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The Other Side of a Business Card

If you are self employed a business card may be one of the best marketing tools that you have in your hand. Most of us use a standard business card where our name, contact details and work profile is listed in the front of the card. The back or the rear is usually kept blank. This is a complete wastage of a great business opportunity. In today’s competitive business environment you should add punch to your business card.

If not anything else print a simple quote on the back of your business card. To promote your business you can add lots of information at the back of your business card to make it a potent marketing tool for you. Here are a few ideas that you can try at the back of your business card to look it more attractive:

  • Give a detailed advertisement of the products and services that you or your organization provides. You can also use images if you want but they should be printed in full color.

  • Print a small map of the location of your office in the map. This will help your potential clients find you easily.
  • Customer testimonials are one of the best ways of promoting any business. If you have good testimonials it is a great idea to print it at the back of your business card.
  • Write a small note encouraging people to pass on this business card to people who might require products and service that you deal in.
  • You can add humor to your card by printing a few jokes or a caricature of your own self at the back of the card. This will make people take a notice of your business card and remember you.
  • It will be a good idea for you to promote your blogs and social networking profiles on the back of business card. These days many people value activity in social networking sites while doing business.
  • Put a survey on the back of the business card and ask the recipients to send their replies to you. Promise a gift to the best of the replies.
  • Write a small note in your own handwriting for the customers. Such personalized appeals can go a long way in promoting your business.

A professional looking full color business card should be printed on quality paper with high quality ink. You need to hire the services of a professional printing service provider to ensure high quality work. Print Papa will serves a good choice for you as they have expertise in printing  books, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, labels, notepads, catalogs, NCR forms and business cards among others.

Tips to Make Advertising Poster Better

Advertisement posters are one of the best marketing tools if you can place them well and attract the attention of the people. However a lot depends on the attractiveness of the poster to promote what it is meant to. A good poster is able to arouse interest in the mind of the viewer which can translate into business. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to make your advertisement poster better:

  • Keep It Simple – The best of the posters are the simple ones. You need to make sure that your poster is not over crowded with text and images. Such posters do not promote but rather confuse the viewer. A poster is on an average viewed for 5 to 10 seconds and it is important that you can convey your simple message within this time.
  • Write An Impressive Slogan – Nothing sells better in an advertising poster than an impressive slogan. Try to grab attention of the reader at one go with your slogan. You can also use some famous quote if it helps to market your product or service. The slogan should be printed in bold to fall in the eyes of the viewer immediately.
  • Add Gloss And Shine – A glossy poster always attracts attention. Ask your printer to add a glossy coating to the poster after printing, this will make it shine. A gloss coating will also prevent the poster from accumulating dirt and losing its color easily.
  • Add Gradient – Adding a gradient to the background fills it. Also adding a gradient instead of a single color makes the poster design a little bit more interesting and professional. A gradient also adds texture to the background and makes it look much better than a single color or white background.
  • Use High Resolution Images – The images in your poster should be in high resolution. Pixelated images bring in a very unprofessional look to your posters and you should avoid them. If you are using multiple images for your poster make sure they blend well with each other in terms of color and brightness.

A good advertising poster will need to be printed well and you will need to hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa for this job. They are equipped with the latest printing equipments and have a well trained staff with them. They have expertise in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They have earned a good reputation from their clients having delivered high quality work on time.

Common Business Card Mistakes

If you are a small business owner, than a business card is one of your best marketing tools. When you give your business card to a person you are inviting him or her to become your future client. It gives you the option to market your products and services in a very cost effective manner. There are many people who spoil a business card in a bid to make it better. Here are some of the common business card mistakes that people commit:

  • Being Too Unique – There are certain card standards which are accepted in the market. Being over creative with your business card might work for certain businesses but definitely not for all. Many people play with the shapes of the business cards. Some even don’t take such business cards seriously. Look for the business cards that you admire and you will come to the conclusion that most of them are simple.
  • Overemphasized Logo – Although logo is the most important thing when it comes to brand promotion an overemphasized logo spoils the business card. The logo should not be too large and should be aptly sized based to correspond with the font size of your business card. Placing the logo on the corner of the business card is a good idea instead of a large one in the center.
  • Soaked in Color – It is true that color attracts human eye but overdoing it might cost your clients. Colors make the business cards look flashy which is like screaming into the years of your potential client instead of speaking to him/her softly. The background color and text color should have contrast for easier reading.
  • Paper/Ink Quality – A poorly printed business card (usually onces which are offered for FREE) is as good as negative publicity for any business. In a bid to cut costs many people compromise on the quality of paper and ink used in a business card. You need to make sure that you go with a reputable printer that emphasizes the quality of their materials.
  • Incomplete Contact Details – A fixed address, contact number often symbolize the authenticity of a business. In a bit to overdo the business card many people miss out on proper contact details in their business card. Ask yourself, will you do business with an individual whose business card doesn’t have proper contact details and address? It is important to make sure that the business cards have complete contact details.

