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The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

Self publishing is one of the most talked about topics in the printing industry these days. More and more authors are bending towards self publishing. Some do it to avoid being at the mercy of big publishers while others do it as a pure business decision to reap maximum profit out of their books and not share it with the publishers. There is however a raging debate on the pros and cons of self publishing. It has very strong critics as well as supporters who swear by it. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of self publishing.


  • You get to keep the rights of the book instead of it being with the publisher. This will enable you to reprint your book at will.
  • Self publishing ensures that you have full creative control over your book. You do not need to compromise on the content for the commercial interest of the publisher. From book cover to pricing everything will be of your choice.
  • You decide the price of the book and keep all the profits instead of earning a small percentage from the publisher who publishes your book.
  • The time taken by the book to hit the market in a self publishing is much lesser than going through an established publisher.


  • Self publishing will require you to invest cash upfront from your own pocket. In case the book fails to do well you will lose your investment.
  • Self published books are not accepted well in the market as most people still prefer to buy books from renowned publishers.
  • You will get limited support in proofing and editing compared to the kind executed in a professional production house.
  • These books have limited promotion as most self publishers cannot afford to carry out extensive promotional campaign. Even the distributorship for these books is poor as they cannot match the production houses.

What ever the pros and cons a good self published book needs to be printed from a good printing service provider. Hiring the services of a Print Papa will be the right choice for you. They are the first choice for self publishing authors. They have expertise in printing banners, business cards, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, rack cards, booklets etc. Print Papa is equipped with high end printing equipment and has trained staff at it’s end.  They have regularly satisfied all their clients with high quality printing and delivery on time.

Five Important Self Publishing Facts

There is a lot of talk about self publishing these days in the market. Many renowned and first time authors prefer to go the self publishing way than to go to a renowned publisher. The rising popularity of self publishing also makes it a victim of many myths that surround it. Some are created out of ignorance while others due to commercial interests of the publishers. Here are five important facts about self publishing:

  1. You Are The Boss: First and the foremost fact is that in self publishing you are your own boss. You have complete creative freedom to work for the book on your own terms. If your book becomes popular with the audience then there will be many publishers knocking on your door willing to re-publish your book on your terms.
  2. It Is Easy: Far from the popular myth that typesetting and designing a book is difficult, on the contrary it is a very easy job. Most of the publication softwares have custom made templates for setting a book. You do not need rocket science to use them. Most of the processes in these softwares are self explanatory and in case you have doubts you can seek help from the Internet.
  3. It Is Cheap: Self publishing seems expensive from outside but inside it is quite cheap as you can save a lot of money by doing some of the jobs yourself. Regular publishing softwares are enough to help you design your book. You don’t need to buy those expensive softwares like your publisher and can achieve quality results even with the MS Office package. With Print On Demand you can print any quantity of books without spending a fortune. For e.g. we at PrintPapa can print only 5 Books at a very low cost. Check it out.
  4. Copyright Is Yours: You get to keep the copyright of your book unlike the case of going to a publisher. This gives you the freedom to reproduce the book in a new form, edit it for future editions and even sell it to a publisher if you get a lucrative sum of money and lifetime royalty.
  5. Niche Books: Many publishers do not publish books for niche audience as they are not commercially viable. In self publishing you do not have to face such hurdles as you are the publisher yourself and being so you are not accountable to any individual.

A good book should be complemented by quality printing and you should hire the services of a renowned printing agency like Print Papa. They have been in the printing industry for quite some time and have latest printing technology at their disposal. They have built expertise in printing booklets, stickers, calenders, labels, NCR forms and rack cards and a host of other domestic and corporate printing materials. Check out our Soft Cover Perfect Binded Book Section and get a instant quote to find out how much your book will cost to print.

Design A Perfect Real Estate Newsletter

Give large advertisements in newspaper and television was all that many real estate companies did to promote their business. But these days more and more real estate companies are bringing out their own newsletters to promote their business in front of old clients and potential new clients. These along with banners and posters are being used for the mass marketing of the real estate market. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while designing a perfect newsletter for the real estate industry:

  • Your newsletter should include details of the project that you are promoting. It should have the total area, kind of holding, estimated type of completion etc. listed. These allows a customer to make decision while investing in the property.
  • Include images of the property which you are promoting as this makes it look more genuine. In case you do not have images of the property, artist impression which are prepared before construction also serve the purpose.

