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Importance of ISBN for Self Publishing

You have decided to self publish your next book. Self publishing ensures you complete creative freedom and more profits. There problem with self publishing however lies in the fact that it doesn’t guarantee you immediate recognition. Your book might not even be promoted on the line of a book which is promoted by an established printer. This may often affect sales and decide on the success of your book.

One of the easiest ways to get recognition for your book is to get an ISBN for it. What is an ISBN than? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, it is a unique number that helps identify your book and provide standard of book identification. The 13 digit number has codes contains country published from, publisher, title and a single digit at the end of the ISBN which validates the ISBN.

ISBN has been used since the 1970s and is today recognized as a standard way to number your book so that it cannot be duplicated. Getting an ISBN is pretty easy as there are over 160 ISBN Agencies worldwide distributing these numbers. In certain countries this number is given free of cost to the publishing houses and self publishing authors while in others this comes for a small fee.

  • Here are few advantages of the ISBN in Self publishing:
  • It grants immediate recognition to the book. It tells the readers that the book has been published in the most professional manner.
  • ISBN enables you to sell the book through sites like Amazon which do not accept books otherwise.
  • ISBN is needed for running of electronic point-of-sale systems in bookshops. Your book may never find itself a place in the big bookstores without an ISBN.
  • The ISBN also allows compilation and updating of book-trade directories. This can easily be used to find numbers of books in print etc.
  • ISBN puts your book in the worldwide catalog of published books. You must be included in this catalog if you want your book available in libraries across the world.

You as a self publishing author will have to take on the biggest of publishing houses professionally. Apart from ISBN you will also need the services of a good printing service provider. Print Papa with its expertise and professional approach to work is the perfect choice for you. They have been catering to customers of all segments printing greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs and NCR forms among others. They have earned the goodwill of their clients and have exceeded expectations and delivering them high quality work.

Awesome Notepad Ideas

Notepads can become more than just boring old writing material. They have come a long way from being plain paper meant to take notes. Corporate stationary items are no longer a stationary item in the office but have become a promotional tool. Company logo, brand name and contact details are finding their place on the notepad which promotes them.

Gone are those days when business houses would purchase notepads in bulk as a stationary. More and more businesses are realizing this fact and taking notepad printing seriously and customizing them to the fullest. This has given rise to the need of creative notepad printing ideas.  Some of the awesome notepad ideas are:

  • Fill Types: These notepads have some printed details in them and a few blank spaces. The writer just has to fill in the details in the blank spaces to complete the message. These types of notepads can be used to keep stocks in departmental stores, educational institutions, financial institutions etc.
  • Magnetic Notepads: These are simple notepads which have a magnet attached at the rear. People stick these notepads on metal surfaces which secures them to the surface. These are very common in factories and workshops where placing a notepad on the ground or over something else is virtually impossible.
  • Checklist Type: In this check boxes are printed for people to fill in their details. You can fill in your own items into the checklist and fill them accordingly. These types of notepads are commonly used in vehicle service centers and other service industry where customer feedback is very important for the betterment of service.
  • Creatively Shaped: Many business houses are playing with the shape of their custom printed notepads. They are shaped semi circular and oval depending on the needs. In case of special business promotion they are heart shaped or shaped to promote a particular product of the business house.
  • Entertainment Type: If you are planning to promote your business in a colorful manner you can use funny graphics in your notepad. You can also use colored pages for your notepad. A watermark is a good idea in such types of notepads.

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Important Parts of a Booklet

Booklet is one of the best promotional tools for a product or services company. They are being used widely by companies all across the globe. Large booklets with 32 pages to ones with 8 pages are being widely used in today’s world. Designing a brochure is a challenging task as a lot of important parts need to be designed. Let us look at some of the important parts of a booklet in detail:

  • Cover – This has to be the most impressive part of a booklet. This often decides the interest that your booklet will arouse on the recipient. You should always print the booklet in full color to make it look attractive. The cover should give people a brief on what to expect inside the brochure.
  • Introductory Content – This is usually the first page of the booklet. It usually includes any forwarding dedications, disclaimers and reminders that is important in reading the color booklet.
  • Index – If your booklet has many pages it is good to create an index for it. This is common in booklets that accompany electronic items. List all the contents in the booklet chronologically in the index along with page numbers which make it easy for the readers to go through the booklet.
  • Content – Content is the thing that the booklet is printed for. It should be organized logically in the booklet. It is ideal to write the content of the booklet in simple language as this makes it easier for people who read it.
  • Credits/Contact – You should include credits and full contact address in the back cover of the booklet. This is important as many of the recipients might want to get in touch with the company distributing the booklet. In case of booklets on a subject due credit should be given to the contributors in the back page.

