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How to Edit and Proof Read the Content for Booklets?

Importance of promotional materials in the success of any business has risen starkly. This is the age of marketing and even if you sell the best products in the market at lowest prices you require the support of promotional materials to reach out to the prospective customers. When you consider the various options for promotional materials, booklets are one of the favorite options. With the help of the booklet printing business owners can provide significant amount of information to their prospective customers. Usually booklets span across 4-8 pages, thus there is no dearth of space in these promotional materials. Booklets are used not only to spread the news amongst the customers but also to create a favorable image about the company. It is quite evident then, that booklets should be professionally printed and a single mistake might affect the reputation of any company. Thus editing and proofreading the content for booklets is very important. As the data, images and information required for a booklet are large thus company owners often feel helpless. Below are some proofreading and editing tips which will be of help to you when looking to print booklets:

  • Proofreading: Before going to a reputed printing service provider, you should get the documents proofread thoroughly. But what exactly is proofreading? It is the task of checking the basic grammar, spell checking and punctuation. In the recent times there are many software available that have in-built proofreading tools. But companies have their own lingo, thus it is important for a human to go through the documents. Another problem with the spell checker is that it can not decipher between the correct usage of there and their.
  • Editing: In this task you have to check the citations, review all the technical information and rewrite the passages to improve its clarity and readability. Editing is crucial for the booklet printing project as it ensures that the technical specs and other product related information are correct and readily understood by the readers. It is more important for industries that follow a separate terminology.
  • Work Division: Divide the work equally between the marketing and advertising (whatever be the number of staff in these departments). You may also relieve people from the monotony of the task by switching roles amongst them. Make sure that someone has overseen all the aspects of the final booklet content. Clearly define a person among your staff who will be responsible for the final output of the booklets’ content.
  • Specialist Help: If you venture into the market there are many companies offering professional editing and proofreading services. The experts in such companies handle many tasks similar to your project. However, such services might not be of much use if your company or industry follows specific jargons. But it is very useful to include a third party, who will be able to provide a neutral assessment of the content.

Editing and proofreading are important as well as tiresome work that has to be done before sending it to a printing agency. After you have sent all the documents there is no turning back. You have to sit back and expect the best results. The best results with your booklet printing can only be obtained if you use the services of a renowned printing service provider such as PrintPapa. They not only print booklets but offer printing services for various other promotional materials such as Business Cards, Bookmarks, Brochures, Doorhangers, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Notepads, Posters, etc.

Tips To Choose Paper for Printing

With the passage of time the printers have been upgraded to print on various types of media or paper such as matte card stock, glossy photo paper, transparencies and colored paper. Latest versions of the printers are quite apt at delivering high quality prints on such varieties of papers, you have to mention the type or profile of paper you will be printing on though. By mentioning the profile of paper you will be telling the printer about the essentials such as the thickness of paper (this will help the printer to adjust its pattern), should the printer head be placed close or far from the surface of the paper (as ink spreads differently depending on the type of paper), what should be the speed of moving the paper through the printer (as ink dries at different speeds depending on the variety of paper), etc. Luckily most of printers available today are pre-programmed and they can handle the varieties of paper with ease. Yet there are some criteria that should be kept in mind while choosing the paper for printing project:

  • Consider the files that you will be printing. Types of projects should decide the choice of paper as only specific types of paper can give good output to a project. If you are looking to print a project that involves written documents or spreadsheets, then you may opt for the plain paper and save some money. But if you want to print a photo and display it on your wall then the cheap quality plain paper will not provide the required reproduction, in such cases you should choose the best quality photo paper. On the other hand if you want to print your business cards then you should look to go for a heavier paper which is known as cardstock or cover weight or pre-pressed cardstock. Such paper has an adhesive backing that can be peeled off.
  • In case you are using white paper, make sure the brightness rating for the paper is checked. This will give you an idea of how well the paper will reflect light. Higher rating means that text printed on the paper will look brighter. Inexpensive or plain paper has an average brightness rating of 80 and when graphics are printed on such a paper they look dull. When these same graphics are printed on a paper having a rating of 100 it looks vibrant.
  • The weight of paper should also be checked. The standard printing paper used is of 20-24 pounds per paper. Heavier weights will make the paper thicker and thus they will suit the requirements of certain projects. If the material you are printing will be handled a lot, then it is wise to opt for heavier paper. If the paper will be used just once or twice or will be inserted within a covering then the light weight paper is a good choice.
  • It is also important to consider the surface of the paper. While most of the projects involving printing of photos use glossy paper, some also use matte finish to provide extra touches. If you are looking to print fancy invitation cards then you may use vellum, other paper surfaces such as canvas and egg shell are also available for the customers.

