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Important Parts of a Booklet

Booklet is one of the best promotional tools for a product or services company. They are being used widely by companies all across the globe. Large booklets with 32 pages to ones with 8 pages are being widely used in today’s world. Designing a brochure is a challenging task as a lot of important parts need to be designed. Let us look at some of the important parts of a booklet in detail:

  • Cover – This has to be the most impressive part of a booklet. This often decides the interest that your booklet will arouse on the recipient. You should always print the booklet in full color to make it look attractive. The cover should give people a brief on what to expect inside the brochure.
  • Introductory Content – This is usually the first page of the booklet. It usually includes any forwarding dedications, disclaimers and reminders that is important in reading the color booklet.
  • Index – If your booklet has many pages it is good to create an index for it. This is common in booklets that accompany electronic items. List all the contents in the booklet chronologically in the index along with page numbers which make it easy for the readers to go through the booklet.
  • Content – Content is the thing that the booklet is printed for. It should be organized logically in the booklet. It is ideal to write the content of the booklet in simple language as this makes it easier for people who read it.
  • Credits/Contact – You should include credits and full contact address in the back cover of the booklet. This is important as many of the recipients might want to get in touch with the company distributing the booklet. In case of booklets on a subject due credit should be given to the contributors in the back page.

Always design your booklets after a lot of thought. Make sure that it is printed on quality paper as it will leave a good impression on the minds of your clients. Hire the services of a professional printer like PrintPapa for the job that has expertise in the job. PrintPapa has been catering to the needs of big and small clients over the years and has been famous for high quality jobs delivered on time. Apart from booklets they are experts in printing labels, notepads, rack cards, greeting cards, business cards, CD/DVD covers and calendars.

Benefits Of Posters For Small Business

The global financial turmoil has cost most businesses especially the smaller ones. The crunch of financial resources meant that most companies are left with very little as far as far as promotions are concerned. If you head a small business, posters are one of the best ways for you to promote in this volatile business environment. Posters are one of the oldest and most effective promotional tools available. Here are the advantages that posters can bring to your business:

  • Posters are one of the cheapest promotional tools and come cheaper than any other form of promotion. They serve ideal for small business especially the one’s who operate in a small geography. You can further cut costs by finding a printing service provider who gives discounts.
  • Most small business put up the posters in such places where people see them over and over again. This arouses interest in the mind of the individuals and convinces them to act.
  • Posters can be customized for both small and large initiatives. Poster campaign can be designed to act as teasers as well as carry out the full campaign. You can design multiple versions of the same poster to run a more effective campaign.

  • You can custom design your poster using some simple software applications. You can use MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw among others to design the poster. For most other forms of promotional campaign you will need to depend in external agencies.
  • Poster marketing is very targeted. You can place your posters exactly in the places which is flocked by your potential clients. This will make sure that posters attracts people who are likely to turn your customers in the future.

The effectiveness of a poster campaign depends on its placement. Make sure that the poster is placed on the eye level or just above it. Avoid placing the poster in a corner or a poorly lit area as it may not be visible. It should be visible from a distance and should be able to attract the attention of onlookers from at least a distance of 20 meters.

To have a very effective campaign with posters you need to make sure that posters are printed high quality. You will require the services of a professional printing service provider like PrintPapa for this. They are equipped with latest in the printing technology and have expertise in printing catalogs, brochures, business cards, rack cards, letterheads, booklets, doorhangers etc. They have a list of happy clients having delivered them quality work on time.

How Newsletter Can Benefit Your Business?

Newsletter is one of the best ways of promoting your brand. Unlike other promotional tools like banners and flyer which promotes in a burst, a newsletter promotes your brand periodically. It is one of the best ways to inform your clients about the latest happenings in your company and industry. It also doesn’t symbolize outright advertisement and thus serves the purpose of bringing benefits to your brand better. Here are a few benefits that a newsletter can bring to your business:

  • Newsletters are like a stealth way of advertisement. They do not irritate the clients with their hard selling techniques but put the message across in a very simple manner. It is no wonder the craze that many business organizations have for their newsletter.
  • Newsletters give you the option to make the clients aware about the work culture in your organization. This isn’t possible with any other form of printed advertisement.
  • It is the most informative promotional material for any business organization. You can talk about the latest technological up gradations in your organization or the policy changes which will benefit the customers.
  • It keeps the familiarity factor running for your business. A periodic newsletter reminds the customers of your organization and business. Since they are not hard selling like other forms of promotion, they strike a chord with the clients.
  • Newsletters have a much more wider reach than posters and flyers which are generally distributed among the masses.  They are also a very targeted promotional tool unlike many others.
  • A monthly or quarterly newsletter acts as a reminder to many of your clients. It doesn’t sound like an advertisement campaign but in a subtle way ensures that your clients still identify with your brand in the market.
  • It serves as a public relation tool for your business organization. If your organization has a huge number of people subscribing to the newsletter you can even sell advertisement spaces on it to earn the cost of the newsletter.

