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Bring your Room to Life..Cover boring walls with posters and calendars

As a college student, I know just how hard it can be to make your dorm room into a place that you and your friends actually want to be. Well, other than for nap time, of course.

Back when I was freshman, I remember that first day of orientation; meeting new people, realizing that I would have to study like crazy to make the grades I had in high school, and getting introduced to my brand new roommate. We hit it off pretty fast after realizing we had so many things in common, and by the time we unpacked our stuff we were jumping up and down, squealing like little girls, all excited for our first real night away from home and for school to start. But I also remember spending that first night awake in my bed, frowning at the white paint-peeled walls that surrounded our colorful bedspreads and just sucked the life out of the room.

It wasn’t long before my new friends and I decided that the best way to make our rooms feel nice ‘n homey would be to hide the horrible/awful/gross/disgusting paint job that covered the walls and replace it with something fun and eye-catching; didn’t really matter what it was as long as it wasn’t 99 cent white paint.

After being scolded several times by our RA for wanting and planning to repaint our room into something more lively, my roommate and I ended up hanging some things that kept us happy and didn’t make our eyes bleed.

We had colorful calendars, filled with images from waterfalls to cute little puppies, put on the back of our door for the school year. After that we had dozens of posters that we printed that consisted of our favorite artwork, the bands we listened to, motivational posters to get us through freshmen year, and photo collages of our friends and family. We even covered our mini fridge with magnets and hung Christmas lights.


Pretty soon, everyone was coming to our room to hang out, and my roommate and I felt right at home in that tiny dorm room.

So, for the upcoming college freshmen, prepare yourselves for a boring paint job and print posters of whatever makes you happy to cover your walls.

Actually…Bigger is Better

It’s a fact that for printing, large format is the only way to go. Well, not the only way. Let’s be honest. However, if you want to make a major statement in a major way, then it is indeed the only way to go. We aren’t talking about 3ft by 10ft banners here (nothing against those). Nay, we are talking about a 6ft by 20ft monster that can be seen from a mile or so away…THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is large format and the power of a huge message. The ability to market your prices or specials or grand opening in a bigger and better way than your competition and match that with a high quality product or service is paramount in business. Not to mention the other multitudes of uses for “Big Printing” like Posters, Static Cling window displays, Backlit transparent images and more. All big, all beautiful. Now for the shameless plug 🙂 Printpapa.com has recently added Large Format Printing services to their wide assortment of quality services. If you own a business and have window graphics, an A-Frame (sandwich board) or a banner, go outside and look at it, keeping in mind that the quality and condition of your marketing materials almost always dictates the quality of your services or products to the consumer. Chances are (if you haven’t replaced them in awhile) you need a new one. Not saying you absolutely have to go through PrintPapa to get it done (even though you should), but it’s good for business and that’s all Papa want’s to do is help you help yourself.

Other Large Format Uses include:

  • Sporting Event banners
  • Concert Posters
  • Club Event Promoter Banners
  • Fine Art Reproduction
  • Trade Show Banners
  • Large Wall Graphics
  • Musician Promotional banners
  • Point Of Purchase (POP) graphics
  • Retail Services
  • and more!!



How To Design Indoor and Outdoor Banners?

Banners are key promotional tools for all types of businesses. Most of the banners announce either “grand openings” and “closeout sales.”  They also inform the people about new ownerships and some new services. Not only these there are various other types of messages that the banners may carry. There are many business organizations that print banners on a regular basis and they require professional printing services for this purpose.

There are indoor as well as outdoor banners that are used by the marketeers. Then there are some banners that can be used in either of the environments. But how do you go ahead and create these types of banners? Let us take a look:

  • The first step in designing a promotional banner is find out the best printing service provider. This is important in case of banner printing as the quality of paper is a major ingredient for banners. Such printing uses oversized formats and thus specialized printing agencies should only be selected. PrintPapa is one such company that has specialized in this field of work.
  • Second step is to understand the designing basics of banners. The text of the banner should be easily readable from a distance. The distance could be from your room to the next parking lot. The words chosen should convey a lot of things in short time. Banners are ideally not a thing that the people will stop and start reading, they will rather be read by the passers by. This is one of the most important aspects of creating a promotional brochure.
  • Third step comprises of choosing the material and size for creating a indoor or outdoor banner. For example there are many such companies that regularly attend trade shows and fairs, such companies will require a different sort of banner then the ones that announce their “grand opening”. There are different banner materials for companies using banner at a regular basis and the ones that are used and then discarded.
  • While customizing the banners it should be kept in mind that banners are meant to be the visual version of the words “hey, you!”. This means that you should use bold colors, clear content and a crisp but effective message.
  • Attaching photographs or special arts to the banners is not a tough task. So if it matches your company profile feel free to use these. But all these things should match with your corporate identity.

