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6 Unique Business Card Styles and Sizes

As is said by Sonya Parker, “Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” Business cards speak volumes about your personality and the recipient almost immediately develops a perspective about you. We at PrintPapa not only deal with online business cards printing, but also offer you a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

business cards printing

Standard Business Card

These are the most commonly seen business cards which help you shape that first impression ideally. The most common size available is 3.5” X 2” and goes on to different styles like slick cards, tiny cards and European cards.

Square Business Card

It is generally accepted that uncommon sizes grab the attention sooner and create a lasting first impression. We offer the square business cards printing in the dimension of 2” X 2”, 2.5” X 2.5” and 3” X 3”.

Luxury Business Card

You cannot fail to create that charming first impression with our luxury business cards. These cards are triple thick 46 point which is almost as thick as a credit card with colored inserts. The basic luxury card is 3.5” X 2” and comes in the varieties of slick cards, European style cards and square cards.

Fold-over Business Card

Our fold-over business cards come in two options, one that flips open upwards and one which flips open sideways. The fold-over card that opens upwards has the laying flat size of 3.5” X 4” and folded size of 3.5” X 2”. The fancy business card that opens sideways is 5” X 2” and 3.5” X 2” respectively.

Shaped Business Card

We as a business cards printing service provider offer shaped card in the form of round, cloud-shaped, diamond-shaped, flower-shaped, heart-shaped, ink-drop shaped, oblong-shaped and many more options to choose from.

Opaque Plastic Business Card

These are fully colored on plastic and are extremely durable. We provide these cards in the US standard size (3.5X2 inch) with options in square, European and slick business cards. These are water-proof, economical and hold the color for a continued period of time.

For more information on business card styles and sizes, please visit our website at or you can even call us at 408-567-9553 and get your online business cards printing done hassle-free.

Catalog Printing: 7 Simple Steps to Create Effective Catalogs

Catalogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions available. They are great for sharing information about your business, products, and services. With superior full-color printing, precise binding, and an array of paper options, PrintPapa’s catalogs are sure to make a big impact.

As far as catalog printing is concerned, most people do not know how to get started. You should not be inclined towards displaying all of your information in your brochures. Rather, begin by chalking out the objectives of your business catalog and mapping your aims in a better way. The next and the most important step is to position yourself in the place of your audience. You need to know what attracts them, what info they want and how to impress them and get them to turn the pages. Once you have a clear idea about these, you can go move to begin designing your catalogs.

catalog printing

Why Stress on Catalog Design and Quality?

The print quality and design of your catalogs is what shows the quality of your brand to your audience. This is just as important as the content itself. Poor print and low image quality will take away the interest of your readers.  PrintPapa provides Custom Catalog Printing in a variety of print quality and design and lets you add your own set of colors to personalize your catalogs in the right way. But make sure to not use many colors as too much coloring hurts the vision of the readers.

With the following suggestions in mind, you can design effective catalogs:

  1. Opt for design elements that best suit your brand along with a good selection of images and colors.
  2. Choosing a font of simple nature always work. An easy to read font with a sober size and color engages the reader.
  3. Utilizing space effectively is crucial. Too much text disengages the audience.
  4. Keep a good balance. Don’t use too much or too little text or images.
  5. Elements and information which are not needed should be removed.
  6. Opting for an apt size for your catalog distribution depends on your purpose. Moreover deciding upon your distribution technique also needs to be considered, be it, handing-out, mailing or hanging on a display, etc.
  7. High-resolution images are crucial for your catalogs as your readers will be seeing them at arm’s length. Low quality images will lose their interest.
  8. Having a style that remains consistent throughout the catalog helps establish the brand’s personality.

Catalog printing Services at PrintPapa let you design your catalogs in your own terms. If you want to add a design, you are most welcome. Do not know how to go about designing? Let us help you. PrintPapa has a wide range of catalogs of various sizes and paper-stocks which will definitely suit your use and purpose. To know more, log on to or call us at 408-567-9553.

Effective Booklet Printing: 4 Useful Steps to Impress Your Customers

Despite online marketing gaining prominence, there can be no doubt over the fact that printed matter is a primary essential way for effective business marketing. And this is where online printing services play a vital role in business promotions.

And one of the most primary print tools of business promotions is booklets. Booklet printing services at PrintPapa provide you with custom-booklets which are sure to help you reach out to your target audience in hand. Thus letting you have more direct communication with them.

online booklet printing services

Here are 4 steps to boost your business via Booklet Printing:

  1. Target your audience

Any business idea should have a well-thought target audience. A well-targeted audience always brings in more sales. You shall target your customers on the basis of the type of services you are providing or products you are selling. 

