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What is Online Printing Anyway?

In the fast world of the times everyone wants solutions to their problems without leaving their homes. If you have started a business you would require printing service providers to get the key promotional materials such as Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, etc. printed. You can get the best printing services for such promotional materials without having to move an inch from your home or office. There are many reputed printing agencies offering online printing. Online printing is affordable and convenient and the printers mete out best quality and timely delivery. You should check with the printing service provider whether they meet the above mentioned criteria. In the traditional printing services the customers had to visit the press again and again to monitor the quality and progress of work. The busy professionals had to cut down upon their relaxation time to pay such visits to the printing press. It is very difficult for the new business owners to dedicate such time as they have to look into various key business aspects such as legal matters, recruitment, decoration/renovation of the office, etc. So with the help of the online printing services you can now have some time to relax.

If you have certain designs and content that would be implemented in the promotional materials, then there are special arrangements at such sites. The online printing service providers have special sections where you can not only order for the items but also upload your artwork based on the specifications mentioned at the website. The payment gateway used by the leading printing service providers such as PrintPapa is totally safe. Once ordered for the items get delivered in quick time. All the promotional materials are created strictly based on your preferences. So there is no place to complain. But it is important to learn about the file format for the files that need to be uploaded by the clients.

There is no need to worry about the date of delivery. It generally does not take more than few business day to deliver the order.

Vast options are available for online printing with PrintPapa whether it is business card, rack cards, poster, banner, or any other type of promotional materials you want to get printed you will get plenty of options.

Should I print it 2-color or 4-color?

If you still lived in the early days of printing then this question would have never crossed your mind because two color offset printing was the only option available in those times. With the growth of digital printing technology there are new options available now for commercial printing. Four color digital printing is a viable option for all the marketers in today’s times. But the availability of the two color and four color printing process has left many people confused. This is the reason, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both these color printing processes is important.

Two color offset printing is one of the most common processes for high volume commercial printing. In this process the image to be inserted is placed on a plate and then transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket, which again is moved to the printing surface. Two color printing is mainly based on the use of oil and water. Ink rollers supply the required ink to the images while the non printed area attracts a film of water. The film of water keeps the non printing area free of any ink. In four color digital printing process the mechanical steps such as manually stripping the pieces to create a plate and making films for color proofs are not needed.

Now, let us take a look into the advantages of both these processes to make a comparative study:

Four Color Digital Printing Advantages

  • It provides a shorter turnaround as it does not require much manual work.
  • All the prints have same color. There are lesser wastes, accurate counts and the color remains constant as there is no need to balance the ink and water during digital printing.
  • It costs lower for high volume of printing. Though the per unit cost of each piece is higher than in offset printing, but when you consider the set up costs, you will find that four color printing costs much less nowadays as the there is no setup cost in digital printing.
  • There are customization options in four color printing without slowing down the print speed. The information stored in the databases can be used to provide unique copies every time, such as ones for the personalized letters used for marketing. This process is called Variable Data Printing.

Two Color Offset Printing Advantages

  • It will work on many types of surfaces other than paper such as cloth, metal, wood, plastic, leather, etc.
  • If you order for a large quantity of prints then per unit cost goes down.
  • Modern two color or 4 color offset presses use computer to plate technology which assures higher quality.

Are you still not able to make up your mind? Then use the below given checklist.

  • Quantity: If you are ordering for a large number of prints then the cost per unit would be considerably less for two color offset printing, while if you are looking for short run printing then four color digital printing is your definite choice.
  • Printing Medium: If you need unusual printing surface, special type of paper, unique size, etc. then offset printing is a good choice. Though the options are gradually increasing with four color printing too.
  • Color: If you require only black and white prints then the two color process is a choice you can make. While if you want many colors to be used in your prints then the four color or digital printing is your cup of tea.
  • Turnaround: Four color printing is totally automated and controlled by the computers so it will give you faster turnaround. So if you have a time constraint, four color printing should be your choice.
  • Proof Checking: Four color digital prints offer better proofs as they produce a sample of how the actual printed piece would look like.

So make the choices based on your requirements. You may also ask for suggestions from the experienced printing service providers such as PrintPapa. They have expertise in offering high quality printing for various promotional materials such as rack cards, greeting cards, posters, short run books, NCR forms, etc.

The Other Side of a Business Card

If you are self employed a business card may be one of the best marketing tools that you have in your hand. Most of us use a standard business card where our name, contact details and work profile is listed in the front of the card. The back or the rear is usually kept blank. This is a complete wastage of a great business opportunity. In today’s competitive business environment you should add punch to your business card.