  • Including news on the upcoming real estate project and some details about those projects also makes the newsletter attractive. This makes it very popular among buyers who don’t mind waiting for a while and analyzing the market to get the best deal.
  • The local and the national real estate market doesn’t always follow the same trends. Thus to make a newsletter perfect including the news of real estate projects in other parts of the country can make your newsletter much more comprehensive.
  • Have a section for reader’s feedback and their queries. People have a lot of queries related to the real estate agency and a column for this makes the real estate newsletter look perfect.
  • Track the affiliate industries like steel and cement which influence the prices in the real estate investment. This makes the newsletter a whole lot more informational.

  • A section on the laws and regulation related to the real estate market will improve the overall look and usefulness of your newsletter.

It is important for you to make sure that you get your newsletter printed from a high quality printer. Hiring the services of a printing agency like Print Papa would serve ideal for your purpose. They have years of experience in printing and print promotion. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like brochures, calenders, doorhangers and rack cards. Print Papa has built a list of happy and successful clients. They work on the latest technology in the printing industry and have a team which has built expertise over the years in all forms of printing.

Tips For Successful Flyer Advertisement

There is no advertisement tool which is better and cheaper than the flyer. Although posters and banners also serve the purpose of promotion, there is nothing better than a flyer as it can be more targeted and much cheaper. Here are a few tips to create a successful flyer advertisement:

  • Focus on Theme: It is very important that you focus on the theme which needs to be carried all throughout your advertisement. Branding your business should be your biggest goal while using a flyer for the purpose of advertisement. Your branding should be so powerful that people immediately recognize your brand name and logo even if they just take a glimpse on it. A catchy slogan which promotes the theme of your business also makes the flyer look good.
  • Target Your Audience: It is important for you to identify your target audience and focus on them rather than going for a general campaign. One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when advertising is not getting a ‘handle’ on the market they are targeting. In case you are promoting a sports event or a rock show distributing the flyers among the aged group won’t serve your purpose. You need to focus on the youth for the success of your campaign. Distributing flyers near educational institutions, shopping malls and movie theaters would serve ideal in this regard.
  • To The Point: The best flyers in the world are the ones which are brief and do not try to narrate about the product or service that they are promoting. Avoid writing long sentences as they make the flyer unattractive. You need to highlight on some keywords while designing a flyer. They should attract the eyes of the audience and promote your products and services. Bad pictures and graphics make the flyers look very unprofessional and do not serve your purpose of promotion.

  • Print High Quality: A good flyer only becomes good when it is printed well. Not all printers around can give you high quality prints so search for a printer who has the latest equipment as far as printing technology is concerned and has expertise in the job. Also ensure that the paper quality of the flyer is good. This will ensure that your branding will just be perfect.

Hiring the services of a printer like Print Papa would serve ideal for your purpose. They have years of experience in printing and print promotion. They work on the latest technology in the printing industry and have a team which has built expertise over the years in all forms of printing. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like books, calenders, catalogs and NCR Forms. Print Papa has built a list of happy and successful clients.

Tips To Make An Instructional Booklet

All major products that are purchased these days come with instructional booklet. While brochures and catalogs help in selling a product, instructional booklets helps an user to understand it’s working. Instructional booklets are thus very important part of a product sale. Here are few tips that you should keep in mind while designing an instructional booklet:

  • Logical Flow: A good instructional booklet should have a logical flow. As a designer your focus should be on the composition of the booklet. The flow should be logical where one step leads to the other. The overall outline should also bear the same flow. In an instructional booklet of a electronic equipment the Installation page should be put first followed by Setup and Troubleshooting.
  • Be Precise: You need to be to the point in a perfect instructional booklet. The language has to be simple as in it needs to address the common people. A reader should at one go understand what you meant. Avoid writing long sentences as they confuse a readers instead of offering any assistance.