  1. Planning

Planning on how to go about your business promotion is crucial and tough as well. Start by presenting your brand with a small booklet incorporating all the basic details of your company. This makes the readers want to know more. Use this opportunity to make them buy an in-depth company catalog or booklet showing why the readers should choose your services and products and why they are better than those of your competitors. Both booklets and catalogs are an effective way to retain your business in the minds of your customers.

  1. Get Online

The present times are all about getting online and interacting with the whole world. And with almost all customers using the internet, and with internet shopping becoming more and more common, creating a website for your customers is an easy way to increase your sales in less time. Make a place where they can avail your booklets and catalogs as this can help you spread information about your business to a larger audience.

  1. Fast Shipping

Reaching out to your customers in less time is always an advantage. When your customer are buying your booklets online, make sure that they are delivered to them as soon as possible. This will help you gain their trust, turning them into loyal customers which further leads to a successful business venture in the long run.

Good booklet design begins with a focused plan. If you start with a goal in mind, your booklet design will indeed be successful. Online Booklet Printing Services at PrintPapa help your booklet look perfect, that too at an affordable price; regardless if you are designing the booklet by yourself or letting us help you with it. To know more, log on to or call us at 408-567-9553.

Boost Your Brochure Promotions: 5 Infographics Incorporating Techniques

Brochures are great tool to market your services or products. They are perhaps the first among all business tools that reach the hands of your customers and provide them with the first impression about your business. A good brochure adds professionalism to your business as you approach your client with it.

PrintPapa manufacture and sells high-quality brochures at affordable prices. All you need are a strong content and an attractive design. Pictures providing data, also known as infographics, are also an asset while opting for Custom Brochure Printing as it helps to show complex data in an easier manner.

Quality Brochure Printing

By following these 4 infographic-incorporating steps, you can greatly enhance your brochure printing:

  1. Keeping things simple

An infographic is used to portray information and data in a simpler fashion so that the reader can understand it better and in less time. Showing heavy data with unnecessary graphics leads to a disinterest.

  1. Color Use

Colors can either make or break your infographic content. When choosing to go for brochure printing, colors help to attract the readers towards more pieces of information which you think they should get to know firsthand. It is of vital importance to understand the balance between colors and infographics which makes for an effective brochure.

  1. Avoid too much info

The information in your brochure is determined by the purpose for which you want to utilize it.  For example, in normal prints, you can only refer to the data corresponding to the point you are trying to make. Or, if you are planning to give your readers an annual report of your company’s sales figures, consider using infographics.

  1. Strategic content placement

Highlight the connection between content and its infographics with appropriate placements. A more complex infographic may require its own page and maybe even two. Keep it clean of other information.

Incorporating infographics in your brochure is a great way to add effectiveness to your content and design. We, at PrintPapa, provide premium Quality Brochure Printing services at attractively affordable prices which help enrich your infographics for better readability and appeal. For more details, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

Lend Your Business Distinction with Unique Business Cards from PrintPapa

The promotion of a business naturally calls for the requirement of reaching out to more customers. And as far as business promotional tools are concerned, business cards play a crucial role. Thus, having a quality business card which represents your business to your clients even before you explain about it to them is essential to attract attention. A well designed business card can also give you an upper-hand over your competitors.

We, at PrintPapa, a premium Online Business Cards Printing service, give you a variety of business cards of various shapes and qualities that allow you to design practical and personalized business cards which that reflect your company’s identity.

business cards printingHere are the different types of business cards we offer:

  1. Standard Business Cards

Standard business cards are the most common type of business cards. They are the ones that are the most inexpensive and the most preferred as well.

  1. Square Business Cards

Square business cards come in 2” x2” sizes that fit easily in bag pockets or wallets and thus are easy to carry. You can utilize the front to display your contact details and the back to highlight your company’s aim.

  1. Luxury Business Cards

Luxury Business cards are not something one will get to see every day. These cards attract attention at the very first look. It is slightly thicker than a bank ATM card with color inserts of one’s choice.

  1. Shaped Business Cards

Shaped business cards make your business look unique to your target audience. They are more prone to grabbing the audiences’ attention and you can utilize this moment by immediately letting them know about your brand’s benefits and qualities.

  1. Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are less prone to wear and tear and are also water-proof. Their plastic quality not only makes them durable but also lets them hold their colors in place and vibrant.

  1. Specialty Business Cards

Business cards printed on Metallic Gold Paper at our Business Cards Printing Service will make you stand out in the crowd. These cards give your business a special appearance and status.

