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What are the Brochure Design Elements?

Originally brochure was a marketing material solely associated with the educational institutes, but nowadays it is used by all sizes of business – whether small, medium or big. Brochure is often the first impression that a potential customer makes about a company. If they are well crafted and designed then they will create a positive impression in the minds of the potential customers. With the proper utilization of a brochure you can convert many potential customers into your customers. But in order to get success with the promotional brochure the designing is very important. Whether you want to perform the designing tasks yourself or hire a graphic designer with a lot of expertize, you should know the basic brochure design elements. By having such a knowledge you will ensure that your brochure designing budget does not go a waste. You can also hire the services of the best designer if you are able to ask him/her pertinent questions learned about the brochure design elements. If the designer is not able to answer some of the pertinent questions then it is time to move on. Below are some of the important elements of brochure design.

  • Uniqueness: Any brochure should tell the readers something unique which differentiates your company from the rest of the crowd. Uniqueness starts right from the way your brochure is designed. Ask the designer from where he/she gets the design inspiration. If the designer says from businesses in the same sector as yours then it could be a red flag. You will not like to get a copy of your competitors brochure design.
  • Simplicity: Cluttering the brochure with heaps of graphics and texts because you have space does not make sense. A brochure should contain only the most relevant information such as the testimonials and benefits. The information, however, will vary according to the function and the audience of the brochure. Ask the designer which design elements can lead to a good brochure design. Remember, lots of images and big texts in various colors can make the brochure hard to read. So if the designer recommends these usages then it is better to move.
  • Resolution of Images: Question the designer on what types of images he/she is planning to use. If the designer is planning to use stock photos make sure that these have high resolution. If low resolution images are used in the brochures they will look blurred and unprofessional. Even if the rest of the brochure looks great, the blurred images will diminish its appeal significantly.
  • Choice of Colors: Use of colors can evoke the right mood that you want the customers to have when they see the brochure. The brochure color should compliment the logo and the colors used in the company name. Ask the designer on the color he/she intends to use. If the designer intends to use the color that corresponds with the logo or the photos used then you are hiring the right professional for the job.

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What Mistakes to Avoid while Printing Booklets?

Booklets which were considered as a promotional material fit for the educational institutions are finding their worth in the marketing campaigns of many companies, whatever be their size. If you have not designed a booklet before then you will feel that booklet printing is quite a straightforward task. When you get into the act of arranging materials and designing the booklet, new challenges will confront everyday. It is true that booklet printing is quite easy for the experienced booklet printing service providers but for novices there are many mistakes they might commit. These mistakes might prove costly in the long run and may even minimize the impact of your booklet printing campaign. The basic purpose of printing booklets is to inform the readers about the company and its products or services. This is the reason, a designer must provide the right information in the correct order to make a booklet successful. As the booklets generally span between 4 pages and 8 pages it is a challenge to set the layout for booklet. Even a minute mistake may cause huge losses for the company, thus below are some of the biggest mistakes you should look to avoid in your booklet printing campaign.

  • Blank Areas: Many of the designers forget that a booklet will span across 4-8 pages. If the designers are not careful the final output could have blank pages somewhere inside your booklet. Such a scenario is more applicable if you look to make any last minute changes. So before sending the documents to the printing agency double or triple check the layout to make sure that the booklet will appear just as you had envisioned it.
  • Too Much Information: Many of the company owners make the mistake of turning a booklet into a full book. It should be kept in mind that booklet is intended to provide only some specific information and not information of all sorts. The content in the booklet should influence the reader to come back to the company and learn more about your business. If there are odd number of pages in your booklet, make sure you trim the content on the booklet. It is better to trim the content rather than filling the booklet with excessive information that will not interest the readers.
  • Full Color or Black and White?: If you want to draw the attention of the readers, then you should order for the four color booklet printing. Black and white booklets do not have the eye catching potential to make the readers read through. If the four color booklet printing can not be accommodated within your budget, then consider some other types of promotional materials. A neat looking brochure has better marketing potential then a black and white booklet.
  • Number of Copies: If you are looking to promote your products through booklets, then you should order for a large number of booklets that will meet your marketing campaign needs. Printing agencies might charge higher rates on re-order, thus it is wise to order for large number of copies upfront. Many printing service providers also offer good discounts on bulk orders, so you will also be able to make use of this lucrative option.
  • Proofreading: Having your booklet proofread thoroughly can mean that it will take some extra days before sending the final work to the printing agency, but it is immensely useful in the long run. It will not only allow you a chance to view what the printed booklet will look like, but it will also provide the company owners and designers a chance to bring last minute changes. Taking some extra time will surely make your booklet marketing campaign a success.

