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5 Cool Ideas to Promote Your Business with Every Door Direct Mail

Every door direct mail is a very old marketing technique. But you may be surprised to know that it is still an effective medium to reach out to the entire community. We at PrintPapa have been involved in every door direct mail printing and can vouch for their effectiveness in brand promotion. If you get the idea right behind the campaign you are likely to do well. So here we look at five cool ideas to promote your business with every door direct mail.

Every door direct mail

  • Inform the community – Instead of promoting your own business you can describe the importance of the service that you offer. Show your audience the incentives they are likely to get from your service and you will arouse the right kind of desire in their minds.
  • Do an infographics – Infographics have become very popular in the recent years. Today they dominate the digital space and it would be a great idea to try this out in your EDDM marketing campaign. Choose a subject area and create the right mix of content and graphics to achieve the results.
  • Promote the community – Every door direct mail need not always be about your business. You can inform people about the upcoming events in the community or just nearby. Promote your brand name and contact details somewhere in the mail and you will improve brand recognition.
  • Season’s greetings – You can wish your customer season’s greetings with die cut every door direct mail printing. Think of a local flower that blooms in autumn and you can shape your mail like the flower and with wish happy autumn to the community at large.  This will help you get closer to the community.
  • Tie up with sports team – Local sports team always grab attention and what you can do is tie up with the team and use those images on your direct mail. It will help you gain fame along with the team and shall lead to new business opportunities.

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Make the Perfect ‘First Impression’ With an Impactful Business Card

A business card is much more than your name, designation and contact details. It is a powerful marketing tool that can immediately create an impression about your business in the minds of your potential client. Naturally designing and business cards printing has to be approached creatively taking into consideration several finer points. At PrintPapa we have been in the trade of online business card printing for more than a decade and know how a small card can be turned into your most powerful marketing tool. Here’s how you should create an impactful business card that makes the perfect first impression.

business cards printing

  • Choose The Right Color – Most business cards are printed with a white background. If you want yours to stand out, dump the standard white card (you can go for it if that portrays your business best) and go for colored business cards. Thanks to their distinctive colors they stand out in a card holder. Make sure you create the right kind of contrast between the color of the card and the ink color you choose for printing.
  • Card Types – There are different types of cards you can choose these days. From fold over cards to opaque plastic cards and clear plastic cards you have several options in front of your eyes. Opting for something non-regular adds to their novelty factor.
  • Business Card Shapes – Online printing has not only brought convenience but also offered you several creative options. Your business card need not be same dull and boring rectangular in shape. You can opt for square business cards or other shapes such as oval, triangle or other custom shapes like – leaf, heart, house, etc that represent your business in a befitting manner.
  • Design Elements – A typical business card has the brand name, logo, name of the person and contact details. While you can add other graphic elements make sure you don’t clutter the card. The back of the card is as equally important so try using that too.

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Here’s How You Can Design a Rewarding Flyer for Your Product Promotion

They are small, they are cheap but they are surely one of the most effective promotional tools in your hand. Flyers surely are one of the best means to promote your product. When it comes to flyer printing for product promotion you need to keep few things in mind. At PrintPapa we have been known for high quality printing services and have seen fair share of flyers over the years. So what works in flyers or how do you create the perfect flyer for product promotion? Let’s have a look at some of the important design elements in your flyer –

flyer printing online

  • Don’t Ignore The Header – A big and creative flyer header immediately grabs attention of those who look at it. Your flyer should immediately establish your goal. It should introduce your products to the target customers in the most impactful way. The text and the header should clearly be visible from a distance when you are putting these flyers up in the flyer racks.
  • Display the product USP – There is an USP in your product and that’s the reason you are promoting it. You must explain that USP to the audience. Make use of high quality images in the flyer. Mention the specs of the product or how it can transform lives of your customers. You need to strike the perfect chord with them immediately.
  • Show the ‘hidden’ value – Businesses often tend to unconsciously hide the value of the product. Whether you are offering a good product at the most competitive price or offering more for less money you should show it to the audience. They should be able to immediately see the benefits of buying your product over those offered by your competitors. Mention of price and discounts helps potential customers take decisions instantly and you should offer them that.

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Poster Printing – Choosing Between Mounted and Printed Posters

At PrintPapa one of the most common queries that we come across from our customers with respect to poster printing is the type of posters they need to choose. Should they go for printed posters or mounted posters (these are printed as well!)? There isn’t a definitive answer to this question as both of them have their own pros and cons and are meant for different purposes. Here are some things you need to know before going for custom poster printing with any of these and we are sure you will be able to arrive at a decision.

poster printingThe basic difference…

Printed posters are printed on high quality photo paper and you can think of them as large-sized version of your normal photo prints. On the other hand mounted posters are printed on Glossy Adhesive Vinyl. As the name suggests they are mounted after the printing process where PVC boards are used for mounting. Since they are self-mounted you won’t need to worry about their framing. Printed posters on the other hand need to be framed in order to preserve their color and prevent wear and tear.