  1. Fold Over Business Cards

Fold over Business Cards have 4 total sides which naturally enable you to add more data and information. They are made flat and added with a score to allow them to be folded easily.

Leave a lasting impression on everybody with high-quality, full-color, customized business cards in multiple paper options, various shapes and sizes at low prices from PrintPapa, one of the best online custom business cards printing services in California.

Go Local with EDDM Postcard Printing At PrintPapa

According to business statistics, a total of 40% of business success or failure depends upon the quality of their mailing listings. And it is only natural that new businesses and start-ups will find this upsetting for the fact that they are yet to recognize their target audience. However, there is an effective way to make sure that the intended message reaches the locally-targeted audience: EDDM postcards.

EDDM postcard marketing or every door direct mail postcard marketing lets one send postcards, regarded as one of the most powerful direct-mail marketing tools, to every single household and business within a defined geographic area. We, at PrintPapa, provide EDDM postcard printing in different sizes and print qualities. You can give us your own design via a PDF template or let us help you design it.

every door direct mail california

With EDDM Postcard Marketing, One Simply Has To:

  • Select the target mailing area by zip code or city/state
  • Create a special time-limited offer that customers will want to take advantage of
  • Design an attractive postcard and include a tracking mechanism, such as a coupon or coupon code
  • Print your postcard on premium paper stocks for better representation
  • Deliver your postcards to the Post Office – they’ll handle the rest

Every door direct mail California can help locally-based start-ups and businesses reach almost all local customers at relatively low postage rates. They are a great way for startups to jump-start their businesses, and for established businesses to target local customers. Business that are based out of large cities can opt to target specified areas for their EDDM to save budget whereas those located in smaller towns can use EDDM to cover the whole of it. PrintPapa’s EDDM services let your print your postcards at affordable prices and various shapes and sizes. Be it a new announcement or a display of products or services, EDDM postcards can be used in all. Another way for you to attract the audience is by including offers and coupons.

A great mailing list is critical to direct-mail postcard marketing success, but you don’t have to spend countless hours building a custom mailing list when you can take advantage of every door direct mail printing at PrintPapa. To know more about our EDDM postcard printing, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

Effective Business Strategies: The Flyer Printing Formulae

Flyer printing has always been one of the most opted means for business promotions. Due to their flexibility and affordability, flyers can lead to a high boost in your business, by reaching out to a larger audience and raising awareness and thus garnering more revenue.

We, at PrintPapa, provide high-quality flyer printing Online to people who want to increase their business sales.  Flyers can be used in a variety of ways to increase the target audience reach.

flyer printingFeatures of Flyers Which Make Them a Powerful Marketing Tool 

  • Anywhere-Usage

Flyers let you promote your business wherever you want based on your target audience. Printed flyers can be:

– Put up at in stores, meets and events
– delivered from door to door
– distributed as newspaper supplements
– spread out in clubs and bars

  • Sizes and Shapes

PrintPapa has 4 distinct shapes of flyers; namely folded, shaped, rectangle and club card flyers. You can choose them according to your need. Visit our website to know more.

And we, at PrintPapa, also provide you with a large variety of flyer templates and guides to help you select a flyer size and shape which is apt for your business promotion in just the way you prefer.

  • Variety

In addition to picking your own size of flyers, you can opt for your own choice of paper-quality, style and finish including matte, gloss and uncoated.

  • Time-saving production

Due to their minimal and single page design, flyers take much less time for their production than compared to brochures and booklets which have multiple pages. This also helps you save a lot of time. 

  • Cost-Effective

Flyers are a cost-effective means to promote your business. They are cheap to be printed, which makes them a great promotional tool for any kind and size of business. Flyer printing services sell wholesale flyers at affordable prices without compromising on quality, which makes them a worthy yet easy buy.

No matter the nature of your business, flyer printing will help you reach out to a larger audience in less time. And we, at PrintPapa, make sure that you get high-quality flyers at the right price to help you succeed in your business. To know more about our flyer printing services, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

Get Unmatched Visibility with Custom Posters from PrintPapa

Business promotions via Poster printing is a high-end way which can certainly lead to higher business revenue. As a matter of fact, many people consider posters printing as the most effective way of spreading business and reaching a wider section of audience.

