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PrintPapa gets recognized by Presstek – The Case Study

PrintPapa, which initiated its journey from being a mailbox store franchise offering copying services, has quickly become a full service graphic production and printing company. One of the key factors behind the phenomenal rise of the company has been attributed to the use of the Presstek DI digital offset.


In 2003, the whole saga started when Shawn and Paul Nag left their software engineering jobs in a leading firm to start their own business. The duo started out with a mailbox store franchise to begin with. They sold black and white and color copiers in the initial years. As the amount of business grew, the Nag brothers found out that their business was primarily focused on copying and printing. So, they started outsourcing large works to other printers. But this strategy was not reaping the profits the brothers were hoping for. Then there were many other issues with quality and meeting schedules. So, Shawn and Paul started their own printing business and PrintPapa was formed in 2004.


In order to give their business a head start, the Nag brothers bought two presses – a small format two and four color presses. For prepress they used the new Presstek Dimension Excel chemistry free CTP system. The metal plates used in these presses gave great results.

But as the business grew there were various problems with the yield of these printers so that the Nag brothers turned to Presstek again. In a trade show they got acquainted with Presstek 34DI digital offset press. After using this press there was no looking back for PrintPapa.  The owners of the company felt that with the use of Presstek 34DI they have got a lot of business even in the recession hit economy. This printer has also allowed the company to charge affordable prices from their clients.


Shawn and Paul Nag now feel that investing in the Presstek 34 DI digital press was the wisest decision they made!

Effective Missing Pet Poster Design

Losing your pet can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. The grief and the pain however should not override your duty to search for your pet. The most effective way to look for your pet is through missing pet poster. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing an effective pet poster:

  • Picture Is Key: An image of your pet is the most important thing in your pet poster. Most people passing by won’t have the time to read the text in poster. Make sure the picture is medium shot of your pet as it is easiest to identify pets in such pictures. Long shots and close ups wont help you with your purpose. The image should be high resolution and in full focus.
  • Print Large Text: Print the name of your pet in large font size. Mention the words ‘missing’ or ‘lost’ at the top of the poster as it will communicate message immediately. It should have a short description of any particular identification of your pet such as white Labrador, blue colored etc. Mention the name of your pet on the poster as pets generally respond well to their names when called.
  • Contact Address: It is important for you to mention your contact address in the poster. Mention your complete address with landmark. Include your email address and contact number in the poster. In case someone finds your pet he/she should immediately be able to contact you. In case you want to be contacted at some particular time mention that too.
  • Promise A Reward: There won’t be a happier occasion in life if someone brings back your pet to you. Promise a handsome award to the person who brings back your pet to you. It can be in the form of cash or a gift item. The word REWARD should be highlighted in the poster.
  • Do It In Color: The poster should immediately attract attention of the people seeing it. Make sure that the poster is printed in full color and has good contrast between the background and the text for more visibility.

Your missing pet poster has top be printed well and you will need the services of a good printing services provider for this. PrintPapa will be a good choice for you as they are a well established printer with modern printing equipment. They have expertise in printing greeting cards, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs and NCR forms among others. PrintPapa has regularly satisfied its clients delivering high quality work on time.

Things To Ask Your Printer Before Printing

If you are publishing a book for the first time there are lot of technical things that you need to keep in mind. The increasing popularity of self publishing has made sure that most authors are dealing with the printer themselves and not going to a publisher. Being a first time printer it is better to ask a few questions rather than give a go ahead to the printer with lots of questions in mind. Here are some questions that you should ask your printer before the printing of your book starts:

  • The first and the foremost thing is to ask the printer is about the equipment that will be used for printing. A good printer should be armed with the latest in printing technology. For short run books digital printing is preferred where as for long run offset printing is more economical.
  • Ask for quote for different numbers of books. If the difference between printing of 2000 books and 5000 books is negligible. The cost of printing often differs with the size of the book. Ask your printer to give quote for the different paper size.

  • Paper quality is another important thing that needs to be considered. There are many kinds of paper available in the market which have their own pros and cons. Make sure you use the paper which will best serve your purpose. Under no circumstance should you compromise the quality of the paper.
  • The time of deliver is very important in any form of business. It is thus important for you to fix the date of delivery before handing over the job to him/her.
  • Ask your printer if he/she can get you an ISBN No., if you haven’t got one as yet. It is almost a must these days for your book to have an ISBN no.
  • Talk to him about the kind of binding that he will provide for the book. Will it be saddle stitch, spiral or perfect bound? If you haven’t yet designed the cover of the book. You could ask your printer to do that for you. A cover design is important as it decides the success of a book.