With the help of the above given tips you will be able to make the best choices of printing paper. If you hire the services of a renowned printing service provider like PrintPapa then you will not have to worry about the quality of the paper. They have years of experience in dealing with printing projects of various sorts. They deal with the printing of various promotional materials such as short run books, banners, brochures, postcards, notepads, labels & stickers, etc.

Tips for Best Presentation Folder Design

The corporate world has become more competitive than ever in today’s world. Business houses are trying to have competitive edge over their rivals in everything that relates to business be it business cards, letterheads or presentation folders. Most of the organizations are trying to outdo each other when it comes to printing these promotional materials. Here are a few design tips which will help you in creating the best presentation folders:

  • Play with Shapes: Traditionally presentation folders have been rectangular in shape but it is no rule. You can also be a little creative with the shape of the presentation folder. You can make it semi circular on the top as this will make it look attractive. You can also add a few flaps to a traditional folder and make it look different.
  • Use Different Materials: You can try out different materials for your presentation folder other than the ones used normally. You can use recycled paper, textured paper, embossed lettering or even plastic while making your presentation folder. This will bring in a unique look to your presentation folder and make it stand out among the crowd.

  • Create Pockets: One good idea to make your presentation folder look attractive is to create a few pockets inside them. This can be used to carry small pieces of paper and notes in them. These are very useful when the folders are used in meetings. Do not create too many pockets as this will make the folder look unprofessional.
  • Bathe in Color: To grab attention nothing works better than color. Make sure your presentation folder is printed in full color. Try using bright color as they are more attractive to the human eyes than others. In case your organization has a theme color for its brand, you can use this color for your folder.
  • Add Clips and Pen Holders: Make your presentation folders more attractive by adding clips and pen holders to the folder. This will serve as a very useful feature on your presentation folder especially when it is being used to carry important papers and other objects.

One of the prerequisites of a good presentation folder is good printing. Do not compromise on the quality or printing or the materials used for your presentation folder. PrintPapa would be be the perfect choice for you in this. They are a professional and well equipped printing service provider with printing expertise in books, greeting cards, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc. The customers who have placed orders to them in the past talk very highly of them!


Tips To Make Your Letterhead Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Letterhead is one of the most important corporate documents. It is your first impression to many of your potential clients. There is nothing better in business than to impress your client at the first go. Organization spends millions of dollars in promoting themselves where as a letterhead can do it in a few cents. It should thus be designed to leave an excellent impression on the minds of the recipients. Here are some tips through which you can turn your letterhead into your USP:

  • Brand It – The brand name of your organization should be printed on top of the letterhead and should immediately grab attention. It should always be printed in legible font. Try using gloss over your company name as it will highlight the letterhead.
  • Use Logo – A logo is the identity of your brand and thus it is important for you to use the logo in your letterhead. This will brand you well in the market at the same time separate your letterhead from the ordinary ones used by many organizations.
  • Put A Watermark – A water mark is the sign of class in a letterhead and this will put you in the elite league and form a USP for your organization. You can use the the name or logo of your company in the center of the letterhead for the watermark.

  • Print Full Color – There is nothing better than a full color printing when it comes to a letterhead. Color adds more emotion and impact to your designs. It lets you be more creative than a single color letterhead would give.
  • Catchy Slogan – You can use a catchy slogan or a quote on your letterhead. This can be the focal point in your letterhead. It can be the slogan for your own company or a quote by a famous personality. Print it at the bottom of the letterhead.
  • Contacts – It is important that your letterhead carries your contact details in full. This is a sign of authenticity for any company. If your company operates out of multiple locations try including the address of your branch offices at the bottom of the letterhead with the address of your head office being at the top.

You will need to print your letterhead with a high quality printed for it to look well. PrintPapa is one such printing agency which will meet your needs. They are well equipped with the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books etc. It has regularly satisfied customers with its high quality printed material on time.