Custom poster printing is a good choice if you want to spread your business by achieving a larger audience reach. A good poster always retains its place in the minds of its viewers. PrintPapa, a popular online poster printing service, provides posters of different qualities based on their needs.

custom poster printing

The following are the different kinds of poster available for your use:

Large Format Posters:

Most of the posters you see are large format or standard posters.  They are made up of gloss paper. Gloss effect gives a shining touch to your posters and uplifts the colors along with in-depth detail. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Bulk Posters:

Bulk posters are based on the type of paper they use. The most opted for are the “Text Stock: 80lb Gloss” and “Text Stock: 100lb Gloss”. Or if you want them to be thicker, go for card stock quality posters. With a size range of 1×17 to 24×36, bulk posters carry your message in a manner that is tough to be disregarded. They can be used for the promotion of an upcoming event or as window signs and product posters.

Poster Boards:

Poster Boards or display boards are basically boards that have posters affixed to them. They are very much economical and effective at the same time. They can be used in stores to promote services or products. The graphics are printed in a low gloss matte finish. Poster boards at PrintPapa are very inexpensive and are one of our most popular print products. Their characteristics include:

  • Sturdy and light-weighted
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to scratches and dents
  • Can be given any shape

Dry Erase Posters:

These are custom printed white dry-erase board available in full color in any size. They can be used as Classroom Posters, Training Posters, Today’s Special Signs, Today’s Menu Restaurant Poster.

 Poster printing services allow you to design your posters in various ways. We, at PrintPapa, assure to provide you with the perfect poster you want which will be best suited for your purposes. To get a better look at our poster services, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

3 essential flyer designing tips to make your business fly higher

Flyers are a fast, easy and affordable means of promoting your business, be it through the mail, at trade shows, by handing them out in your store or neighborhood, or posting them at events or around town.  They are compact, lightweight and portable.  Pull together your own design and print elements to create a powerful marketing tool for powerful business promotion.

We, at Printpapa, a big name in online printing California, provide you high-quality flyers to help you promote your business better. However, there are several things we suggest you keep in mind while designing your flyers.

They are as follows:


Avoid cluttering too much information in your flyer, providing only the information you want your audience to know firsthand. You can do so either by eliminating unnecessary words and images or by selecting a larger paper size. Flyers come in various sizes at our flyer printing services for you to choose from according to your own style and intent. To get a better idea about sizes, click on this link:


Choose bright and attractive colors to get a look that will impress your audience. Select color combinations that will compliment your subject and highlight your brand image, service, or products. Do not add many colors as it may have a negative effect on the look and appearance. Flyer printing at Printpapa gives you a wide range of colors to choose from according to your own taste and intent.

Flyer printing


Re-check your information in order to catch mistakes and be sure all necessary information is provided such as an address, phone number, and a link to your website. Add offers too, if applicable. When designing a flyer, it is imperative that it looks professional and that your information or message is clearly displayed.

Printpapa provides affordable Printing Services which help you maintain your budget while designing and printing your flyers. Our varied range of shapes, sizes, and colors will provide your flyer with just the exact touch of style you want which represents your business. For more details log on to or call us at 408-567-9553.

Give your Business a unique touch of Networking with Business Cards from PrintPapa

Business cards, although they look small, play a very significant role in spreading business ventures. Bringing out your business card at the perfect moment will certainly help your contacts remember you and contact you when they need your services or products.

Having a high-quality business card with a good build naturally gives you an upper-hand over less-prepared competitors. So, why not increase your chances further by giving your business cards a distinct touch by giving them a unique shape? Printpapa brings to you business cards printing services with various shapes of business cards according to your choice and intent.

The different types of business cards available at our Online Business Cards Printing services are as follows:

business cards printing

  • Standard business cards

Standard Business cards not only create that first and probably the longest lasting impression about you and your business. But they are also the most inexpensive and useful marketing tools that you can have because of their portability as well as formal appearance. These are the most common kind of business cards used for official business purposes.

  • Square business cards

Let your business card stand out from the rest with our range of square business cards which are sure to attract attention. Square business cards look professional and reflect quality. Add your own distinct touch with our range of square business cards with different paper stock suited to your purpose.

  • Shaped business cards

With our online printing services, you will be able to add a distinctive touch to your business cards that will stand apart and help ensure that clients and business partners take note of your company time and again. Our various shapes include round, cloud, diamond, flower, heart, ink drop, leaf, oblong, octagon, oval, and triangle. Choose a shape that is quirky as well as relevant to your business and create a lasting statement.

At Printpapa, we take Online Printing to a whole new level. We provide not only variety but also quality and quantity that too at attractive prices. We take great care to ensure that you get exactly what you want for your wish is our command. So why wait? Feel free to reach us at 408-567-9553 or visit to place your bulk order.