  • Index The Book: If your instructional booklet has many sections and sub-sections it should have an index. Make sure all the sections and sub sections are listed under the index which will make it easier for the users to find the solution they are looking for from the book.
  • Sections Are The Key: The booklet should be divided well into sections as it makes reading easy. Avoid jumbling up different sections in the single page. Do not cut any section just to avoid going to the next page.

  • Use Illustrations: They are the most important part of any booklet. A single illustration is worth many lines of text and thus it relieves you from the pain of narrating every step textually. In most cases, people understand things better when they see how it works rather than if they read about it. In steps which are difficult use, you should use multiple illustration to make it easier.
  • Troubleshooting: Your instructional booklet should have a page on troubleshooting if the product is electronic in nature. Many people take time to adjust to a new equipment and troubleshooting page helps them in solving their problems.

A well designed instructional booklet should only be printed by a professional printer like PrintPapa.  They have an excellent infrastructure with the latest machinery available in the printing industry. They have expertise in printing books, calenders, posters, catalogs and rack cards.

Promote Your Restaurant Through Bookmarks

Restaurants can be promoted through many means including posters, banners and flyers but all these have a limited shelf life where as bookmarks ensure promotion over a considerable period of time. Rack cards and menu cards are commonly used inside the restaurant but bookmarks are the best tool to bring people inside the restaurant. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while promoting your restaurant through bookmarks:

  • Catch The Eye: Your bookmark needs to grab the attention of the readers as soon as their eyes fall on it. Try printing it in a brighter shade as brighter colors attract human eyes faster. Write a catchy slogan and have some food images on the bookmark which also makes it look attractive. It can also be in the shape of a spoon which will attract the eyes at the same time do half the publicity with it’s shape.
  • Choose Books Well: All restaurants have a certain target group be it teenagers, middle aged people or the older generations. So while promoting your restaurant keep in mind the kind of books these particular age groups prefer and put your bookmarks inside those books which would be read by these age groups.
  • List Specialties: Printing the name and address of your restaurant may not attract people. List out the specialties of your restaurant on the bookmark as this will act as a hook and ensure people are attracted towards your restaurant. Avoid placing a long list of specialties in the bookmark as it will make it look unprofessional. Printing the images of these specialties is also a good idea.
  • Proximity: Try targeting those bookstores which are very near to your restaurant preferably within a block or two. This will lead to larger footfalls in your restaurant than distributing the bookmarks in a very far away store in the town. Draw a map and give directions from major landmarks around your restaurant. This will ensure that people are able to locate your restaurant easily much to their convenience.

Ensure that your well designed bookmarks promoting your restaurant are printed well and this is where a printer like PrintPapa will come in handy. They have over the years built expertise in all kinds of printing and designing services. They use the latest technology available in the printing industry to deliver high end results to the clients and exceed expectations. They undertake all kinds of domestic and corporate printing jobs including books, notepads, business cards, letterheads and other printed materials.

Should Printers Reduce Printing Costs?

There is a famous saying “Quality never comes cheap” and it holds true for the printing industry. There was a time not too long ago when many printers reduced prices to hold onto a client. They could do this on the belief of making profit by overpricing another client. But the competitive business environment in the printing industry has meant that there can be no overpricing with clients anymore.

As a printer you might have come across situations where you might have tempted to reduce costs to have a competitive advantage. So, should you consider reducing the cost for printing a catalog, brochure or any other printed material? The answer is a big NO. Professional printers know that reducing costs is not the right way to do business and thus refrain from doing so. Reducing price is not always competitive and can imply lack of confidence in your printing service.

As a professional printer your sole goal should be to deliver high quality work on time. The USP of your business should be the quality of your work and not just your price. Some printers compromise on the quality of material to reduce costs and impress their clients. This model can prove to be detrimental for the business and draw negative publicity from clients in the long run.

If any client insists on price reduction consider the following things:

  • Has the the price of paper and ink come down?
  • Has there been a reduction on power/paper tariffs?
  • Has the rent come down?
  • Has the labor costs come down?

These questions will always have a common answer NO. Thus reducing the printing charges is not logical business strategy. A good client will always choose quality over cost and thus holding onto such clients by meeting their demands is more important than reducing the costs for an odd client. Avoid compromising on your printing quality even if the client insists as it will hurt your brand image in the market.