If not anything else print a simple quote on the back of your business card. To promote your business you can add lots of information at the back of your business card to make it a potent marketing tool for you. Here are a few ideas that you can try at the back of your business card to look it more attractive:

  • Give a detailed advertisement of the products and services that you or your organization provides. You can also use images if you want but they should be printed in full color.

  • Print a small map of the location of your office in the map. This will help your potential clients find you easily.
  • Customer testimonials are one of the best ways of promoting any business. If you have good testimonials it is a great idea to print it at the back of your business card.
  • Write a small note encouraging people to pass on this business card to people who might require products and service that you deal in.
  • You can add humor to your card by printing a few jokes or a caricature of your own self at the back of the card. This will make people take a notice of your business card and remember you.
  • It will be a good idea for you to promote your blogs and social networking profiles on the back of business card. These days many people value activity in social networking sites while doing business.
  • Put a survey on the back of the business card and ask the recipients to send their replies to you. Promise a gift to the best of the replies.
  • Write a small note in your own handwriting for the customers. Such personalized appeals can go a long way in promoting your business.

A professional looking full color business card should be printed on quality paper with high quality ink. You need to hire the services of a professional printing service provider to ensure high quality work. Print Papa will serves a good choice for you as they have expertise in printing  books, rack cards, letterheads, greeting cards, labels, notepads, catalogs, NCR forms and business cards among others.

Important Parts of a Booklet

Booklet is one of the best promotional tools for a product or services company. They are being used widely by companies all across the globe. Large booklets with 32 pages to ones with 8 pages are being widely used in today’s world. Designing a brochure is a challenging task as a lot of important parts need to be designed. Let us look at some of the important parts of a booklet in detail:

  • Cover – This has to be the most impressive part of a booklet. This often decides the interest that your booklet will arouse on the recipient. You should always print the booklet in full color to make it look attractive. The cover should give people a brief on what to expect inside the brochure.
  • Introductory Content – This is usually the first page of the booklet. It usually includes any forwarding dedications, disclaimers and reminders that is important in reading the color booklet.
  • Index – If your booklet has many pages it is good to create an index for it. This is common in booklets that accompany electronic items. List all the contents in the booklet chronologically in the index along with page numbers which make it easy for the readers to go through the booklet.
  • Content – Content is the thing that the booklet is printed for. It should be organized logically in the booklet. It is ideal to write the content of the booklet in simple language as this makes it easier for people who read it.
  • Credits/Contact – You should include credits and full contact address in the back cover of the booklet. This is important as many of the recipients might want to get in touch with the company distributing the booklet. In case of booklets on a subject due credit should be given to the contributors in the back page.

Always design your booklets after a lot of thought. Make sure that it is printed on quality paper as it will leave a good impression on the minds of your clients. Hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa for the job that has expertise in the job. PrintPapa has been catering to the needs of big and small clients over the years and has been famous for high quality jobs delivered on time. Apart from booklets they are experts in printing labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars.

Rack Cards To Promote Pizza Business

Rack cards are often found in restaurants and coffee shops around the world and are a great source of promotion. They are very cost effective and attract the attention of the people when placed on a table in such places. They can influence people to buy pizzas in a pizza shop. Here are five ideas by which rack cards can be used to promote your pizza business through rack cards:

  • Pizza Menu – Rack cards can be used for making pizza menus. The shop owner can inform people about various toppings available in the shop through rack cards. The ones with attractive toppings can be included in the image section.
  • Free Pizza Cards – For regular customers, these cards can be turned into free pizza cards. Customers can pick up a rack card on his/her visit. A collection or five or seven of such rack cards can make him/her eligible for a free medium or large sized pizza.

  • Discount Cards – Rack cards can be used as discount cards at pizza stores. They can have a percentage of discount printed on them. You could give different discount amounts to people of different bill value. The higher the bill more can be the discount percentage.
  • Tear Off Cards – The rack card’s tear-off part can be used to give a few freebies to the customers. They can tear off the portion and submit their names and contact numbers on the tear off part. A lottery can be held weekly and weekend movie tickets can be handed out to the winners.
  • Business Cards – You can create a rack card which has a tear off business card attached with it. This will promote your shop among the masses. Make sure that you are very creative with your business card or it won’t be able to attract enough attraction to be torn off from the rack card.

All these will serve as great yet cost effective methods to promote your pizza business. To make the rack cards look impressive it is important that you get them printed from a high quality printer. PrintPapa is one of the ideal printing service providers for this job. They are a modern printing agency who are equipped with the latest in terms of printing technology. They have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books etc. They have a huge list of satisfied clients who have been provided quality work on time.

