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How To Print Cheap NCR Forms?

NCR forms are used in so many important places nowadays that they have become an important item in every printer’s list. In the past there used to carbon papers, but they made the copies messy, at times wasteful and time consuming too. But with the development of carbonless NCR forms there are so many easy options at your fingertips today. Making multiple copies is now just matter of a few seconds.

Actually the NCR forms are chemically treated paper which can transfer the writings or typed impressions from the page on top to the consequent pages without any hassles at all. Such multiple copy forms are used for many purposes such as statements, invoices, contracts, purchase orders, receipts and other business uses. Here are some NCR forms printing options that you may use for the benefit of your business.

  • Number of Parts: Printers usually perform NCR form printing from 2 to 6 parts. But the most popular NCR forms are found in 2 to 4 parts. The number of parts is basically determined by your business requirements. You have to decide on the number of copies that will best suit your operations. Whether you require copies for the accounting team, sales team and one for the customers or there are other copies required. But in most cases the 3 part NCR form does the job.
  • Ink Types: The single color ink printing jobs cost little as compared to the use of many colors. There are so many companies that want to make the top copy (that is given away to the customers) impressive with the use multiple colors. Most of the companies use multiple colors on the top most page along with some designs while the rest which are more of business department copies are kept in their simplest forms. You could also go for double sided printing with these forms, where on the back side there will be instructions for the customers.
  • Binding: You can either opt for loose NCR forms or may order them to be bound together. NCR forms can be bound on the edges as this keeps the forms together and yet they can be dispensed off one at a time easily. There is also the booklet styled option available. Booklet NCR forms have their own benefits. They allow you to keep the numbered copies together as they have a cover wrap that can be inserted between the forms. Booklet forms are great for use in case of invoices, receipts, sales orders, etc.
  • Numbering on the Forms: Numbers are a very important aspect of NCR form printing. The numbers should be in sequence so that they can be used for verification later.

These steps will surely help you while deciding to print NCR forms. It is important that you choose a printing service provider that can offer you not only high quality prints but also deliver you the ordered items in quick time. Print Papa is one such company that has delivered satisfactory results to all their clients. They offer printing services for various types of promotional material such as booklets, bookmarks, banners, notepads, etc.

Design Tips for a Trifold Brochure

There are many ways to build a corporate identity with growing means of corporate promotions evolving everyday. In this age of expansion you as a business person have to choose the best promotional material that will give you a large client base and create a name for yourself in the business world. One such promotional tool is the brochure. Amongst a host of varieties of promotional brochures, the trifold brochure is much used nowadays. It is a very important device to create a favorable brand image so most of the business owners like to leave the designing part for the trifold brochure to the experts. Yet it is important to know some of the aspects that go into designing a brochure.

  • Content: The first step in brochure designing is to prepare a content that will be included in the brochure. The text should be in line with the design of the brochure. The content should be simple and precise. If a lot of information is provided then it would become boring to read and thus the recipients might not be interested. So all the hard work made in designing and printing will go in vain.
  • Format, Size and Fold: After the content has been created you can decide upon the fold and the format. For example a trifold brochure might be folded vertically or horizontally whichever folds gives a good look to your promotional material.
  • Messages: The values held by the company should be clearly reflected in the messages that the brochure bears. The content should not only reflect the benefits of the product or service but it should also state clearly the main beliefs that the company has. Thus trifold brochure forms an important tool in introducing the company to a customer and building a favorable corporate image.
  • Knowing Target Audience: Before you decide upon the theme, content and design of a trifold brochure you should have a clear idea about the age group of people you are targeting. For example if you are looking to target youth then the promotional material should be more exuberant than if you are targeting a middle aged professional.
  • Mixing Text and Images: Text is an important part of a trifold and equally important are the images. So the text should leave enough space from graphical designs. The images should rhetorically connect with the content of the brochure and they must be clear and catchy.

After all these steps have been completed, you have to take the important decision of choosing a printing service provider. There are thousands of printers available but you have to choose the one that best suits your need. Print Papa is one of the most reputed names in the printing industry and their years of experience come in handy in delivering high quality results to printing promotional materials of various sorts such as rack cards, booklets, envelopes, flyers, etc.

How to Format Pages for a Perfect Binding?

A book is not a collection of pages but a complete unit in itself. The book is held together by binding and thus it plays a crucial role in the printing industry. Binding is of many types but one of the most commonly used types of binding is perfect binding. It is a process which involves adhesive binding of a book or a magazine that allows it to open flat (180 degrees).
This type of binding is very cost effective. Such binding is used for paperbacks and most of the books in your bookshelf will have this kind of binding. The durability of such binding lies often in the quality and amount of adhesive used. However perfect binding isn’t an easy job a few important things that needs to be kept in mind while formatting the page for a perfect binding whether it is a notepad or a letterhead whatever be the promotional material you are printing.

  • Formatting Pages: Formatting pages for perfect binding can be one of the easiest kinds of formatting as it is done only along the spine edge. Unlike spiral binding or comb binding it does not need much of blank spaces on the side of the binding. Also perfect binding is a fast process as the adhesive used for perfect binding settles down and dries up very quickly.


  • Rough Cut on One Side: The edges on the side of the binding should be rough cut prior to applying the adhesive. This must be done to make sure that the surface absorb the hot glue and forms a strong bond between the individual pages. In the final stage the other three sides are face trimmed to give the book a perfect look.
  • Divide When Large: In case the size of the book is too large, dividing the pages into smaller sections is a very good idea. In this process the book is divided into sections and each small section is bound to the other by a strong layer of adhesive. A heavier stock paper is glued to the spine as a cover to make the book stronger.


View this YouTube Video of our Perfect Binder in Action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW1XV9q0LJg.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years. They have expertise in designing and printing of books and all kinds of binding including perfect binding. They provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of the customers.