Poster use…

Both these type of posters are usually put to different types of use. Mounted posters are mainly used for outdoor marketing campaign. Since they are printed on vinyl weather, elements such as snow, rain or humidity doesn’t affect them much. They also don’t get damaged by dust easily. Printed posters on the other hand are used for indoor campaigns. You can’t expose them to weather elements and not even direct rays of the sun as they can lose color easily.

Cost of printing…

Mounted posters are more expensive to print but at the same time you can end up spending more on printed posters if you go for expensive framing options.

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Why Booklets Should Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

In the digital age when you can simply send across your company’s literature or promotional material over email or through different messengers, does the good old booklet still hold its ground? As a business engaged in high quality printing services we have only seen the demand for booklet printing go up over the years and this just proves that they are still as relevant as they were before the digital revolution. So why should booklets be part of your marketing mix? Here’s the answer to any doubts you still have about their relevance –

They improve brand awareness…
You get dozens of emails promoting different products and services in your mailbox. Do you care to look at them? If majority of these end up in your trash folder the same also happens to your marketing emails! The fact is digital marketing materials has a poor conversion rate. Instead if you hand over a printed booklet to your potential customers they are likely to spend time with the same helping your brand rise up the scale of awareness.

booklet printing services

They create desire…
Whether it is booklet printing services or any other type of marketing material you are using the main aim is to arouse desire in the mind of your customers. They should immediately see your products or services improve their lives. This way they will develop an emotional bond with your brand. Since booklets have that touch factor attached to them they are able to arouse desire faster than a post on Facebook.

They resonate for long…
The impact of digital marketing is short-lived. A person might forget the website he or she visited or never find the Facebook post that had aroused desire few weeks back. A printed booklet’s impact resonates for long and if the person is in need of such products and services they are likely to find the booklet and get in touch with you.

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Why You Can’t Dump Brochures from Your Marketing Campaign As Yet

The world of marketing is going through a transitionary phase where businesses are getting more inclined towards digital marketing. This brings us to an important question – should you completely do away with brochures? Is it worth spending money on brochures printing in today’s world? At PrintPapa we have been at the forefront of online brochure printing for many years and can say with much authority that you’d be naïve to dump brochures completely from your marketing campaign. Here are few good reasons why brochures are still a powerful marketing tool –

online brochure printing

  • Cost Effective – As much as you think digital marketing is zero cost, it isn’t. While you may not spend on printing and distribution you’ll surely have to pay an agency to run your campaign. Compared to this brochures printing is much more cost effective which makes it an ideal marketing tool for small businesses with tight marketing budgets.
  • Targeted – You can send thousands of emails or reach thousands through a Facebook post. But their conversion rates tend to be abysmal. With brochures printing you will be able to run a highly targeted campaign and distribute them among people who are likely to become your customer.
  • Informational – Most digital campaigns tend to act like teasers where they fail to provide complete information about the products. Brochures on the other hand are highly informational and hence they are able to arouse the right kind of desire in your customer’s mind. They lead your customers towards action faster than other marketing materials.
  • Complement Digital Marketing – Brochures marketing need not be at odds with your digital marketing campaign. They have assumed a complementary role in the recent time. Your digital marketing campaign will establish your brand or an idea in front of your audience while your brochures shall reinforce that idea and turn it into a fruitful campaign.

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Your Guide to Eye Catchy Banner to Promote Your Business

Banner printing is one of the most ordered jobs that we do at PrintPapa. While most of the work orders that we receive and perfectly designed, we also come across shabby projects at times. So, before placing your order for banner printing services you’d do yourself a lot of good keeping few important things in mind that lets you design eye catchy banners.

banner printing

  • Choose The Right Design Tool – These days designing a banner isn’t tough as you have wide choice of desktop and online tools to choose from. While you may no longer have to master tools such as Corel DRAW or Photoshop and design in those easy to use online tools. A good designing tool would let you explore your creativity to the maximum and create attractive banners.
  • Go for Bright Colors – While the entire color spectrum is available to you as experts in banner printing services we advise you to opt for bright colors. There are two reasons for this – first and the most obvious: bright colors tend to grab attention faster and this is what you need when you are designing a banner and order online printing. Secondly your screen is backlit and hence what you see on the screen is brighter than it actually is. When the same thing is printed on vinyl they tend to do slightly darker. By choosing bright colors you’d save yourself from getting darker banners.
  • Know the Grammar – Banner size, number of elements in the banner, size of the text, contrast, and color scheme decide the success of your banner. If you are designing a banner for the very first time you need to attain mastery over these fundamental elements. These elements form the basic grammar of your banner designing project and all of them need to seamlessly blend with each other and be in complete harmony.

