Rates vary from $0.01 to $0.02 per word.
  • Proof Reading: Even after the book have gone under the eyes of a editor you need go for a proof reading. This will remove any silly mistakes that you or the editor might have committed. This process can cost you anything between $200 to $500.
  • Formatting/Cover Design: A good book needs to be well formatted to make it look attractive. It also needs to have a good cover design to attract the attention of the readers. This can cost you between $150 to $500 depending on the designer you hire.
  • Printing: This is the most crucial process for a self published book. The cost here will vary depending on the number of copies, pages in the book, paper quality and the kind of printing opted for. The average cost of printing a book varies from $2 to $20.
  • ISBN: Getting an ISBN is very important if you are planning to sell your book through sites like Amazon. ISBN also brings in international recognition for your book. You can but an ISBN for  $40 – $125 depending on the country you reside in.
  • Bar Code: A bar code might be required if you plan to sell your book in some shops. You will get a bar code for $20 to $25

Whatever may be the cost do not compromise on the printing of your book. Remember what looks impressive can sell more  It is thus important for you to hire the services of a printer like PrintPapa for the job. They are an expert printing service provider who deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, door hangers etc. They are equipped with the latest equipment in the printing world and have regularly delivered high quality work on time to the clients.

The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

Self publishing is one of the most talked about topics in the printing industry these days. More and more authors are bending towards self publishing. Some do it to avoid being at the mercy of big publishers while others do it as a pure business decision to reap maximum profit out of their books and not share it with the publishers. There is however a raging debate on the pros and cons of self publishing. It has very strong critics as well as supporters who swear by it. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of self publishing.


  • You get to keep the rights of the book instead of it being with the publisher. This will enable you to reprint your book at will.
  • Self publishing ensures that you have full creative control over your book. You do not need to compromise on the content for the commercial interest of the publisher. From book cover to pricing everything will be of your choice.
  • You decide the price of the book and keep all the profits instead of earning a small percentage from the publisher who publishes your book.
  • The time taken by the book to hit the market in a self publishing is much lesser than going through an established publisher.


  • Self publishing will require you to invest cash upfront from your own pocket. In case the book fails to do well you will lose your investment.
  • Self published books are not accepted well in the market as most people still prefer to buy books from renowned publishers.
  • You will get limited support in proofing and editing compared to the kind executed in a professional production house.
  • These books have limited promotion as most self publishers cannot afford to carry out extensive promotional campaign. Even the distributorship for these books is poor as they cannot match the production houses.

What ever the pros and cons a good self published book needs to be printed from a good printing service provider. Hiring the services of a Print Papa will be the right choice for you. They are the first choice for self publishing authors. They have expertise in printing banners, business cards, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, rack cards, booklets etc. Print Papa is equipped with high end printing equipment and has trained staff at it’s end.  They have regularly satisfied all their clients with high quality printing and delivery on time.

How To Set Price For Your Self Published Book?

How much should I charge for the book?
Will it sell at this price?
Am I pricing it too low?
Will I be able to make profits selling my book?

These are the questions which usually goes through the minds of every self publishing author. If you can plan to just market yourself through your book then you can price it at the cost price per book but most self publishing authors look for profits  from their books. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind which will help you in setting the right price on your book:

  • First and foremost calculate the total production cost and divide it by the number of copies to get the cost per copy. This cost should include each and every cost incurred from conception to printing even travels you might have undertaken to publish it.
  • Books are usually priced 2.5 times their production cost as it includes your profit as well as a good margin for the retailer which will be around 20%. This will ensure that even if half your books sell you recover the total sum spent on the book.

  • The pricing of the book will also depend on the physical traits of your book like quality of paper, size, printing and binding. If you plan to cut on the production cost of your book you can bring it down by altering any of these elements.
  • If your book has to compete with another in the market, it should be priced same if not less than your competitor’s book to ensure it has a competitive advantage.
  • If you are planning to sell your book in sites like Amazon, you will need to price it a substantially higher than the production cost as most online portals showcase a book with a discount and charge a huge percentage as service charge.
  • If you are planning to promote your book, you will need to spend money on the promotions. This should also be included in the production cost of the book.

A good self published book needs good printing and you will need to hire a good printing service provider like Print Papa. They will deliver you high quality printed material at very competitive cost. This printing agency has expertise in printing banners, business cards, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, rack cards, booklets etc. They have high end printing machines at their end which helps them deliver high quality jobs at on time to their clients.

