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Tips for Best Presentation Folder Design

The corporate world has become more competitive than ever in today’s world. Business houses are trying to have competitive edge over their rivals in everything that relates to business be it business cards, letterheads or presentation folders. Most of the organizations are trying to outdo each other when it comes to printing these promotional materials. Here are a few design tips which will help you in creating the best presentation folders:

  • Play with Shapes: Traditionally presentation folders have been rectangular in shape but it is no rule. You can also be a little creative with the shape of the presentation folder. You can make it semi circular on the top as this will make it look attractive. You can also add a few flaps to a traditional folder and make it look different.
  • Use Different Materials: You can try out different materials for your presentation folder other than the ones used normally. You can use recycled paper, textured paper, embossed lettering or even plastic while making your presentation folder. This will bring in a unique look to your presentation folder and make it stand out among the crowd.

  • Create Pockets: One good idea to make your presentation folder look attractive is to create a few pockets inside them. This can be used to carry small pieces of paper and notes in them. These are very useful when the folders are used in meetings. Do not create too many pockets as this will make the folder look unprofessional.
  • Bathe in Color: To grab attention nothing works better than color. Make sure your presentation folder is printed in full color. Try using bright color as they are more attractive to the human eyes than others. In case your organization has a theme color for its brand, you can use this color for your folder.
  • Add Clips and Pen Holders: Make your presentation folders more attractive by adding clips and pen holders to the folder. This will serve as a very useful feature on your presentation folder especially when it is being used to carry important papers and other objects.

One of the prerequisites of a good presentation folder is good printing. Do not compromise on the quality or printing or the materials used for your presentation folder. PrintPapa would be be the perfect choice for you in this. They are a professional and well equipped printing service provider with printing expertise in books, greeting cards, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, letterheads, catalogs, NCR forms, calendars etc. The customers who have placed orders to them in the past talk very highly of them!


Why Use Presentation Folders?

Presentation folders are one of the most commonly found documents in any office environment and educational institutes. Not only are they a useful document in the office but they also serve as a great promotional tool for any business organization. Along with letterheads and business cards, presentation folders go a long way in establishing your brand. In educational institutes they bring in uniformity to various activities. Here are a few reasons why you should print presentation folder to promote your business:

  • Presentation folders bring in a professional feel in meetings, seminars and other corporate gatherings.
  • Presentation folders are useful to the recipients unlike other corporate documents so they have a longer shelf life and more promotion.
  • These give you a chance to promote the products and services of your company in a detailed manner.
  • You can send all your business proposals to your clients in presentation folders. This will serve as a good impression to your clients especially the new ones.
  • Presentation folders are designed to hold a number of notes and pages and will be designed in such a manner as to contain all the papers in one binder.
  • This is one of the cheapest marketing tools available in the market which can be used to promote a business.
  • You can use your brand name and logo in the presentation folder. This will give you a great opportunity to brand your business which is a great advantage.
  • Presentation folders can be used as targeted way of marketing unlike other mediums such as banners and posters which have a lower target rate.
  • In educational institutions they serve as a great way for seminars and presentations. This professionalism can earn you a few extra points in your grades.
  • If you are a recruitment firm you can distribute your presentation folders to students in educational institutions. This will serve as a great way to promote your brand.
  • Full color presentation folders are a great way for companies to promote their products to their prospective clients.

A good presentation folder can only come from good quality printing and you will need the services of a printing agency like PrintPapa for this. They have expertise in handling all kinds of printing jobs both domestic and commercial. They are experts in printing booklets, brochures, labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars. They have built a list of satisfied clients having delivered high quality printing jobs on time. They are one stop solution for all printing needs.

How To Print A Cheap Presentation Folder?

Presentation folders are regularly being used these days in the corporate world. Along with letterheads, business cards and envelopes they are perhaps the most recognizable corporate document.  Presentation folders are included in many activities include a meeting, conference, business report, sales report, seminar, presentation and many others of this nature. People these days are looking to reduce the cost of presentation folders to cut down on the overall cost. Here are a few simple ways in which you can bring down the cost of a presentation folder:

  • Presentation folders are used mainly for one off purpose so you can justify selecting a paper which is not very expensive. For that reason our 12pt C2S is a winner. For the low price, it does not sacrifice the quality.
  • Many presentation folders have a number of pockets and flaps around them. These increase the cost of the presentation folders. Cutting down on the number of pockets and flaps is an ideal way to reduce costs. In our short run folder you can choose to have one or 2 pockets, thus reducing the cost.

  • Opt for a full color printing for your presentation folder instead of custom PMS colors. This can bring down the printing cost by many folds. Nowdays it is cheaper to print in full color then to print in 1 or 2 colors.
  • Print exactly the number of copies that you need. Most of the time you will lose more money in case of extra prints than to anything else. A little bit of planning can ensure that you know the exact number you need for your event or seminar. In our Short Run Folder there are various quantity breaks, thus keeping the wastage to minimum.
  • Some printers do not charge you on the shipping cost and if the printing rates are cheaper, you can get it printed from a far away location if it gives you huge discounts. We offer $25 credit on UPS ground if your order is $150.00 and above. So that is also a great savings.