Always design your booklets after a lot of thought. Make sure that it is printed on quality paper as it will leave a good impression on the minds of your clients. Hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa for the job that has expertise in the job. PrintPapa has been catering to the needs of big and small clients over the years and has been famous for high quality jobs delivered on time. Apart from booklets they are experts in printing labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars.

What Will Self Publishing Cost You?

Many authors are choosing to self publish these days. It not only gives you the entire profit but also lets you have the full creative control of your book. The myth that self publishing is a very expensive process has been broken.  The cost of self publishing however still remains a concern to many. Let us see what are the factors which affect self publishing:

  • Editing: You might have written your book with utmost care but it is advisable to get it edited from a professional. This will filter the content of your book and make it better. Professional editors can charge you on per word basis or a lump sum for the entire book. Rates vary from $0.01 to $0.02 per word.
  • Proof Reading: Even after the book have gone under the eyes of a editor you need go for a proof reading. This will remove any silly mistakes that you or the editor might have committed. This process can cost you anything between $200 to $500.
  • Formatting/Cover Design: A good book needs to be well formatted to make it look attractive. It also needs to have a good cover design to attract the attention of the readers. This can cost you between $150 to $500 depending on the designer you hire.
  • Printing: This is the most crucial process for a self published book. The cost here will vary depending on the number of copies, pages in the book, paper quality and the kind of printing opted for. The average cost of printing a book varies from $2 to $20.
  • ISBN: Getting an ISBN is very important if you are planning to sell your book through sites like Amazon. ISBN also brings in international recognition for your book. You can but an ISBN for  $40 – $125 depending on the country you reside in.
  • Bar Code: A bar code might be required if you plan to sell your book in some shops. You will get a bar code for $20 to $25

Whatever may be the cost do not compromise on the printing of your book. Remember what looks impressive can sell more  It is thus important for you to hire the services of a printer like PrintPapa for the job. They are an expert printing service provider who deal in booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, door hangers etc. They are equipped with the latest equipment in the printing world and have regularly delivered high quality work on time to the clients.

Promote Your Restaurant Through Bookmarks

Restaurants can be promoted through many means including posters, banners and flyers but all these have a limited shelf life where as bookmarks ensure promotion over a considerable period of time. Rack cards and menu cards are commonly used inside the restaurant but bookmarks are the best tool to bring people inside the restaurant. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while promoting your restaurant through bookmarks:

  • Catch The Eye: Your bookmark needs to grab the attention of the readers as soon as their eyes fall on it. Try printing it in a brighter shade as brighter colors attract human eyes faster. Write a catchy slogan and have some food images on the bookmark which also makes it look attractive. It can also be in the shape of a spoon which will attract the eyes at the same time do half the publicity with it’s shape.
  • Choose Books Well: All restaurants have a certain target group be it teenagers, middle aged people or the older generations. So while promoting your restaurant keep in mind the kind of books these particular age groups prefer and put your bookmarks inside those books which would be read by these age groups.
  • List Specialties: Printing the name and address of your restaurant may not attract people. List out the specialties of your restaurant on the bookmark as this will act as a hook and ensure people are attracted towards your restaurant. Avoid placing a long list of specialties in the bookmark as it will make it look unprofessional. Printing the images of these specialties is also a good idea.
  • Proximity: Try targeting those bookstores which are very near to your restaurant preferably within a block or two. This will lead to larger footfalls in your restaurant than distributing the bookmarks in a very far away store in the town. Draw a map and give directions from major landmarks around your restaurant. This will ensure that people are able to locate your restaurant easily much to their convenience.

Ensure that your well designed bookmarks promoting your restaurant are printed well and this is where a printer like PrintPapa will come in handy. They have over the years built expertise in all kinds of printing and designing services. They use the latest technology available in the printing industry to deliver high end results to the clients and exceed expectations. They undertake all kinds of domestic and corporate printing jobs including books, notepads, business cards, letterheads and other printed materials.

How To Make Your Letterhead Sparkle?