Tips To Design Your Custom Greeting Card

Greeting cards are one of the best marketing tools. Unlike business cards and letterheads they do not outrightly scream business but at the same time convey the message. It is a great way to occasionally greet your clients and connect with potential ones. There is nothing like a customized greeting card as the recipients will remember you forever. Here are a few tips to create a customized greeting card:

  • Theme It – You need to make sure that you theme your card around something. It could be a seasonal greeting like Christmas or New Year. You can also send out a greeting to share a huge achievement by your business firm. It can also be themed around an environmental issue or a social issue which has reached threatening level. You can also theme your card around an ongoing event like a sporting event or celebration of a historical event.
  • Message Is Key – Write a custom message even if it is a seasonal greeting. Do not copy the mundane message available on the Internet. A well written message will connect better with your clients and other recipients as it will carry your personal touch along with it. A small poem written by you will be an excellent idea. Instead of printed text try writing the message with your own handwriting. This will give an unique touch to it.

  • Play With Color – Color arouses human emotion so it is important that your greeting card is colorful. It is not an official document and you will have the liberty of using bright shades of color. In case your brand is themed around a particular color, it will be wise to use the same as it will make it is easily identifiable. Also get the color combinations right to have a balanced greeting card.
  • Shape It – Although most of the greeting cards are rectangular there is no rule which prevents you from being creative with the shape. You make your greeting card into an oval or a triangular shape. You can also round the edges or give it the shape of one of your most selling products. It can be in the shape of a mobile phone if you are a manufacturer.

A well designed greeting card should be complemented with high quality printing. It is thus important for you to hire the services of a printing service provider like PrintPapa for the job. They are expert printing agencies who deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, door hangers etc. They are equipped with the latest equipment in the printing world and have regularly delivered high quality work on time to the clients.

How To Set Price For Your Self Published Book?

How much should I charge for the book?
Will it sell at this price?
Am I pricing it too low?
Will I be able to make profits selling my book?

These are the questions which usually goes through the minds of every self publishing author. If you can plan to just market yourself through your book then you can price it at the cost price per book but most self publishing authors look for profits  from their books. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind which will help you in setting the right price on your book:

  • First and foremost calculate the total production cost and divide it by the number of copies to get the cost per copy. This cost should include each and every cost incurred from conception to printing even travels you might have undertaken to publish it.
  • Books are usually priced 2.5 times their production cost as it includes your profit as well as a good margin for the retailer which will be around 20%. This will ensure that even if half your books sell you recover the total sum spent on the book.

  • The pricing of the book will also depend on the physical traits of your book like quality of paper, size, printing and binding. If you plan to cut on the production cost of your book you can bring it down by altering any of these elements.
  • If your book has to compete with another in the market, it should be priced same if not less than your competitor’s book to ensure it has a competitive advantage.
  • If you are planning to sell your book in sites like Amazon, you will need to price it a substantially higher than the production cost as most online portals showcase a book with a discount and charge a huge percentage as service charge.
  • If you are planning to promote your book, you will need to spend money on the promotions. This should also be included in the production cost of the book.

A good self published book needs good printing and you will need to hire a good printing service provider like Print Papa. They will deliver you high quality printed material at very competitive cost. This printing agency has expertise in printing banners, business cards, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, rack cards, booklets etc. They have high end printing machines at their end which helps them deliver high quality jobs at on time to their clients.

How To Print Cheap Business Cards?

Business cards are one of the best ways to promote yourself, especially if you are in a small business with limited capital. There are many people that you will come across in your everyday life and give a business card for promotion. If you are distributing good number of business cards everyday you will need to opt for cheap business card without compromising on quality. Here are a few tips through which you can get cheap business cards printed:

  • If your requirement is large, printing cards in bulk is the best option as they bring down the cost of printing per business card considerably.
  • In case you plan to print a small number of cards it is advisable to choose digital printing over the traditional offset printing. For low volumes offset printing doesn’t make sense.
  • You can cut down on the designing cost by designing the cards yourself. There are a lot of softwares like MS Publisher, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop which lets you design the cards yourself.
  • Different paper come at different rates. You need to do a thorough research on the kind of paper available in the market. You can reduce costs by choosing the right paper quality.

