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5 Places to Choose for Flyer Distribution

Flyers are one of the most cost effective yet efficient way to promote your products or services. As flyers are low costing, creative designing is one such aspect that has to be paid special attention. Almost everyone distributes flyers on telephone poles and bulletin boards. But there are many other unique avenues where the distribution of flyers may bear better fruits and give you an edge over stiff competition.


  • Mails: Each month you send many bills and other type of mails. So why not place a flyer inside the envelope. You never know how many people will come across the mail after it has been opened. Print the company name and the URL on the envelope so that it is seen by people.
  • Handbills Distribution in Strategical Locations: Distributing handbills at any place is not beneficial for any business. Rather try and distribute them in places where they will catch the attention. People waiting in the subway are good examples. The handbills will give them something to read and thus your marketing material will serve its purpose. You can also influence the staff at the cafes and restaurants to keep the handbills in the empty seats so that they are read by the customers.
  • Bookstores: There are so many people who just love reading. Whenever they close or open a book they need bookmarks. So why not have a discussion with the bookstore owners and provide a bookmark to the buyers that will bear your company’s name and details.


  • Laundromats: People have to wait for their laundry and this is the time when they can read any material that comes to hand. You will find bulletin boards in the laundromats and these are ideal places to post a flyer. Tabbed flyers at such places allows the readers to tear of the important information.
  • Pay Phones: Though cell phones have caught the market, there are many people who use pay phone booths to get in touch with others. In these booths people have to spend some time and thus a strategically positioned flyer will surely catch anyone’s attention.


Locations may vary but one thing remains constant and that is the need for high quality prints. PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years. We print millions of flyers every month. There are 5 sizes of flyers which we print. You can order from qty as low as 50 to 10000.

Advantages of Pro-Environmental Digital Offset Printing

Conserving environment is one of the top issues in the list of the scientists all over the world. With careless human activities enough damage has already been done to nature. So today everybody needs to be that extra bit careful in their daily activities and check whether their activities are hurting nature. Printing and the materials used in it are also causes of environmental pollution albeit to a minimum amount. Now there is the option for going the green way with your printing projects. Digital offset printing is not only environment friendly but also gives you the desired result for your printing project. There are more and more printers that are using the digital offset printing and thus doing their bid to save nature.


But it is important to know the detailed benefits of using such pro-environment printing. So here they are:

  • Green Printers: Most of the digital offset printers nowadays use green printers. Such printers are specially designed to reduce pollution. The chemicals used in these printers do not have the harmful chemicals in large amount. The ink is made with organic pigments. The paper used in these printers is the recycled paper but even then the prints are long lasting and of distinct quality.
  • Less Time Required: The orders can be delivered in quick time. In other types of printing the solvent has to be dried out and only after that can it be cut and folded. Digital prints will make the prints ready to use.
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  • Less Quantity Orders: Orders can be made as per requirement. Though there is a minimum order margin but that is very low too. So you do not have to pay a large amount for the material used in your printing project.
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  • Last Minute Updating: The content and designs for the materials can be changed at the last moment too. As the turn around time is not much, so changes can be incorporated easily into your project. Say you are printing a catalog and you want some changes in the prices of a couple of items, you can do that easily.

If conserving nature and getting great quality could come in a package what could be a better deal! One such printing agency that offers ideal eco-friendly digital prints is PrintPapa. So go for the green today!

What Affects the Variation in Printing Costs?

There are two ways to consider the term ‘Printing costs’. Firstly, it can mean the price that you have to pay to the printing service provider at the end of the project. Secondly, it might also mean the estimate held by a company or enterprise for any printing project. In this case, companies can plan their work according to the estimate. But whatever be the meaning, it is desirable that you know about the factors that affect the value of your printing project so that you are not up for a shock. Following are the points that will help you to judge a printing service from the point of view of costs incurred:


  • Having Designs Ready: Before going to a printer make sure that all the designs are foolproof and final. If you have to chop and change things in the middle of the project, then it will call for professional help from the in house team of experts, costing you additional fees and computer charges.
  • Save Time: Printing cost is not just limited to the money. Make sure that the printing project suffers no delay and you get all the work on time. As a client you are paying for timely delivery.


  • Keep Track of the Project: Knowing every detail of what is going on in your project is a good way to control the costs. Do not let the printing agencies include unnecessary details that will increase the final cost of your project. One thing that you should never do while your printing project is in the offing is to take unplanned decisions.
  • Decide upon the Real Value: Printing projects are undertaken to make profits. They are not a run-of-the-mill type of job. So, always think about the quality, quantity and services of the printers.


  • Double Check for Hidden Costs: Many printing agencies do not include the shipping costs, sales taxes and other charges in their brochures. So, you have to inquire whether the price is the final price or there are some add-ons to it.
  • Standard Sizes: Printing costs may also vary if the prints asked by you are not of the standard sizes or weight.

These facets will help you to keep a track of the prices that can be incurred for your printing project. You may also use these as guidelines to set a plan for printing.

At PrintPapa we have prices for most of the common products online. Just use the quick Instant Quote Calculator and configure it per your needs and you will get the price instant, and then place the order, and upload the files. For custom products which we do not have on our website – request for a custom quote, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.