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3 Reasons Booklet Printing can be the Best Tool to Market Your Non-Profit Organization

It is not just the businesses that are in need of marketing and promotion. In today’s world, when you are even doing something for a cause, it is necessary that you promote it well so that you can garner support from every remote corner of the world. Keeping this in mind, we at PrintPapa, offer printed tools for marketing to different nonprofit organizations too so that they can spread the words of their work all over the world.

booklet printing servicesNow, if you are running a nonprofit organization and wondering which tool can help you, then we would suggest booklet printing. It is certainly one of the most effective tools that can help you reach a wider audience with more impact. How booklets can help you in promotion? Take a look.

Presentation of the Cause

When you are promoting your organization or NGO, you need to make sure that you are presenting it well. Booklets let you present it properly with the cover and the highlighted message so that even those people who don’t have much time for perusing your information can get a glimpse of what you are doing.

Telling Your Story

Booklets offer you an ample amount of space that will let you tell the story of your organization pretty well. You can talk about the initiation and the establishment, the mission and philosophy of your organization and above all, the aim and the message you need to convey. With the help of our booklet printing services, you will get a chance to tell your story to the target audience.

Affordable Option

When you are promoting your nonprofit organization, it is obvious that you will have a limited budget. You are either spending your own money or from the donation which can be used for many other necessities of the NGO. Booklets can be a very cost-effective choice for you in that way. And when you place your bulk order with PrintPapa, you can save few more bucks too.

So, when you are looking for ways to market your nonprofit and looking for a company of booklet printing California, rush to PrintPapa. Visit now or call at 408-569-553 today.

“Sign”-In for Promotions – 2 Effective Signs for Your In-Store Promotions

We all know that before words came into existence, the only way to communicate was through signs. And as far as business promotions are concerned, it still is the best means of communication. Keeping this in mind, PrintPapa brings to you a long range of premium quality signs that can be used to promote your store and attract local customers in a perfect manner.

Sign printing online at PrintPapa provides you with a long-range of sign options to choose from. We provide custom printed full-color signs that are very much durable and long-lasting with zero-compromise on quality and durability.



Here are the different types of signs available at PrintPapa for your in-store promotion:

    1. Frame and side-walk Signs: Being one of the most popular choices for bringing in the passerbys, these signs can be put to great use when speaking about store promotions in the neighborhood.

      Custom sign printing at PrintPapa allows you to choose from a range of sizes suited to your purpose. Frame signs are available with replacement posters as well. This allows you to merely replace the posters on the signs whenever you are providing new offers or discounts rather than going for a whole new sign again and again.

  1. Point-Of-Purchase Signs- These signs are provided with stands so that you can place them on your store countertops for the visibility of your customers at all times. These can be used as event signs, new dishes, etc.

    Opting for sign printing online at PrintPapa will be a perfect choice as our signs are printed in full color on PVC board or Foamcore. While the first one is durable and better for outdoor use, the second one is better suited to indoor purposes.

Both these signs are great ways to grab the attention of a passerby outside your store and will certainly lead to higher sales and revenue. PrintPapa is one of the best agencies of sign printing California, carrying an A+ accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. We provide fast turnarounds and low minimums to all its customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. To know more about us or to avail our signs, visit or just dial 408-567-9553.

The Cheat Sheet to Flyer Printing for Your Brand’s Promotion

When you are planning to get an instant response from your target audience, it is necessary that you think of using the right medium that will encourage your potential customers to engage with you. So, when you are planning to create the best marketing strategies for your new product launch or shop opening or planning a music gig, PrintPapa is here with the best range of flyers that will help you give your promotional endeavors a new dimension.

So, if you are looking for a cheat sheet for flyer printing, then you must know first where you can use flyers instead of any other printed marketing tools like brochures, pamphlets and so on.

Where Do You Need to Use PrintPapa

  • When you need to promote sale instantly
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Initiating engagement between you and your customers
  • Announcing your upcoming event
  • Distributing coupons amongst your potential customers

Now, let’s talk about the ideal size of flyers that you must have a clear idea about before you order flyer printing online.