Another important consideration in your booklet printing campaign is the choice of the printer. You should always opt for a professional printing service provider such as PrintPapa who have years of experience in providing high quality booklet printing results to their clients. They also have high expertize in printing short run books, posters, banners, rack cards, calendars, notepads, etc.

Tips to Create Better Brochure Images

Brochures are widely used for marketing purposes these days. Images play a vital role in making a brochure look appealing and arousing interest in the minds of the recipients about a product, service or issue. It is very important to ensure that the images printed on the brochure look attractive. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to make images in your brochure better:

  • Use High Resolution Images: Make sure you use high resolution images in your brochure as they will look better. Low resolution images often get pixelated and bring in unprofessional look to the brochure. While designing a brochure in a image processing software use the high resolution images from the source.
  • Brightness and Contrast: Open the images in an image processing software like Adobe PhotoShop or Corel PhotoPaint and enhance the brightness and contrast of the image. This will make the image look sharper and improve its clarity. However do not increase the contrast too much as it will make the image look darker.

  • Use Color Correction: It is important to use automatic color correction to your images while editing them on the image processing software. This will create a balance between the colors in the image and bring in a better look. Most softwares will have a noise correction filter and this should be applied on the image too.
  • Add A Drop Shadow: You can try adding a drop shadow to the image. This will add depth and a three dimensional feel to it. A completely flattened imaged merged with the background brings in a very unprofessional look to the brochure. The direction of the shadow and the distance can be manipulated to bring in the amount of depth.
  • Use Contrasting Background: The color of the background and that of the image should be contrasting. This will prevent the image from merging with the background. You can also use a darker box as a background in case you are printing a bright image over a bright background.
  • Frame The Image: This is one of the oldest techniques used for brochure images. Create a frame around the image. You can play with the kind of border and its color while adding the frame to the image.

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Tips For A Real Estate Brochure

There are thousands of real estate brokers and agents in the market. It is important for you to stand out among the crowd. A professionally designed brochure can go a long way in promoting your real estate business. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to design a good real estate brochure:

  • Use Pictures – Nothing sells more than pictures when it comes to a real estate brochure so it is important that you print pictures of the properties in your brochure. This will bring in an authentic look to your brochure. In case you want to market an upcoming structure using an artist impression will be a great idea. Try including some images of the exterior and the landscape also.
  • Give Details – You need to make sure that all your property listings are accompanied by the basic details. You need to include the physical address of the property, the kind of holding, the basic dimensions of the property and distance from major landmarks and other important commercial and public places in the city.
  • Full Contact Information – You need to make sure that you print your contact details in the brochure. An authentic brochure needs to have an address printed on it. Having an office of your own will go a long way in promoting you as a trust worthy real estate agent. Use your website URL and email address in the brochure.
  • List USP – One major way of promoting any property is to highlight the USP of the property in the brochure. You can stress on things like swimming pool, gymnasium, and health clubs etc that come in with the property.
  • Call To Action – After having convinced the potential buyers, landlords or tenants you need to include a call to action that encourages its readers to call your office for a consultation. This is the only stage where as a real estate agent you can make a sale and earn profit.

A good real estate brochure should always be printed on high quality paper. You also need to hire the services of a good printing service provider. PrintPapa is one of the ideal choices for you as they have been in the profession for long and are armed with the latest printing equipments, They have expertise in printing booklets, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars. They are your one stop solution and can meet all your demands. PrintPapa has built a list of satisfied clients by impressing them with its high quality job meeting deadlines.

Tips To Design A Perfect Vacation Brochure

Vacation brochures have been a hit with travelers around the world. Many tourists visit a destination after coming across an attractive vacation brochure and to promote a good destination a brochure becomes necessary. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing a vacation brochure:

  • Provide A Map: This is one of the most important parts of any vacation brochure. You should provide the map of the destination highlighting the important places such as airports, railway stations etc. It should also mark the famous tourist spots in the destination and also have adjoining areas of tourist interest in it.
  • Places To Stay: Your brochure should include the names and addresses of the famous hotels in the town. The brochures will look good if the hotels are  arrange according to the tariff from budget hotels to the ultra luxury ones. You can also give other options  that may be available in the place.

  • Tourist Destination: This is the most important part of the brochure which people look forward to. Give a brief description of these tourist destinations along with their pictures. It would be wise to include any interesting piece of folktale or history about that place. Also give their distance from the city center and information on the modes of communication.
  • Places To Eat: Food is an integral component of a perfect vacation and thus your brochure needs to have the names of the famous restaurants and food joints in the city. Mention the name of the delicacies that the place is famous for and a must eat menu for a perfect vacation.