A letterhead is the most important corporate document. It is the first impression that many clients  get about your organization. Letterheads along with business cards, envelopes and notepads should be carefully designed and printed to create a brand image for the organization. Your aim should be to make your letterhead sparkle in front of your clients. Here are a few tips to make a letterhead sparkle:

  • Header Is Key: The header is the most important component of a letterhead and it should stand out. The name of your organization should be mentioned clearly and in legible font. Try using the same font that you use in the hoardings and sign boards. It is wise to theme the header on brand name and color of your company.
  • Highlight The Logo: Your company’s logo should be highlighted in the letterhead. Try making it a little brighter than the rest of the header which will make it stand out. The logo can be placed in the right or the left side of the header. You can also make the logo large so that it overlaps the header.
  • Use Watermark: Using a watermark adds class to your letterhead. You can add the watermark of your logo to the body of your letterhead. This will add some X factor to your letterhead and put it in a league of it’s own.
  • Side Bar: Although not commonly used adding a side bar is a great way to make your letterhead unique. You can print the web address of your company sideways or even a catchy slogan that defines your business.
  • Print It Glossy: You can literally add shine to your letterhead by printing it on high quality paper and with glossy metallic inks. These inks have a property of leaving behind some shine once they have completely dried up. High quality paper is also important when it comes to printing letterhead as this creates a good impression in front of your clients.
  • Use A Footer: A footer can carry the contact details of your organization. It can also have a small note on the achievement of your organization. This will make it look unique and also promote your business.

Your well designed letterhead needs to be complemented with quality printing and thus you need to hire the services of a quality printer like PrintPapa. They are equipped with all the latest in terms of the printing technology.  They have built expertise in printing and designing services and undertake all kinds of printing jobs including catalogs, banners, posters, books, rack cards and all other types of domestic and corporate printed items.

Design your Business Card such that It Sells You!!

Business cards are one of the most important corporate documents. Along with letterheads, envelopes and notepads they form a complete corporate printing material. The purpose of a business card is not just to provide contact details and address but to promote the business organization. It is thus important to create an attractive and interactive business card which  promotes the business. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while designing an interactive business card:

  • Play With Color: Color attracts human eye and thus printing a card in full color will make it interactive. Try to print the card in some bright shades which will ensure that it stands out among a bunch of cards.
  • Write A Slogan: Try printing a slogan on the back of the card that defines your business well or  writing one yourself will serve the purpose even better. This will create an impression in the minds of the people who see the card.
  • Shape It: There is no rule which says business cards need to be rectangular so you can be creative with the card shape as well. In case you are into car rentals you can shape your business card in the shape of a car. This will immediately attract a person who sees it and thus promote your business.
  • Use Your Photograph: If you are an agent dealing with real estate, insurance etc. it is advisable to print your photograph on the business card. This will make sure that people will recognize your face easily which is really beneficial for your business.
  • Make It Two Fold: This is a uniquely new concept where a business card is two fold and the size of a standard business card. This is ideal in cases where your business card needs to carry a lot of information about your business. The front and the back remains as usual while the inner folds carry the detailed information about your products and services.
  • Print A Calendar: You can print a calendar on one side of your business card. This will make your business card useful for the persons who receives it and ensure that you get more publicity from your business card.

An interactive business card won’t materialize unless you get it printed from a professional printer on high end printing machines. This is where the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa can help you. They have been in the print and designing business for long and are equipped with the latest printing technology. They have built expertise in printing catalogs, door hangers, brochures, books and other printed materials.

Tips To Design Your Own Notepad

Notepads are one of the most commonly used items both at home and office. Although notepads can be purchased from the open market it is ideal to design a custom notepad which will promote your organization.  However don’t confuse a notepad with a company letterhead as both of them are different and serve different purposes. Here are few simple tips that can help you in designing your custom notepad:

  • Know The Size: Talk to your printer and find out the printing size before you start designing. The most common  sizes are the 4.25×5.5 (qtr page), 8.5×5.5 (half page) and 8.5×11 notepads (full page). Changing the dimensions at the last moment can spoil the layout so have perfect dimensions to start with.
  • Use A Tool: The best way to design a notepad is to use a DTP tool like MS Publisher, Pagemaker,  Corel Draw or Photoshop. All of these will give you the opportunity to play with text and graphics while designing your notepad. But do not clutter the notepad with too many things as the main purpose of a notepad is to write so blank spaces are necessary.
  • Use Your Logo: Your notepad should establish your brand and thus it is important that you use your logo in it. Place your logo on the top portion of the notepad on either side. The logo should be made prominent in the notepad. This can be done by making the logo brighter or using a shadow behind it. This will make it stand out and draw attention.
  • Text Is Key: Make judicious use of text in your notepad. Too much of text will spoil the show and too little of it won’t make it look like a notepad. Make sure that you type the company name, address, phone number, fax number, website and email contact information in an appropriate, legible font. Avoid using fancy fonts as they tend to look unprofessional.
  • Multiple Copy Layout: Printing on large sheets of paper reduces the printing cost in most cases. Make one notepad and then copy and place it on the adjacent side. The number of copies in one single print page will depend on the size of the paper and dimension of your notepad. This should be done in consultation with your printer.
  • Margins Are Important:  Always leave a few millimeters of space on each side of the notepad while sending it for the purpose of printing. This will be used by the printer while cutting adjacent copies and resizing of your notepad to the exact size.

