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Should I print it 2-color or 4-color?

If you still lived in the early days of printing then this question would have never crossed your mind because two color offset printing was the only option available in those times. With the growth of digital printing technology there are new options available now for commercial printing. Four color digital printing is a viable option for all the marketers in today’s times. But the availability of the two color and four color printing process has left many people confused. This is the reason, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both these color printing processes is important.

Two color offset printing is one of the most common processes for high volume commercial printing. In this process the image to be inserted is placed on a plate and then transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket, which again is moved to the printing surface. Two color printing is mainly based on the use of oil and water. Ink rollers supply the required ink to the images while the non printed area attracts a film of water. The film of water keeps the non printing area free of any ink. In four color digital printing process the mechanical steps such as manually stripping the pieces to create a plate and making films for color proofs are not needed.

Now, let us take a look into the advantages of both these processes to make a comparative study:

Four Color Digital Printing Advantages

  • It provides a shorter turnaround as it does not require much manual work.
  • All the prints have same color. There are lesser wastes, accurate counts and the color remains constant as there is no need to balance the ink and water during digital printing.
  • It costs lower for high volume of printing. Though the per unit cost of each piece is higher than in offset printing, but when you consider the set up costs, you will find that four color printing costs much less nowadays as the there is no setup cost in digital printing.
  • There are customization options in four color printing without slowing down the print speed. The information stored in the databases can be used to provide unique copies every time, such as ones for the personalized letters used for marketing. This process is called Variable Data Printing.

Two Color Offset Printing Advantages

  • It will work on many types of surfaces other than paper such as cloth, metal, wood, plastic, leather, etc.
  • If you order for a large quantity of prints then per unit cost goes down.
  • Modern two color or 4 color offset presses use computer to plate technology which assures higher quality.

Are you still not able to make up your mind? Then use the below given checklist.

  • Quantity: If you are ordering for a large number of prints then the cost per unit would be considerably less for two color offset printing, while if you are looking for short run printing then four color digital printing is your definite choice.
  • Printing Medium: If you need unusual printing surface, special type of paper, unique size, etc. then offset printing is a good choice. Though the options are gradually increasing with four color printing too.
  • Color: If you require only black and white prints then the two color process is a choice you can make. While if you want many colors to be used in your prints then the four color or digital printing is your cup of tea.
  • Turnaround: Four color printing is totally automated and controlled by the computers so it will give you faster turnaround. So if you have a time constraint, four color printing should be your choice.
  • Proof Checking: Four color digital prints offer better proofs as they produce a sample of how the actual printed piece would look like.

So make the choices based on your requirements. You may also ask for suggestions from the experienced printing service providers such as PrintPapa. They have expertise in offering high quality printing for various promotional materials such as rack cards, greeting cards, posters, short run books, NCR forms, etc.

Personalized Photo Greeting Card vs Regular Greetings Cards

With the valentine day coming soon, everyone is looking for perfect items to gift to their loved ones. In this respect the greeting cards are one of the most common choices. In many households, greeting cards have become synonymous to Christmas and New Year. Greeting cards have been in vogue for many decades now, but with the advancement of printing technology there have been new additions to it. One such advancement is the personalized photo greetings cards. These have been selling like hot cakes over the last few years; causing decrease in the sales of the regular greeting cards that people were so familiar with ever since their childhood days.

People welcome everything new with open arms if it is worthwhile. But let us scrutinize the various benefits of personalized photo greeting cards over their regular varieties.

  • Uniqueness: Regular greeting cards are printed in bulk and there are many prints of the same design available in the market. In case of the personalized variety this is not the instance. Everyone loves to receive a gift that is second to none. They want to flaunt the gift in front of others and tell how special it is. If you flaunt a regular greeting card in front of your friends then who knows there might be another person carrying a card of the same design. This is the advantage that personalized product has. It is unique and makes the receiver proud.
  • Variety: Though there are regular greeting cards for every occasion but remember those are made keeping in mind the taste of the mass and not someone specific. In case of the personalized photo greeting card, you can select the color of the recipient’s choice, a picture either of the recipient’s or any other photo that best describes the occasion and finally write a message that will touch the soul of the receiver. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

  • Cost Effective: Though the personalized photo greeting cards are great gift items but it is hard to say that they are more cost effective then the regular varieties of greeting cards. Though there are many companies offering cost effective deals on personalized greeting cards yet if you want to get the best output then you might have to spend a fair deal of money. There are special techniques used in printing and designing personalized photo greeting cards which lead to their elevated prices.

In order to get the personalized photo greeting card of your choice, which will bring a smile on the face of your loving one; you need to find a reputed printing agency first. PrintPapa is one of the top printing service providers in the market and they offer cost effective personalized photo greeting cards. There are other photo products available with them too such as Photobook, Banners, Calendar and Posters.

