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European vs US Paper Sizes. Why do we care??

Posted In: Fun Stuff  |  February 11, 2014

They are different!! A standard US Letter size (8.5″ x 11″) flyer is wider and shorter than the European counterpart (ISO A4 – 8.27″ x 11.69″). US Paper sizes follow the ANSI series, whereas European (and Asian) follow the ISO sizes. European & Asian Paper Size ISO A Series of Sizes is the most frequently […]

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“Sticking” Out Above the Competition

Posted In: New @PrintPapa  |  February 5, 2014

You’ve seen them on windows, walls, cars, laptops, college books, and dozens of other places. Stickers can be seen everywhere and they demand attention. They reach your audience in a way that business cards and flyers simply cannot. What better way to market your brand or your company than to slap your design somewhere knowing […]

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Bring your Room to Life..Cover boring walls with posters and calendars

Posted In: Fun Stuff  |  October 16, 2013

Best way to make our rooms feel nice ‘n homey would be to hide the horrible/awful/gross/disgusting paint job that covered the walls and replace it with something fun and eye-catching; didn’t really matter what it was as long as it wasn’t 99 cent white paint.

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The Power of a Good Word

Posted In: Marketing  |  November 11, 2011

Referrals are among the most effective and least expensive marketing tools available to small business owners. People don’t always trust an ad or sales call, but they do trust their friends. Think about the places you’ve done business with in the past week, month, or year. What first led you to those establishments? Was it […]

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