  • After the designs have been finalized send the finished work in .pdf format to the printing agency. This is the format which suits all the printing service providers.

There are printing agencies such as Print Papa that offer printing of banners for all sizes. They also offer printing of other promotional materials such as rack cards, books, notepads, presentation folders, etc.

How To Advertise Your Business Through Doorhangers?

In this era of Internet many people are ignoring some of the grass root advertising techniques. Now when the Internet is clogged with advertisement of every kind many are resorting to these grass root medium such as flyers, doorhangers and brochures. For most businesses doorhanger marketing offers enormous value and untold potential but very few fully utilize it.

Local businesses that play in a confined territory stand to gain maximum mileage advertising through doorhangers. Add to it the enormous cost advantage that a doorhanger provides it just sounds like an ideal medium of advertisement. Two of the most common sizes of doorhangers are the 3.5×8.5 doorhanger and 4×11 doorhanger. But a few things need to be kept in mind while advertising your business through doorhangers:

  • You need to know your target audience well before setting out advertising your business. You should be aware where to find such people and send your marketing team to such places to distribute your doorhangers.
  • You will need a well designed doorhanger to promote your business. Play with colors and text which grab the attention of the viewer at one go. A doorhanger should be able to attract the attention of a person from a distance.
  • Target hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and other areas of commercial interest as these places attract a lot of footfalls.
  • It should carry your message in a crisp manner. One look at it should convey the entire message. People are starved of time in today’s world and won’t have the time to go through a complete sales pitch.
  • Use high quality paper for printing the doorhangers. Your potential customers will equate the quality of your doorhanger with the quality of your company’s products or services.
  • Have your complete address and contact number in your doorhanger. Many people make this critical error of not including this. Try bundling a business card into a doorhanger. A potential client might want to contact you regarding your product or service.
  • Try tying-up with a business firm which sends a lot of communication mails to their customers. Insert your doorhanger in the mail and it will serve as a good means of promotion.

PrintPapa is one stop solution for all the printing and designing needs. This printing agency has been catering to all kinds of printing needs of it’s customers and has built expertise over printing and designing books, business cards, catalogs and notepads among others.

Great Printing Tips For Brochures

Brochures are one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Along with catalogs they go a long way in promoting your business. A few things need to be kept in mind while designing a brochure for printing:

  • Be Creative – The genesis of a well printed brochure lies in it’s designing. Be creative and original with your design. Use color prominently in your promotional brochure as it makes them look attractive. Be generous with the use of pictures and graphics
  • Know your Size – Optimum size is required for optimum printing. Most often people make the mistake of designing a brochure without planning about the printing part. There are 8.5×11 brochure or the letter brochure, 8.5×14 brochure or the legal brochure, 11×17 brochure or the tabloid brochure. Making error in this step may lead to poor printing of your brochure.
  • Use Bleeds – Using bleeds allows your brochure to have a better look. Brochures are usually printed in large sheets and cut into pieces. Bleed leaves behind a solid ink cover over the edges and  allows you to have a filling look on the edges once the brochures have been cut into individual pieces.
  • Use High Quality Paper – A brochure should brand your business in front of your clients. Using high quality paper thus becomes a must for a good brochure. Opt for a heavier paper as it always results in better quality printing and longer shelf life for your brochure. Try adding a varnish as they will have an appealing effect by bringing in the shine. In case you have a lot of pictures and graphics in your brochures you can avoid the varnish as they themselves will create the gloss.
  • Print in High Resolution – Keep in mind the resolution while designing your brochure. A high resolution printing won’t yield results in case you have designed the brochure in low resolution. Experts suggest 300dpi resolution to be optimum for brochure printing. Remember you bring down the resolution if you want later but the vice versa isn’t possible.
  • High Print Quality – Lay out and designing can fail miserably in case your printing isn’t of the highest quality. You should not compromise upon the quality of your printing under any circumstance. Get in touch with a high quality printer who has expertise in printing brochures.

PrintPapa is a company that has satisfied it’s customers with its printing and design services. It caters to kinds of printing needs and has expertise over printing and designing books, business cards, doorhangers, catalogs and notepads among others.