Importance of ISBN for Self Publishing

You have decided to self publish your next book. Self publishing ensures you complete creative freedom and more profits. There problem with self publishing however lies in the fact that it doesn’t guarantee you immediate recognition. Your book might not even be promoted on the line of a book which is promoted by an established printer. This may often affect sales and decide on the success of your book.

One of the easiest ways to get recognition for your book is to get an ISBN for it. What is an ISBN than? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, it is a unique number that helps identify your book and provide standard of book identification. The 13 digit number has codes contains country published from, publisher, title and a single digit at the end of the ISBN which validates the ISBN.

ISBN has been used since the 1970s and is today recognized as a standard way to number your book so that it cannot be duplicated. Getting an ISBN is pretty easy as there are over 160 ISBN Agencies worldwide distributing these numbers. In certain countries this number is given free of cost to the publishing houses and self publishing authors while in others this comes for a small fee.

  • Here are few advantages of the ISBN in Self publishing:
  • It grants immediate recognition to the book. It tells the readers that the book has been published in the most professional manner.
  • ISBN enables you to sell the book through sites like Amazon which do not accept books otherwise.
  • ISBN is needed for running of electronic point-of-sale systems in bookshops. Your book may never find itself a place in the big bookstores without an ISBN.
  • The ISBN also allows compilation and updating of book-trade directories. This can easily be used to find numbers of books in print etc.
  • ISBN puts your book in the worldwide catalog of published books. You must be included in this catalog if you want your book available in libraries across the world.

You as a self publishing author will have to take on the biggest of publishing houses professionally. Apart from ISBN you will also need the services of a good printing service provider. Print Papa with its expertise and professional approach to work is the perfect choice for you. They have been catering to customers of all segments printing greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs and NCR forms among others. They have earned the goodwill of their clients and have exceeded expectations and delivering them high quality work.

Tips To Make Letterhead Sparkle

Letterheads are one of the most important corporate documents. They often carry your brand name to your clients and potential clients. Boring letterheads will never impress your clients and in today’s business world it is important for you to impress your clients at one go. Here are a few tips that will help you to make your letterhead sparkle:

  • Avoid Boring Templates: Most people use a template as a easy way of designing a letterhead. These come with custom fonts and sizes. Not all brand names and logos go well with these templates, creating a dull looking letterhead. It will be ideal if you can create your letterhead from scratch.
  • Experiment with Layout: There is no standard layout for a letterhead and you can be experimental with it. You can place some text sideways instead of placing everything at the top and the bottom of your letterhead. You can also use some graphics at the bottom of the letterhead which will promote your brand.

  • Highlight Logo and Watermark: One of the ways to make your letterhead sparkle is to highlight the logo and the watermark in it. The logo always brands your business and is important in the long run. A watermark on the other hand will bring in a very professional look to your company letterhead.
  • Use Color: Color grabs eyeballs and if you are willing to be bold enough with your letterhead than use bright color for your header and footer. You can also make sure that the edges of your letterhead are printed in bright color. This will surely make your letterhead sparkle. Try using colors which relates to your brand.
  • Add Mettalic: You won’t get the real sparkle unless you add mettalic inks to your letterhead. There are special inks which reflect when light falls on them. These look very attractive to the human eye and will surely go a long way in making your letterhead sparkle.

A sparkling letterhead can only result from a good printing. Make sure that you hire the services of a good printing service provider and PrintPapa would be an ideal choice for you. They have years of experience in printing and promotional services. They have expertise in printing books, greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs and NCR forms etc. They are equipped with the latest in terms of printing technology and have constantly satisfied their clients delivering high quality results on time.

Photo Styles for Custom Made Calendar

Calendars are one of the most useful things in your homes and offices. Many people are opting for custom made calendars these days instead of the ones available in bulk. It gives people a chance to express themselves and celebrate joyous occasions of life through their calendars. Here are a few photo styles for your custom made calendar:

  • Family Photos: You can create a custom calendar with your family photographs. All you need to do is use collect 12 family photographs and assemble them for the 12 months of the year. These can simply be the portraits of your family member or special photographs clicked on special occasions.
  • Holiday Photos: This is one of the favorites for people who make custom calendars. You might have clicked some awesome pictures during your last holiday. A calendar out of these images is a great idea to showcase your photography talent to others. You can also select the best images from all your holidays in the past few years and make them into a calendar.
  • Idol Images: Another idea to create a custom calendar is to use the pictures of your idol in life. It can be a celebrity, sportsperson, cartoon character or a movie character. You can easily find these images on the Internet and combine them into a calendar. The calendar can also celebrate a great movie or sporting victory.