You should complement your design with high quality printing and can hire the service of a printers like PrintPapa. They have over the years built expertise in printing of all kinds of corporate and domestic materials such as business cards, notebooks, posters, postcards, banners and many more.

Printing Ideas For A Presentation Folder

Presentation folders are one of the most underestimated marketing tools but they can do wonders for your business. If you thought that presentation folders are just meant for holding loose papers then you are under a big misconception. They have come up as a vital accessory for all the other documents. While designing a folder you will be spoilt for choices. Apply them skillfully though as the folder will represent your company to many people. There is not one industry that can be used which does not use presentation folders in their promotional campaigns. You are printing promotional materials because you want to sell something and a presentation folder helps you immensely to market the services or products.

Now let us take a look at the various things that you should consider while designing a presentation folder:

Size: Deciding the size of a presentation folder is very important. The standard size of such folders is 9X12. If this size suits you then it is well and fine but you can also go for smaller and larger folders. There are various shapes and sizes available in the company. Many features can be found in these folders such as slits for business cards as well as CDs whichever you want to include in your promotional material. Business card slits allow you to place your company material within the presentation folder. If there is some other features that you feel will meet your purpose then the folders can be customized likewise.

Images: The folders that you design should always carry the company name and logo. Quotes and mottos of the company are also inserted by the marketers. The color schemes for the folder should be thought about. Decide about the color combinations that will catch the audience’s attention most – whether you will go for earthy or vibrant tones or a mix and match or any other choice.
Materials: Looks of the folder are crucial. In order to look very professional a coordinated folder with coordinated marketing materials inside are a great choice. It is just like a kit. This will ensure that the client keeps all the information about the company and not just the presentation folder. The presentation folders are made with stock paper that helps the folders to remain in good condition over a long span of time. These are drastically different from the office folders that are made of flimsy paper material. If need be then such paper is glossy coated to make the folders look more professional and stand out from the rest.

The better you design a presentation folder the more you will be remembered by the clients. But all your efforts can go in vain if you do not choose the right printing service provider. It is wise to go for a printing agency such as Print Papa that has a lot of expertise in the field. They offer short run folders, which is very popular, as you can order as low as 5 folders. This company not only prints folders they also offer rack cards, brochures, books, letterheads, etc.

Promoting Your Business Through Envelopes

Envelopes are one of the most common office stationary but many people fail to realize it’s power as a promotional tool. Along with letterheads and business cards, they play a vital role in branding any business firm. They also have an inherent advantage as they don’t look like a direct promotional tool and don’t end up in trash bins like many other promotional items.

Business houses which send letters in bulk everyday are using envelopes as a promotional tool. Promotional envelopes should however be designed with care as poorly designed and printed envelope can hurt your brand image in the market. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while promoting your business through envelopes:

  • Study Your Audience: It is very important to study the target audience well in advance. Envelopes are not like flyers which can be distributed in bulk. They can’t be sent empty without a purpose so specific targeting of a niche group serves ideal in promoting a business through an envelope.
  • Be Eye Catchy: What catches the eye always has more chances of promoting your business and thus focus on the design of your envelope. Put your logo and your brand name prominently in the envelope. Although the color of the business envelopes is usually white, you can select any other lighter shade but try avoiding darker colors. You can also use your slogan or a tag line to promote your business.
  • Customize Stamp: This is also becoming a common practice in many parts of the world where business houses are being allowed to create customized stamp by the postal departments. This means that you can promote your business even with the top right section of an envelope.
  • Stuff It:  Everyone likes freebies and a stuffed envelope will generate curiosity. You can stuff the envelope with inexpensive things such as pocket calendars or pencils. Such items may seem small but are high on the promotional value as people will recall your brand whenever they use them
  • Address Is Key: Your envelope should have a return address printed usually at the back. This will make it for the interested parties to get in touch with you. A potential customer may lose interest in contacting you if he doesn’t find your contact address immediately.

It is also important that you use high quality paper in making your envelope and get it printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. All your efforts can get wasted if the printing quality is poor. PrintPapa has over the years developed expertise in printing and design services. They have built expertise in printing booklets, notepads, presentation folders and various other kids of domestic and corporate print materials.