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3 Purposes of Promotion Your Posters can Take Care Of

At PrintPapa, we get a lot of orders for posters often. From brand promotion to event marketing, there are lots of reasons why our customers want posters to be printed. But what really surprises us that still there are many who don’t really understand the potential of posters clearly and how it can take your marketing quite far by maximizing the visibility and with so many other benefits.

So, if you are planning to opt for poster printing and yet in a dilemma whether you should go for it or not, then you are in the right place. Here, we, the reputed online printing services California, are offering you some points that will tell you what purposes your posters can take care of.

custom poster printing

Maximum Visibility

When you are opting for custom poster printing, it is necessary that you think of displaying them at the most popular spots around the city. It will be helpful for you to fetch more and more attention to your brand or the event you are promoting. If you are hosting a music gig or having a huge sale at your store, the poster will be the perfect outdoor display tool at stations, bus stands, and subways to promote the whole endeavor and get you the maximum visibility.

Brand Awareness

When you are launching your new brand or showroom, posters can help you in spreading brand awareness. When a large-sized poster is displayed at a very popular joint in a city, it is sure to grab eyeballs and get the required attention for your brand.

Getting Footfall and Sale

Posters are for direct marketing with a clear direction as you are mentioning a CTA with all the necessary contact information. So, if you are planning to get more footfalls and sales in your showroom or store, it will never feel you.

So, now as you know about these purposes that the posters can solve, what are you waiting for? Come to us at for online printing services. Call us at 408-567-9553.

A Step By Step Guide for Ordering Saddle Stitched Booklet from PrintPapa

Are you planning to inform a certain circle of customers and potential clients about your business and wondering how you will be able to create maximum impact? Well, when it is in digital media, there are certainly a plethora of options available. But when you are thinking of making it big with the promotional tools that you can hand them over with, then choosing booklets can be the right move for you.

booklet printing services

So, when you are thinking of ordering a limited number of booklet printing with us for the first time, various steps can make you feel overwhelmed. Though these are very simple steps, yet, for you and for all our customers out there, we are trying to simplify the process of ordering booklet printing services from us. Here, we will be explaining the entire process with our 5.5*8.5” Booklets and Catalog page. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Choose Cover Paper and Print Option

Once you are on the 5.5*8.5” Booklets and Catalog page, take a look on the right hand side of the page from where you will be able to  choose the page for your cover. From gloss, matte and uncoated options of different thickness, choose one and move to the next option below for the print. You can customize it by choosing color or black and white. You can also choose whether you want the inside to be printed or not with our 4/4 option.

Print and Pages for the inside

Next, you need to choose the print and the pages that will be inside. The pages will be 70-80lb thick gloss, matte or uncoated and you can get them printed in full color as well as black and white.

Uploading Artwork

The next thing that you need to do is, uploading the artwork for the cover and the design that you want to be displayed. Upload the ready to print PDF version of the artwork. Or you can upload the design and we can fix it on your behalf.

PDF Proofread

If you have one extra day for a turnaround, then you can also get the PDF for proofreading. At PrintPapa, we especially recommend this step to those who are placing their order for the first time with us. So, when you are thinking of getting a glimpse of what you will get, click on this option too.

Now, as you know how to place your online printing order for booklets, with us, what are you waiting for? Visit today for high quality printing services and place your order. You can call us too at 408-567-9553 now.

3 Ways to Getting More Profits from Affordable Catalog Printing from PrintPapa

When you are marketing your business, you must not leave any stone unturned. You must think of using every avenue possible while using all your options. When you are thinking of using the digital options for the promotion, have you thought of using print media too? If no, then you must do it right away. Offer your customers something that will be not only informative but will also add some value in their life. In that case, there is no better alternative to catalogs.

catalog printing

At PrintPapa, we get a lot of orders for catalog printing which is surely a very positive thing as people still understand that catalogs are very much relevant as a marketing tool, even in the middle of digital boost. How you can achieve more with affordable catalog printing services like us? Read the following points.

Ordering Bulk is a Good Option

If you are thinking of placing your order with us or any other company of online printing services, make sure you are ordering in bulk. Depending on the general pricing of catalog printing, you can actually get more returns on bulk order. The pricing will certainly go down while there will be more promise of maximized ROI.

Value Added Product

There is no dearth of people’s interest in “How to…” They are always eager to know different steps and tricks. Use these types of contents in your catalogs so that you can offer your customers something with added value. Provide them with the relevant information or a set of instruction so that they can use it.


Catalogs are versatile. You don’t have to wait for a discount or product launch to promote your brand with catalogs. Normal information sharing or offering brand story can be done with this tool quite easily.

So, now as you know about these ways you can use catalogs for your brand marketing, don’t waste your time. Visit and place your bulk order with us now. We are a BBB accredited company for online printing services California, offering fast turnaround and 100% client satisfaction.