Hiring the services of a professional printer is very important for the success of your book. A printer like PrintPapa is ideal for your purpose. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have expertise in printing letterheads, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs and booklets among other things. They have a list of happy clients having delivered quality work on time.

Creative Booklet Printing Tips

Booklets are one of the best ways to promote your products and services. They have been extensively used as a marketing tool along with brochures to sell products and services. This has also made the traditional booklet a little boring. Most of the booklets have the same rectangular shape and are printed four color on high quality paper.

Today’s competitive business environment requires more creative booklets which can catch the eyes of the target audience. Booklets arouse interest in minds of the people to purchase a product or a service and thus it is important to make your booklet attractive and make it stand out. The challenge is to look different at the same time meet the purpose. Here are a few tips for creative booklet printing:

  • Alter Booklet Cover – Traditional booklet covers have been printed on slightly thicker paper than the rest of the booklet. Try using textured paper, corrugated paper, plastics, cardboards and other interesting materials to make the color booklet look different.
  • Use Metallic Ink – Although there is nothing wrong with the four color printing that you are used to seeing, using metallic ink will make your booklet stand out. Also metallic ink has an external shine which makes it look great.

  • Change The BindingPerfect binding has been used so far when it has come to binding of booklets but you can experiment with other types of binding. Spiral binding or even special string or twine binding  would make your booklet look very attractive when compared to other types of booklet.
  • Play With Shape – You can shun the traditional rectangular booklets and opt for some other shapes like square, triangle or even a circle. This will give your booklet an edge over it’s competitors and make a statement of your creativity.
  • Add Accessories – This is another way of making your booklet look attractive. You can add things such as a ribbon or metallic studs, plastic shapes and even embossed elements. This will be very impressive.

For your creative booklet printing you will need the services of a good print service provider. This is where a printer like PrintPapa comes in handy. They have expertise in all kinds of printing and designing services. They use the state of art printing technology for printing posters, banners, business cards, letterheads, rack cards etc. They have built a list of successful clientèle over the years due to their high quality service.

How to Increase the Effectiveness of Customized Posters?

Posters are the best tools when it comes to promotion at a mass level. Along with banners and flyers they are often used to promote events in public places which sees large footfalls. It is however important to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of your customized posters for it to achieve better results. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to increase the effectiveness of customized posters:

  • Arouse Emotions: The most important function of a banner would be to arouse emotions. Images are the best way to do so as they target the emotions of the onlookers or readers. However keep in mind that the images however need to relate to the theme of your promotion. You need to also complement the images with a set of catchy slogans which immediately grabs the eyes of the readers. This is the most tried and the tested formula and  holds good to the modern day.
  • Puzzle The  Audience: Uncertainty is a great marketing tool and marketers over the years have used this form of promotional purpose. A well designed poster should not be over revealing about the event or product it promotes. This element of uncertainty will create interest in the minds of the audience for the product or the event that you promote.
  • Place It Well: The effectiveness of a poster is often determined by it’s placement. While placing a poster in a public area position it in such a way that it attracts maximum eyeballs. Avoid placing the poster in corners and too high on the walls as they will not be visible to the maximum number of people. Keep eye line in mind while putting a poster in a public place.
  • Use Colors: There is nothing more attractive to the human eye than colors and thus it is important for you to print the posters in full color. Use bright colors as they tend to attract the eyes more than the darker ones. Also when put up in a dark or shady area bright posters tend to be more visible than the darker ones. Use contrasting colors to grab maximum attention.

It is important to print the poster in a high quality printing press and a printer like PrintPapa should serve ideal for  you. They have the latest printing technology in terms of printers and other equipments and have a highly trained staff. Over the years they have built expertise in printing books, calenders, banners, catalogs and rack cards. The biggest testimonial to PrintPapa’s business is the number of permanent clients that it has built over the years.

Unique Brochure Design Ideas

If you want to stand out among the crowd than be different and think out of the box. Your branding should differentiate you from your competitors and should make your customers choose you over them. A well made brochure or a booklet offers you a perfect platform to engage your customers into your products or services. Remember, if you can attract the attention of your customers with your brochure you can have an edge over your competitors.


  • Be informative: There is no golden rule which says that a brochure  has to be three fold piece of printed paper. A brochure can be turned into a book which is filled with information for your customers. You can convert  the brochure into a guide or a toolkit. You can also use graphs and figures in the booklet to inform about the advantages that your product or service has over those of your competitors.