The Size of Flyers

When you are marketing in California or in any other state of the USA, going for the most popular size, 8.5*11 will be the best option. Easy to distribute, cost-effective and perfect for sharing limited information in the most attractive way, this size is the perfect one you can opt for. You can also go for 8.5*5.5 for your flyers too.

flyer printing services

Best Shapes for Flyers

When you are planning for getting your flyers printed, you can go for the rectangular one which is a standard option. But if you are all game for a bit of quirk in terms of design and appeal, then you can go for die-cut shape flyers that will be relevant for your business. For example, if you are planning to promote your bakery, get a cupcake shaped flyer. If you are promoting a music gig, you can get microphone shaped flyers.

So, now as you know about getting your flyer printing right, what are you waiting for? Place your order for flyers with us at PrintPapa. We offer high-quality flyer printing services with fast turnaround and 100% client satisfaction. For more details or place your bulk order, visit or call at 408-567-9553 now.

2 Effective Banner Marketing Tips for Your Eatery

It is a fact that most people spend a great part of their disposable earning on entertainment. However, people are nowadays opting for events in local venues like cafes and restaurants instead of partying at expensive hotels in order to have a lesser pull at their wallet. If you too are an owner of such an eatery, one of the best ways to do it is with the help of banners.

Online banner printing services at PrintPapa provides you with a variety of banners at affordable prices. Available in full-color prints and in different styles and sizes, our banners are highly durable with up to 3 years of outdoor use. However, no matter how effective a banner looks and sustains, it will not work unless put to use in the right manner.

banner printing services

Here are 2 banner marketing strategies for your Eatery event:

    1. Be it musicians, singers or comedians, today all are looking for breaks and want to perform and showcase their talent in front of a crowd.. And you can easily target the fans of the artist by organizing special events at your café. Use this opportunity to showcase the artist to get a warm welcome and bring them back in the future as well to draw new crowds.

      Let your guests know what they are in for by putting up your banners all around your neighborhood. Banner printing at PrintPapa is very much affordable without any compromise on quality. Based on your budget you can print them on vinyl, fabric, mesh, canvas or block out material.

    2. Another way is to feature special items on your banners. Be it a new sweet dish or a dessert or a starter, food that looks good never fails to attract people. Use this opportunity to add photos of your weekend specials on PrintPapa’s pole pocket vinyl banner printing for example. These allow you to add not one but two different pictures on the two sides of the pole. It is a great way to publicize your shop and draw potential customers.

With low minimums and fast turnarounds, PrintPapa’s custom banner printing can help you create exactly what you require for the effective marketing of your eatery. We are a 4.8 rated company providing 100% guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers. To know more about us, visit or call 408-567-9553.

3 Interesting Things about Poster Printing That PrintPapa Wants You to Know

At PrintPapa, we not only offer you the support for your printed promotional tools but also we encourage your creative soul to come up with more new and unique designs so that reaching out to the audience and appealing to them becomes easier. In the world of ever-buzzing marketing techniques, your unique ideas will keep you afloat.

online poster printing

So, if you are planning to give your marketing endeavor some real boost, then our poster printing services will be the best option for you. But before you pick up your phone and dial our number, we would like to share some interesting things with you that we bet you didn’t know about posters. Take a look.

Posters Give Birth to Modern Typography and Graphics

If you are interested in designing, then you surely know how the trends around fonts and graphics change. And do you know what the most powerful way is to give birth to these trends? With newer poster designs and poster printing, such new trends come to existence. In fact, with your unique design, you can be a trendsetter.

Most Prevalent Mediums Before Television Existed

When television or radio didn’t exist, posters came into the picture and played the vital role of the most prevalent medium of public advertising. Posters emerged around the time when electricity was invented. So, as you can see, poster is a time-tested method that has been there all along. Now, with the advancements of technology, custom poster printing offers you more flexibility which wasn’t there before.

Posters Were Thought Dead

With the digital revolution and the popular social media platforms, it was thought that posters are dead. However, with the current boost in online poster printing, it is clear that posters are still relevant. In fact, we proudly say that our clients who are small business owners rely on posters more than their online ads.

So, now if you are planning to join hands with us and design some cool and attractive posters for your brand, then wait no more. Visit or call at 408-567-9553 now.

For Booklet’s Sake: A Short Guide to Booklet Printing

Based out of Santa Clara, California, PrintPapa is your one-stop solution for booklet printing. With our large variety of sizes, cover and inner paper stock, coating, binding and finish, you are sure to get a wholesome effective booklet aimed towards your purpose. And all this comes at an affordable budget.

booklet printing

Booklet Design

The first step in booklet printing is its designing. And designing a booklet is in your hands. If you are looking for ways to design your booklet, there are two softwares available:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign.