A good newsletter can only come from good printing. It is important that you hire the services of a good printing service provider for your printing job. PrintPapa would serve ideal for your newsletter printing job. They have expertise in printing books, letterheads, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs and booklets among others. A testimony to their success lies in the fact that they have a long list of happy clients.

Do you Sell Something? Promote it with a Calendar!

Calendar is one of the best tools when it comes to promoting a product. Along with posters and banners they are widely used for product promotion but unlike these two, calendars have a longer shelf life thus it serves as one of the best promotional tools for a product. Calendars find use at home unlike many other promotional materials and thus are great for promotion. Here are a few tips which can help you promote your product through a calendar:

  • Use Pictures: This is perhaps the oldest way of promoting a product through calendar. Use the picture of your products in each page of your calendar and write some USP of the product. This will arouse interest in the minds of your potential customers. Use colored images in the calendar as they tend to attract eye balls more and will serve better for promotion.
  • Calendar Format: Single page calendar aren’t the ideal tool if you have a large product line. Try printing a calendar with 12 pages as this will give you extra pages to promote your product. Ensure that the pictures of the products are placed prominently and become the center of attraction in your calendar. Do not however compromise with the date card in the calender as it might spoil the whole idea of designing one.

  • Shape It: Another way to design a calendar to promote your product is to play with the shape of your calendar. For instance if you are selling cellular phones you could shape your calendar in the form of a phone which will look unique and attract the eyes of the audience immediately.
  • Use Back Page: If you are printing a table tent calender it is advisable to use the back page also for your product promotion. You can print the detailed features of your product on the back page. Many people fail to realize that even the back of a table calender can also be effectively used for product promotion.
  • Distribute It: It is one thing to print a calender and another to make sure that the right target group gets it. Study your target audience and ensure that you distribute it in the right place. This will ensure that your product gets the maximum promotion.

    A well designed calender will become a great tool for promotion only when it is printed in high quality. This is where the services of a professional printing service provider like PrintPapa is required. They are experts is printing of domestics as well as corporate documents such as books, brochures, catalogs and rack cards. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and deliver more than expected results. To order calendars from PrintPapa click here.

    How To Design Indoor and Outdoor Banners?

    Banners are key promotional tools for all types of businesses. Most of the banners announce either “grand openings” and “closeout sales.”  They also inform the people about new ownerships and some new services. Not only these there are various other types of messages that the banners may carry. There are many business organizations that print banners on a regular basis and they require professional printing services for this purpose.

    There are indoor as well as outdoor banners that are used by the marketeers. Then there are some banners that can be used in either of the environments. But how do you go ahead and create these types of banners? Let us take a look:

    • The first step in designing a promotional banner is find out the best printing service provider. This is important in case of banner printing as the quality of paper is a major ingredient for banners. Such printing uses oversized formats and thus specialized printing agencies should only be selected. PrintPapa is one such company that has specialized in this field of work.
    • Second step is to understand the designing basics of banners. The text of the banner should be easily readable from a distance. The distance could be from your room to the next parking lot. The words chosen should convey a lot of things in short time. Banners are ideally not a thing that the people will stop and start reading, they will rather be read by the passers by. This is one of the most important aspects of creating a promotional brochure.
    • Third step comprises of choosing the material and size for creating a indoor or outdoor banner. For example there are many such companies that regularly attend trade shows and fairs, such companies will require a different sort of banner then the ones that announce their “grand opening”. There are different banner materials for companies using banner at a regular basis and the ones that are used and then discarded.
    • While customizing the banners it should be kept in mind that banners are meant to be the visual version of the words “hey, you!”. This means that you should use bold colors, clear content and a crisp but effective message.
    • Attaching photographs or special arts to the banners is not a tough task. So if it matches your company profile feel free to use these. But all these things should match with your corporate identity.

    • After the designs have been finalized send the finished work in .pdf format to the printing agency. This is the format which suits all the printing service providers.

    There are printing agencies such as Print Papa that offer printing of banners for all sizes. They also offer printing of other promotional materials such as rack cards, books, notepads, presentation folders, etc.