Rack Card Designing Ideas

A rack card is a document or a promotional material used for commercial advertising, frequently in convenience stores, hotels, landmarks, restaurants, rest areas and other locations that enjoy significant foot traffic. Unlike the brochure or the booklet which is personally handed over to the customer a rack card is picked up by the customer from the rack himself. So a well designed rack card has to immediately command attention from the visitors in these busy places. A poorly designed rack card does little more than gather dust.


  • Appeal Visually: A well designed rack card printed from a renowned printing agency has to be visually appealing. The choice of image varies with your business but it should reflect the core of your business. For example the rack card of a hotel can ideally have the full sized image of the hotel on the first page. If you are advertising for your restaurant, than the rack card should depict the experience that the customer can expect from your restaurant.
  • Simplicity Rules: Keeping the  rack card simple is a must. A rack card is the first introduction and needs to talk about your product and service in brief. A rack card doesn’t need to have a lot of text and pictures. A short paragraph with a few bulleted points serves ideal for a rack card.


  • Study the Customer: It is very essential to know who your target audience is. If this is known than you will be able to hit the hammer where it matters. Knowing your target audience well also allows you to design the rack card keeping in the mind the taste of your customers. You can be playful with colors and text when you target the youth but be a bit more sober while targeting the aged crowd.
  • Use Templates and Print well: Templates can be a good way to designing rack cards. Templates are easily available and includes bleed lines, cut lines and safety area lines which eases designing of a template. Printing also is an important aspect in the designing of the templates. Printing complements good designing and thus it is very important for us to print a well designed template.
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PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and have expertise in designing and printing of rack cards for our esteemed clientèle. We provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of our customers.

5 Non-Holiday Occasions to Send Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are the  graphical illustration expressing friendship or other sentiment to   make people come closer. In order to keep the clients informed and to keep in touch with them  greeting cards can effectively be used. But one thing that most of the marketeers wish is, to have more occasions to send the greeting cards. So they look out for every special occasions when they can communicate with their clients with the use of the greeting cards.

To help the marketeers out of this situation, below are some occasions when greeting cards can be sent:

  • After A Client’s Meeting: You have just had a meeting with one of the client’s, (this may be over the phone or face to face) and want to appreciate for their time given to you. Send a greeting card to mark the occasion. The messages within the card should not be sales based rather write an appreciative note.


  • To Cherish A Major Life Occasion: Greeting on holidays is for a wider celebratory cause but if you wish a person on his/her special day then it is remembered. You can congratulate a person on buying a new home or a customer whose child has graduated, etc. Not only do the congratulatory cards have effect on the recipient but same is with the conciliatory ones. You can of course send greetings cards to someone who is sick or a customer who has just lost his near ones. Do not make the mistake of sending any promotional material along with the greetings during such times.
  • Celebrating A Major Business Milestone: This is very applicable for the B2B companies. You can send cards along with your brochures to the customers congratulating them on a partnership, expansion, acquisition, anniversary, innovation, etc. If your customers understand that you monitor their progress and are associated with them, they will pay more heed to the promotional materials that you sent with the mail.


  • Declaring Your Milestones: It is good to share your joys with the others. So if your company has achieved some milestone, or if you are celebrating some grand  event you can of course consider sending a greeting card along with the usual newsletters.
  • Just Like That: Any time can be a good time to  get in touch with your client by sending a greeting card. So if you feel that you are not getting an occasion then send a greeting card just out for nothing.

Thus greeting cards are one great medium to stay in touch with the customers as well as to market your services. Use the custom printed envelopes bearing your company name and logo. The messages though should be personal but the name of the company should be mentioned.

In order to get the best greeting cards you will always require a good print service provider. PrintPapa is one such company that specializes in the printing of various types and sizes of greeting cards.

Creating A Custom Notepad For Promotional Use

Whatever be the type of business everyone is looking to print promotional notepads. But the question is what is the reason behind this craze? Notepads are one thing that is needed by all sorts of professionals in their normal working schedule. They make planning and work allocation a simplified act. It is the dream of every businessman that their promotional material be in front of the eyes of the recipients. This purpose can be very effectively met with the help of custom notepad printing. Printing services are one of the vital factors that determines whether a custom notepad catches the niche audience or not. There are a huge number of online printing service providers and it often becomes difficult to make a decision. So why not read on and learn the tips and tricks about the things that are important for a custom notepad:


  • Logo: The main purpose behind printing and distributing notepads is to enhance the brand popularity of business. So it is vital that the printing agency provides full color logo printing option. Logo is the most vital part and this should appear prominently in the notepad. Some companies use it on the cover while some others get the logo and company name printed in the inner pages of the notepads.
  • Sizes: It is important to choose the sizes before printing a notepad. There are various types of notepads available with the printing agencies. The small notepads are usually used for taking instant notes and can be carried in the pockets. While the medium sized ones are used widely in offices and other work places to make long lists. Large sized notepads are usually used in work places where there is a lot of writing needed.
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  • Artwork: Use statements that instantly attract the users and make them thinks about the company and its services. Pictures should be related to your niche business and if possible to the company itself. Artwork can be made more lively if the printing service provider uses updated picture printing techniques.


It is very important to choose only the reputed printing agencies in the printing industry while going for custom notepad printing. PrintPapa is one such reputed company with years of experience in notepads printing and designs. We offer 3 different sizes of notepads as listed below:

  1. Small Size (Qtr. Page) – 4.25″ x 5.5″.
  2. Medium Size (Half Page) –  5.5″ x 8.5″
  3. Large Size (Letter Size) – 8.5″ x 11″.

All the above notepads are 50 Pages/Pad with a chip board backing, and printed in full color. And you can order as low as 10 pads.