These two designing softwares enable you to give your booklet the perfect look which suits your brand and its intent. Based on which one you have a better hands-on experience with, designing effective brochures enables you to bring alive your imagination in the most perfect way.

Booklet Printing

Once you have taken care of the design, it is time for deciding the various aspects of your booklet printing. This includes the size, paper stock, number of pages, finish and binding.

At PrintPapa we provide the following additions to your booklet printing:

    1. Booklet size
    2. Paper Quality

Cover Paper: 7 options

Inner Paper: 5 options

Available in gloss, matte, uncoated finish.

  1. UV coating
  2. Binding: High-quality saddle-stitch
  3. Proofing options

Once all these are taken care of, you can go for your printing. Booklet printing services at Printpapa come at attractively affordable prices and fast turnarounds. Our high-end printing equipment gives the assurance of effective printing with zero compromises on quality.

Booklet printing is an effective means to promote your business in a precise and succinct manner. Incorporate the details that you think are most important and relevant. Opt for a font that is reader-friendly and use not more than two to three colors. More than two might overwhelm the readers. Use contrasting colors that will further complement the booklet content. Mention your contact details, address, your website, and social media handles.

Opting for Online booklet printing services at PrintPapa (An A+ accredited business by Better Business Bureau) will give your effective booklets suited to your brand and help your garner higher sales and revenue. To know more about our services, log on to or call 408-567-9553.

With Respect to Public: 3 Important Tips to Remember for Flyer Promotion

If you are planning to use flyers for your business promotion then you might want to consider where you will be placing them or distributing them. Randomly positioning your flyers anywhere you want may bring inconvenience.

Opting for online flyer printing at PrintPapa allows you to create effective flyers that can help you do better promotion.

flyer printing

For the most part, freedom of speech grants one the right to distribute and post flyers on public properties like in parks, utility poles, community bulletin boards, etc. Moreover, handing out flyers to the general public is also welcome as long as you do not irritate them or cause obstruction.

Here are 3 points to keep in mind while promoting your business flyers in public places:

    1. Laws that prohibit litter might come in the way of posting flyers in public areas. Anti-littering laws might make it illegal to post flyers on utility poles in a specific area. Stapling your flyers may hold you responsible for damaging public property.

      PrintPapa provides flyer printing services with EDDM services which allow you to send your flyers from door to door in a particular neighborhood.

    2. Have a clear idea about laws that make it illegal to post flyers and things that are technically illegal. You should always abide by what is right in both ways. You would certainly not want to be made an example out of in the newspapers and social media for violating laws.

      Flyer printing online at PrintPapa lets your design flyers in different styles and sizes at affordable prices which allow you to use them more effectively.

    3. The best way to be on the safe side while posting your flyers is to ask the local authoritative body. They will be able to tell you where you can post your flyers and where you cannot. You might require a permit or a license to distribute flyers in public areas or posting them on public property.

Keeping these 3 points in mind will help you in distributing your flyers without any inconvenience, legal or otherwise. Custom flyer printing a PrintPapa also provides design templates for you to opt from. You can easily select one which suits you the best. Their high-quality and fast turnarounds make them the perfect choice for your flyer printing. To know more, visit or call 408-567-9553.

On Fonting Grounds: 4 Effective Fonts for Your Business Card

Are you sure that your client is carrying your business card in his pocket and has not left back at home? Merely making regular business cards might lead to the latter. But designing business cards with care will certainly lead to the former. And an effective way of designing your business cards is by using a good font.

Business cards printing service at PrintPapa gives you a large variety of font styles for you to choose from. However, do not for one that looks beautiful and attractive to you. Think about your business and who your customers are. Then go for the font which you think will attract attention better than others.

Online business cards printing

To make things simpler for you, here are 4 of the most popular types of fonts:

    1. Helvetica: A classic font, Helvetica is the most popular typeface in the world. Being simple without being boring makes it one among the few of its kind. It created quite a stir since its creation in 1957 and still sits atop the throne of business fonts. This font has the ability to go with any business genre.

      Online business cards printing at PrintPapa allows you to design your cards in a wholesome manner at affordable prices. Opt for a contrasting look that upholds the font better.