Envelopes That Excite Your Readers

Imagine what would it be like if you could get your readers excited through your envelopes. This is exactly possible if you get creative with your envelopes. Envelopes are no longer just meant to conceal letters but serves as a marketing tool. These days envelopes are turning out to be one of the best and the cheapest marketing tools for most of the corporates. Here are a few tricks which you can use to excite your readers with your envelopes:

  • Use Quotes: Most envelopes are plain and mundane. You can print some famous quotes or even your quote in the front or back of your envelope. This is something quite uncommon and people are sure to take notice of your envelopes.
  • Play With Color: Although most of the envelopes are generally light in color, you can become different using a bright or dark color which stands out. If your brand has some color associated with its name and logo you can use it to promote your envelope.

  • Make It Informative: Make your envelope informative by printing some key information like currencies of different countries or major business centers of the world or some unknown but interesting facts. This will make your readers keep your envelope which will serve the purpose of your promotion.
  • Use Images: You can use some attractive image on the front of the envelope. By printing a very powerful and intense image on your cover, people will have a healthy respect for your efforts. Images communicate faster than words it will be easy to tell your readers what your mail is all about as well as its authority by the use of images and logos.
  • Shape It: Although most of the envelopes are rectangular in shape or square occasionally, there is no golden rule which says you can’t change it. Try designing an envelope in the shape of an egg or a triangle. These envelopes can go very well with greeting cards that you might be sending to your clients.

Make sure that your envelopes are printed in high quality paper and from a good printing service provider. PrintPapa is just the right name for you. They are a modern printing agency having latest printers. They have expertise in printing books, rack cards, letterheads, business cards, brochures, catalogs etc. One of their USP is that they have regularly delivered high quality work to clients on time.

What Are The Various Options Provided By PrintPapa For Self Publishing?

Self publishing of books has become very popular in the industry. More and more authors are preferring to publish their books themselves rather than knocking the doors of a publisher. Self publishing lets you have full creative control of the website and retaining the copyright for the book. You will have to make a sizable investment from your side but the benefits clearly outnumber the drawbacks.

As a self publishing author you will need the services of good printing agency. Self published books are no compromise to a book published by established publisher if it is printed well. You should opt for a professional printer like PrintPapa who have expertise in the job and are ideal for self publishing author especially if you are getting your first book printed. Some of the services that are provided by PrintPapa to the self publishing authors are:

  • Your book might be in the form of word document or some other word processor. PrintPapa would convert it into a Print Ready PDF on your behalf. This process will take care of all the formatting required for the book.
  • PrintPapa also provides proofing service for self publishing authors. It is ideal to opt for this service as many errors are corrected in this stage.

  • Book cover plays a very important role in deciding the success of a book. PrintPapa helps you with the art work of your book. Designers at PrintPapa will design very attractive cover for you which will include the front, back and the spine cover.
  • You will have the option to print the exact number of books you want. This will allow you to make a measured entry into the market as a first time author.
  • As a part of it’s offer to the self publishing package, PrintPapa gives Perfect Bound with a soft cover which is the market standard.
  • PrintPapa’s self publishing package also allows you to include pictures, graphics and other artwork in their books which can be printed in full color depending on your needs.

PrintPapa uses high quality paper and ink for self publishing books. Apart from printing books for self publishing authors, PrintPapa also undertakes all kinds of printing and designing jobs. Over the years they have built expertise in printing booklets, brochures, rack cards, catalogs, newsletters, door hangers and presentation folders. They use the latest printing technology and have a well trained team for the job. PrintPapa’s greatest achievement has been the long list of happy clients that it has built over the years.

Design Tips For Your Self Published Book Cover

There is a famous saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but the truth is most people tend to do that. Thus book cover becomes very vital for a book. If you have opted for self publishing for your next book it is important that you make the cover of the book look attractive by focusing on the design. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing the cover of your self published book:

  • Theme It: The book cover should be themed around the genre of the book. The cover should be able to give a brief introduction of the book. You can use graphics, images, artwork or print a plain background depending on how you tend to convey your message to the readers. If you are targeting a specific age group you should theme the book accordingly.
  • Make It Attractive: The book should catch the eye of the readers at one go when placed among a crowd. It should make the readers pick up the book and flip through some of the pages. Try printing the cover in bright color if it goes with the theme of your book. This will make it stand out among the crowd and look attractive in the book shelf.