  • Shopping Destination: Shopping is an integral pat of any vacation and thus it is important for your travel brochure to have the famous shopping destinations in the place listed. Also give insights to what the place is famous for and what would be the best memorabilia of that place.
  • Near By Destinations: Many vacationers might be interested in visiting nearby destinations and it is good to have these in the brochure. Include the mode of communication and the distance as these informations help the tourists a lot.

A good vacation brochures needs to be printed in very high quality paper with quality ink as it makes the brochure look impressive. You need to also get the brochure printed from a high quality printing service provider like PrintPapa who have high quality printing services and years of experience in the job. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like labels & stickers, NCR forms, presentation folders and newsletters. Print Papa has built a list of happy and successful clients.

Tips To Print A Creative Color Brochure

A brochure is one of the best marketing tools you can have in your hand while promoting a product or a service. Most of the business houses use brochures along with booklets and posters to promote their business. A creative color brochure is second to none as it looks attractive and appeals to the audience. It is no wonder that from product manufacturers to service providers, brochures are being widely used for promotional purposes. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while printing a color brochure:

  • Make It Bright: Make sure the brochure has a bright and colorful background. This will catch attention of the audience immediately as such normal brochures do not have a very colorful background. If your company has a theme color it would be advisable to have the background of the brochure in the same color.
  • Contrast It: A high contrasted brochure looks attractive. The color of the text should be black as it looks best. However if you have used dark colors in the background, you can print the text in white. These color contrast makes a huge difference when it comes to a brochure as many people make the mistake of using colors where the text and the background merge easily.
  • Images Are Important: Brochures are incomplete without images. However since the brochures are being printed in full color it is important that you create boxes for the images. This gives them a better look than appearing merged with a colored background. However do not flood the whole brochure with images as it looks very unprofessional.
  • Paper Quality: A well designed designed brochure can go wasted if it is not printed on good quality paper. High quality paper absorbs ink better than ordinary paper. The paper should be thick enough to stand on it’s own horizontally when held with one hand.
  • Gloss It: Giving the brochure a gloss finish after printing makes it look better and all the attractive brochures have it. The shine that the gloss brings to the brochure enhances the color. The same color looks more bright and brilliant after it has been treated with gloss.

It is important to print the brochure in a high quality printing press using the latest technology to give it a perfect look. This is where a printing agencies like PrintPapa comes in handy. They are experts is printing of domestic items as well as corporate documents such as books, calenders, catalogs and rack cards. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have built a huge list of satisfied customers due to their quality deliver on time.

Design Tips for a Trifold Brochure

There are many ways to build a corporate identity with growing means of corporate promotions evolving everyday. In this age of expansion you as a business person have to choose the best promotional material that will give you a large client base and create a name for yourself in the business world. One such promotional tool is the brochure. Amongst a host of varieties of promotional brochures, the trifold brochure is much used nowadays. It is a very important device to create a favorable brand image so most of the business owners like to leave the designing part for the trifold brochure to the experts. Yet it is important to know some of the aspects that go into designing a brochure.

  • Content: The first step in brochure designing is to prepare a content that will be included in the brochure. The text should be in line with the design of the brochure. The content should be simple and precise. If a lot of information is provided then it would become boring to read and thus the recipients might not be interested. So all the hard work made in designing and printing will go in vain.
  • Format, Size and Fold: After the content has been created you can decide upon the fold and the format. For example a trifold brochure might be folded vertically or horizontally whichever folds gives a good look to your promotional material.
  • Messages: The values held by the company should be clearly reflected in the messages that the brochure bears. The content should not only reflect the benefits of the product or service but it should also state clearly the main beliefs that the company has. Thus trifold brochure forms an important tool in introducing the company to a customer and building a favorable corporate image.
  • Knowing Target Audience: Before you decide upon the theme, content and design of a trifold brochure you should have a clear idea about the age group of people you are targeting. For example if you are looking to target youth then the promotional material should be more exuberant than if you are targeting a middle aged professional.
  • Mixing Text and Images: Text is an important part of a trifold and equally important are the images. So the text should leave enough space from graphical designs. The images should rhetorically connect with the content of the brochure and they must be clear and catchy.

After all these steps have been completed, you have to take the important decision of choosing a printing service provider. There are thousands of printers available but you have to choose the one that best suits your need. Print Papa is one of the most reputed names in the printing industry and their years of experience come in handy in delivering high quality results to printing promotional materials of various sorts such as rack cards, booklets, envelopes, flyers, etc.

How To Make A Unique Notepad?