    2. Riesling: Timeless, elegant and smooth, the Riesling font gives testimony to the wine it is named after. With lines going from thick to thin, the structure is very clean and compact, yet has a lively feel. This font can be used by event planners and hotels and restaurants.

      PrintPapa’s Custom business card printing allows you to give shapes to your cards. This can be an added advantage along with your decorative font.

    3. KG Sorry Not Sorry: This font was designed keeping in mind a conversational flair yet having a professional quality. Its not-straight-yet-straight structure gives it a casual feel and its all-caps characteristic makes it a great choice for names.
    4. Garden Gnome: Rounded, bouncy, whimsical, the garden gnome font has the perfect childish touch to it. A happy font, it makes for a great choice in business cards of children’s book authors, teachers, and other such professions and businesses.

Business cards printing is a great way to introduce your business to potential clients. Make sure that you have a good-looking card along with a suited font to have a better influence on them. Opt for high-quality business cards from PrintPapa with fast turnarounds. To know more, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

Brochure Beneficials: 3 Ways to Create Effective Brochures

Want to give your company the perfect “shape?” Opt for creative brochures. Let your customers and clients know more about your company at the first-go with creative brochures. PrintPapa provides effective brochures in a variety of styles and at very affordable prices.

However, opting for brochures printing is not enough. Keeping in mind how to go about designing it, is also important. PrintPapa lets you customize your brochures in a way that reflects your brand’s personality at its best.

brochures printing

Here are 3 ways in which you can add to your brochures:

    1. Folds: Choose a fold according to the amount of information you want to incorporate in your brochure. A good way to do this is by creating a soft copy of the design. PrintPapa also provides guideline templates and even animations to give you a better idea about the folds.

Online brochure printing at PrintPapa allows you to have different kinds of folds e.g. double-parallel fold, gate-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, etc.

    1. Paper stock: The kind of paper stock you choose for your brochure is also important. You can decide to go for gloss to give your brochure a shining look. Or you can also opt for a matte finish to give your brochure a more elegant texture. The matte finish also provides you with a writeable surface.

Custom brochure printing at PrintPapa has two options of card stock, the 80 lb which is a thinner one and 100 lb which is the thicker one.

  1. Design: PrintPapa provides you with 3 options in this case. You can either upload your own print-ready PDF or upload an artwork for them to fix if necessary or you can let them design it on their own after which you can check it out for yourself. Online brochure printing services let you choose from a large variety of fonts and colors. Choose not more than two colors that, in all probability, stand for your brand and a font that is reader-friendly. Keep in mind the spacing as too much clutter among words does not appear good at all.

Opting for brochure printing from PrintPapa will give your brand a perfect promotion. However, keeping these 3 points in mind will help you give your brochures a better shape and quality at affordable prices. For more details about brochures printing, visit or just give us a call at 408-567-9553.

3 Ways PrintPapa Ensures High-Quality Adult Coloring Book Printing for You

PrintPapa has garnered an amazing reputation over the years with its high-quality printing services. Now, with our book printing services, we have reached to all the writers and illustrators who want to self-publish their books at the most affordable package. So, if you are an illustrator and are looking for a company that can offer high-quality printing at affordable rates, PrintPapa is your one-stop solution.

If you are wondering how our book printing services can help you publish the adult coloring book that you have illustrated with so much zest, then you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know more.

custom book printings

Different Finish

It is the finish of the adult coloring books that can actually impress your customers. From glossy, matte and coated cover to gloss, matte and uncoated text print for the inside pages, you will get everything here with PrintPapa. The full-color printing option will help you make your adult coloring books more attractive and let the customers see all the colors in their full resolution.

Options for Binding

With PrintPapa, you will get saddle stitch, perfect bound and coil bound books that will be perfect for your adult coloring book. When you have limited pages in mind, saddle stitch can be the best option for you. And for a book that is designed to relax the consumers while coloring with its many pages, perfect bound can be a good option too.

Free Artwork Upload

Now, PrintPapa offers you maximum flexibility for custom book printing as you will get the option of free artwork upload. Now, upload your own illustrations and get them printed without any glitches.

So, now as you know how PrintPapa can help you with adult coloring book printing with not just affordable printing but also with many other facilities, what are you waiting for? Visit today or call at 408-567-9553 now for more details.