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Marketing your Book to Make Money

Most of the authors who write book have a commercial interest in it. You would always want your book to sell more which brings you money and fame at the same time. If you are not a well known name it isn’t very easy for you to market your book as the market is flooded with authors writing on all possible genres. However acting a little smartly may go a long way in book marketing.

Knowing your target audience is very important for a book promotion. Once you know who your target audience is running a few promotional campaigns among that group is a good option. Such a campaign will hit where it matters the most. Even if such a promotional campaign doesn’t add to sale of the books, it will surely make you more famous as an author among a niche crowd.

Internet is one of the most powerful ways to promote your book and make money. There are thousands of sites which give you a platform to market your book online. The best part about online book marketing is the vast audience it addresses to. Also the fact that online marketing is not bound by geographical boundaries makes it possible for you to market your book to the global audience. The biggest of all pluses that Internet provides is the fact that its promotion comes cost free.

If you are a first time author you might not have the money to spend on a promotional campaign so spreading the news with the word of mouth is the best option. Marketing your book this way might be a time consuming process but it is the most comprehensive as it is usually your readers who promote your book. The authenticity in this kind of marketing is higher than any other.

Timing it to perfection is a very important while marketing your book. Many a times people miss vital opportunities to market a book. Carnivals, festivals and other social gatherings can be good time to promote your books to a larger audience. Marketing your book is all in your own hands so it is only you who can market your book to make money.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and brochures.  We undertake all kinds of custom and corporate printing jobs.

Reach a Broader Consumer Base Through Translation Services

So you had been wondering how to get those Chinese folks read your new recipe cook-book without forcing them to learn English first? Or had you been trying since ages to promote your solar-fueled motor to the German auto-owners?


Translation services are the best solutions to promote your business in uncharted territories, especially, if the barriers are linguistic. If language is a problem, translation is a solution! Not only do these services help make your company pitch their products or services to consumer bases who have not been approached as yet, but also helps improve sales multi-fold.

Why? There are plenty of reasons that help highlight translation services as a great way to develop the potential of your businesses or service.


  • The consumer base increases naturally, which results in a greater potential for lead generation and sales.
  • In this time of the economic downturn, turning to nations that are not yet afflicted by the downturn (Japan for instance) can greatly help your faltering business.
  • Translation services are only required when you need to market your services to a consumer base hitherto left unexplored. Unlike memos and notices, which can be translated by anyone who knows the concerned language, marketing material should always be handled by a professional translation agency. Literal translation of your original sales copy or fliers can be devastating to a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.


  • Translation services also help fare better in face of competition from other international companies dealing with the same services or products.
  • Translation also endears and familiarizes the consumer with the service or product better, providing a better chance for actual sales pitch to be delivered with a positive output.

Printpapa.com offers translation services that can have your marketing brochures, documents, and other necessities translated into a host of languages. This includes translation services offered in Korean, Chinese and even Japanese.


With such lucrative advantages waiting for your enterprise at the other end of translation, do not delay further. Invest in translation services for your marketing campaign and reap rich dividends, even in this era of economic slowdown!

Tips for Improved Sales through Direct Mail

Direct mail has always been one of the most effective and result-oriented marketing campaigns since the inception of ingenuous online marketing. Being personalized and cost-effective, direct mail or sales letters can be a great way to let people in on your ideas or information about your products/services without investing a fortune in the marketing campaign.


With the advent of the internet as a medium, using a global direct mail marketing campaign can be very cost- effective. You gain sales leads – and that too within a cheap investment, thus, giving you a great ROI.

But to achieve all this, you need to have a perfect sales letter or direct mail as the promotional weapon. Here are some tips to help possess a better chance in eliciting positive responses from the target consumer group with a direct mail marketing campaign:

•    Get a Great Subject Line – The subject line is what at times helps the consumer differentiate between spam mail and an actual mail offering real benefits to the consumer. A great subject line that hooks the consumer onto the letter through clever usage of words, benefits, offers or USP of the company itself.

•    Highlight the USP of Your Company/Product – The USP of the company or the product is important as well. Unless you highlight the USP of the product or the service you offer, no consumer would gather the interest in reading your sales letter.


•    Make it Personal – Personalize as much as possible. Remember that unlike other arms of an online marketing campaign, direct mail can be as personal as possible. Therefore, personalize the mail as much as is feasible without blocking out niche consumer groups, and you will have a winning solution at hand.

•    Measurable ROI or Profits – Make sure you showcase the actual amount of profits or ROI that would come the way of the consumers if they fell for your service or product. Without a concrete chart to measure the profits, trust will not be easy to attain for the service provider.

•    Short and Crisp – Keep the direct mail short and crisp. Only facts are to be entertained and glory tales about your company or any other irrelevant information should be chopped off at any cost. This is because most people only skim through newsletters or direct mail. Hence, highlight the important features in the sales letter and crop out the rest.


•    Test – Test your direct mail on a known group of people (employees of your company for an instance) and judge the effectiveness of the direct mail with the same. Make note of suggestions, implement the necessary changes and then draft a final direct mail. This will make it much more effective than what was available beforehand.

•    Special Offers – People love the word FREE and make sure you display it in large if you have such special offers and discounts available. Any offers, coupons etc should be emphasized upon – and make such offers believable. True or real-sounding offers ring a bell among the target consumers rather than false but tall claims of freebies.


The fact that the direct mail is a cheap but highly incisive marketing tool makes it all the more important to have a proper and professional direct mail marketing strategy. Once you follow the tips provided above, and can make the sales letter or online direct mail look appealing enough, generating leads and a constant improvement in sales will become a reality.

And that too with an absolute immediate effect!