A notepad is one of the most useful things in life and it also serves as an ideal tool for promotion. Many  business firms have found notepad as one of the best ways of promoting their brand. Compared to a brochure or a catalog a notepad is sure not to land up in trash. They also have a longer shelf life as compared to brochures and catalogs.

Notepads can be of different sizes but three of the most common sizes are 4.25×5.5 Notepad or pocket size, 5.5×8 Notepad or half page size and 11×8 Notepad or the letter size. Some of the tips that can go a long way in making a notepad unique and marketing your brand are:

  • Design an Attractive Header or Footer – It is very important to design an attractive header or footer as it immediately grabs attention. Make use of colors for the cover and try to theme it around the color of your brand. Give the logo and brand name a prominent place in the header. The footer of the notepad can have the contact details  of your firm along with other necessary information.
  • Do not Clutter – Many people make the mistake of cluttering the notepad pages with too much design. This leaves little empty space for writing killing the whole purpose of a notepad. A notepad is primarily for the purpose of writing rather than being ornamental.

  • Use a Watermark – Using a watermark efficiently and creatively adds to the uniqueness of the notepad. The logo of the company or that of a product can be used for the watermark. A watermark in the center of the page gives a filling effect to the otherwise blank page and establishes your brand in every page of the notepad.

  • Round Corner it – Although it is not common you can create a eye-catchy notepad by simply make the edges rounder to make it stand out.

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Should Printers Reduce Printing Costs?

There is a famous saying “Quality never comes cheap” and it holds true for the printing industry. There was a time not too long ago when many printers reduced prices to hold onto a client. They could do this on the belief of making profit by overpricing another client. But the competitive business environment in the printing industry has meant that there can be no overpricing with clients anymore.

As a printer you might have come across situations where you might have tempted to reduce costs to have a competitive advantage. So, should you consider reducing the cost for printing a catalog, brochure or any other printed material? The answer is a big NO. Professional printers know that reducing costs is not the right way to do business and thus refrain from doing so. Reducing price is not always competitive and can imply lack of confidence in your printing service.

As a professional printer your sole goal should be to deliver high quality work on time. The USP of your business should be the quality of your work and not just your price. Some printers compromise on the quality of material to reduce costs and impress their clients. This model can prove to be detrimental for the business and draw negative publicity from clients in the long run.

If any client insists on price reduction consider the following things:

  • Has the the price of paper and ink come down?
  • Has there been a reduction on power/paper tariffs?
  • Has the rent come down?
  • Has the labor costs come down?

These questions will always have a common answer NO. Thus reducing the printing charges is not logical business strategy. A good client will always choose quality over cost and thus holding onto such clients by meeting their demands is more important than reducing the costs for an odd client. Avoid compromising on your printing quality even if the client insists as it will hurt your brand image in the market.

Does that mean there is no way of reducing costs in printing service? A smart publisher knows his maths well and can provide discount to the clients from his profit margin. It is thus important for you to know your costs well to offer discounts to your customers but do not choose price over quality.

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Unique Brochure Design Ideas

If you want to stand out among the crowd than be different and think out of the box. Your branding should differentiate you from your competitors and should make your customers choose you over them. A well made brochure or a booklet offers you a perfect platform to engage your customers into your products or services. Remember, if you can attract the attention of your customers with your brochure you can have an edge over your competitors.


  • Be informative: There is no golden rule which says that a brochure  has to be three fold piece of printed paper. A brochure can be turned into a book which is filled with information for your customers. You can convert  the brochure into a guide or a toolkit. You can also use graphs and figures in the booklet to inform about the advantages that your product or service has over those of your competitors.


  • Use Pictures: “Picture speaks a thousand words.” Turning your brochure into a photo album that showcases your product or service in action is just the perfect way to impress your customers. Remember nothing can be a better advertisement than the feedback of a satisfied customer. Use photographs of a few satisfied customers along with their testimonials while printing. This not only helps you in establishing the brand but also makes your claims look credible.
  • Size does matter: Large size does attract people and in case of a promotional brochure it is no different. Your brochure can become an instant hit if it is large in size and dwarf that of your competitors. Avoid doubling up the information rather highlight the advantages that you offer. You can also try a double fold four panel  brochure.
  • Be different: Being different helps you stand out among the huge crowd. In this fast paced competitive world it is very important to make your own statement. Thus experimenting with design and printing is quite a wise path to choose.


  • Print in high quality: A well designed brochure can be spoiled if the printing quality is not high. So make sure that you always print your brochure on high quality paper from a printer who has expertise in printing high quality brochures.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions and has the expertise in the field of high quality printing of brochures, letterheads, booklets, newsletter and other corporate documents.