  • Pet Pictures: If you are a pet lover than this is the best calendar for you. Take image of your pet or pets and convert them into a calendar. You can also use the images of your pet from its birth to its adulthood. This will also let you express your love for your pet.
  • Food Images: For a foodie there is no better idea of a custom made calendar. Collect images of your favorite dishes and convert them into a calendar. You can also include the recipes of those dishes on your calendar.

To get the best printing for your custom made calendar you will need to hire the services of a good printing service provider. A printing agency like PrintPapa would be a smart choice for you as they are experts when it comes to printing and promotions. They have expertise in printing books, greeting cards, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc.

How to Increase Profit without Raising Price in Self Publishing?

One of the major crossroads that self publishing authors reach is when it is time to price the book. A high priced book may get you more profit but there are equal chances that it won’t sell many copies. On the other hand a low priced book will earn you lesser profit per book and you won’t make money until you are able to sell a sizable number of books. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind which will increase your profit without raising the price:

  • The greatest rule of business remains constant. Increase sales and it will increase your profit. Per copy profit might be low but if you market your book well and sell more copies you will make profit.
  • Reduce the production cost of the book but searching for a printer who does it at a competitive price. You can also reduce the cost by doing the layout and cover design yourself. There are many computer aided applications which will let you do these easily.
  • Create a buzz before the launch of your book through social networking sites and other gatherings which will promote your book for free and increase actual sales.

  • Print cheap posters to promote your book and put them up at the nearest bookstores and other places where your target audience is most likely to spot it.
  • Try looking for small advertisement in your book which will bring in some revenue during the production phase itself. If your book is localized many local business houses might be interested to put their ads on your book.

In the end all profits cannot be calculated monetarily. The publicity that your first self published book will give you will surely help you with your subsequent books. Even if the monetary compensation with your first book is low it is bound to increase with your second book if the first one impresses the readers.

In self publishing the printer plays a very important role as they can guide you through the entire book publication process. Do not compromise on the printing service providers or the quality of printing materials used.  A printer like PrintPapa will serve as the ideal choice for you. They are a professional printing house who is well equipped with all the latest equipments. They have expertise in printing books, greeting cards, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc. Over the years they have built a huge list of satisfied clients.

Tips to Create Better Brochure Images

Brochures are widely used for marketing purposes these days. Images play a vital role in making a brochure look appealing and arousing interest in the minds of the recipients about a product, service or issue. It is very important to ensure that the images printed on the brochure look attractive. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to make images in your brochure better:

  • Use High Resolution Images: Make sure you use high resolution images in your brochure as they will look better. Low resolution images often get pixelated and bring in unprofessional look to the brochure. While designing a brochure in a image processing software use the high resolution images from the source.
  • Brightness and Contrast: Open the images in an image processing software like Adobe PhotoShop or Corel PhotoPaint and enhance the brightness and contrast of the image. This will make the image look sharper and improve its clarity. However do not increase the contrast too much as it will make the image look darker.

  • Use Color Correction: It is important to use automatic color correction to your images while editing them on the image processing software. This will create a balance between the colors in the image and bring in a better look. Most softwares will have a noise correction filter and this should be applied on the image too.
  • Add A Drop Shadow: You can try adding a drop shadow to the image. This will add depth and a three dimensional feel to it. A completely flattened imaged merged with the background brings in a very unprofessional look to the brochure. The direction of the shadow and the distance can be manipulated to bring in the amount of depth.
  • Use Contrasting Background: The color of the background and that of the image should be contrasting. This will prevent the image from merging with the background. You can also use a darker box as a background in case you are printing a bright image over a bright background.
  • Frame The Image: This is one of the oldest techniques used for brochure images. Create a frame around the image. You can play with the kind of border and its color while adding the frame to the image.

Go to a good printing service provider for your brochure. PrintPapa would be an ideal choice as they have both expertise and the equipments to handle your job. They undertake all kinds of printing jobs and specialize in books, greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc. The customers who have placed orders to them in the past talk very highly of them.

Tips to Create Environment Friendly Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are one of the best gestures to express your thoughts and feelings. They are also a great way to keep in touch with your clients and many business houses send greeting cards be it seasonal or otherwise to their clients. It is a good idea to send environment friendly greeting card on such occasions. Here are a few tips by which you can create environment friendly greeting cards and show that you care for the environment.