How to Format Pages for a Perfect Binding?

A book is not a collection of pages but a complete unit in itself. The book is held together by binding and thus it plays a crucial role in the printing industry. Binding is of many types but one of the most commonly used types of binding is perfect binding. It is a process which involves adhesive binding of a book or a magazine that allows it to open flat (180 degrees).
This type of binding is very cost effective. Such binding is used for paperbacks and most of the books in your bookshelf will have this kind of binding. The durability of such binding lies often in the quality and amount of adhesive used. However perfect binding isn’t an easy job a few important things that needs to be kept in mind while formatting the page for a perfect binding whether it is a notepad or a letterhead whatever be the promotional material you are printing.

  • Formatting Pages: Formatting pages for perfect binding can be one of the easiest kinds of formatting as it is done only along the spine edge. Unlike spiral binding or comb binding it does not need much of blank spaces on the side of the binding. Also perfect binding is a fast process as the adhesive used for perfect binding settles down and dries up very quickly.


  • Rough Cut on One Side: The edges on the side of the binding should be rough cut prior to applying the adhesive. This must be done to make sure that the surface absorb the hot glue and forms a strong bond between the individual pages. In the final stage the other three sides are face trimmed to give the book a perfect look.
  • Divide When Large: In case the size of the book is too large, dividing the pages into smaller sections is a very good idea. In this process the book is divided into sections and each small section is bound to the other by a strong layer of adhesive. A heavier stock paper is glued to the spine as a cover to make the book stronger.


View this YouTube Video of our Perfect Binder in Action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW1XV9q0LJg.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years. They have expertise in designing and printing of books and all kinds of binding including perfect binding. They provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of the customers.

Unique Ideas for a Recipe Book

The world is fast changing and so are human habits. Unlike the past, people have become more experimental with their food. Recipe books thus have become one of the most sought after possessions for many. People not only like to like to eat food from all across the globe but they want to prepare it all by themselves at home. This is where recipe books have come to people’s rescue. A good recipe book not only brings water from the mouth but also preserves many rare and traditional dishes from across the globe. A few things must be kept in mind while making a recipe book:


  • Raise Awareness: Since recipe books are used globally so it is important to make people aware of the different ingredients cutting across cultures. Linguistic barriers can be broken by listing all the major ingredients and spices in the book as an introduction. The images of these spices along with their popular international and regional names can make the recipe book more user friendly.


  • Two Page Concept: This is a great way of designing recipe book where on one page the ingredients, methods of preparation and presentation tips are listed, while on the other the image of the dish is printed. The printed picture gives the user a fair enough idea of what to expect once the dish is finally prepared.
  • Concentrate on Text: A recipe book is a help book and thus it should be self explanatory. List all the  ingredients in a logical order highlighting the amount required. The method of preparation can be printed in order and a bullet or number can be added before the start of each step. This will ensure that the readers will have a better experience while reading the book.


  • Seeing is Believing: This statement holds true and thus pictures are an integral part of any recipe book. Picture of the final dish after garnishing can be put in the center of the page. Around this picture of the dish through various stages of preparation or key ingredients can be used. This will give the recipe book a very unique look.

PrintPapa is a printing service provider that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years. They have expertise in printing of recipe books, catalogs and brochures and other printed material. They provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of the customers.

Tips for a Short Run Printing

Traditional offset printing was limited to big players. Normally an author needs to print books in large quantities (10000+) to make the per copy cost reasonable. The result was an high upfront investment which made sure that small time authors who needed to publish a book in small numbers were left with no option but to print the book in large numbers with a high per job price, and if the books don’t sell then they are left with a garage full of boxes. NOT ANY MORE!! Short Run Book Printing came to their rescue and allowed such authors to publish in small number (5+) and at affordable rates.


Short Run Printing is ideal for start up business houses which have to print posters, newsletters, brochures, booklets and other corporate documents in small numbers. It allows the organizations to study the demand in the market and also reduces costs.

  • Know your Numbers Well: One mistake which many make while publishing a book or any other printed material for commercial purpose is that they don’t study the market demand well. Since Short Run Printing gives you the flexibility to publish in installments, it is wise to play safe with the first print and than be aggressive with the reprints if the market response to the first print is positive. This allows you to reduce losses if your book or other doesn’t do well in the market.