Hiring the services of a printer like PrintPapa which regularly offers discounts to its customers can help you further. They have been in the print business for long and have years of experience in printing and print promotions. Equipped with the latest technology as far as printing is concerned makes them the ideal choice in the market. They have built expertise in printing both domestic and corporate materials like brochures, calenders, banners, doorhangers and rack cards. Over the years they have built a list of successful clients.

Promoting Your Business Through Envelopes

Envelopes are one of the most common office stationary but many people fail to realize it’s power as a promotional tool. Along with letterheads and business cards, they play a vital role in branding any business firm. They also have an inherent advantage as they don’t look like a direct promotional tool and don’t end up in trash bins like many other promotional items.

Business houses which send letters in bulk everyday are using envelopes as a promotional tool. Promotional envelopes should however be designed with care as poorly designed and printed envelope can hurt your brand image in the market. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while promoting your business through envelopes:

  • Study Your Audience: It is very important to study the target audience well in advance. Envelopes are not like flyers which can be distributed in bulk. They can’t be sent empty without a purpose so specific targeting of a niche group serves ideal in promoting a business through an envelope.
  • Be Eye Catchy: What catches the eye always has more chances of promoting your business and thus focus on the design of your envelope. Put your logo and your brand name prominently in the envelope. Although the color of the business envelopes is usually white, you can select any other lighter shade but try avoiding darker colors. You can also use your slogan or a tag line to promote your business.
  • Customize Stamp: This is also becoming a common practice in many parts of the world where business houses are being allowed to create customized stamp by the postal departments. This means that you can promote your business even with the top right section of an envelope.
  • Stuff It:  Everyone likes freebies and a stuffed envelope will generate curiosity. You can stuff the envelope with inexpensive things such as pocket calendars or pencils. Such items may seem small but are high on the promotional value as people will recall your brand whenever they use them
  • Address Is Key: Your envelope should have a return address printed usually at the back. This will make it for the interested parties to get in touch with you. A potential customer may lose interest in contacting you if he doesn’t find your contact address immediately.

It is also important that you use high quality paper in making your envelope and get it printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. All your efforts can get wasted if the printing quality is poor. PrintPapa has over the years developed expertise in printing and design services. They have built expertise in printing booklets, notepads, presentation folders and various other kids of domestic and corporate print materials.

Tips To Design Bumper Sticker

Stickers are used by people of all ages from small to aged. In short they are liked by one and all. Understanding this potential of the bumper stickers they have become important marketing tools for a large group of marketers. Even though the size of the stickers is small yet it can lead to a lot of brand promotion. They can be placed in the cars, helmets or on the computers. Such stickers can be distributed with the mails or at trade shows and they bear the logo and name of your company. There are so many companies including Print Papa that offer bumper sticker printing services. But when you are looking to order for printing services then there are certain considerations that you should take into account.

Firstly you need to provide enough time for the designing of the stickers. It usually takes two to four weeks to produce a high quality sticker. You should have a major say in the design of the stickers and try to find out how other companies are promoting with stickers. Also try and access the purpose that the stickers are meant to serve. While designing do not go too much out of the ordinary, always bear in mind the limitations of the printers.

It is very important that you do a market research to find out the processes and resources of other sticker manufacturing companies. This will provide you with a cost effective means to produce a sticker. Also try and keep the sticker as simple as possible, do not forget that stickers are meant to communicate a message easily and clearly from a distance. It is best to avoid stickers with a lot of details, more than three colors, complex graphics and more than one message or image. As stickers are often claimed as a miniature sized billboard so the headline and the logo should be clearly understood.

When you are printing stickers it is not necessary that the sticker’s background should be in white. If you are printing one color stickers then you can use a printed color as the background of the sticker. Do not waste the white space behind the sticker. This can be used for advertising, news, coupons, etc. While designing a sticker on clear material for windows application you have to use white ink as this will reflect more visibility than the other darker shades.

Creating a unique sticker will give tremendous boost to your marketing efforts. In the recent past stickers have proven to be one of the best advertising mediums. But to get the best results you have to use high quality printing services. Print Papa is a company that has a huge amount of experience in this field. They are printing service provider of repute. You can also order for other promotional materials such as books, brochures, business cards, presentation folders, envelopes, etc.

How To Design Indoor and Outdoor Banners?

Banners are key promotional tools for all types of businesses. Most of the banners announce either “grand openings” and “closeout sales.”  They also inform the people about new ownerships and some new services. Not only these there are various other types of messages that the banners may carry. There are many business organizations that print banners on a regular basis and they require professional printing services for this purpose.