  • Use Recycled Paper – Paper is made from tree pulp and using recycled paper is one of the best ways to save trees. Recycled paper is easily available in the market these days. You can ask your printer to use only recycled paper for your greeting cards. One ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees from being felled.
  • Eco-Friendly Ink – Printing involves the use of ink which is made of harmful chemicals. There are however eco-friendly inks that are available in the market these days. Insist your printing service provider to use these kinds of ink for your greeting card.
  • Spread Awareness – You can also spread awareness about paper recycling through your greeting card. Request the recipients to send the greeting cards and all type of paper they use for recycling. This will help in reducing the felling of trees by a small but significant number. You can also use a graphic on the card to spread the awareness.
  • Hand Made Paper – You can also opt for handmade paper for your greeting cards instead of the factory produced ones. These papers are prepared in a eco-friendly manner although they are a shade expensive than the machine made ones. They do not use harmful dyes and chemicals like used in a factory.
  • Keep It Small – One of the best ways to create an environment friendly greeting card is to reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Keep the card as small as possible as in bulk printing it will save a lot of paper. Using less paper and reducing paper wastage is as good printing a eco-friendly card.

Hire the services of a printer who uses eco-friendly ink for printing. PrintPapa would be a great choice you as they too are doing a lot for this cause. They are a professional and well equipped printing agency with printing expertise in brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc. Their biggest testimony is the huge number of satisfied clients that they have built over the years.

Tips To Design Your Custom Greeting Card

Greeting cards are one of the best marketing tools. Unlike business cards and letterheads they do not outrightly scream business but at the same time convey the message. It is a great way to occasionally greet your clients and connect with potential ones. There is nothing like a customized greeting card as the recipients will remember you forever. Here are a few tips to create a customized greeting card:

  • Theme It – You need to make sure that you theme your card around something. It could be a seasonal greeting like Christmas or New Year. You can also send out a greeting to share a huge achievement by your business firm. It can also be themed around an environmental issue or a social issue which has reached threatening level. You can also theme your card around an ongoing event like a sporting event or celebration of a historical event.
  • Message Is Key – Write a custom message even if it is a seasonal greeting. Do not copy the mundane message available on the Internet. A well written message will connect better with your clients and other recipients as it will carry your personal touch along with it. A small poem written by you will be an excellent idea. Instead of printed text try writing the message with your own handwriting. This will give an unique touch to it.

  • Play With Color – Color arouses human emotion so it is important that your greeting card is colorful. It is not an official document and you will have the liberty of using bright shades of color. In case your brand is themed around a particular color, it will be wise to use the same as it will make it is easily identifiable. Also get the color combinations right to have a balanced greeting card.
  • Shape It – Although most of the greeting cards are rectangular there is no rule which prevents you from being creative with the shape. You make your greeting card into an oval or a triangular shape. You can also round the edges or give it the shape of one of your most selling products. It can be in the shape of a mobile phone if you are a manufacturer.

A well designed greeting card should be complemented with high quality printing. It is thus important for you to hire the services of a printing service provider like PrintPapa for the job. They are expert printing agencies who deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, door hangers etc. They are equipped with the latest equipment in the printing world and have regularly delivered high quality work on time to the clients.

What Are The Different Kinds of Book Binding Available For Self Publishing?

Self publishing has become very common in the industry these days. Many authors do not depend on publishers and head straight to the printing agencies for their printing jobs. This however puts the author into a decision making chair where he or she has to decide on each and every technical details from paper quality to book binding. Your book’s cover often decides it’s sales and binding plays a key role in the look of the book.

You as a author need to take the decision of choosing the kind of binding for your book. It is important that you choose the right kind of binding to make your book look attractive in the book stores. You should check for book binding samples with your printing agency before zeroing in on one. Following are the book binding options available to you:

  • Saddle Stitched Binding: In this method of binding loose printed pages are secured with staples down the middle of a folded sheaf of papers. This is the most economical process of binding and ideal when the number of books is less. The cost comes down as everything is done by machine. In this binding method card stock can be used as a cover. This binding is usually used in case when the number of pages in a book is low especially in cases of booklets and catalogs.
  • Soft Cover Perfect Binding: This is used for books which are thicker than ones in saddle stitch. It comes with a which can be used for title of the book. In this the book is divided into multiple sections and these are glued together at the spine with a strong adhesive. This is one of the most commonly used types of binding and half the book in your book shelf will have a soft cover perfect binding.

  • Spiral Binding: Although not as popular as saddle stitching and perfect spiral binding is widely used for books which are meant for short term use. You will have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the cover from clear plastic cover to art paper. The biggest advantage of spiral binding is the fact that it can have any number of pages.

For your book to have a perfect binding it is important to ensure that you get it printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. They have the expertise in printing banners, posters, greeting cards, flyers, envelopes etc. They also undertake CD/DVD duplication jobs and other designing services. They have been delivering high quality services to all their clients on time over the years.