  • Use Pictures: “Picture speaks a thousand words.” Turning your brochure into a photo album that showcases your product or service in action is just the perfect way to impress your customers. Remember nothing can be a better advertisement than the feedback of a satisfied customer. Use photographs of a few satisfied customers along with their testimonials while printing. This not only helps you in establishing the brand but also makes your claims look credible.
  • Size does matter: Large size does attract people and in case of a promotional brochure it is no different. Your brochure can become an instant hit if it is large in size and dwarf that of your competitors. Avoid doubling up the information rather highlight the advantages that you offer. You can also try a double fold four panel  brochure.
  • Be different: Being different helps you stand out among the huge crowd. In this fast paced competitive world it is very important to make your own statement. Thus experimenting with design and printing is quite a wise path to choose.


  • Print in high quality: A well designed brochure can be spoiled if the printing quality is not high. So make sure that you always print your brochure on high quality paper from a printer who has expertise in printing high quality brochures.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions and has the expertise in the field of high quality printing of brochures, letterheads, booklets, newsletter and other corporate documents.

5 Tips to Create Custom Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are great giveaways on special occasions. Development in technology has meant that the cards can be customized according to tastes and wishes of the sender. Nothing makes a person more happy then to wake up on his birthday and see a beautifully designed greeting card bearing a memorable picture of his life. This is the power of custom greeting cards. It makes you a designer and you can create whatever you wish and not go for the same old stuff that all the others buy.


Creating a custom greeting card is a very easy task and it is a great tool for marketing too. Such greeting cards can be ordered from any of the printing agencies. But the better the printer the more prominent results you can expect. But here are 5 tips for those that want to create a custom greeting card sitting at home:

  • Hardware Required: You will definitely need a computer which has graphic editing software such as CorelDraw and Photoshop installed. To get good quality prints you also need to have a Laser Jet printer. High resolution laser quality prints make even an ordinary print look great and the greeting card look professional.
  • 0930047
  • Unique Idea: The designing and the content of the card would be focused on the event. For example if it is a Christmas greeting card then a picture of you dressed as a Santa and some personalized messages  is a good choice.
  • High Quality Paper: Do not pick any paper that you get. There have been so many instances when a beautifully designed card has suffered due to poor choice of paper. So it is of utmost importance to pick a paper that will give you high quality outputs.
  • 185_2593471
  • Bright Photographs: Choose pictures that are taken in full light. Dark looking photographs on top of the greeting card gives a dull look to it.
  • Designing: There should be separate designs in the front and inside the card. The top messages should be catchy while the inner messages can be more personalized. Adding some humor to the cards makes them more interesting.

It isn’t tough is it? But then again customizing a greeting card requires a lot of time and some amount of precision. So why not entrust the job to the printing service providers such as PrintPapa?

Recycling Used Postcards

Though this is the age of Internet and emails but postcard is still considered as one of the best ways to greet and inform people. This is the reason each year you get so many postcards from your friends, relatives or many other companies trying to promote their products or services. But once the postcard is read it is of no use and soon gets disposed of in the garbage box. But wasting paper is a crime in itself especially taking into consideration the rate at which the greenery is being shed all around you. So why not try and put minds into play and find some ways to use the postcards that are lying in a corner of your house.


The postcards are made of high quality materials and a lot of hard work goes in on the part of the printer to design them. So using the recycled postcards is also paying respect to the printing agencies. There are so many innovative ways to use the used postcards. Below are some of the ideas that you might put into use:

  • Creating a Collage: Cut some of the pieces of the beautiful custom made postcards and put them together to create a collage. You need to have a creative mindset to turn the pieces of postcard into an artwork. If the collage gets the desired effect then place it within a frame. This artwork can be given as a gift to any friend or even sold.
  • 114_2561270
  • Making a Birthday Scrapbook: Use the postcards to make pages of the scrapbook or the borders for the photos. The text portions of the postcards may also be used to create captions on the photos.
  • Creating Gift Tags: Beautiful images and designs are made on the postcards that are used for marketing. The printing service providers put in a lot of effort to make the postcards look the best. So if you have bought a gift for your friend then use the desired images from the heaps of postcards at your disposal. Just make a hole and then attach the image with a string or ribbon.
  • 201_2590973
  • Making Home Décor Items: Use the best images in your postcards and then place them in frames to make things of table and wall décor. These images may also be pasted on the glass and you will get a beautiful looking candle holder.