  • Be Flexible: Going by the market reaction of your first print be flexible to make change or add additional information to your matter. Short Run Printing allows you the flexibility to make corrections even in the pre-print stage. So going by the reactions of the readers it is wise to make the necessary changes if required for the subsequent prints. This not only allows you to add value to your product but also builds a stronger bond with your readers.


  • Print Well: Short Run Printing is affordable compared to traditional offset printing. Hence the money saved can be rather utilized for high quality printing. High quality printing attracts eyeballs, and a well printed book or a poster can go a long way in establishing your brand in the minds of your customers. For a startup business or first time author nothing can be more precious than getting positive publicity.

PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years expertise in designing and short run printing of books, booklets, brochures, posters and other printed matter. We provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of our customers.

Tips for Good Booklet Printing

Booklets and brochures are a great way to promote business and drive sales. A good booklet is a great way to inform your customers about your products and services and can give you an edge over your competitors. From hotels to travel agents and banks to electronic goods manufacturers, everyone has found booklets to be one of the most effective tools for promotion. Some things must be kept in mind while designing a good booklet.


  • Use Templates: Using templates can be one of the most efficient ways of designing a booklet. A template comes with proper formatting and styles which are customisable according to your needs. Using a template can save time of designing a booklet from the scratch. This time can be used more efficiently on the content which is the most important aspect of a template design.
  • Be Brief and to the Point: A booklet is not a book and so you need to focus only on the core issues and convey your message in brief. You can be creative with your style of writing of the promotional messages but avoid lengthening the booklet. Highlight your strengths and the advantages that your product or service can provide to your customers. Use simple fonts and style as unlike common belief use of complex fonts and different styles affects the readability of the booklet.


  • Use Pictures and Graphics: A booklet full of text can be boring so use of graphics and pictures is a must. Seeing is believing they say and when your customer sees the product in the booklet it immediately draws his attention towards it. You can also use graphs to prove the advantage of using your product or service. Comparing your products with that of your competitors can give you a competitive edge in the market as this convinces the customer about your product or service.
  • High Quality Printing: High quality printing services is a must for a good booklet and so you should not compromise with the printing quality of the booklet. A poorly printed booklet can create a bad impression in the minds of your customers. So you should always get your booklet printed by a professional printing agency on high quality paper.
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PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and have expertise in printing of booklets, brochures and other corporate documents. We provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of our customers. We offer 2 different sizes of Booklets:

  • 8.5×11 – (11×17 Sheets, folded in half and then stapeled) 8 to 60 Pages
  • 8.5×5.5 -(8.5×11 Sheets, folded in half and then stapeled) 8 to 60 pages

You can order as low as 25 Booklets to upto 5000 at a time. We offer various types of paper, colors, turnarounds. All our Booklet Orders come with a Free Hard Copy Proof, so you will get a good idea of how the final product will look like.

Rack Card Designing Ideas

A rack card is a document or a promotional material used for commercial advertising, frequently in convenience stores, hotels, landmarks, restaurants, rest areas and other locations that enjoy significant foot traffic. Unlike the brochure or the booklet which is personally handed over to the customer a rack card is picked up by the customer from the rack himself. So a well designed rack card has to immediately command attention from the visitors in these busy places. A poorly designed rack card does little more than gather dust.


  • Appeal Visually: A well designed rack card printed from a renowned printing agency has to be visually appealing. The choice of image varies with your business but it should reflect the core of your business. For example the rack card of a hotel can ideally have the full sized image of the hotel on the first page. If you are advertising for your restaurant, than the rack card should depict the experience that the customer can expect from your restaurant.
  • Simplicity Rules: Keeping the  rack card simple is a must. A rack card is the first introduction and needs to talk about your product and service in brief. A rack card doesn’t need to have a lot of text and pictures. A short paragraph with a few bulleted points serves ideal for a rack card.


  • Study the Customer: It is very essential to know who your target audience is. If this is known than you will be able to hit the hammer where it matters. Knowing your target audience well also allows you to design the rack card keeping in the mind the taste of your customers. You can be playful with colors and text when you target the youth but be a bit more sober while targeting the aged crowd.
  • Use Templates and Print well: Templates can be a good way to designing rack cards. Templates are easily available and includes bleed lines, cut lines and safety area lines which eases designing of a template. Printing also is an important aspect in the designing of the templates. Printing complements good designing and thus it is very important for us to print a well designed template.
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PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years designing and have expertise in designing and printing of rack cards for our esteemed clientèle. We provide one stop solution to the all the printing needs of our customers.