A good business cards needs to be printed from a good printing service provider. You can hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for the job that have expertise in printing brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, calendars etc. They are known for delivering high quality work on time

Tips To Design Your Custom Greeting Card

Greeting cards are one of the best marketing tools. Unlike business cards and letterheads they do not outrightly scream business but at the same time convey the message. It is a great way to occasionally greet your clients and connect with potential ones. There is nothing like a customized greeting card as the recipients will remember you forever. Here are a few tips to create a customized greeting card:

  • Theme It – You need to make sure that you theme your card around something. It could be a seasonal greeting like Christmas or New Year. You can also send out a greeting to share a huge achievement by your business firm. It can also be themed around an environmental issue or a social issue which has reached threatening level. You can also theme your card around an ongoing event like a sporting event or celebration of a historical event.
  • Message Is Key – Write a custom message even if it is a seasonal greeting. Do not copy the mundane message available on the Internet. A well written message will connect better with your clients and other recipients as it will carry your personal touch along with it. A small poem written by you will be an excellent idea. Instead of printed text try writing the message with your own handwriting. This will give an unique touch to it.

  • Play With Color – Color arouses human emotion so it is important that your greeting card is colorful. It is not an official document and you will have the liberty of using bright shades of color. In case your brand is themed around a particular color, it will be wise to use the same as it will make it is easily identifiable. Also get the color combinations right to have a balanced greeting card.
  • Shape It – Although most of the greeting cards are rectangular there is no rule which prevents you from being creative with the shape. You make your greeting card into an oval or a triangular shape. You can also round the edges or give it the shape of one of your most selling products. It can be in the shape of a mobile phone if you are a manufacturer.

A well designed greeting card should be complemented with high quality printing. It is thus important for you to hire the services of a printing service provider like PrintPapa for the job. They are expert printing agencies who deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, door hangers etc. They are equipped with the latest equipment in the printing world and have regularly delivered high quality work on time to the clients.

Promoting a Business with Desktop Calenders

What is that one thing that people cannot do without on any given day of their lives? It is a calender. Everyone needs a calender and this is one of the reasons why a well designed desktop calender can go a long way in making people conscious about your business and services. Calenders, unlike many other marketing tools, cannot be read and forgotten as they are constantly in front of your eyes. Every time your clients see the calender they will also see the company logo and other messages that accompany it. Viral marketing is also one of the important aspects of desktop calenders. If your calender contains colorful pictures and good displays, then they can be seen by other people too, and the message of your brand will reach many others.  So, now you know the worth of this marketing tool and want to use this by creating a well designed desktop calender. The following suggestions will be of help to you in your quest:


  • Visual Statement – Create a strong visual statement through your desktop calenders. Using an unusual photograph on it is a good idea. You may also use a beautiful photograph that will symbolize your business goals in one way or the other. While designing the calender be sure to be different as that will make your business stand out from the rest in the crowd and people will definitely take notice!


  • Be Different – The desktop calenders can be given away to anybody you know, your clients, visitors, etc. A calender does not have to be expensive to grab attention. It has to be unique in its appeal. Using cartoons, beautiful landscapes, etc. will do the trick. While choosing the theme, it’s of utmost importance to keep in mind the taste of your clients.
  • Promotional Activities – There are many companies that offer attractive promotional competitions where photographs of the winners are featured in the calenders. These types of promotions are highly successful as most people crave for instant fame, thus, creating a buzz around the product.


Once you have selected the theme and all the plans are ready, it is up to you to choose the right printing agency that will be able to execute your work properly.

At PrintPapa we offer 2 sizes for calendars:

  1. Large Calendar: 8.5×11 – folded size – hang size is 11×17: No. of pages 28 for a 12 month calendar.
  2. Small Calendar: 8.5×5.5 – folded size – hang size is 8.5×11: No. of pages 28 for a 12 month calendar.