Does that mean there is no way of reducing costs in printing service? A smart publisher knows his maths well and can provide discount to the clients from his profit margin. It is thus important for you to know your costs well to offer discounts to your customers but do not choose price over quality.

PrintPapa has expertise over the print and design services. It specializes in printing and designing brochures, business cards, booklets, letterheads and other corporate and domestic printed material. The satisfied list of clients is a testimonial to PrintPapa’s service.

PrintPapa is Now a G7 Master Printer

It is a great pleasure for PrintPapa to have attained the G7 Master certification. This certification is a mark of the company’s success and supremacy in the printing industry. The G7 Master certification marks the superb quality of service that is provided by PrintPapa. Founded in 2004, this company has taken rapid strides to grow from a copy shop to one of the niche leaders. A key reason for its growth is the dedication to bring the latest in the field of offset printing. There are many new technologies pouring into the printing industry everyday and PrintPapa upgrades their services and technologies to meet all the demands of their customers.


What does G7 Master Certification mean?

Attaining the G7 Master certification is a major feather in the cap for a printing company like PrintPapa. The G7 certification is given to only those printing companies, agencies or prepress service providers that are trained to use G7 Proof-to-Point Process and those that can produce proofs or are in a position to print to G7. This certification has a lot of worth as it means that the company prints using the latest technology, proofing techniques, and press controls. The company should also meet the standards needed to produce a close visual match between proof and print.

But what is the G7?
G7 is a method that has been defined by Print Properties and Colorimetrics Working Group of IDEAlliance. Initially the method was conceived by the IDEAlliance GRACoL Working Group but as the popularity of the method grew it was vastly used. Today, with the application of this method, the printers can produce similar visual appearance for all printing types. The printing materials required for this method should be beyond the sheetfed offset printing material. Though initially it was only under the purview of the GRACoL working group but today with the help of the PPC working group experts from all around the world can contribute to this method.


If you want to learn more about the G7 Master Certification or about IDEAlliace then do visit the website.

Digital Printing and Its Effects on the Printing Industry

The printing industry has grown by leaps and bounds from the beginning. With time, the printing technology has evolved considerably giving more options to those who have a printing job to be done. Even though digital printing has been in vogue for quite some time, it is still a new technology that many people are not yet used to. It is definitely much faster and reliable that the traditional methods of printing.

Early Days of Digital Printing

Xerox was the pioneer in digital printing and met the needs of a low end print market. As the bulk of work was in the hands of the printers, it was not considered to be a threat to the printing industry. With the introduction of franchise printers or quick printers a new business model started developing. The digital printers could not attain the amount of popularity in their early days as they had many drawbacks. Some of the systems were so problematic that there was a joke going around about them – if you bought a machine you have also got to hire a technician! Though it was faster than other modes of conventional printing, digital printers couldn’t produce a large quantity of work and the printing industry was not at all bothered by the entry of this hybrid.


Evolution of Digital Printing

The costs for digital prints were rather high in the initial years and only the high end clients could afford them. The modes and types of digital printing were also quite less in number. Then came direct imaging, color copiers and digital press. The make-ready time for digital printers were much less as they didn’t require any expensive plates and could be saved for future use. But the print quality in those days was still doubtful, as a result of which very few people opted for it. With time the quality of digital printers and their print quality also improved significantly, leading to lowering of costs. Later many businesses thrived on digital printing.


Popularity of Digital Printing

In today’s context, digital printing is perhaps the least expensive and the quickest ways to get good prints. Not only is digital printing being used for reproducing images and photos, it is also used widely for catalog printing, color brochure printing, flyer printing and leaflet printing.


Digital printing has become a multi-million dollar industry offering quality printing services to clients worldwide. Its popularity can be measured by the growing number of websites offering such services.

At PrintPapa we offer both Digital and Offset Printing thus enabling to provide short runs (printed digitally) at a low cost and long runs (printed offset) also at a low cost. You can order as low as 50 flyers, or 50 business cards and still get the superb quality which you would get for 1000 flyers or 1000 business cards. We use the top of the line digital and offset presses. So next time when you need to order just few, don’t worry we have it covered.