  • A single color business card may not look as attractive as a four color one but it can bring down the printing cost heavily. A well designed single color business card looks very attractive.
  • Look for printing service providers who offer discounts on printing business cards. You can use the Internet for finding out printers which offer discounts on business cards printing.
  • You can use mini cards which are smaller in size compared to the standards ones. They save you a lot of money as they consume less of printing paper which accounts for substantial cost in terms of printing.
  • Look out for the lean season that printing service providers have. This is the time when you can get a good bargain from the printer and negotiate the deal on your own terms.

To print cheap business cards you will need the services of a good printer who gives you very competitive rate. PrintPapa is one such printing agency which will meet your needs. They are well equipped with the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books, letterheads etc. It has regularly satisfied customers with its high quality printed material on time.

How To Promote Energy Conservation Through Posters?

Do you see wastage of electricity in your workplace, educational institution or some public place that you visit regularly. Wastage of electricity through lights, computers and air conditioners when no one is using them is common in today’s world. People do not seem to mind wasting electricity in such places as they do not have to bear the cost. Posters are one of the best ways to make people aware of the need to conserve energy. Here are a few ways in which posters can be used to promote energy conservation:

  • It needs to be promoted among the audience every watt of energy saved is equivalent to the energy produced. The poster should educate people on the common mistakes that they do which leads to wastage of energy.
  • Identify the places in your workplace, educational institution where maximum energy wastage takes place. You can put up some awareness posters on energy conservation in such places.
  • Use facts and figures to raise awareness among people about energy saving. Many people aren’t even aware of how much electricity that they can save if they make some serious attempts to do so.

  • Highlight the ill effects of electricity wastage like dwindling coal and petroleum resources which will run out of stock in the near future.
  • Use graphics and images in your poster to promote energy conservation. Posters look appealing when they carry graphics and images. Many people take interest in a poster only when it comes accompanied with pictures and graphics.
  • Make sure that the posters are placed in the line of sight and not in some isolated corner. The more people see it, more are the chances of people starting to save energy.
  • The poster should also make people aware of the alternate sources at their homes. It could be using the solar power or the power of the wind.
  • Keep the background color of the poster black or any other dark color which converts seriousness of the message. Things in brighter color usually do not convey the seriousness.

A well designed and printed poster is what you will need for this campaign. You need to go to a professional printing agency like PrintPapa for this job. They are equipped with all the latest printing technology and have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books, letterheads etc. The biggest testimony for PrintPapa is the satisfaction of its clients who have got quality results on time.

Things To Ask Your Printer Before Printing

If you are publishing a book for the first time there are lot of technical things that you need to keep in mind. The increasing popularity of self publishing has made sure that most authors are dealing with the printer themselves and not going to a publisher. Being a first time printer it is better to ask a few questions rather than give a go ahead to the printer with lots of questions in mind. Here are some questions that you should ask your printer before the printing of your book starts:

  • The first and the foremost thing is to ask the printer is about the equipment that will be used for printing. A good printer should be armed with the latest in printing technology. For short run books digital printing is preferred where as for long run offset printing is more economical.
  • Ask for quote for different numbers of books. If the difference between printing of 2000 books and 5000 books is negligible. The cost of printing often differs with the size of the book. Ask your printer to give quote for the different paper size.

  • Paper quality is another important thing that needs to be considered. There are many kinds of paper available in the market which have their own pros and cons. Make sure you use the paper which will best serve your purpose. Under no circumstance should you compromise the quality of the paper.
  • The time of deliver is very important in any form of business. It is thus important for you to fix the date of delivery before handing over the job to him/her.
  • Ask your printer if he/she can get you an ISBN No., if you haven’t got one as yet. It is almost a must these days for your book to have an ISBN no.
  • Talk to him about the kind of binding that he will provide for the book. Will it be saddle stitch, spiral or perfect bound? If you haven’t yet designed the cover of the book. You could ask your printer to do that for you. A cover design is important as it decides the success of a book.

Hiring the services of a professional printer is very important for the success of your book. A printer like PrintPapa is ideal for your purpose. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have expertise in printing letterheads, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs and booklets among other things. They have a list of happy clients having delivered quality work on time.