  • Images And Graphics: Try printing graphics and images relating to the book on it’s cover. If you are writing on a event, personality or a place you should print an image related to it. In case of fiction, graphics and artwork look much better. The cover can also be plain and simple if that conveys more message than images and graphics.
  • Text Is Important: The name of your book and your name should appear prominently in your book. The name should be printed in big legible fonts both on the front page and the side. The back cover can be used to write a short gist about the book and testimonials if you have received any. You should also write a short biography about yourself.
  • Add A Dust Jacket: Dust jackets bring in a very classy look to your book. You can print the same images on the front, back and side of the dust jacket as the cover of the book. You can use the side flaps to write a short biography or introductory message about yourself in the book.

Hiring the services of a professional printer to print the book and the cover is important and this is where Print Papa comes in handy. They are one of the best printers when it comes to self publishing authors. They are equipped with the latest technology and have expertise in printing booklets, brochures, rack cards, flyers, newsletters and presentation folders among others.

What Software To Use For Writing Books?

The advent of the personal computer empowered the authors to typeset their own books. Many authors gave up the older way of writing a book and getting the manuscripts typed before taking it to a publisher. These days all you need to do is to prepare a digital copy of your book using a word processor. Unlike the typewriter, computer softwares allow you flexibility in editing your book from any where in the middle. You have the flexibility to delete and add new things in the middle of a paragraph.

These softwares don’t just allow you to write your book but make your life easy with a whole lot of additional features. They check your spellings and highlight any errors matching with the inbuilt dictionary which have versions from all the major languages in the world. Some advanced softwares can also advise you on sentence constructions They allow you to format paragraphs at one go, insert graphs, tables and histograms. Some of the popular software used for writing books are:

  • Microsoft Word: This is perhaps the most recognized word processor in the world. The reason for it’s popularity is it’s user friendly interface. The latest versions also gives you suggestions on the sentence construction which is far ahead of it’s competitors.
  • Open Office Writer: MS Word’s greatest competitor in the open platform. This software has an interface similar to MS Word and does almost everything that Word does. The biggest advantage of Open Office Writer is that it comes absolutely free and can be easily downloaded from the Internet.
  • Corel WordPerfect: This is not as popular as Word and Writer but does the same work as both of them do. It has a very user friendly interface. For those who like dictating than typing this software serves as a better option than it’s popular competitors.
  • Adobe PageMaker: Although the development of this software has stopped, it remains one of the favorites of many people till date. It gives the option to customize the page more than most word processors. It takes a little time for you to get adjusted to PageMaker but once that is done there is no software like PageMaker.
  • K Word: This software was once very popular with many authors for it’s user friendly interface. The software off late is going through regeneration to challenge it’s competitors.
  • Mellel: This word processor is very popular with the users of the Macintosh platform. This is marketed especially for the technical and academic writers.

It is important that you get your book printed from a professional printer after writing it using the above software. You can hire the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa in this regard. They have expertise in printing rack cards, letterheads, business cards, brochures, posters etc. other than books.

What Kind Of Topics Are Popular Among Self Publishing Authors?

Self publishing has gained immense popularity in the recent years. With the entry barrier low in the industry many author are turning towards self publishing. This relieves them of the terms and conditions of the publishers and lets them keep the entire profit. They have full creative control over their work and do not need to comprise with the content because of commercial interest of the publisher.

There is however a trend in the self publishing industry and not all author turn towards self publishing. Many authors have to turn towards self publishing as many established publishers do not want to publish their off beat books. There are certain genres of books that are popular among self publishing authors. Some of the popular topics among self publishing authors are:

•    Crime: This genre is often written from the protagonist’s point of view. This scares publishers  who don’t want to take the risk with such viewpoints. This is a very popular genre among many first time authors who opt for self publishing.
•    Religion: Self publishing authors often write religious books on a very small sect of a religious group. These books target a very niche audience and are not guided by commercial interests. It holds minimum value to a publisher looking for profits.

•    Fantasy: This genre goes as far as the imagination of the author and most of the times involves magic, mystic elements or supernatural creatures which are high risk topics for an established publisher. Fantasy is not always accepted by the readers.
•    Romance: It is one of the most popular topics among the self publishing authors who write their own love stories rather then a completely fictional one.
•   Science Fiction: Another favorite of the many first time authors. Most publishers consider these authors to be crazy and they opt for the self publishing route. Most of the recent science fiction books have been through the self publishing method.
•    Adventure: Adventure has been favorite with the authors for centuries. Many have written on their real life experience while others have written upon their fantasy. These days adventure has become very popular with the self publishing authors.

Self publishing has come as a god sent angel to many authors who are able to publish their work the way they want to. It is however important that an author chooses a professional printer for publishing the book. This is where a printing agency like Print Papa comes in handy. They are equipped with the latest technology and have expertise in printing booklets, brochures, rack cards, flyers, newsletters and presentation folders among others.