There are indoor as well as outdoor banners that are used by the marketeers. Then there are some banners that can be used in either of the environments. But how do you go ahead and create these types of banners? Let us take a look:

  • The first step in designing a promotional banner is find out the best printing service provider. This is important in case of banner printing as the quality of paper is a major ingredient for banners. Such printing uses oversized formats and thus specialized printing agencies should only be selected. PrintPapa is one such company that has specialized in this field of work.
  • Second step is to understand the designing basics of banners. The text of the banner should be easily readable from a distance. The distance could be from your room to the next parking lot. The words chosen should convey a lot of things in short time. Banners are ideally not a thing that the people will stop and start reading, they will rather be read by the passers by. This is one of the most important aspects of creating a promotional brochure.
  • Third step comprises of choosing the material and size for creating a indoor or outdoor banner. For example there are many such companies that regularly attend trade shows and fairs, such companies will require a different sort of banner then the ones that announce their “grand opening”. There are different banner materials for companies using banner at a regular basis and the ones that are used and then discarded.
  • While customizing the banners it should be kept in mind that banners are meant to be the visual version of the words “hey, you!”. This means that you should use bold colors, clear content and a crisp but effective message.
  • Attaching photographs or special arts to the banners is not a tough task. So if it matches your company profile feel free to use these. But all these things should match with your corporate identity.

  • After the designs have been finalized send the finished work in .pdf format to the printing agency. This is the format which suits all the printing service providers.

There are printing agencies such as Print Papa that offer printing of banners for all sizes. They also offer printing of other promotional materials such as rack cards, books, notepads, presentation folders, etc.

How To Design A Perfect Newsletter?

A newsletter is the most important corporate document. Like business cards, presentation folders and  company letterheads, newsletters are becoming primary advertising and marketing tool. Traditionally newsletters were used to give informal or confidential news of interest to a special group but off late newsletters are being used by many business firms to promote their brand among people.

As like books which doesn’t have an attractive cover, face a hard time selling, newsletters also need attractive cover design to grab people’s attention. A newsletter is an informative corporate document which carries lot of test and figures inside and thus the cover is an ideal place to show creativity. Newsletters primarily comes in three sizes which are the 8.5×11 Newsletter, 8.5×7 Newsletter and 8.5×5.5 Newsletter. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while designing a perfect newsletter:

  • Design a Killing Cover – An attractive cover design ensures that people turn the pages of the newsletter upon seeing it. Make sure that your newsletter is bright in color as it immediately grabs attention. Highlight your brand name and the logo on the cover.
  • Use Images and Graphs – Using images and graphs gives the newsletter a warmer and attractive look. Too much of text tends to take away the attention of a reader from the newsletter. Pictures which correspond to the content should be used in the newsletter.
  • Theme your Newsletter Well – Your newsletter should be able to convey the message you intend at one go. Not all newsletters for different organizations are similar. It is important to theme your newsletter around the message it carries. In case the newsletter carries company’s financial performance it needs to be formal but a newsletter on employees can be more playful.
  • Stress on Content – Content is the soul of any newsletter so write content that is interesting and informative. Include case studies, testimonials and accreditation which will establish the name of your brand and carry the message to the intended audience.
  • Print it in Style – After all the hard work ordinary printing will spoil your newsletter. Hire a professional printer who will use the latest printing technology and use high quality paper for the job. Newsletter if not printed well can hurt your brand image instead of powering it.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and printing books, posters, booklets and notepads.

How To Sharpen The Impact of Your Presentation Folders

It is said that the first impression is very important for any marketing campaign. If your product or service creates a positive first impression on the minds of your target audience, then only they will become interested in them. The first impression helps to turn a prospective client into a customer and forms a solid bond between the two parties. Though there are many marketing tools used nowadays, presentation folders are seen as a great way to create a telling first impression. They are the first things that your would-be clients will see even before they open and read through the other marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers or booklets.


The presentation folders printed by printing agencies have become one of the widely used marketing techniques that give support to the other marketing tools. Presentation folders carry the logo and name of the company along with other important information that the clients will want to know. A well-designed presentation folder helps to create an image of professionalism, portraying that you are well organized and qualified in offering quality service. Such folders have the effect which a well dressed company staff has on the clients. Often the external appearance of the folders make prospects open and read through the promotional materials given inside.


Though they are just a marketing collateral of your promotional campaign they are a great addition nevertheless. With the popularity of the presentation folders most of the business houses are using them abundantly. So, in order to stay ahead of the rest you have to think of something that is unique and catch the client’s attention. So, here are a few points:

  • Large Formats – Besides making the folders appear big, this will definitely give you an edge over the competitors who are using normal sized presentation folders. Make the folders appear larger than life (the principle followed with some of large format marketing posters) and get this result you require the help of the printers. As the size is large, the graphics and designs should be modified accordingly.


  • Business Cards –  The presentation folders should always consist of pre-cut slots where you can insert business cards that serve as constant reminders about your business and service to your prospective clients. You can make unique designs in the pre-cut slots by discussing beforehand with your printer.

Offering a presentation folder with a difference might just earn you the next big deal. But remember to use the services of a reputed printing agency while planning for a presentation folder. Though there are many printing agencies, PrintPapa is a reputed name having many satisfied customers to their credit.

PrintPapa Offers a Short Run Presentation Folder if you only need few Folders. These are exactly the same as the regular folders, but the great thing is you can order as low as 5 folder only.