Things To Ask Your Printer Before Printing

If you are publishing a book for the first time there are lot of technical things that you need to keep in mind. The increasing popularity of self publishing has made sure that most authors are dealing with the printer themselves and not going to a publisher. Being a first time printer it is better to ask a few questions rather than give a go ahead to the printer with lots of questions in mind. Here are some questions that you should ask your printer before the printing of your book starts:

  • The first and the foremost thing is to ask the printer is about the equipment that will be used for printing. A good printer should be armed with the latest in printing technology. For short run books digital printing is preferred where as for long run offset printing is more economical.
  • Ask for quote for different numbers of books. If the difference between printing of 2000 books and 5000 books is negligible. The cost of printing often differs with the size of the book. Ask your printer to give quote for the different paper size.

  • Paper quality is another important thing that needs to be considered. There are many kinds of paper available in the market which have their own pros and cons. Make sure you use the paper which will best serve your purpose. Under no circumstance should you compromise the quality of the paper.
  • The time of deliver is very important in any form of business. It is thus important for you to fix the date of delivery before handing over the job to him/her.
  • Ask your printer if he/she can get you an ISBN No., if you haven’t got one as yet. It is almost a must these days for your book to have an ISBN no.
  • Talk to him about the kind of binding that he will provide for the book. Will it be saddle stitch, spiral or perfect bound? If you haven’t yet designed the cover of the book. You could ask your printer to do that for you. A cover design is important as it decides the success of a book.

Hiring the services of a professional printer is very important for the success of your book. A printer like PrintPapa is ideal for your purpose. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have expertise in printing letterheads, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs and booklets among other things. They have a list of happy clients having delivered quality work on time.

Why Opt For Short Run Book Printing?

“How many copies do we print?” This is one question that troubles all authors and publishers around the world. No matter how good the book is, it is very difficult to estimate the number of copies that will sell. The recent economic slowdown where like everything else book sales slowed down made the authors and publishers re-strategize and look for a solution.

The solution is as simple as short run printing which is nothing but publishing books in limited number and accessing the market. If the demand for the books soar in the market reprints are done immediately. This has become very popular with most of the authors and the publishers. The advent of the digital printing has revolutionized short run printing to a certain extent and is encouraging self publishing among many authors. The following are the advantages of short run printing:

  • Short run book printing reduces the chances of loss arising due to non sales of book items as an estimated 30% of printed materials never find buyers. It follows the demand and supply equation better.
  • Even though the price per copy may be high in short run digitally printed books it reduces the overall cost which go into printing book using the normal offset printing.

  • It gives the author the opportunity to publish as low as 25 copies of the book which is advantageous for books which are meant to cater to a very niche audience.
  • The short run printing process is faster than the traditional offset printing and thus proves to be useful in situations where printing has to be done on a short notice.
  • Short run printing is a form of ‘green printing’ as it reduces wastage which is a common thing with the traditional bulk publication system.
  • Short run printing of digital printing gives you the option for variable data printing. Each and every copy of the printed material can be customized which is not possible in normal printing with metallic plates.
  • It encourages first time authors to self publish their own book as the cost of the self publishing as short run printing is cheaper.

To get maximum mileage out of your short run book you need to hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa which will guarantee maximum profits and high quality. Apart from printing books they have expertise in greeting cards, flyers, bookmarks, presentation folders, rack cards and booklets. They have regularly high quality work on time and impressed their clients and have built a list of successful clientèle.

Self Publishing Will Rule The Future

The printing industry is fast changing and one of the biggest advents of the modern publishing industry has been the popularity of self publishing. Not long ago the publishing world was dominated by traditional publishing  companies which did not allow full creative freedom to all the authors. The explosion of the digital era has signaled a paradigm shift in the publishing industry making self publishing a buzz word among writers. Self publishing is the path many authors prefer to walk these days.

Self publishing is gaining immense popularity these days due to the fact that it gives the author creative freedom over his/her work. They can keep the copyrights of their work and gain huge monetary gains rather than a percentage from the publishers. Above all it relieves the authors from the  hard-boiled editor who in most cases are interested in the commercial potential than the actual content of the book. Most first time authors have been at the mercy of the publisher for ages.

Self publishing is not as challenging as it used to be in the earlier times. The digital printing technology has brought down the cost of book printing drastically especially when it is in low numbers. Book printing doesn’t need to go through development of plates and films and has become more like computer printing. This has given birth to what we know as ‘print on demand’ where a author has the freedom to print as many copies as he/she wants even as low as a single copy!

With the rates at which authors are opting for self publishing it won’t be wrong to predict that they will soon take over the traditional author-publisher printing. Self publishing is also on a rise as there are options where people can host digital versions of their books online which are printed and given to readers. Never in the history of the publishing industry were the authors so powerful. Self publishing is a thing for the future as it empowers authors.

To ensure that your self published book is of high quality you need to hire the services of a professional printing service provider like PrintPapa. They are a modern printing house who uses the latest printing technology available in the market and have a well trained staff. They have their expertise in printing catalogs, booklets, letterheads, business cardscalendars, envelopes etc. The company has regularly satisfied their clients delivering high quality results on time.