Custom printed postcards are the best things that can be used to decorate a home without spending a penny. So use them and that will in itself be showing respect to the printers.

Reasons to use Green Printing!

With widespread concerns about pollution in various quarters of life isn’t it wise to do whatever one can to save this beautiful planet? Green printing is the latest trend in the industry. This type of printing service not only reflects the caring attitude for the planet but is affordable too. Though green printing is not as cheap as some of the other conventional types of printing services, it has many other advantages that are making people go green. Below are some of the advantages:


  • Cost Effective – Though the costing for green printing might seem high initially but in the long run they prove to be an economic option. On top of this, there are many green printing agencies that offer very competitive prices for such services.
  • End Results – The recycled papers used in this process are of the highest quality and give great prints while the vegetable or soy inks are made to produce vibrant colors. Such prints also last for a longer time than the prints made from conventional printers.
  • Quick Shift – It is easy to make a switch from conventional printing to green printing. Just place your order and watch the results. These printers follow the same process as conventional printers.


  • Eco friendly – The sole purpose of using such printing service is to make others feel that you care for the planet. The earth has given so much to us. This is just a small gesture on your part.
  • Appreciated by Customers – Using green printing service is a feather in your cap. Your customers will appreciate the caring heart you have for nature. It will convey your obligations to the society and the environment at the same time.
  • Printing is Essential – Printing is needed by all organizations big and small for various purposes. So, if you are going to use the printing services why not use green printing and show your responsibility towards the planet.


  • Spreading the Thought – It might so happen that your green prints might inspire many other companies to take up this form of eco-friendly printing service.

When there is a way to thank the planet for all it has given why not use the green alternative! There are so many printing agencies (one of them is PrintPapa) that provides green printing services. So, use it and feel good!

At PrintPapa below are the list of things we do which classifies us as a Green Printer

  • Chemistry Free Plate Making Process: We use Presstek Computer To Plate Making machine to make the printing plates, which can just be rinsed with plain water. No need for developer or fixer, or polyester films, masking sheets and tapes.
  • Waterless Offset DI Presses: Our presses are waterless press and here is a link to read more about how environmental friendly is a DI Press.
  • We recycle all paper waste.
  • We recycle all metal plates
  • We turn off all lights, AC, fans before we go home.
  • We use electronic Job Tickets to save on paper and also allows us to be more efficient.
  • Plus many more small things we do everyday.

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Postcards

Postcards are one of the best tools to enhance the popularity of your business along with building good customer relationships. Though this tool of marketing has often been overlooked, postcards have become an easy, fast and reliable way to increase the sale of your products and services without having to spend a fortune. The unique designs and content of this tool make it much more efficient than other methods of marketing. But it is necessary to take wise decisions to maximize the gains from postcards. There are thousands and thousands of printers providing postcards in today’s date, therefore, it is essential to be aware of some of the common mistakes that are committed while choosing a printer. Printers play an important role in transforming a mind-blowing concept for a business card into reality. Good postcards will be kept by the clients and not thrown away. So, here are some of the things that should be done while choosing a printer:


  • Don’t look for cheap services – As it is always said, cheaper does not mean the better. You can get a postcard for free or for a nominal cost from some printing services. In fact, there are so many free postcard templates available on the Internet that it would be difficult for you to find an original idea. Using these types of free templates and cheap printing services can send a wrong message across to your target audience. Unique designs and content, and customized templates can definitely work as distinctions between serious service providers and those that are run-of-the-mill type.


  • Avoid Flashy Designs – Using blazing colors and designs does not help in business marketing. All the important information should be written in easy to read fonts, carrying a slogan of your company and of course its logo. Such type of design features help to create a great impression on your clients.
  • Adjust the Font Size – The font size should be such that it can be read easily by readers belonging to any age group.
  • Highlight the Important Information – Business postcards should be used as a call to action, therefore, the important information should be made distinct using bold and large fonts.


  • Never Use Postcards Carrying Outdated Information – Outdated information, when read by would-be clients, send a wrong message to them. You definitely have the option to strike out the wrong printed information with a pen and write down the correct information. But think of the impression you’ll make in this process. So, why not take the help of printing agencies to print postcards carrying the latest information to boost your image in front of your clients.

When you have an idea about the do’s and dont’s of postcard printing and designing, then choosing the right printing agency becomes a walk in the park.

At PrintPapa we can offer 7 different sizes of postcards. Our Postcards are printed on heavy 14 pt. Card Stock with UV for extra protection. Provide us with the design and the mailing list and we take care of the rest. That is Printing and Mailing.